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 14096   John Batte (c.1530-1607)
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John Batte, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Batte might describe his life as follows.

I was born in England about 1530, the son of Henry Batte and Alice Wilkinson, and was about 20 when I married Margaret Wood. The only son, I succeeded to my father’s estates about 1573.
My family lived at “Oakwell Hall” in York County and we were parishioners of Birstall Parish. We sent our eldest son, Henry, to law school to prepare him to manage the Batte estates that would eventually become his, and enrolled Edward and Robert in divinity school.
Although Henry married, he died childless in 1594. “Mr. Edward Batt, bachelore in divinytie, second son of John Batt” died 7 March 1597/8 as recorded in the register in Birstall. Because divinity students could not marry, he, too, left no heirs. All then fell to our son, Rev. Robert Batte.
My will began with, “knowing the frailty of mortal men and being desirous to disburden my self of all worldly cares, which in time of sickness might any ways hinder me from the contemplation and mediation of heavenly things, do in this time of my health make and ordain this my last will and testament…”
The parish register of Birstall includes the following entry for deaths 23 July 1607. “Mr. John Batte of Okewell Hall, son of Henry Batte who bought Oakwell Hall in 1564 from Thomas Hussey, the father of Edward Batte, B.D., who was buried at Birstall, 7 Mar. 1597/8.”

The Parish Register of Halifax, County York, depicts two marriages for John Batte. He married 1st 14 Oct. 1549 Katherine Kirkehed and 2nd, 14 Sept. 1550, Margaret Wood. We know their son Edward called his mother Margaret and we presume she was the Wood.
John Batte and Margaret Wood had 9 children, the baptisms of many of whom appear in the parish register of Birstall, Yorkshire. Wills of two brothers identify others.

Will of John Batte

Will of John Batte
9 January 1607/8
In the name of God, amen. I, John Batte of Okewell, within the pshe [parish] of Birstall, in the Countye of Yorke, Knowing the frailtie of Mortall men and being desyrous to disburden my selfe of all worldly cares, which in tyme of syckness might any wayes hinder me frome the comtemplation and mediation of heavenly things, doe in this tyme of my healthe make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in manner and forme as followeth:
ffirst, my soule I bequeathe into the hands of that juste yett gracious and m’cfull god that ffirste gave unto me, beseachinge him of his endless mercie to washe away the steines thereof in the bloud of Jesus Christ, and to bury all my synnes which I acknowledge to be many and grevous in his precious Death and passion, in whom and by whome alone I seek to be saved in that Great and glorious day of his appearinge. My body I bequeath to the earth from whence it came, to be buried in comely and decent sort besemeinge my estaite, whensoever and wheresoever it shall please god to call me until himselfe, not doubteing but that att the gen’ale of judgement it shall by the mightie power of God be raised up and joyned to my soule albeyte worms and… consume it. As for that porcon of worldly goodes which I hath pleased god of his bounty to bestow upon me, I give and bequeath as followeth:
ffirst, my lease of Haghe Beck in Southall, I give unto Robert Batte, myne eldest sonne upon condicon that he shall mainteyne with sufficyent meat, drinke, app’ell [apparel], and other necessaries, Barbara Batte, myne eldest daughter, dureing her natural liefe, or if she shall refuse to remayne and dwell with him, that when he shall allowe towards her… maintennce the full some of Seaven pounds yearly, to such of her brothers or sisters as she shall make choice of to dwell with.
Itm., I give unto him the lease of the parsonage of Birstall, pvyded [provided] alwayes that he shall suffer Richard Batte, his Brother, to anjoy the tythe corne of Heaton, Spen, and little Gomersall, dureinge the whole tearme of years yett unexpyred, and it is shall happen that he shall receive the lease from the colledge, that then he shall assure the same tythe corne of Heaton, Spen, and little Gomersall, unto his said brother, for all the tearme of yeares soe renewed, savinge the three last if he shall soe long live, paying rateably unto his said brother Roberte boothe in the fyne and rent reserved by the colledge.
Itm., I give unto Anthony Hopkinson, my son-in-lawe, in full discharge of his porcon pmissed [promised] in marriage wth my doughter Anne, the sum of ffyftie pounds.
Itm., unto Robert Bairstowe, my son-in-lawe, in full discharge likewise of his porcon pmissed in marryage with my doughter Dorothie, fifty pounds.
Itm., I give unto ffrancis West and Samuel West, my sisters children, the some of xxijli vjs viijd [£22.6.8] to be devyded equally betwixt them, to be paid wthin one yeare next after my decease.
Itm., I give unto each of my grandchildren fyve pounds a peace, if they shall come to the full age of xxj [21] yeares.
Itm., I give unto the poore of the Tounship of Gomsall, to be distributed accordinge to the discretion of myne executors, xxs [20 shillings] yearley for the space of fyve yeares next ensueinge after my decease. The rest of my goods and chattells beinge paid and fun’all [funeral] charges defrayed, to Margarett, my wife, Robert Batte, and Richard Batte, my sonnes, whom I make Executors of this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I haue hereunto sett my hand and seale this 9th day of Januarie, in the five and fortieth yeare of the Reigne of oure Sovereigne Ladie Elizabeth. I give likewise unto the doughters of Raphe Cooke, deceased, to each of them xxs a peece, when they come to the full age of xxj yeares or at the day of their marriage.

Pedigree Chart 12
John Batte
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Henry Batte (-c1555)
Henry Batte
Sybil Waterhouse See Pedigree Chart 19
John Batte (c1530-1607)
Alice Wilkinson

Descendants of John Batte
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Batte (-1594),  
Mary Ashenden,  
William Ramsden,  
 Edward Batte (-c.1597),  
 Rev. Robert Batte (1560-1617),  
 William Batte (1561-1594),  
 Barbara Batte (1564-),  
 Richard Batte (1566-1631),  
Martha (—) Batte,  
John Batte,  
 Ann (Batte) Hopkinson (1568-1609),  
Anthony Hopkinson,  
 Thomas Batte (1573-1601),  
 Dorothy (Batte) Baystowe Crowles (1575-),  
Robert Baystowe,  
Thomas Crowles,  

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