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 10   John William Pritchett (1855-1931)
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John William Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John William Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born in St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County, 23 December 1855. Twins Lucy Rebecca and I were infants when Father died. Since he was a carpenter with only 10 acres, Mother struggled to make ends meet and could not afford to send us to school. My brother Richard and I eventually became farmers and our sisters, at least the ones I know about, married farmers.
My full name is John James William Edward Pritchett. Although I signed some early deeds J.J.W. Pritchett, I later went by J.W. Pritchett.
Our Methodist minister Rev. George W. Potts officiated when I married Lucinda Ann Manly on 18 December 1873. After our marriage “Ludie” and I lived briefly near Stone’s Mill, southwest of present-day Dundas. Although in Lunenburg County, it was only a few miles from Macedonia Methodist Church and home.
We returned to Brunswick, settling on the “Old Sturdivant Farm” where our 3 eldest were born. In 1891 we bought a 103-acre farm near present-day Alberta from Edward Branch Walthall. Our younger 3 were born here. Realizing the importance of educating my children, I hired teachers to come to our home.
We sold our little farm to T.J. Traylor in 1898 and bought a 406-acre plantation on the Nottoway River near Rawlings. I retired from farming in 1922 and built a home in Alberta where I had a part-time job in a grocery store. After giving up all work, I busied myself tending my garden and raising hogs, none of which weighed less than 400 pounds when slaughtered.
Of above average height, I was known as an outgoing individual, a great story teller, and a man with a million friends. Although uneducated, I had a keen intellect and could have been a successful professional.
Both Ludie and I died in Alberta at age 74. I passed on 22 July 1931 of complications related to a kidney infection, and Ludie survived until 14 May 1932. Because our daughter Lula Inez was a long-time member of New Hope Christian Church, Danieltown, she buried us there in the plot with her husband, Henry. Although I never thought much of Henry before Lula married him, I consider it an honor to be near him now.

The “Old Sturdivant Farm” was described as near where E.G. Currin lived in 1966, near where Woodsdale School once stood.
Alberta dates to only 1907.
Recollections of John were provided by his grandson, Mac Pritchett.

John and Ludie, ages 24 and 22, were residing in Brunswick County in 1880 with two borders and daughters, Susan 5 and Mary, age 2 in their household.  Their household in 1900 included Luther B. 17, Ellaa F. 8., Lula I. 6, and Ethel G, aged 4.  By 1910 Manly Jackson and Lula and Ethel were there.  In 1930 their granddaughter Bessie was living in Alberta with John and Ludie, then aged 75 and 72. 

Descendants of John William Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susan Julia (Pritchett) Jackson Mayton Coe (1875-1940),  
Edward Reece Jackson,  Melissa Hannah Mabry,  Madora Ezell Manly,   Henry Jackson,  Ailsey Williams,  
John William Pritchett,   
William Andrew Mayton,   
Elwood C. Coe,  
Lillie Mae Jackson,  
Dora Elizabeth Jackson,  Harry Preston Mayton,   
Lillie Mae Mayton,  
Lewellyn Johnson Mayton,  Gloria (—) Mayton,  Mildred Howland,  Alice (Knowles) White,  
Charlotte Louise Mayton,  Charles Gunn,  Carl Warner,  Robert Perkins,  Marion Wenzel,  
Frances Gertrude Jackson,  Julius L. Early,  
Marian Clark Jackson,  
Edward Reece Jackson,  Mamie Jones,  
 Mary Elizabeth (Pritchett) Taylor (1877-1961),  
William Henry Taylor,  Benjamin James Taylor,  Louisa Denton Turner,  Rev. John W. Nicholson,  
Pattie Lou Taylor,  Nicholas David Abernathy,   
Reginald William Taylor,  Winona Swanson,  
Louise Mildred Taylor,  
Carter Hayes Richardson,  Albert Winfree Hankins Jr.,  
Mary Claire Taylor,  
James Miles Taylor,  Edna Robbins,  
Barbara Lee Taylor,  William Earl Summers,  
James Dennis Summers,  Amanda Judy,  
Erin Summers,  
Joshua Summers,  
Kelly Down Summers,  
Mary Elizabeth Taylor,  Glen Durbin,  James Ferrante,  
Sherli Ferrante,  Timothy Clarke,  
Virginia Budd Taylor,  
Frederick William Invernizzi,  Matthew Invernizzi,  Casassa —,  
Ellen Budd Invernizzi,  
Dr. Willie Albert Andersen,  Albert Andersen,  Mary Corrine Jones,  
Benjamin William Anderson,  Mary Price,  James Price,  Jan —,  
Virginia Corrine Anderson,  
Marcia Ann Invernizzi,  Michael Lee Gallahue,  Dr. Edward Gallahue,  Virginia Collins,  
Collin Russell Gallahue,  
Lee Taylor Gallahue,  
Richard Benjamin Taylor,  Kathleen Nicholson,  Virginia (—) Taylor,  
Frederick Pershing Taylor,  Pauline Carter,  
Marcella Kay Taylor,  Patrick George Geran,  
Laurie Claire Geran,  
Judy Carter Geran,  
 Luther Benjamin Pritchett (1883-1963),  
Mary Elizabeth Clark,  William Travis Clark,  Rev. George E. Booker,  
Henry McCaddin Pritchett,   
Archer Wells,  
Anne Leona Hill,  
Gertrude Hinds (Massie) Taylor,  
Lillie Elizabeth Pritchett,  Dr. Horace Osborne Ferguson,  Richard W. Ferguson,  Bessie —,  
Horace Osborne Ferguson,  
Jo Ann Ferguson,  
Luther Benjamin Pritchett,  Mabel Estelle Gibbs,  Thomas Cleveland Gibbs,  Ophelia S. Newsom,  
Mabel Ernestine Pritchett,  James Wilfred Parker,  
Thomas Rylan Pritchett,  Delia Ellen Morris,  Neil Ward,  
Graham Dean Pritchett,  Linda Wahlgren,  
Michon Elise Pritchett,  
Erika Marie Pritchett,  
Allison Renea Pritchett,  
Karen Diane Pritchett,  Hector Warner Jr.,  
Alexander Christian Warner,  
Kenneth Dale Pritchett,  Diane Jeanne Barnard,  
Katherine Diane Pritchett,  
Jay Rylan Pritchett,  
Goldie Lee Pritchett,  Perry Matthews,  
Ophelia Elizabeth Pritchett,  Clifton Moore,  
Harvey Eugene Pritchett,  Elizabeth Katherine Watkins,  
Mary Susan Brown,  Samuel Brown,  Jane Walker,  
Mary Alease Pritchett,  Edward Arthur Martin Jr.,  
Edward Dale Martin,  Gayle Lori Raymer,  
Stanley Wade Martin,  Vicki Fry,  
Susan Diane Martin,  William Hayes,  
Dr. Samuel Travis Pritchett,  Bertha Magdalene Yates,  
Dr. John Travis Pritchett,  Stephanie Ann Bradford,  
Travis Bradford Pritchett,  
John Milo Pritchett,  
David Yates Pritchett,  
Meri Katherine Pritchett,  
Bessie Inez Pritchett,  
Herman Edward Daniel,   
Anna Clark Daniel,  Ludie Ann Manly,  
Rebecca Manly Daniel,  John Chester Pearson,  
Marilyn Frances Daniel,  John N. Joyce,  
John Ross Joyce,  
Daniel P. Joyce,  
William Edward Pritchett,  William Edward Pritchett,   Archer Wells,  
Claude Woodrow Pritchett,  
Ronald Ernest Pritchett,  
Ronald Travis Pritchett,  
Frances Thomas Pritchett,  
Ted Hayes,  
Linda Hayes,  
Barbara Hayes,  
Nancy Hayes,  
Alice Gertrude Pritchett,  Steve Millard Studstill,  
Warfield Augustus Stamps,  Robert Carlton Weakley,  
Sandra Kay Studstill,  Frank Randall Wilson,  Rev. Robert Blackburn,  
Timothy Carol Jones,  
Julianna Denver Wilson,  
Lindsay Jean Wilson,  
 Edla Fauline (Pritchett) Jackson Taylor (1890-1968),  
Willie J. Jackson,  Williamson Henry Jackson,  Sarah Rebecca Butler,  Edward Reece Jackson,  Susan Julia Pritchett,   
William Henry Taylor,  
Sallie Elizabeth Jackson,  Leonard Benjamin Whitlock,   
Leonard Benjamin Whitlock,  
Mattie Fauline Jackson,  Arthur Vernon Walker,  John Craven,  Mozelle (Mabe) Daniel,  Herman Marvin Daniel,   
Arthur Vernon Walker,  
Arnold Craven,  
William Henry Jackson,  Gladys Wilford,  Eva Smith,  
Juanita Jackson,  
Charlotte Jackson,  
Joyce Ann Jackson,  
Betty Inez Jackson,  Marks Taylor,  Robert W. Bowen,  
Marks Taylor,  
Betty Jean Taylor,  
Evelyn Gertrude Jackson,  Andrew Jackson Davis,  Andrew Jackson Davis,  William E. Davis,  
June Love Davis,  Bradford McClenny,  
Willie Thomas Jackson,  Agnes Lucy,   
George Thomas Jackson,  
Barbara Jackson,  
Sandra Faye Jackson,  James Herbert Myrick,  
Bonnie Jackson,  
Stanley Jackson,  
Christine Walker Jackson,  Frank Prada,  
Roberta Prada,  
Joan Prada,  
 Lula Inez (Pritchett) Pritchett Daniel (1893-1989),  
Henry McCaddin Pritchett,   
Lillie Mae Pritchett,   Moses Leonard Daniel,   Pryor Daniel,   
 Ethel Gertrude (Pritchett) Sculthorp (1896-1966),  
James Atkins Sculthorp,  Edwin Samuel Sculthorp,  Annie D. —,  
Henry McCaddin Pritchett,   
Ann Manly Sculthorp,  
James Atkins Sculthorp,  Lola Lorraine Little,  Charles O’Dell Little,  Lola Mae Presley,  
James O’Dell Sculthorp,  Nancy Jean Bender,  
Sharon Dean Sculthorp,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Jackson - Civil War Benjamin James Taylor - Civil War
Frederick William Invernizzi - World War II Richard Benjamin Taylor - World War II
Frederick Pershing Taylor - World War II Claude Woodrow Pritchett - World War II
Robert Carlton Weakley - World War II William Henry Jackson - World War II

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