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 1216   Thomas Elmore I
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Thomas Elmore I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Elmore I might describe his life as follows.

To encourage both immigration of Colonists and the cultivation of tobacco, every new arrival in Virginia, or whoever paid their passage, received 50 acres of land. Certificates evidencing the importation of a headright, as they were called, were transferrable. Like any document, they could be counterfeited or duplicated—and they were.
William Beach secured a patent to 700 acres in Westmoreland County on the south side of the Potomac River 10 June 1654 by submitting certificates for 14 headrights, including one with my name on it.  Later the same year, 25 October 1654, I was a headright for Beach’s brother-in-law Capt. Nicholas Martiau for some adjacent land. 
I may have come from Huntingdonshire, England, perhaps as a boy. Since these certificates did not expire, and the process for obtaining land, lengthy, I could have been in the Colony long before 1654.
By about 1665 I married Rebecca Austin and we were the parents of five children.
In 1704 I paid a form of tax called “quit rents” on 300 acres in New Kent County and my two sons paid on 100 acres each.  Records show our land was near the Hanover County line.
One of our grandsons married a Quaker Indian and some of our descendants were congressmen. One even had Elmore County, Alabama, named for him.

The marriage of Thomas Elmore and Rebecca Austin is evidenced by a 1726 deed in New Kent County. 
Thomas and his wife and daughter appear as beneficiaries of the 1669 will of William Whitby in York County. He left a cow and calf and a pair of worsted stockings to Thomas Elmore, one sow, a barrow, and pigs to Thomas’ wife, Rebecca, one heifer to Thomas’ daughter Rebecca. To Rebecca’s father, James Austin, he gave “my serge suit and best hat” (will dated 31 March 1669 and proved 22 April 1669).  Nothing in Whitby’s will shows a family connection to Thomas or his family.
Thomas Elmore was a resident of York County in 1667 when his name appeared as a debtor of merchant John Flute. 
Thomas and his family were living in New Kent County by 1698 when the births of Thomas’ grandchildren appeared first in the St. Peter’s parish register.
Thomas and Elizabeth Elmore were dead by 1726 when their son-in-law Thomas Moore, an ordinary-keeper, deeded to William Clopton land devised by James Austin to Thomas Elmore and his wife, and after their death, to Elizabeth Elmore, “now the wife of Thomas Moore.” 
Thomas and Rebecca were Anglicans as indicated by the baptism of their grandchildren at St. Peter’s Parish through 1702.

Huntingdonshire, England
Thomas may have resided in Huntingdonshire, England, before coming to America. John Archer Elmore, who gave his name to Elmore County, Ala., named his home “Huntingdon,” said also to be the name of other Elmore plantations. Indeed, the names Elmor, Elmore, and Elmer appear in 17th Century shire records. Huntingdonshire, which has since merged with Cambridgeshire, no longer appears on maps.

Descendants of Thomas Elmore I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Elmore II,  
William Whitby,  Mary (—) Elmore,  
Austin Elmore,  
John Elmore,  An-Nah Wah-Kah,  
Elizabeth Harris,  John Harris,  
Robert Ellyson,  
John Elmore,  Ann —,  
Sarah Ann Elmore,  Joshua Pretlow,  Thomas Pretlow,  Jesse Henley,  
Rebecca Pretlow,  Rebecca (—) Pretlow,  James Hunnicutt,   
John Murdaugh Hunnicutt,  
Ann Hunnicutt,  
Miriam Murdaugh Hunnicutt,  Timothy Terrell,  Mary Terrell,  Robert Ladd,   
Maria Terrell,  
James Hunnicutt,  
Thomas Pretlow Hunnicutt,  Isabella Ladd,  
Mary Ann Hunnicutt,  Terrell,  
Thomas Pretlow,  Thomas Pretlow,  Ann Bailey,  Samuel Bailey,  Sarah Hunnicutt,  
Thomas Pretlow,  Jane Watson Denson,  
Samuel Pretlow,  Edna Bailey,  
Ann Pretlow,  Robert Ricks,  
Martha Elmore,  David Johnson,  Hezekiah Saunders,  John Saunders,  Jane Crew,  
Thomas Elmore III,  Cecilia Ellyson,  Gerard Robert Ellyson,  Anne Myhill,  
Henry Dawson,  John Brooks,  
Archelaus Elmore,  Susannah Morris,  John Morris,  John Brown,  William Puckett,  Peter Puckett,  Ann Morris,  
James Meadows,  
Ann Elmore,  Edmund Harper Craddock,   
James Saxon,  
Sarah E. Saxon,  George Peck,  
Dr. Benjamin Wadsworth Saxon,  Franklin Elmore Saxon,  
Thomas Elmore,  Letitia Williams,   
Mary Williams Elmore,  John Mottley,   Rev. John Skurrey,  
Nancy Ellison Elmore,  Archibald Webster,  
Sarah Wilkinson Elmore,  William Ward Jr.,  
John Elmore,  
Warner Elmore,  Kitty Ramsay,  
Susan Elmore,  Thomas R. Barnett,  
Martha Elmore,  John Wilkinson,  
Elizabeth Elmore,  Yelverton Cowherd,  
Martha Elmore,  Scott,  
Elizabeth Elmore,  Jonas Jordan,  
John Archer Elmore,  
Mary Ann Sarah Saxon,  Nancy Martin,  Elizabeth Dickenson Terry,   John Martin,  
Benjamin Thomas Elmore,  
Narcissa Elmore,  
Sophia Saxon Elmore,  
Charlotte Perry Elmore,  
Franklin Harper Elmore,  
Elizabeth Susan Elmore,  Dixon Hall Lewis,  
Sarah Terry Elmore,  Benjamin Fitzpatrick,  
John Archer Elmore,  
Morris Martin Elmore,  
William Augustus Elmore,  
Luther Alfred Elmore,  
Henry Marshall Elmore,  
Lawrence Ludlow Elmore,  
Physic Rush Elmore,  
Winfield Scott Elmore,  
Mary Martin Elmore,  
Albert Stanhope Elmore,  
Ann Harriet Elmore,  
Judith Elmore,  Josiah Williams,   Booker Foster,  
Abijah Elmore,  Ann Johnson,  
William Johnson,  
James Meador,  
Hannah Elmore,  John Locke,  
Virginia Cecilia Elmore,  Robert Johnson,  Ashley Johnson,  Martha Woody,  
Elisha Johnson,  Jane Johnson,  Ashley Johnson,  
Thomas Elmore IV,  Thomas Wright,  Ann Sanders,  
Judith Elmore,  Ashley Johnson,  
John Johnson,  
Mary Elmore,  Joel Sanders,  
Mary Elmore,  James Finley,  
Abraham Lewis,  
John Lewis,  
Uriah Elmore,  Samuel Whitworth,  
Obediah Elmore,  
 Rebecca Elmore,  
 Peter Elmore I (-1730),  
 Elizabeth (Elmore) Moore,  
Thomas Moore,  
Jude Moore,  
Susanna Moore,  
Austin Moore,  William Clopton Jr.,  
Elizabeth Moore,  
James Moore,  Matthew Anderson,  
 Mary Elmore (-1721),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Elmore - Revolutionary War John Archer Elmore - Revolutionary War
John Archer Elmore - Indian Wars Physic Rush Elmore - Mexican War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Franklin Harper Elmore - U.S. Dixon Hall Lewis - U.S.
Benjamin Fitzpatrick - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Benjamin Fitzpatrick - Alabama  

Legislators - colonial and state
Benjamin Wadsworth Saxon - Florida Franklin Elmore Saxon - Florida
John Archer Elmore - South Carolina John Archer Elmore - Alabama
Benjamin Thomas Elmore - South Carolina Dixon Hall Lewis - Alabama
Benjamin Fitzpatrick - Alabama John Archer Elmore - South Carolina

Names on the map
Elmore County, Alabama, was named for John Archer Elmore  

Selected sources
Doliante, Sharon J. Maryland and Virginia Colonials: Genealogies of Some Colonial Families. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1991:273-312. • Covers the family of Thomas Elmore.
Elmore, William E., The Trunk of an Elmore Tree. Privately published, 1992. • Very well-done account of this family. Mr. Elmore corresponded with William McCaddin Pritchett while preparing this document. Includes family of Thomas Elmore, and his descendants including Peter Elmore, Peter Elmore, James Elmore, William Elmore, and James Elmore.

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