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 114   Thomas B. Carr (-1828)
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Thomas B. Carr, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas B. Carr might describe his life as follows.

My first wife was Frances Ragland, a daughter of Thomas Ragland, whom I married in Halifax County 26 August (bond) 1805.  We had four children before she died: Elizabeth, Jane, Frances, and William Carr.
Rev. David Street, an Episcopalian minister, officiated when Nancy Susan Abbott and I married 24 May 1815. 
My father’s 1833 will specifically mentioned Nancy Carr, “widow of my son Thomas Carr and her four children…,” Milinett, Spencer Morgan, Margaret Muse, and Thomas Abbott Carr. As you can see, I was dead then, having passed on 11 April 1828.
Nancy was living with her daughter Margaret Muse Carr in 1850.  Twenty years later, at age 74, she was living with her son, Thomas Carr. Forty-five years a widow, Nancy died 31 December 1873.

Francis Ragland, presumably Francis’ brother was guardian of Jane, Betsy, Fanny, and William Carr in 1821.  Although their father was still living, they were presumably heirs to an estate.

Descendants of Thomas B. Carr
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Carr) Barber,  
Doctor Barber,  
 Jane (Carr) Frasier,  
Bolling G. Frasier,  
 Frances (Carr) Farmer,  
Samuel B. Farmer,  
 William Carr,  
 Thomas Abbott Carr (1820-1886),  
Susan A. Waller,  
William Christopher Carr,  Sarah Ann Carr,   
Robert T. Carr,  Elizabeth Eleanor Canada,  
Sarah A.E. Carr,  John Hughes,  
Silas Carr,  Susan P. Covington,  
Ora Carr,  
Roberta Carr,  
Hampton T. Carr,  
Edward M. Carr,  Mary Weston DeJarnette,   
William Henry Carr,  Willie Mayhue,  
Edward Bunyan Carr,  Arline May DeJarnette,  Jesse C. DeJarnette,  Ida May DeJarnette,  
Robert Scott Carr,  Linwood Guthrie,  
Ella Sue Carr,  Board Dues,  
Richard Vesta Carr,  Charlotte Crabtree,  
Bessie Elizabeth Carr,  Tom Short,  
Mary Tommie Carr,  Thomas Johnson Wilburn,  
Jessie Stafford Carr,  Lila Crabtree,  
Lillie Kathryn Carr,  Sidney Trent,  
Elbert Lee Carr,  
Willard F. Carr,  
Emma Carr,  
Juliana P. Carr,  
Martha A. Carr,  
Nancy Carr,  
Mary S. Carr,  
John P. Carr,  Sarah —,  
Victoria Carr,  Robert William Fisher,  
 Milinett (Carr) Minor (1818-1912),  
Daniel Minor,  
William T. Minor,  Mary Jane Holder,  Vincent Holder,  
Margaret Harriet Minor,  King,  
Joanna Florence Minor,  Payne,  
Robert R. Minor,  
Sarah Ann Minor,  John Bluford Doster,  John Doster,  Louisa Eliza Boyd,  
Serap Morgan Minor,  Mary Elizabeth Allen,  Jackson George Allen,  Mary Johnson,  
Pandora Minor,  
Ellen Minor,  
 Spencer Morgan Carr (1819-),  
Sarah Waller,  
Mary F. Carr,  
Susan Pocahontas Carr,  Beverly Millner,  
Columbus Paul Cilas Carr,  
Thomas C. Carr,  
Charles Henry S. Carr,  
Robert Spencer Morgan Carr,  Cora Reed,  
 Margaret Muse (Carr) Carr (1823-1858),  
Paul W. Carr,   Phillip Howerton,  Daniel Minor,  

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