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 1168   John Gilliam (c.1614-1673)
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John Gilliam, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Gilliam might describe his life as follows.

I was 21 years old and my brother, Thomas Gilliam, 18, when we sailed from Gravesend, England, 21 August 1635 on the George, bound for Virginia.  Joseph Royall, who paid the cost of our passage, may have employed us on his tobacco plantations. 
Margery and I were the parents of 4 children: John, Hinchia, Charles, and Elizabeth.
I was on jury duty in Charles City County in November 1659 and February 1659/60,  and as Mr. John Gilliam helped appraise the estate of Francis Burnell in Henrico County in 1663,  and witnessed a power of attorney with Henry Randolph in February 1663/4. 
The governor granted me 244 acres south of the Appomattox River in Bristol Parish in September 1663. Yet because I did not keep the tract cultivated, as required, Henry Randolph took possession of it in 1671.  I knew all about the rules for property reverting to the crown because I was on a jury 22 June 1668 that “escheated” land from John Pratt, as it was called. 
Randolph evidently had a change of heart about taking that land from me. After I died, he promised to give it back to my widow. Then he died. Fortunately, on 16 July 1673 his good son “out of filial duty and reverence I bear to the memory of my said deceased father” deeded it to Margery, by then the second wife of Henry Briggs.
Briggs died in Surry County in 1686 making bequests to children by his first wife and leaving Margery the remainder of his estate for life.  The Surry County tax ledgers of 1686-87 listed Mrs. Briggs with our sons, Hinchia and Charles Gilliam. 
Margery was dead by 29 May 1688 when the court appointed Francis Maybury, who married our daughter Elizabeth, and others to administer her estate. 

The other administrators of Margery’s estate were John Gilliam, Hinchia Gilliam, Thomas Blunt, and James Jordan. 
At the Oct. Court 1688 the justices summoned the executors of the estate of Margery Gilliam to account for the belongings to Hugh Leaden.  We do not know her connection to Hugh Leaden.

Randolph deed
This is the deed from Henry Randolph to Margery Gilliam, widow of John Gilliam. 

To all to whom these presents shall come Greetings:
Whereas Henry Randolph, late of this county of Henrico, deceased, did, by virtue of the General Court bearing date ye 21 of September 1671, make out and patent a tract formerly deserted by Mr. John Gilliam as by ye patent for ye same dated at James Citty ye May 17, 1673 may plainly appear; and the said Randolph did assign over ye said land unto Mrs. Margery Guyllam, relict of ye said John, her heirs and assigns forever on 16 July 1673, but before ye same was acknowledged in Court or ratified according did depart this life.
Now I, Henry Randolph, son and heir of ye before mentioned deceased Henry Randolph, out of filial duty and reverence I bear to ye memory of my said deceased father, do grant unto Margery Briggs, late relict of ye aforesaid John Guilliam and assignee of Mr. Henry Randolph and assign forever that piece, parcel and tract of land situated, lying or being in Bristol Parish in ye county of Charles Citty on ye southside of Appomattox River as in contained herein ye bounds in ye before mentioned patent granted ye said Henry Randolph.

Margery marries Henry Briggs
As the Randolph deed reveals, John’s wife Margery had married 2nd a Briggs. Indeed she was the wife of Henry Briggs by 5 Nov. 1681 when they sold 150 acres to Thomas Blunt Margery was Henry’s third wife and not the mother of his children. Henry was still married 5 March 1677/8 when he and his wife made over all their right and title in the estate of Richard Blunt to Thomas Drew. 

Was Margery a Hinshaw?
Some have concluded that Margery was Margery Hinshaw since she and John named a son, Hinshaw, or Hinchia as it appeared in the records. Yet we cannot identify any Hinshaw in the vicinity. Although William Hinshaw was a passenger on the George with John and Thomas Gilliam, we can find no connection. One Thomas Henshaw was in the Colony by 1638, but he lived in Lancaster County. 

Was John Gilliam a London Huguenot?
Some have speculated that Gilliam was a Huguenot who had lived in London before coming to Virginia. Here is why.
A patent of 1690 mentions Puddle Dock Creek and John Gillum’s land.  John Gilliam II secured a patent to 4 islands in the Appomattox River in 1714: Thorny Point, Back Creek, Rosemary Lane, and Bread Street. Channels called Pye Alley, Crooked Lane, and Rosemary Lane separated them. 
Most of these islands and channels, or “guts” as they are now called, appear on USGS maps in Chesterfield County, north of present-day Colonial Heights (37:17:35 N, 77:21:30 W).
It is said that John named these islands and channels after the Monte Alto neighborhood in London that was a sanctuary for Huguenots—French Protestants—in the 17th Century. The chapel of St. Mary’s de Monte Alto was on Bread Street Hill, blocked off by Crooked Lane, Pye Alley, and Rosemary Lane. A stream that flowed down the hill emptied into the Thames between Halstead Wharf and Puddle Dock. John II called his home “Monte Alto,” and John III was John of “Puddledock.”
We do not know whether this tale is true or not. A 1740 map of London shows Puddle Dock but no Halstead. Rosemary Lane appears but the other roads are not identified and no stream is shown.
In Sept. 1666 the Great Fire of London incinerated 13,000 homes and 89 churches, including St. Mary’s. Because many records that may have remained in the parish have been lost, we cannot confirm that Gilliam resided there, nor can we find more about his family.
Comprehensive Huguenot records in Virginia do not to reveal any Gilliams.

Descendants of John Gilliam
Information about the children of John Gilliam, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Gilliam) West Bevin Maybury (c.1655-1715),  
William Bevin,  William Randolph,  George Hunt,  James Franklin,  Nicholas Dyson,  
Francis Maybury,  John Pleasants,  John Haddellsey,  
Nicholas Sharpe,  Thomas Davis,  William Dodson,  George Hunt,  Henry Vaden,  
Henry Randolph,  William Pride,   Samuel Newman,   Ralph Jackson,  
Charles Gee,  
John Freeman,  Thomas Husby,  
Henry Bedingfield,   
Francis West,  Henry Briggs,   
John Gilliam,   
Judith Perry,  Thomas Perry,  
John West,  
Instant Hall,   Mary (—) West,  Robert Munford,  
Nicholas Vaughan,   George Pace,  
Robert Coleman,  John Coleman,  Thomas Reese,  
William Bass,  
Richard Dennis,   
William West,  
Ephraim West,   
Abraham West,  
Francis West,  Elizabeth (—) West,  
Ephraim West,  
Francis West,  
John West,  
Amy West,  
William West,  
Robert West,  Temperance (—) West,  
John West,  
Mary West,  
Amy West,  
Ephraim West,  
Robert West,  
Margaret (—) West,  Charles Sallard,  
John West,  
Elizabeth (—) West,  William Westbrook,  
Abraham West,  Richard Dennis,   
John Pryor,  Thomas Spraggins,   William Mayes,  James Hunt,  
Philadelphia Whitehead Lawson,  David Greenhill,  Paschal Greenhill,   Thomas Chandler,  Plunkett Holt,  
Joseph Moore,  
Francis West,  
John West,  Frances Elam,  
William Lawson West,  
Elizabeth Claiborne West,  Josiah Clay,   
Fielding Bomar,  
Philadelphia West,  Thomas Hankley,   
Polly West,  James Hankley,   
Benjamin Lawson West,  Betsy —,  
Sally West,  Lucy West,  
Claiborne West,  
Mary West,  
Elizabeth West,  
Ann West,  
John West,  Simon Powell,  
Lorena West,  
Leney West,  Irby,  
Agnes West,  Clanton,  
William Bevin,  John Covington,  
Elizabeth Bevin,  Elam,  Thomas Paine,  
Isaac Shepherd,  
John Burton,   
Elizabeth Elam,  Grissell,  James Grissell,  
William Paine,  
Thomas Paine,  
Charles Paine,  Mary (Duprey) Delpish,  Peter Delpish,  Mary Delpish,  Judith Delpish,  Jean Duprey,  Francis Delpish,  
Ann Paine,  
Priscilla Paine,  
Sarah Paine,  
Charles Paine,  
Ann Paine,  
Judith Paine,  James Burton,   
Sarah Paine,  
Isaac Shepherd,  
Patsy Shepherd,  Daniel Godsey,  
Mary Shepherd,  William Waddill,   
William Shepherd,  John Covington,  Sarah (—) Shepherd,  
William Shepherd,  Mary (—) Shepherd,  David Morrisett,  George Hancock,   John Hancock,  
John Moore,  
Thomas Thweatt,  
Daniel Shepherd,  
Mary Ann Shepherd,  
Sarah Shepherd,  
William Shepherd,  
John Shepherd,  
Isaac Shepherd,  
Matthew Bevin,  
Francis Maybury,  John Rottenberry,  
Thomas Wynne,  Robert Wynne,  
Eleanor Wyche,  Henry Wyche,  George Hunt,  
Christopher Tatum,   
William Maybury,  Edward Echols,  
Francis Maybury,  Mary (—) Epes,  Daniel Epes,  
John Mabry,  
Francis Mabry,  
Angelica Mabry,  
Amy Mabry,  Richards,  
Jesse Mabry,  
Elizabeth Mabry,  
David Mabry,  
George Maybury,  
Sarah Williamson,  John Williamson,  Cuthbert Williamson,  
Martha (—) Maybury,  William Raney,  Richard Bland,  
William Poole,  James Matthews Jr.,  John Pettway,   
William Gilliam,   Hinchia Mabry Jr.,   
Sarah Mabry,  Williams,  
John Mabry,  
George Mabry,  
James Mabry,  
Lucy Mabry,  
Susanna Mabry,  Jackson,  
Bertha Mabry,  Carter,  
Isaac Mabry,  
Martha Mabry,  Wood,  
Frances Mabry,  Ellis,  
Ann Maybury,  David Peebles,  Richard Jones,   
Abraham Burton,  John Duke,  
James Maclin,   
Jehu Peebles,  Mary —,  
James Goodrum,  
Jehu Peebles,  Catherine Smith,  Joseph Harrison,  
Elizabeth Peebles,  Lemuel Lanier,   
Frederick Peebles,  
Hubbard Peebles,  Amy Robinson,   Mark Crowder,  
Britain Peebles,  Jane Green,  Frederick Green,  Letitia —,  
James Clack,   Robert Ruffin,   
William Edward Brodnax,   
Frederick Peebles,  
Allen Green Peebles,  Mary H. Smith,  Stephen Smith,  Elizabeth Stainback,  
Dudley Peebles,  
Joseph Peebles,  Mary Robertson,   
Edward Robertson,   Theophilus Feild,   William Call,   William Barrow,   William Daniel,   
Benjamin Harrison,  William Walker,   Robert Hicks,  Joel Mabry,   
Sterling Peebles,  Martha Wilkins,  Douglas Wilkins,  
Joseph Douglas Peebles,  Martha P. Barrett,  
Edmund Wilkins Peebles,  
Henry Wyche Peebles,  
Dudley Robinson Peebles,  
Dudley Peebles,  
Joseph D. Peebles,  
David Peebles,  Sarah (—) Jarrard,  Henry Jarrard,  William Hines Jr.,  James Jones,  
Elizabeth Cook,   
Mary Maybury,  George Fox,  
Charles Maybury,  John Gilliam,   
Rebecca (—) Maybury,  
Samuel Peete,  William Loftin,  Thomas Battaile,  George Long,  Sarah Gilliam,  David Turner,  
Walter Gilliam,   
Charles Mabry,  Drury Gilliam,   Ephraim Gilliam,   Jane (—) Mabry,  
Charles Mabry,  Martha Wilkinson,  Bolling Dunn,  
Wilkinson Mabry,  
Francis Mabry,  
William Mabry,  
Abel Mabry,  Susanna (—) Mabry,  
Mary (Hewitt) Woodland,  Elizabeth (—) Hewitt,  William Woodland,  
Randolph Mabry,  Jemima Cook,  
Peter Mabry,  
Lucretia Mabry,  John Wilborne Jr.,  
Jordan Mabry,  Mary Ellington,  
Frederick Mabry,  Elizabeth Watkins,  
Olive Mabry,  Isaac Adams,  
Phoebe Mabry,  John Adams,  
Cornelius Mabry,  Samuel Sexton,  Hannah (—) Mabry,  Joseph Prince,  
Cornelius Mabry,  Polly Chaney,  Ezekiel Chaney,  
Elizabeth Mabry,  
Philip Mabry,  Elizabeth Chaney,  
Robert S. Mabry,  Rebecca Adams,   
Elizabeth Mabry,  
Rebecca Mabry,  
Emidia Mabry,  
Mary Mabry,  Thomas Battaile,  
Judith Maybury,  
Hinchia Maybury,  Lewis Green,  
Frances Parham,  Ephraim Parham,  
Charles Gilliam,   
John Brown,  James Matthews,  Thomas Woodward,  
Benjamin Harrison,  James Matthews,  John Williamson,  
William Hewitt,  
Anne (—) Jackson,  Ambrose Jackson,  
Ann (Clack) Courtney,  Rev. James Clack,  Jane Bolling,  Clack Courtney,  
Nathaniel Bradford,  
Clack Courtney,  John Pettway,   
Elizabeth Mabry,  
John Pettway,  
William Smith,  John Daniel,   
Frances Pettway,  
Hinchia Pettway,  Mary Parker,  
Hinchia P. Hobbs,  
John Parker Pettway,  
Benjamin Pettway,  Lavinia Harwood,  
Mary Parker Pettway,  
Henry Pettway,  
Hinchia Pettway,  
Robert Pettway,  
Hinchia Pettway,  
James B. Pettway,  
Hinchia Mabry,  Cecilia Evans,  William Evans,  Priscilla —,  
Richard Hill,   
Evans Mabry,  
Elizabeth Butler,   
Drury Magee,   
Seth Mabry,  Elizabeth Seawell,   
Hinchia Mabry,  Dolly Clack,   Robert Smith,  
Hannah Mabry,  Richard Hill,   
William Parham,  
Rebecca (—) Parham,  Charles Lucas,  Tabitha —,  
Hinchia Parham,  
Ephraim Mabry,  Mary Poole,  William Poole,  
Thomas Taylor Jr.,  
Lewis Tanner,   Edward Goodrich,   
Goodwyn Taylor,   John Maclin,   William Poole Jr.,  
Joshua Mabry,  Lucretia Jones,  Samuel Jones,  Edward Brodnax Walker,   
John Pettway,   Francis Lightfoot,  
Jordan Mabry,  Ann Harwell,  James Harwell,  
Joshua Mabry,  Mourning Harwell,  
Charles Mabry,  Phoebe Gibbs,  William Gibbs,  
Stephen Mabry,  Isham Nance,  Tabitha Nance,  
Thomas Roberts Sr.,  
Angelica Mabry,  Edward Giles,  
Repps Mabry,  
Angelica Mabry,  
Frances Mabry,  William Holt,  Lightfoot,  
Daniel Mabry,  
Lucretia Mabry,  Richard Proctor,  
Gray Mabry,  Martha Watson,  William Watson,  
Nathaniel Mabry,  William Wrenn,  James Bilbury,  Benjamin Williams,  James Oliver,  
Susanna (—) Mabry,  
Robert Mabry,  Rebecca Stewart,  Rebecca (Thweatt) Mason,   
Rebecca Mabry,  Richard Spann,  
Henry Mabry,  
Richard Mabry,  Amy Grigg,   Mary Braxton Mabry,  
Cecilia Mabry,  Jones Wrenn,  
Nathaniel Mabry,  Martha N. Elliott,  
Frances Mabry,  
Ann Mabry,  Willis Spann,  
Daniel Mabry,  Elizabeth Jones,  Mary (—) Smith,  
Peter Butts,  Robert Read,  James Mason,  
Parham Mabry,  
Edward Mabry,  Ann (Peterson) Turner,   
Thomas Jones Mabry,  Mary Lundy,  
Elizabeth Jones Mabry,  
Judith Mabry,  John Green,  
Mary Mabry,  Benjamin Green,  
Jane Mabry,  John Hobbs Jr.,  John Cain,   
Joel Mabry,  Capt. Edward Goodrich,  William Smith,  Lewis Tyus,   
Robert Walker,  
Winifred Smith,  Robert Walker,  Henry Morris,  David Russell,  
Elizabeth (—) Bonner,  John Bonner,  Winifred Matthews Holt,  
Lewis Mabry,  Susanna Hamilton,  Drury Sims,  Walter Brown,  
Braxton Mabry,  Jeremiah White,  
Rebecca Mabry,  Averis Wilkinson,  
John Pettypool,  John Pettypool,  Anne —,  
Wyatt Wilkinson,  
Martha Wilkinson,  
Sarah Mabry,  Lloyd,  
Frances Mabry,  William Holt,  
Elizabeth Mabry,  John Bonner,  
Ann Mabry,  Henry Jackson,  Henry Jackson Sr.,  Mary (—) Jackson,  Mark Crowder,  
Ann Brodnax,   
Rebecca Ann Jackson,   
Mary Jackson,  Edward Birchett,  
Martha Jackson,  Edmund Cooper,  
Sarah Jackson,  Henry Bailey,  
Stephen Jackson,  William Atkinson,  
David Jackson,  Martha Edwards,   John Hardaway,  Mary Mason,  Judith (—) Mason,  Nathaniel Mason,  William Mason,  
 John Gilliam II (-1739),  
Thomas Bridges,  
John Gilliam,   
Robert Bolling,  Edward Hill,  Francis Osborne,  
David Collyshaw,  
Robert Bolling,   
Joshua Pritchett,   Thomas Nunnally,  
Ann (—) Gilliam,  John Gilliam,  William Starke,  Thomas Green,  Martha Gilliam,  
John Gilliam III,  Robert Bolling,   
Samuel Burch,  
William Gilliam,  Elizabeth Poythress,   
Ann Bathurst,  
John Talley,  John Fitzgerald,   John Mayes,  
Henry Isbell,   Edward Harris,  James Gilliam,  Martha Isbell,   
Thomas Booth,   
Robert Gilliam,  Lucy Skelton,  
Meriwether Skelton,  
John Gilliam,  Hannah Sampson,  
Anne Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Buchanan Gilliam,  Robert Batte,  
Robert Gilliam,  Alexina Pescud,  Charlotte Isabella Sanxay,  Richard D. Sanxay,  
Lucy Ann Gilliam,  Nathaniel Birchett Sturdivant,  Rev. Nicholas Albertson Okeson, D.D.,  
William Gilliam,  
Jane Sophia Gilliam,  Cadmus Archer,   
James Skelton Gilliam,  Catherine Birchett,  
Elizabeth Massenburg,  
James Skelton Gilliam,  Martha McEnery McIlwaine,  
Ada Gilliam,  George S. Wing,  
Jane Sophia Gilliam,  William B.T. Christian,  
Hannah Gilliam,  John McEnery,  
Catherine Gilliam,  
Thomas M. Gilliam,  
Elizabeth M. Gilliam,  
Dr. James Skelton Gilliam, M.D.,  Mary Feild,   Rev. John Cameron,   
Dr. John Gilliam, M.D.,  Elizabeth Smith Shore,   
James Skelton Gilliam,  
Anne Feild Gilliam,  John Peyton Bolling,   
Robert Gilliam,  Janet Colquhoun,  Walter Colquhoun,  
Dr. Theophilus Feild Gilliam,  
Marius Gilliam,  Rebecca S. Dunant,  Edward Dunant,  
Mary Gilliam,  Charles Francis Osborne,  
Lucy Gilliam,  Rev. Doughen,  
Arabella Gilliam,  Rev. William H. Foote, D.D.,  
Reuben Meriwether Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  David Buchanan,  
Jane Meriwether Gilliam,  Armistead Currie,  
Meriwether Skelton Gilliam,  Elizabeth Manson,  
Susanna Bathurst Gilliam,  
Anne Gilliam,  Ellyson Currie,  
William Gilliam,  Christian Epes,   
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Nathaniel Friend,   
John Gilliam,  
William Gilliam,  
John Gilliam IV,  Jane Henry,  Rev. Patrick Henry,  
Walter Boyd Gilliam,  Easter Tinsley,  
Rebecca Nicholas Gilliam,  
Jane Henry Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  William Poythress,  Thomas Eppes,  
Patrick Henry Poythress,  Mary Elizabeth Epes,  Peter Epes,  
William Poythress,  
John Poythress,  
Thomas Epes Poythress,  Barsheba (Bryant) Harrison,  Collier Harrison,   
Joshua Poythress,  Jane Mills Angus,  
John Henry Gilliam,  Mary Harrison,   
Mary Ruffin Gilliam,  John Dunlop,  
Jane Henry Gilliam,  William Baird,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  John Arthur,  
Patrick Henry Gilliam,  
Jane Gilliam,  Charles Duncan,  
Nancy Gilliam Duncan,  James Dunlop,  
Charlotte Smith Duncan,  Col. John Grattan Gamble,  
Elizabeth Peachy Duncan,  
Anne Gilliam,  Nathaniel Harrison,   
Benjamin Harrison,  Ann (Turnbull) Osborne,   
Dr. Nathaniel Harrison,  Mary Dandridge Minge,  
John Harrison,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Brown,  
Nathaniel Harrison,  
Sarah Carter Harrison,  Donald McKenzie,  
Jane Pleasants Harrison,  John Osborne,  
Susanna Boyd Harrison,  Robert Maitland,  
Susanna Gilliam,  Robert Boyd,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,  William Baldwin,  Elizabeth Poythress,  Joshua Poythress,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  John Ellis,  
John West,   
Martha Ellis,  
Margery Gilliam,  
Martha Gilliam,  
Ann Gilliam,  
 Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I (c.1666-1734),  
 Charles Gilliam (c.1664-1737),  
George Jordan,   John Gilliam Sr.,   
Charles Gilliam,  
Frances (—) Gilliam,  Marmaduke Brown,  Hinchia Maybury,   
Abel Thaxton,  
Josiah Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Joseph Newsom,  
Joshua Gilliam,  
James Gilliam,  James Roux,  Lewis Green,  
John Gilliam,  Elizabeth —,  
Joseph Grainger,   Thomas Reams,  Elizabeth (—) Reams,  Thomas Reams,  
John Gilliam,  
Jesse Gilliam,   
Harris Gilliam,  Frances (—) Gilliam,  
Rebecca Gilliam,  
William Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  
Amy Gilliam,  
Harris Gilliam,  
James Gilliam,  
Frances Gilliam,  Robert Winfield,  William Winfield,  Sarah —,  
Harris Gilliam Winfield,  
Rebecca Winfield,  Thomas Parham,  
Henry Winfield,  
Elizabeth Winfield,  Gray Jones,  Edward Jones,  Elizabeth —,  
Winfield Jones,  Mary E. Jones,  
Priscilla Jones,  Samuel Crenshaw,  
Sarah Jones,  
Mariah Jones,  
Francis Jones,  
Martha Jones,  
Robert Edward Jones,  
Sarah Winfield,  Francis Eppes,  Francis Eppes,  Phoebe —,  
Henry Winfield Eppes,  Martha W. Wilkinson,  Sarah Floyd,  Susanna Oliver Shands,   
Robert Eppes,  
Harris Gilliam Eppes,  
James E. Eppes,  Susan E. Anderton,  
Frances Gilliam Eppes,  Frederick Mortimer Tucker,  
Martha A. Eppes,  Robert Green Tucker,  
Mary Winfield,  
 Margery Gilliam,  
Anthony Knight,  
 Jesse Gilliam,  
John Weaver,  Jane (—) Gilliam,  Matthew Sturdivant,   John Ellis,  John Hill,  Jeremiah Bullock,  
John Barnes,  Richard Woodroof Jr.,  Robert Jones Jr.,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  
Sarah Gilliam,  
 Warwick Gilliam,  
John Weaver,  
Jean (—) Gilliam,  
Peter Jennings,  
Warwick Gilliam Jr.,  Frances (—) Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  
 Jeffrey Gilliam (-1769) of Charles City County,  
William Gilliam,  John Price,  
Jeffrey Mumford,  Daniel Clarke,  
Richard Jones,  
Jeffrey Gilliam,  Sarah (—) Gilliam,  Philemon Charles,  Robert Drake,  
Richard Gilliam,  Agnes (—) Gilliam,  Nicholas Hobson,  Joseph Gill Jr.,  William Hobson,  
Ann Gilliam,  
Judith Gilliam,  Lewis Smith,  Francis Drake,  
John Smith,  
Lewis Smith,  
Francis Drake,  
 John Gilliam of Brunswick County,  
Charles Russell,  
James Gilliam,  William Harper,  Amy (—) Gilliam,  
Susanna Gilliam,  
Lucretia Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Abraham West - French and Indian War Frederick Peebles - War of 1812
Stephen Mabry - Revolutionary War Braxton Mabry - Revolutionary War
James Skelton Gilliam - Civil War John Grattan Gamble - War of 1812
Harris Gilliam Winfield - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Joseph Peebles - Virginia Nathaniel Harrison - Virginia

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Robert Gilliam James Skelton Gilliam
Dr. John Gilliam Charles Francis Osborne
Donald McKenzie  

Selected sources
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