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 14098   Roger Parry (c.1548-1634)
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Roger Parry, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Roger Parry might describe his life as follows.

Trained for the Church, I served the parishioners of Hinton-Ampner, Hampshire, Great Britain for 58 years. As recorded in the parish register in 1576, “Roger Parry Parson of Hinton took Possession of his Parsonage the sixth Day of May, and did reade his Articles in the presence of Mr. Richard Beckensall, Robert Streeter & others.”
I was pleased to log the births of each of our 10 children born to my wife, Mary, from 1581 to 1593. Yet it was with a heavy heart that I recorded her burial in the same register 14 November 1605.
Here is one particularly remarkable item from the 1634 register of Hinton-Ampner. It is in Latin, but I will translate: “Roger Parry the Rector of this church who resided here 58 years died at Winchester where he was buried; he lies in the Temple of the Holy Trinity in the Bordal [?] Chapel, May 24th, in the eighty-eighth year of his life.”

The records of Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire record the burial of “Mr. Roger Purry, clerke [cleric]” 18 May 1634. We do not know who Roger’s parents were. Nor have we identified the parents of his wife, Mary.

Descendants of Roger Parry
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Blanch Parry (1581-),  
 Elizabeth (Parry) Batte Rollinson (1582-1633),  
Robert Batte,   
Anthony Rollinson,  
 George Parry (1583-),  
Roger Parry,  
 Alexander Parry (1585-),  
 Jane (Parry) West (1586-),  
Samuel West,  
 Mary Parry (1587-),  
 William Parry (1589-),  
 Katherine Parry (1591-),  
 Francis Parry (1592-),  
 Rebecca Parry (1593-),  

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