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 120   John Edwards II (1767-1849)
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John Edwards II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Edwards II might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Halifax County, Virginia, 18 November 1767, the son of another John Edwards and his wife, a daughter of William Watkins. In 1750 my father was working as an overseer for Robert Cobbs in that part of Lunenburg County that became Halifax County in 1752.  It is a family tradition that he came from England about 1750. It was likely he who was a sergeant from Halifax during the French and Indian War. 
My parents died when I was very young and I grew up in the Reedy Bottom farm of my uncle Thomas Watkins, south of the Dan River.
I had three wives during my lifetime. I married first Theodosia Edwards, a daughter of William Edwards, about 1790 and we had two children before she died in January 1795: Sarah B. and William. Elizabeth, the mother of my other children, who was apparently not from Halifax or Lunenburg, died 12 February 1839.
I was 73 and my children grown when I married Martha Osborne Vaughan in Halifax County 27 July (bond) 1840.  She was just 40 years old—eight years younger than my daughter Sarah.
I died 8 January 1849 at 81 years of age. My personal property, that is excluding real estate, amounted to about $7,100, three-quarters of which was the value of my 13 slaves. 

John’s mother may have been Susan Watkins because he named a daughter Susan W. Edwards. That he named a son James M. Edwards may indicate his 2nd wife was a daughter of a James M.

We have placed the marriage of John and Theodosia Edwards about 1790 as their first child was born in 1792. A suit in Halifax County in the Nov. 1803 Court confirms their marriage.  It is a tradition that these two Edwards families were unrelated.
John Edwards paid tax on 150 acres in Halifax County in 1800 and was a qualified voter in Halifax in 1800-12. 

The will of John Edwards
John’s will remembered wife, Martha, and named sons John, James, William, and daughters Sarah B. Lipscomb, Theodosia Lane, and Susan W. who married Robert Scott. Named also was granddaughter Elizabeth Jackson (will dated 18 Oct. 1848  and proved 26 Feb. 1849).
The Census of 1850 depicted Martha Edwards, aged 50, living next to her stepson John Edwards, with William Warren living in her household.  She did not appear in the Census of 1860 for Virginia.

Who was John Edwards second wife?
Some report that John married 2nd Theodosia’s sister Elizabeth Edwards, who indeed married a John Edwards. Yet not only was it illegal to marry a sister of ones dead wife, this Elizabeth Edwards married John Edwards in 1791, before the births of John’s two children.

Descendants of John Edwards II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah B. (Edwards) Lipscomb (1792-1869),  
Clement Lipscomb,  
Alfred Fitzgerald,  
Charlotte T. Lipscomb,  
Gilley W. Lipscomb,  Biggers Powell,  
Sarah Lipscomb,  
Thomas W. Lipscomb,  
Clement J. Lipscomb,  
John J. Lipscomb,  
Sarah Lipscomb,  Doswell Warren,  
Martha W. Lipscomb,  
Harriet E. Lipscomb,  
Mariah E. Lipscomb,  
Susanna C. Lipscomb,  
 William Edwards (1793-),  
Catherine Miller,  William J. Kraft,  
Joseph M. Edwards,  
Charles W. Edwards,  
John M. Edwards,  
Sarah C. Edwards,  
 Theodosia (Edwards) Lane (1798-),  
Isham Hall Lane,  
Drury Lane,  Carolyn Matilda Hall,  
W.J. Lane,  Jemima —,  
George W. Lane,  Matilda Cox,  
John H. Lane,  Ann —,  
Isham H. Lane,  Sena Watson,  
Drury H. Lane,  Mary A. (—) Lane,  
Horatio G. Lane,  Sarah E.V. Hall,  
Susan B. Lane,  Jerry Wofford,  
 John Edwards III (c.1805-1885),  
 Thomas Edwards (1806-1826),  
Thomas Watkins,   
 James M. Edwards (1799-1870),  
Elvira B. Boley,  
Minerva Anne Edwards,  Patrick Paul Ryan,  Raymond Whiting Ryan Jr.,  
William T. Edwards,  Sarah Frances Powell,  Robert T. Edwards,  
Addison L. Edwards,  Sarah Frances (Powell) Edwards,  
James M. Edwards,  Elizabeth —,  
Christopher B. Edwards,  Mary G. Powell,  
Montigh Boley Edwards,  Sallie Carter,  
Elizabeth Patience Edwards,  Richard P. Terrell,  James R. Terrell,  
Amanda Edwards,  Terrell,  
Iashel Edwards,  
Haseltine Anne Edwards,  
 Susan W. (Edwards) Scott (1811-),  
Robert Moore Scott,  William B. Scott,  
John Edwards Scott,  
Mary Elizabeth Scott,  Campbell Barnett,  
Jennie Scott,  Rev. N.T. Bacon,  
Caroline Thomas Scott,  
Robert Graham Scott,  
 William Edwards (-1780),  
Field Jefferson,   George Farrar,   
John Edwards,   
Elizabeth (—) Edwards,  Elizabeth Barksdale,  
David Powell,  Abraham Fulkerson,  Roger Shackleford,  James Edwards,  
Theodosia Edwards,  John Edwards,   
Elizabeth Edwards,  John Edwards,  
Mary Ann Edwards,  John Boyd,  
Richard Boyd,  Dianna Faulkner,  Monroe Merritt,  Catherine Fulkerson,  Richard Abbott,   
William Boyd,  
Catherine Abbott Boyd,  Monroe Merritt,  
Samuel Boyd,  
Charles Boyd,  
James Boyd,  
Joseph Boyd,  
Susan Boyd,  
Parrish Boyd,  
Jefferson Boyd,  
Alexander Boyd,  
Harriet Boyd,  
Monroe Boyd,  
Ira J. Boyd,  
Isabella Boyd,  
Jacob Boyd,  
Amey Boyd,  Claiborne Thaxton,  James Thaxton,  
Mary Ann Thaxton,  
Lucy A. Thaxton,  
William Thaxton,  
Susan Thaxton,  
Elizabeth Thaxton,  
Sarah Edwards,  
John Edwards,  
Claiborne Basil Edwards,  Dorothy Wiley,  John Boyd,  
Mitchell McCoy,  
Richard Edwards,  Rhoda Tabor,  James Tabor,  
John Simms,  
Aaron Edwards,  
Richard Edwards,  
William Edwards,  Sally Coleman,  
Coleman Edwards,  Martha Salmon,  
William Edwards,  
Anderson Edwards,  
Joseph Edwards,  
George Edwards,  
Martha Edwards,  
James Edwards,  
Theodosia Edwards,  
Anna Edwards,  William Brewer,  Richard Boyd,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Edwards - French and Indian War William T. Edwards - Civil War
Robert Graham Scott - Civil War Aaron Edwards - Mexican War
Richard Edwards - Mexican War  

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