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 1352   John Stone (-1737)
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John Stone, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Stone might describe his life as follows.

Rev. Duell Pead wrote in the register of Christ Church Parish, “John Stone of Ridgely in Staffordshire & Mary O. Brissel native were Marryed ye 10th of November 1687.” 
I was from Rugeley and, of course, she was Mary O’Brissell, a daughter of Thomas O’Brissell who would mention our son John in his will of 1698. By the way, “ye” is pronounced “the.” What looks like a “y” is really a runic character, called a thorn, pronounced with a “th” sound. Christ Church Parish served Middlesex County, where Mary and I first lived.
By 1704 I was living on 295 acres in King and Queen County—the next county over from Middlesex.  Later that same year the governor granted me, James Taylor, Thomas Petit, John Baylor, and Robert Powell 4,500 acres on the north side of the Mattaponi River in King and Queen County. 
I was still a resident of King and Queen when I got 175 acres in St. Margaret’s Parish, King William County, 17 August 1725.  The tract was on Reedy and Polecat swamps in present-day Caroline County.
My will burned with the others of Caroline County. A surviving order book does show I was dead by 13 January 1737/8 when the court ordered it recorded. Mary was executor and two witnesses were James Pendleton and Elizabeth Pendleton. Thomas White and Eusebius Stone were sureties. 
Mary was living in Caroline County 14 March 1746/7 when she testified at the home of John Baylor regarding her recollection of the funeral of James Taylor that she attended in King and Queen County in 1698. She described herself as the widow of John Stone and stated her age as about 68, although, frankly, she would have been a bit older. 

The absence of early records in Caroline County precludes certain identification of this family. We know John Stone was a son because the will of his grandfather names him. Eusebius Stone was surety for his father’s executors and is undoubtedly a son.
Although other Stone men of Caroline County may be sons of John and Mary Stone, there is no solid evidence. Other men mentioned briefly in Caroline County lawsuits included George Stone in 1749 and 1765,  Uriah Stone in 1758, 1761-3,  and Francis Stone in 1762. 

Descendants of John Stone
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Stone (-1735),  
Richard Stone,   
Ralph Willson,  Sarah (—) Stone,  Cornelius Reynolds,  
 Eusebius Stone (-1786),  
Robert Powell,  John Baylor,  Isabella (—) Thomas,  
Stephen Stone,   
 William Stone (-1765),  
John Holland,  William Bowler,  Ann (—) Stone,  
Mary (—) Stone,  James White,  
Eusebius Stone,  Susannah Ballard,  
Jeremiah Stone,  Susannah Grayson,  
Micajah Stone,  Apphia Hurt,  
Manoah Stone,  Robert Tompkins,  Sarah Feagan,  
Stephen Stone,  Keziah (—) Stone,  Eusebius Stone,  Stephen Stone Jr.,  
William Stone,  Elizabeth (—) Stone,  
 Nicholas Stone,  
Mary (—) Stone,  
Agnes Stone,  Joseph Crew,  Andrew Crew,  
Armsby Crew,  Lucy Stone,   
Mary Crew,  
Micajah Crew,  Margaret Ladd,   
Nicholas Crew,  Drusilla Patterson,  
Micajah Crew,  
John Crew,  
Agatha Crew,  
Susanna Crew,  
Joseph Crew,  
Christian Stone,  Francis Clarke Jr.,  Francis Clarke,  
Molly Clarke,  
Betty Clarke,  
Nicholas Clarke,  
Francis Clarke,  
Elizabeth Stone,  Christopher Clark,  
John Stone,  Lucy Clark,  Joseph Clark,  
Lucy Stone,  Armsby Crew,   
 Stephen Stone,  
Joseph DeJarnette,   
 Thomas Stone (-c.1737),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Eusebius Stone - French and Indian War  

Selected sources
Ballard, D La Pierre. The Stephen Stone Family of Sumner County, Tennessee. (1992). Available at • Well done recap of the family of Stephen Stone.

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