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 1228   John Oldham II (1665-1705)
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John Oldham II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Oldham II might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Northumberland County 28 January 1664/5, the son of another John Oldham.
I was in my 20s and married when I fathered John and James, and at least one daughter. My wife, whose name is unknown, died before 1700.
My neighbors Hugh and Ann Harris had a daughter named Ann, whom I married and we were the parents of William and Samuel Oldham named in the will Mr. Harris signed in 1712. 
I was dead by 14 March 1705/6 when they inventoried my estate.  Since I left no will, the court appointed Ann administratrix of my estate 23 November 1706. 
Richard Rout was guardian to John and James until they were old enough to receive their inheritance.

More about John Oldham
No wife relinquished her dower when John Oldham Sr. “for fatherly love and affection” gave 170 acres in St. Stephen’s Parish to his son James 15 Jan. 1700/1. The tract was on Kings Creek and Tuckahoe Swamp.  Since James was then only about 10, John may have been placing his property in the hands of a son in anticipation of remarrying.
The Harris and Oldham families were neighbors as both Hugh Harris and John Oldham III had land on Hog Town Swamp. 
When Hugh Harris wrote his 1712 will in Richmond County, he mentioned “William and Samuel Oldham (sons of John Oldham),” although John was then dead. Ann was the wife of Hugh Harris when she acknowledged a deed with her husband in 1681. 
Ann signed for some tobacco for the use of “John Oldham, deceased,” 5 Feb. 1706/7. 

Oldhams, Westmoreland County
John had land next to Edward Barnes on Battys Neck 21 Oct. 1702.  Battys Neck is in present-day Westmoreland County formed from Northumberland County in 1653. A Westmoreland grant of 1750 identifies Oldham’s Landing.  Today in the southern part of the county is the village of Oldhams, undoubtedly named for the family of John Oldham.

Descendants of John Oldham II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Oldham III (c.1687-1762),  
 James Oldham (c.1691-1740),  
Richard Rout,  Junefred —,  
John Bowers Jr.,  
Moses Oldham,   George Oldham,   
John Oldham,  Presley Thornton,  
Betty Oldham,  
Nanny Oldham,  
James Oldham,  Tabitha —,  
Leannah (—) Oldham,  
William Oldham,  Susannah Sydnor,  Ann (—) Oldham,  
Susannah Sydnor Oldham,  
James Oldham,  Nancy How,  John How,  
William Howe Oldham,  
Samuel Butler Oldham,  
John Oldham,  
Sally Oldham,  
Jenny Oldham,  
Samuel Oldham,  
Thomas Oldham,  
Betsy Oldham,  
Nancy Oldham,  
Edward Oldham,  Fanny Meath,  
Tabitha Oldham,  Thomas Lovelace,  Charles Lovelace,  Bridget (McLaughlin) Jobson,  John Anderson,   Nicholas Matlock,  Cornelius Granger,  
Charles Lovelace,  Rhoda Hart,  
William Oldham Lovelace,  Anne W. Womack,  
William Oldham Lovelace,  John Logan Lovelace,  America Adams Baker,  Alice Sydnor Barksdale,  
Charles L. Lovelace,  
Thomas Lovelace,  Elizabeth Ferguson,   
Atkinson O. Lovelace,  Charity Ferrell,  
John Lovelace,  Jane Daniel,  Thomas Daniel,  
James Lovelace,  Elizabeth Poyner,  
Charles Lovelace,  Harriet R. Butler,  
Nathaniel Lovelace,  Ann Elizabeth Carleton,  Wilmoth (—) Lovelace,  
Bridget Lovelace,  William Smith,  
Nathaniel Lovelace,  
Elizabeth Lovelace,  James Collins,  
Ann Lovelace,  
Thomas Lovelace,  
Tabitha Lovelace,  Charles T. Harris,  
John Lovelace,  
James Lovelace,  Mary —,  
James Oldham,  
Mary Anne Oldham,  
Jude Oldham,  
 daughter Oldham,  
Abigail Oldham,   
 William Oldham (-1728),  
Priscilla McLaughlin,  
Henry Williams,  
William Oldham,  
Mary (—) Oldham,  
William Oldham,  
Samuel Oldham,  
Priscilla Oldham,  William Jenkins,  
Elizabeth Oldham Jenkins,  
Nancy Jenkins,  
Priscilla Oldham,  William Hendren Jr.,  
Mary Oldham,  William Greenlaw Sr.,  
Ann Oldham,  Thomas How,  
Betty Oldham,  
Amelia Oldham,  John Weldon,  
Catherine Wheldon,  Rev. Thomas Muse Washington,  
Betsy W. Wheldon,  James Shepherd,  
Nancy H. Wheldon,  James Yeatman,  
Catherine Oldham,  Richard Bennehan,  
Sarah Oldham,  Paul Headley,  
 Samuel Oldham,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Oldham Lovelace - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Edward Oldham - Virginia William Oldham Lovelace - Virginia

Names on the map
Oldhams, Westmoreland County, named for family of John Oldham  

Selected sources
Nance, Joanne Lovelace. “Lovelace Family Records.” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy. 27:52 (1989). • Family records of Tabitha Oldham and Thomas Lovelace.

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