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 152   James Elmore (c.1735-c.1800)
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James Elmore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Elmore might describe his life as follows.

Since I was only about 3 when my father died in New Kent County in 1738, I and my brothers went to live with our grandmother on the other side of the Chickahominy River in Henrico County.
John was about 10 years older so when he became an adult, he looked out for me and Athanasius. We went with him to Lunenburg County about 1746—the same year Mr. James Tarpley brought his family from Richmond County to Brunswick County about 4 miles from the Lunenburg line. Around 1760 I married his daughter Sarah Tarpley and moved to near the Brunswick-Lunenburg county line myself.
Sarah and I were in Charlotte County by 1782 with a household of 10 whites and no slaves.  A neighbor was Benjamin Clements with a household of 12.  The 1787 personal property tax list charged me with 3 horses, mares, colts or mules, and 14 cattle. We still owned no slaves.
Sarah was dead by 11 July 1786 when I married Mr. Clement’s widow, Jane.  I was apparently deceased by 1800 when county tax Jane on one horse.  The personal property tax list for 1802 includes the caption, “Estate of James Elmore.”
Except eldest son, William, who went back to Brunswick County, our 8 children remained in Charlotte County.

More about James Elmore
James appeared first in public records 13 Feb. 1765 when he witnesses a deed for his brother John in Lunenburg County.  In 1765 James sued two neighbors, James Moore and James Amos. The court eventually dismissed the conflict over debts to Elmore’s satisfaction. 
In 1769 James paid tithes in Lunenburg County,  but appeared on a “List of Insolvents” of Lunenburg County dated 9 Nov. 1770, with the caption “Removed.” 
James owned 186 acres in Brunswick County that he and Sarah sold to James Newbill 6 Jan. 1773.  We do not know how James came to own the land. They evidently moved to Lunenburg County then for James reappears in the tithe lists of 1773, 1774, and 1775.  The list of 1776 includes son William.  James was apparently living on 50 acres that belonged to his brother Athanasius Elmore, which he bought from him 8 June 1778. 
The published tithe list in Lunenburg County for 1783 omits James for by then he and his family had move to Charlotte County. He perhaps had left Lunenburg County by 1780 when an indenture from James Elmore to William Pegram was certified.

Benjamin Clements
Clements secured a patent to 400 acres on the head branches of Horsepen Creek 20 July 1768,  and Jane relinquished her dower right when Benjamin deeded a 300-acre portion to Robert Belcher 29 July 1771 and the remaining 100 acres to William Vaughan 23 March 1771. 
Clements made a will in Charlotte County leaving his estate to Jane and naming 10 children (will dated 15 Nov. 1782  and proved 3 March 1783).

Descendants of James Elmore
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Elmore (c.1760-1835),  
 James Elmore (1764-1852),  
Mary Elam,  Edward Elam,  
Jane Pamplin,  
Mary (—) Hamlett,  William Hamlett,  Nancy M. Hamlett,  Mary M. Hamlett,  
William Elmore,  Lucretia —,  
Edward Elmore,  Elizabeth Featherston,  
John Elmore,  Elizabeth Headley,  
James Elmore,  Sarah Baugh,  
Margaret Elmore,  Elisha Eudaly,  Moses Eudaly,  
Elizabeth Elmore,  James Featherstone,   
Sally Elmore,  William R. Featherston,  
Thomas D. Elmore,  Ann J. Coffman,  
Rebecca Elmore,  David Neal,  
Mary Elmore,  William S. Cleaveland,  
 Jesse Elmore (c.1773-),  
Ann Brann,  James Tarpley,  John Tarpley,  Vinson Brann,  Jesse Turner,  Herbert Hill,  
 Lucy (Elmore) Featherston (c.1765-),  
Carolus Featherston,   
James Featherstone,  Elizabeth Elmore,   
William Featherstone,  
Jeremiah Featherstone,  
Burwell Featherstone,  
Charles Featherstone,  
John Featherstone,  
Sally Featherstone,  
 Winifred (Elmore) Green,  
William Green,  
 Nancy (Elmore) Green,  
Samuel Green,  
 Elizabeth (Elmore) Featherston (1771-1864),  
Jeremiah Featherston,   
 Sally (Elmore) Featherston,  
Wylie Featherston,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edward Elmore - War of 1812  

Selected sources
Elmore, William E., The Trunk of an Elmore Tree. Privately published, 1992. • Very well-done account of this family. Mr. Elmore corresponded with William McCaddin Pritchett while preparing this document. Includes family of Thomas Elmore, and his descendants including Peter Elmore, Peter Elmore, James Elmore, William Elmore, and James Elmore.

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