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 116   James Guthrie (c.1783-1851)
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James Guthrie, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Guthrie might describe his life as follows.

Beginning in the 17th Century, Virginia required a prospective groom to put up a bond in the county where the bride lived to ensure the marriage would be lawful. A marriage would be unlawful if the groom was already married, a minor, or too closely related to the bride. Like all bonds, it required a “surety,” or “bondsman” as they were also known. An underage bride required the consent of a parent or guardian.
After filing the marriage bond, the court would issue a license to a minister who would solemnize the marriage.
When I made a marriage bond to marry Polly Hubbard in Halifax County 4 June (bond) 1810, Clark Hubbard was my surety,  and he and Stephen Hubbard witnessed John Hubbard’s consent for his daughter to marry me. Although records do not reveal the date of our marriage, it was probably a few days later.
Polly and I farmed near Republican Grove where we reared our children.

The Census of 1850 for the Northern District of Halifax County enumerated James Guthrey, aged 67, with 3 children still living with him, Joseph 27, Mary 25, and Eliza 21.  He left no will and the inventory of his estate was recorded in 1851. 

Descendants of James Guthrie
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Wesley H. Guthrie (c.1818-),  
 David Hill Guthrie (c.1822-1897),  
Mary Catherine Brown,  Ambrose E. Brown,  
Susan Ann Guthrie,  
Richard Edwards Guthrie,  Ella Price,  Rev. Hugh Price,  
James Henry Guthrie,  Lelia Wright,  
David Hill Guthrie,  Elma Wright,  
Saluda Guthrie,  
John Robert Guthrie,  Theodore Blair,  John Thomas Blair,  Martha Matthews Wade,  
Ellen H. Guthrie,  
Emma Guthrie,  
Nancy Guthrie,  
John Guthrie,  
Mary Guthrie,  
 Chastain C. Guthrie (c.1820-),  
Ann E. Sparrow,   
Coleman A. Guthrie,  Bettie Peak,  
Martha F. Guthrie,  
Mary A.E. Guthrie,  Jackson Guthrie,  
Sarah S. Guthrie,  
Judith A. Guthrie,  
Nancy Guthrie,  John Wesley Guthrie,  
Susan Guthrie,  
 Martha (Guthrie) Reese,  
John Reese,  
 Joseph Guthrey (c.1823-),  
Mary A.E. West,  
Elizabeth H. Guthrey,  
Victoria A. Guthrey,  
Angeline W. Guthrey,  
 Mary Guthrie (c.1825-),  
 Eliza Guthrie (c.1829-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
David Hill Guthrie - Civil War  

Selected sources
Guthrie, Laurence R. American Guthrie and Allied Families, 2 vols., Chambersburg, Pa.: The Kerr Printing Company, 1933. • Comprehensive work on many Guthrey/Guthrie families including Thomas Guthrey, Travis Guthrey, James Guthrey, and Wesley H. Guthrie.

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