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Richard Watkins, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Watkins might describe his life as follows.

I am Richard Watkins, father of Joseph Watkins. Because he was married by 1657 to a woman who had buried 2 husbands, I am not the 20-year-old Richard Watkins reported to have departed London to come to Virginia on the Abraham in October 1635. 
I agreed to build “a sufficient house of office to the prison” in York County in 1646,  and served on coroners’ juries 13 February 1659/60 and 7 February 1660/1.  We once concluded that Robert Pearson, “having no fear of God before his eyes” took a bridle rein worth 10 pence, and hanged himself.
The will I made, which has since been lost, was proved 24 May 1669 and appraisers brought the inventory of my estate to court 20 December 1669.  By 24 February 1669/70 my wife, Mary, was the wife of Garrett Conner who then possessed the estate belonging to my “young children.” 
They referred to my young children because I had 2 families. Joseph was as much as 15 years older than my son Richard who was born in 1650.
Richard, “being age 21,” received his estate 10 January 1670/1 and on 24 February 1670/1 he and Thomas Watkinson chose 4 citizens to divide my land and houses.  My estate included 10 books,  which Mr. Alexander Bruce considered one of the largest libraries in Virginia.

Descendants of Richard Watkins
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