Ancestral Family Topic 1600

 1600   Christopher Robertson I (c.1625-c.1665)
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Christopher Robertson I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Christopher Robertson I might describe his life as follows.

I was born in the 1620s and was in Virginia before 1642 when my name appeared as a headright for Mr. John Ewens. In 1652 the governor granted me and John Sturdivant 600 acres on Hatchers Run of Swift Creek at the Ashen Swamp, on the north side of present-day Colonial Heights. 
My wife had a French name, Marie, but she was in the Colony long before the large-scale settlement of Huguenots in Virginia in 1699.
I died in my 40s leaving Marie to rear our children, Edward, Christopher, Henry, and Marie. Young widows like mine seldom had to go long without a husband. Before Marie married Francis Burnell, she gave away what little she had to our children. Since Mr. Burnell had 1,000s of acres in New Kent County, Marie did OK.
Our daughter married Nathaniel Tatum, whose father was a homeless waif sent here from London’s Bridewell Royall Hospital. Christopher was the ancestor of the Robertsons of Sussex and Brunswick. Edward lived in present-day Prince George, and Henry had sons in Amelia County.

The 1642 patent for John Ewens Jr. was for land on the Appomattox River in Charles City County.  A Ewens neighbor was Thomas Causey who held several tracts of land in Charles City County,  and who assigned 500 acres to Nathaniel Tatum I who secured it with a patent in 1638. 
Christopher evidently bought land for his sons since they were beneficiaries of property other than his 1652 patent.
Colonial records depict Robinson, Robertson, and Roberson as though they were interchangeable. A husband could be Robertson while his wife on the same document was Robinson. By the mid-1700s, Robertson begins to appear almost exclusively. Throughout Virginians, we generally depict the name as Robertson though records varied considerably.

Marie deeds her property to her children
In expectation of marrying again after the death of her husband, Marie deeded land and some livestock and household items to her children. 

Deed of Gift of Marie Robinson
Know all men by these presents that I Marie Robinson Doe give unto my Children these goods & Chattells that are hereafter expressed. To Ed: Robinson the first ffillie that falls of my mare & the three next that falls to Henry Marie & Christopher. To Ed: Robinson. To Marie Robinson. To Christopher is a joynt stocke betwene them fowre Cowes &… female. Increase the Cowes being named as followeth Stippin Ruggles Trandle & Moll marked of their fathers mark. To Christopher Robinson a feather Bed bowlster 1 rugg 1 new pr sheet. To Marie Robinson 1 feather bed bowlster 1 rugge 1 newe pr of sheetes. To Henry Robinson 1 Cow Called by the name of primrose & 1 heifer of thre yeares old called by the name of primrose being marked the flowerdeluce in one Eare. To Ed: Robinson One Iron Kettle & one silvr Dram Cup & one pewter Dish. To Henry Robinson one Iron Kettle 1 pewter dish. To Marie Robinson One Brass Kettle of fine gald one. Table & formed one pewter Dishe one Bason and B[owl]e one wine Cup of silvr. To Christopher Robinson 1 Iron pott of agate 1 pewter Dish. To the fowre Children Each of them a Chest. The land to be Devided into fowre pts the parts & to Each of my fowre Children when they come of Age A Breeding sow. These goods I Marie Robinson Doe freely & Clearly give unto my Children & desire that it may be recorded in the records of Henrico Com. As witness my hand this…

On the back of this document is written “Widow Robinson gift to her children” and “Mrs. Marie Burnoll her deed to her children.” During 1663 Henrico County granted Christopher’s widow, then wife of Francis Burnell, administration of his estate.  Christopher’s land, described as deserted, was awarded by patent to Henry Randolph in 1671.  Randolph died before he could cultivate the land and they again repatented the land to Richard Bland in 1687,  and he sold it back to another Henry Randolph 1 Aug. 1687. 

Francis Burnell, Marie’s second husband
We know little of Francis Burnell. According to a deposition in Henrico County, Francis Burnell—likely his son—was born about 1659.  Father and son Burnell are likely identical to the same who resided in New Kent County. The elder Francis Burnell, Gent. secured patents to thousands of acres of land in New Kent County in 1657-66 and in James City County in 1660.  When Mr. Francis Burnell secured a patent to 2,531 acres in New Kent County 20 Nov. 1683, it was described as land that had belonged to his father. 
His son of the same name was justice in New Kent County in 1699,  and died in 1702 leaving wife, Mary, and daughter, Martha Burnell who married Leonard Claiborne. Mrs. Mary Burnell paid quit rents on 2,750 acres in New Kent County in 1704. 

Descendants of Christopher Robertson I
Information about the children of Christopher Robertson I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Edward Robertson (c.1654-c.1689),  
Anne (—) Robertson,  Nicholas Dyson,  John Worsham,  George Worsham,  Henry Robertson,   
Francis West,  
Richard Moore,  Lewis Green,  
Nicholas Robertson,   
 Christopher Robertson II (c.1660-c.1702),  
Francis Epes,  William Epes,  Littlebury Epes,  Elizabeth Worsham,   Richard Kennon,  
Samuel Tatum,  Nathaniel Tatum II,  
John Robinson,  Richard Robinson,  James Robertson,  Andrew Robinson,  
Temperance (—) Robertson,  Instant Hall,   Charles Gilliam,   
Lewis Green,  Edward Robertson,   
Nathaniel Robertson,  Thomas Freeman,  Jane (—) Robertson,  
Christopher Robertson III,  William Malone,  Mary (—) Robertson,  Thomas Bryan,  
Nathaniel Robertson,  Henry Gawler,  Lewis Green,  
Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Henry Freeman,  Peter Green,  
Drury Robertson,  William Malone,  
Jabez Northington,   Thomas Stegall,  
Reece Brewer,  Winifred (—) Robertson,  Charles Pistole,  
Sarah Robertson,  Henry Mitchell,  Nathaniel Mitchell,  Elizabeth (—) Mitchell,  
Nathaniel Mitchell,   
William Robertson,  Rebecca (—) Robertson,  Edgecomb Suggett,   
Edward Waller,  
Mary Robertson,  Matthew Turner,  Charles Pistole,  
Charles Turner,  
John Turner,  Mary Hutcheson,  
Nancy Turner,  Aurelius Walker,   
Sally Turner,  Richard Hutcheson,  
Drury Robertson,  Amy (—) Robertson,  Charles Pistole,  
William Jones,  
Nathaniel Robertson,  Henry Freeman,  William Winn,  Winifred Malone,  William Malone,  George Booth,  
Richard Meanly,   
Thomas Chappell,  Winn Raney,  Phoebe Raney,  
Susanna Robertson,  
Angelica Robertson,  
Christopher Robertson IV,  Faith Battaile,  Capt. John Battaile,  Green Emory,  
John Robertson,  Thomas Newsom,  Edward Robertson,  
Isaac Robertson,  Mary (—) Robertson,  
Isaac Robertson,  Robert Wingfield,  Elizabeth Wingfield,  
Mary Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  
Edward Robertson,  Elizabeth Jackson,  Ralph Jackson,  James Robertson,  Thomas Wiggins,  Hannah (—) Wiggins,  
James Robertson,  
James Cooper,  Archibald Wager,  Peter Jackson,   Thomas Jackson,  
Ann (—) Robertson,  Joseph Peebles,   Robert Sayer,  Nathaniel Tatum Jr.,  Ann (—) Cauze,  
Francis Stainback,  Nathaniel Green,  George Stainback,  John Clack,   
John Tatum,  Thomas Jackson Jr.,  Miles Cary,  Peter Tatum,   Paul Tatum,   Philadelphia (—) Robertson,  Paul Tatum,   
Mary (—) Mallory,  Roger Mallory,  
Armistead Lightfoot,  
John Sims,  Daniel Fisher,  
Mary Robertson,  Joseph Peebles,   
Henry Robertson,  Joseph Peebles,   Sterling Peebles,   Mark Jackson,  Mary Clack,  John Clack,   George Clack,  
Frances (—) Robertson,  
James Robertson,  
Edward Robertson,  
Bennett Robertson,  Pamelia G. Wilson,  
Burwell Robertson,  
Mary Robertson,  Robert Wilkinson,  
Burwell Robinson,  Isham Daniel,   Joseph Tatum,  Ann Clack,   
Elizabeth Robinson,  House,  
Mary Robinson,  Edward Thrower,  
Edward Robinson,  Rebecca Robertson,   
George Ravenscroft Claiborne,   Anne (Robinson) Claiborne,   Henry Robinson,  Christopher Thrower,  
Charles Rideout,  
Mary C. Robertson,  William B. Wilkinson,  
John H. Robertson,  
Lucy Robinson,  John Alexander,  
Clack Robinson,  Eleanor H. Young,  
Ann Johnston,  Martha Virginia B. Robinson,  
Sarah Ann Robinson,  
Mary C. Robinson,  
Lucy B. Robinson,  
Rowens T. Robinson,  
William E. Robinson,  
Allen Y. Robinson,  
Mary Carolina Ann Robinson,  
John Burrell Robinson,  
Virginia Robinson,  
John Robinson,  Elizabeth Parsons Clack,   
Anne Robinson,  George Ravenscroft Claiborne,   
James Robinson,  
Henry Robinson,  Rebecca Green Worsham,   
Lucy Robinson,  Littleberry Stainback,  Francis Stainback,  
Robinson Stainback,  Jincy Davenport,  
John Edward Stainback,  Mary A.J. Williams,  
Robert Alexander Stainback,  Lucy Bass,  
William Robinson Stainback,  Julia E. Edwards,  
Mary Jane Stainback,  
Lucy Ann Stainback,  
Elizabeth Virginia Stainback,  William Henry Wagoner,  
Robert Alexander Stainback,  
George Washington Stainback,  
Mary William Stainback,  
Martha Stainback,  
Ann E. Stainback,  David Burrow,  
Elizabeth Stainback,  William Wilkerson,  
Rebecca Stainback,  James Brantley,  
Mary Stainback,  John Owen,  Robert Rivers,  
John Stainback,  Mary Powell,  
John Robinson,  Nicholas Jarriott,  Nathaniel Edwards,  John Chapman,  
Ralph Jackson,  Daniel Jackson,  Theophilus Feild,   Martha (—) Robinson,  John Allen,  
Nathaniel Edwards Jr.,  William Merritt,   
Amy Robinson,  Hubbard Peebles,   
William Robinson,  John Sturdivant,   Littlebury Epes,  Sally Robertson,   
William Shands,  Sarah (—) Robinson,  
William Peebles,  
William Robinson,  Thomas Wise,  Lucy Fox,   John Day,  Anthony Irby,  Thomas Shelton,  
John Robinson,  Elizabeth Piland,  
William Robinson,  Sally Rives,  
Daniel Robinson,  
David Robinson,  
Lucy Robinson,  Thomas Avent,  
Winifred Robinson,  Henry Avent,  
Sarah Robinson,  Powell,  
Rebecca Robinson,  William Lanier,   
Mary Robinson,  James Piland,  
Littleberry Robinson,  Richard Wise,  Sampson Moseley,  Drury Stith,   George Moseley,  Charles Collier,   Thomas Moss,  
Susanna Rottenberry,  John Rottenberry,  Susanna (—) Rottenberry,  William Edwards,  Howell Vick,  
James Robinson,  Winifred Fox,   
Darius Robinson,  Elizabeth (Morris) Powell,  Jabez Morris,  
Robert Rives Robinson,  
James Fox Robinson,  
Martha Robinson,  
Susanna Robinson,  Buckner Brewer,  
Rebecca Robinson,  John Avent,  
Nancy Williamson Robinson,  Martin Puckett,  
Braxton Robinson,  Fanny Walton,  Lucy Sims,  Mary (Greenway) Hicks,  Robert Hicks,   
Lucy Robinson,  
Littleberry Robinson,  Sally Robertson,   
Rebecca Robinson,  Thomas Randall,  
James Robertson,  Edward Robertson,   William Cooper,  George Wilson,  
Jane (—) Robertson,  John Sears,  John Parham,  Reuben Jackson,  
Joseph Goodwyn,  Martha Thweatt,   
John Robertson,  Graves Eaves,  Ralph Jackson,  Edward Robertson,  George Woodruff,  George Woodruff,  
Silvia (—) Robertson,  Thomas Eaves,  
James Vaughan,  William Eaves,  
Mary Robertson,  Joseph Carter,  Archibald Wager,  
Lucy Robertson,  Richard Russell,  
Sally Robertson,  Littleberry Robinson,   
Rebecca Robertson,  Edward Robinson,   
 Henry Robertson (c.1656-1718),  
Christopher Robertson,   
 Marie (Robertson) Tatum (c.1658-),  
Nathaniel Tatum II,  Nathaniel Tatum I,  Ann —,  Mary Tatum,  Thomas Causey,  
John Scott,   
Samuel Tatum,  
Edward Tatum,  Charles Gee,  Timothy Reading,  Rebecca Hicks,   John Hicks,  
Robert Doby,  
Nathaniel Tatum,  Emilia Scott,   
James Chappell,   
Robert Tatum,  Keziah Dobie,  Robert Dobie,  
Edward Walker,  
Nathaniel Tatum,  
Robert Tatum,  Amy Gee,  Charles Gee III,  
David Tatum,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  
Peter Tatum,  Sarah Heath,  William Heath,  
Henry Tatum,  Nathaniel Tatum,   
Thomas Tatum,  
Edward Tatum,  
Sarah Tatum,  
Rebecca Tatum,  
Winifred Tatum,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  
Ruth Tatum,  Henry Moss,  
Christopher Moss,  
Howell Moss,  
Winifred Moss,  
 John Scott (c.1665-1724),  
Bethia Boyce,  Thomas Boyce,  Emilia —,  Richard Craven,  
Capt. Thomas Harrison,  James Jones,   Thomas Chappell,   Thomas Simmons,  Philip Ludwell,  
Bridget Scott,  Christopher Tatum,   
Emilia Scott,  Nathaniel Tatum,   
Bethia Scott,  Phillip Burrows Jr.,  
Boyce Scott,  Capt. James Gee,  Charles Gee,  
Samuel Chappell,   
Charles Gee,  Mary Chappell,   
Sarah Gee,  John Rives,   
John Bradley,  
Rebecca Rives,  Robert Temple,  
Winifred Rives,  
John Rives,  Sarah Barrett,  
James Bradley,  Priscilla (Peebles) Jones,  Robert Jones,   
Capt. Gee Bradley,  
Isham Bradley,  
Sarah Bradley,  
John Bradley,  
Elizabeth Gee,  John Mason Jr.,   
James Gee,  Margaret —,  William Heath Jr.,  
Boyce Gee,  William Gary Jr.,  Thomas Lewis,   
James Gary,  
Hartwell Gary,  Rebecca Butterworth,  
Martha Gary,  
Richard Gary,  Lucy Malone,   Michael Malone,  
Elizabeth Gee,  
Henry Gee,  Frances Parham,  Ephraim Parham,  John Thompson,  
Jane Gee,  Joseph Heath Jr.,  
James Gee,  
Ephraim Parham Gee,  
Frances Raines Gee,  Littleberry Eppes Tatum,  
Rebecca Gee,  Harris Turner,  
Drury Gee,  
John Gee,  
John Scott,  
Amy Goodwyn,  Thomas Goodwyn,  
Isham Epes,  
Thomas Scott,  
John Scott,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
Martha Scott,  
Theophilus Scott,  Mary Vasser,  
Thomas Epes Scott,  Nancy Blow,  Henry Blow,  
John Scott,  
Claiborne Scott,  
Mary Scott,  Richard Blow,  
Amey Scott,  Thomas Ridley,  
Susanna Scott,  Howell Briggs,   
Elizabeth Scott,  Samuel Chappell,   
Christopher Tatum,  Bridget Scott,   
Boyce Tatum,  Robert Rickman,  
Joshua Tatum,  Amy Chappell,   
Frances Tatum,  George Rives,   
Timothy Rives,  Martha Binns,   Rebecca Mason,   Repps Mitchell,   
Charles Binns Rives,  Nancy (Colyer) Goodwin,  Anne (Nicholson) Roberts,  Willard Roberts,   
Archibald Rives,  
Anthony Rives,  Mary Browne Green,   
James Rives Childs,  John Fletcher Rives Jr.,  
Frances Rives,  Nathaniel Jones,   
Col. George Rives,  Sarah Eldridge,   
Judith Rives,  Thomas Blunt,  
Sally Eldridge Blunt,  
Eldridge Blunt,  
Pamela Blunt,  
Thomas Blunt,  
Judith Blunt,  Richard Henry Edwards,  
Capt. Thomas Eldridge Rives,  Keziah Tucker,  Rev. Wright Tucker,  
Martha Rives,  John Wilkinson,  William Wilkinson,  Elizabeth Stith,  
Capt. George Rives,  Martha Goodwyn,   
Ann Kennon Rives,  William Parham,  Rev. Stith Parham,  
Sarah Elizabeth Ann Parham,  
Frances Rives,  
Eldridge Rives,  
Pamela Rives,  Thomas Lewis,  
Christopher Rives,  Elizabeth Briggs Mason,   
John Tatum,  Mary Epes,  Daniel Epes,  
Augustine Claiborne,  Joshua Tatum,   
Cheney Tatum,   
Mary Tatum,  Thomas Young,  Joshua Young,   
Elizabeth (—) Young,  
Frederick Young,  Joshua Ivy,  
Drury Young,  
Joshua Young,  
Rebecca Young,  
Eppes Young,  
Thomas Young,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  John Rives,   
Christopher Tatum,  Elizabeth —,  
Agnes Tatum,  Isham Browder,   
Isham Browder,  
Christopher Tatum,  
Henry Tatum,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  
Joshua Young,  
Thomas Tatum,  Ann Clark,  Robert Clark,  
William Fox,   Thomas Pennington,  Thomas Tomlinson,  
Bridget Tatum,  
Cheney Tatum,  Edward Tatum,  
John Tatum,   Richard Lanier,  
Margaret (—) Tatum,  William Thornton,  
Bethia Tatum,  Daniel Jackson,  Thomas Jackson,  
Stephen Sisson,  Thomas Sisson,  James Jones,  Mary (—) Sisson,  
Edmund Wilkins,  Batts Tatum,   
Nathan Jackson,  James Mason,  
Boyce Jackson,  Jesse Berryman,  
Margaret Jackson,  
Joshua Sisson,  
Joel Sisson,  
Martha Sisson,  
Peter Tatum,  Thomas Jackson,  
Peter Tatum,  Edward Robertson,   
Joseph Tatum,  Rebecca (—) Tatum,  Isaac Adams,  
Rebecca Tatum,  Partin Bass,  
Nathaniel Tatum,  Phoebe Fort,  Holiday Fort,  
Paul Tatum,  Edward Robertson,   
Eleanor —,  
Batts Tatum,  Sally B. Thorpe,  
Mary Tatum,  Nathaniel Edwards,   
Dorothy Tatum,  Benjamin Montgomery,  
Paul Tatum,  
Henry Tatum,  Elizabeth (—) Atkinson,  
Nathaniel Tatum,  
Rebecca Tatum,  Thomas Lyall,  
Lucia Tatum,  William Jackson,  Thomas Jackson,  
Peter Jackson,  Edward Robertson,   Susanna Randle,   
Peter Jackson,  
Reuben Jackson,  
Randle Jackson,  Rebecca Britt,  
Coleby R. Jackson,  
Edward Tatum,  
Martha (—) Tatum,  
Jesse Tatum,  Elizabeth —,  Lewis Charles,  Benjamin Warren,  Benjamin Britt,  Allen Love,  
Edward Tatum,  Susanna (—) Tatum,  Thomas Jones,  
John Tatum,  Milly (—) Tatum,  
Martha Tatum,  
Frances Tatum,  
Henry Tatum,  Mary Branch,   Robert Bolling,   
Josiah Tatum,  
Sarah Brooke,  John Robertson,   Thomas Worsham,  
Lt. Henry Tatum,  Dorothea Claiborne,   
Mary Tatum,  Robert F. Branch,   
Sallie Tatum,  
Dr. Henry Augustus Tatum,  Amelia Sherwin Brooking,  Thomas Vivion Brooking,   
Theophilus Tatum,  Moore,  Anna Dunbar (Edwards) Puryear,  
Dorothea Ann Maury Tatum,  James McGruder Boyd,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  
Zachariah Tatum,  Judith Walker,   
Obedience Beasley,   
Henry Walker Tatum,  Mary Goode,   
Mary Tatum,  William Harrison,  John Harrison,  Susanna Edmunds,  
Sarah Brooke Harrison,  
John Harrison,  
Susanna Edmunds Harrison,  
Mary Edmunds Harrison,  Nathaniel Cargill,  
Benjamin Harrison,  
Rebecca Tatum,  Lewellyn Hudson,   
Richard C. Hudson,  Peggy Farmer,   
Elizabeth C. Hudson,  David Greenhill,  Samuel Greenhill,  Molly Pettway,  
Mary T. Hudson,  James F. Smith,  
Rebecca L. Hudson,  Herbert E. Jones,  
Hannah H. Hudson,  John H. Cole,  
Sarah Tatum,  
Henry Tatum,  Rebecca (—) Tatum,  
Frances Tatum,  
Agnes Tatum,  Lewis,  
Mary Lewis,  Lang,  
Edward Lewis,  
Thomas Lewis,  
William Lewis,  
John Lewis,  Frances —,  Francis Burwell Green,  
Rebecca Parham Lewis,  
Ann Lewis,  Quinichett,  
 Timothy Rives (c.1670-1716),  
Judith (—) Rives,  
Rebecca Rives,  John Hicks,   
George Rives,  Frances Tatum,   
John Rives,  Elizabeth Tatum,   Sarah Gee,   
Judith Rives,  
Timothy Rives,  Mary —,  
William Rives,  Lucy Shands,  William Shands II,  Priscilla Moss,  
Timothy Rives,  Sarah Gee,   
Ursula Rives,  Isham Hawthorn,  Joshua Hawthorn,  Elizabeth —,  
William Rives,  Priscilla —,  
William Rives,  
William Rives,  
James Rives,  
Susanna Rives,  Repps Mitchell,   
Banks Rives,  
John Rives,  
Elizabeth Rives,  William Chambliss,   
Judith Rives,  
Timothy Rives,  
 Rev. George Robertson of Chesterfield and Amelia,  
Mary Worsham,   
 Nicholas Robertson of Prince George,  
Nicholas Durrell,  
Sarah (—) Robertson,  Sarah Marks,  Matthew Marks,  Edward Robertson,   
John Eaton,  Mary Marks,  Edward Marks,  John Marks,  Israel Marks,  Sarah Marks,  George Davenport,  Nathaniel Harrison,   Ambrose Jackson,  
Jane Tillman,  Susannah (—) Parham Tillman,  Roger Tillman,  Thomas Parham,  George Tillman,  John Martin,  
John Robertson,  William Colgill,  Mary (—) Robertson,  Robert Bolling,   
James Mitchell,  John Johnston,  
Josiah Daniel,  
Sarah Robertson,  William Short,  Robert Short,  Amey Short,  John Short,  
John Robertson,  Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Thomas Thomas,  
Nicholas Robertson,  Isaac Gregory,  James Holloway,  Tabitha —,  William Abernathy,  Tabitha Sawyer,  Elizabeth (—) Sawyer,  
Nathaniel Robertson,  George White,  William Robertson,  Elizabeth Marriott,  Thomas Marriott,  
Abraham Robertson,  Ruth Robertson,  
Frances Robertson,  
Mark Robertson,  
Edward Robertson,  
Robert Robertson,  Lucretia —,  
Israel Robertson,  Sarah (—) Robertson,  Thomas Burrow,  Robert Bolling,   George Brooks,  
Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Thomas Hudson,  
Matthew Robertson,  John Davis,  Sarah (—) Robertson,  
John Robertson,  Gen. James Robertson,  
Israel Robertson,  
David Robertson,  Frances (—) Robertson,  William Davis,  
Nicholas Robertson,  
Charles Robertson,  Susanna (—) Robertson,  George King,  
Susannah Robertson,  James Kendrick,  
George Robertson,  
Edward Robertson,  Robert Bolling,   
 Christopher Robertson of Prince Edward,  
John Popham,  Thomas Green,  William Jackson,  James Cole,  
 Christopher Robinson (-1792) of Middlesex,  
Agatha (—) Robinson,  Katherine (—) Beverley,  Robert Beverley,  Christopher Robinson,  Judith (—) Griffin,  John Robinson,  Ann Robinson,  Agatha Robinson,  Elizabeth Robinson,  Clara Robinson,  Theophilus Robinson,  Benjamin Robinson,  
Rev. Needler Robertson,  Rev. William Robinson,  
 Jeffrey Robertson of Chesterfield,  
Gilbert Bowman,   John Bolling,  William Worsham,  William Cheatham,   
Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Hugh Bragg,  Mary (Bragg) Robertson,  
William Robertson,  Gower Dennis,   
Christopher Haskins,  John Campbell,  
William Robertson,  Samuel Pitchford Jr.,  Clyborne,  Anna Preston,  
Bridgewater Robertson,  Nancy —,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  John Clyborn,   
Martha Robertson,  Blanchet,  
Ninian Robertson,  
Priss Robertson,  
Richard Robertson,  Matthew Moseley,   John Robertson,   Thomas Moore,  Henry Robertson,  Edward Hogan,  Anne (—) Robertson,  
Anne (—) Robertson,  George Abbott,  
Francis Robertson,  Tignal Jones,  
Anne Robertson,  John Hudson,  Robert Hudson Sr.,  Samuel Hudson,  
Richard Womack,  Mackarness Goode,   John Owen,  
John Robertson,  
Thomas Moore,  Mary (—) Robertson,  Richard Robertson,   
Joseph Royall,  Francis Bressie,  Thomas Hawkins,  Lewis Akin,  Henry Robertson,  
Benjamin Sampson,  John Puryear,  
John Robertson,  Ann (—) Robertson,  Richard Clausel,  
John Thompson,  
Thomas Robertson,  Seth Farmer,   John Dale,  John Nunnally,  Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  
Peter Baugh Jr.,   
Jeffrey Robertson,  Richard Simes,  Robert Syms,  James Gates,  Lodowick Tanner,   
John Sims,  
William Callicott,  Gower Dennis,   Elam Farmer,   
Thomas Hatcher,   Wilmoth Blankenship,  Henry Mills,  Thomas Melton,  
Elizabeth Elam,   Gilbert Elam,   Judith Tanner,  Edward Tanner,  John Mills,  Mills,  
Jeffrey Robertson,  Sarah Norvell,  George Norvell,  
Tyree Robertson,  Mary Adams,  
Nicholas Robertson,  Mary Wooldridge,   
Elijah Robertson,  Nancy Purdie,   
Jeffrey Robertson,  Nancy Dickerson,   
John Robertson,  Purdie,  
Judith Robertson,  John Gilliam,  
Nicholas Robertson,  Sarah Walthall,   
Mary Robertson,  Richard Curd Gilliam,  John Gilliam,  Susan —,  
Matthew Robertson,  Mary Robertson,   Elizabeth Hurt,  William Hurt,  
Nicholas Vaughan,   William Johnson,  John Jones,   Richard Mayes,  Edward Clay,   Edward Branch,   
William Robertson,  Cynthia Ford,   
Judith Robertson,  James Craddock,   
Sarah Robertson,  Joseph Brown,  
Matthew Robertson,  
John Sayer M. Robertson,  Mary Motley,  Martha Brown,  
Nathan Robertson,  
Patience Robertson,  James Cocke Mitchell,   
Mary Robertson,  Claiborne Craddock,   
Lloyd Robertson,  Polly Craddock Jackson,   Abel Jackson,  
Jeffrey M. Robertson,  
Elisha Robertson,  
David Robertson,  Mildred (—) Robertson,  
Mills Robertson,  Sarah Ann Robertson,   Mary (—) Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  Alexander Bass,   
Sarah Robertson,  Robert Slate,  
George Robertson,  James Gates,  Jane Gates,  Rebecca Forrest,  Alice (—) Forrest,  
William Gates,  Edmund Browder,   Gilbert Elam,   John Goode,   
Robert Elam,   George Cliborne,   
James Robertson,  Susanna Moore,  Thomas Moore,  
James Robertson,  Nancy Sims,  
Thomas Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  Green Flournoy,  
Jane Robertson,  Thomas Flournoy,  
Patience Robertson,  Eppes Gates,  
Phoebe Robertson,  King Bailey,  
Henry Robertson,  
George Robertson,  
Lodowick Robertson,  Martha —,  Martha Lewis,  Edward Sims,  John Covington,  Creed Haskins,  Benjamin Goode,   
Richard Robertson,  
Sarah Robertson,  Elijah Rudd,   
Phoebe Robertson,  Sims,  
George Brown,  
Margaret Robertson,  Covington,  John Covington,  William Dodson,  
Lodowick Covington,  Sally Randolph,  
Jane Robertson,  Farmer,  
Martha Robertson,  
 Archibald Robertson of Prince George,  
Elizabeth Fitzgerald,   William Fitzgerald,   
 John Robinson of Henrico,  
Mavel East,  Thomas East Sr.,  Robert Woodson,  John Woodson,  William Porter,  Robert Clark,  Henry Turner,   
Thomas East Jr.,  George Abney,   Thomas Harrod,  
Abraham Abney,   Thomas Claiborne,  
John Price,  
Martin Martin,  
George Abney,   
John Robertson,  
Matthew Bridgeman,  James Conway,  William Allen,  
William Stone,  
Thomas Pleasants,  
Benjamin Williams,  
Christopher Parsons,  William Price,  John Poulet,  
Robert Saxon,  John Saxon,  Thomas Ward,  
Daniel Price Jr.,   Mary —,  Edward Robertson,  Michael Ohers,  James Franklin,  
James Robertson,  Jesse Robertson,  
John Robertson,  Jacob Robinson,   Ann (—) Robertson,  
William Harding,  
Martha Robertson,  John Parsons,  
Samuel Parsons,  Edmund Knowles,  Abigail Knowles,  
John Parsons,  
Dinah Robertson,  Bridgewater,  Bridgeman,  
Frances Robertson,  Stow,  
Sarah Robertson,  Stow,  
John Stow,  
Jacob Robinson,  Martha (—) Robinson,  
Martha (—) Pattison,  Thomas Cunningham,  William Stanfield,  David George,  James East,  William East,  Jacob Robinson Jr.,  Thomas Robinson,  
Isaac Robertson,  John Martin,  Henry Hatcher,  Samuel Butler,  Peter Morrisett,  
Thomas Watkins,  Anne (—) Robinson,  
John Worley,  
John Robertson,  Matthew Bridgeman,  
William Gordon,  Hutchins Burton Sr.,   
Judith Bryers,  Sarah Bryers,  Edward Bryers,  Lawrence Bryers,  Sarah Bryers,  
Thomas Harvey,   
Joseph Davis,  Philip Poindexter,  Samuel Flowers,  
John Robertson,  
Isaac Robertson,  Mary Short,  Young Short,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  
Isaac Robertson,  
Mary Magdalene Robertson,  John Harrison,  
Sarah Robertson,  Nixon Willard,  
Alexander Robertson,  
Jesse Robertson,  Susannah Jones,  
David A. Robertson,  
Mary Robertson,  Frederick Brown,  
Elijah Robertson,  Nancy Parker,  
Mildred Robertson,  Jesse Flippen,  
Susanna Robertson,  Benjamin Parker,  
Elisha Robertson,  Elizabeth Mitchell,  
Rebecca Robertson,  William Woodall,  
Thomas Robertson,  Isaac Peak,  
Zachariah Robertson,  David Tyree,  
Diane Robertson,  
Lucy Robertson,  
Magdalene Robertson,  
James Robinson,  
Joseph Bingley,  Susannah Chastain,  Peter Chastain,  Anne Soblett,  
Mary Chastain,  Thomas Dickins,  John Twitty,  James Ford,  Bennett Goode,   René Chastain,  
William Battersby,  
Andrew Dyer,  
Ann Robinson,  
Alexander Robinson,  
Zachariah Robinson,  John Pleasants Jr.,  
James Robinson,  
Mary Robinson,  
Elizabeth Robinson,  
 Thomas Robertson of Henrico,  
Gilley Gromarrin,  Giles Webb,  Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Samuel Bridgewater,  
Abraham Michaux,  
Thomas Robinson,  Thomas Childers,  Mary (—) Robinson,  
William Robinson,  Keziah (—) Robertson,  
Joel Robertson,  
Christopher Robertson,  Elizabeth Hobson,  James Woodfin,  
Mildred Robertson,  Samuel Maddox,  John Hobson,  
Susanna Robertson,  
Thomas Robinson,  
George Robinson,  
George Robinson,  Nathaniel Vandewall,  Margery (—) Robinson,  
John Robinson,  
John Robinson,  
Tabitha Jones,  Edward Jones,  Mary Field,  Charles Scruggs,  Mary Pirront,  William Bradshaw,  Judith Scruggs,  
William Bradley,  Joseph Mayo,   
John Robinson,  Anna Bradshaw,  Field Bradshaw,  
Lucy Robinson,  David Burton,   
Judith Robinson,  Richardson,  Martin Richardson,  
Tabitha Robinson,  Jones,  
Jemima Robinson,  Sanderson,  
Thomas Robinson,  Henry Hatcher,   
Jane Magdalene LeGrand,  William Sallé,  Judith LeGrand,  James Harris,  
Field Robinson,  Obedience Bradshaw,  Field Bradshaw,  
Daniel Robinson,  
Sarah Winfrey,  Jacob Winfrey,  Winfrey Robinson,  
William Robinson,  
Field Robinson,  Keziah Scruggs,  
Joseph Robinson,  
Temperance Robinson,  
Obedience Robinson,  John Nichols,  Mary (—) Nichols,  Jesse Robinson,  
Elizabeth Robinson,  Anthony P. Lipford,  Elizabeth Ferguson,  
Amos Lipford,  
David Lipford,  
Judith Robinson,  George Robertson,   
Nancy Robinson,  Charles Bradshaw,  
Christopher Robertson,  
Sarah Nichols,  John Nichols,  Charles Sullivant,  
Agnes Robertson,  William Gates,  John Edmunds,  
Sarah Robertson,  Robertson,  Martha Robertson,  John Coleman,  Michael Roberts,  George Robertson,  
John Keene,  Jeremiah Keene,  Claiborne Seymour,  
Drucilla Robertson,  Francis Sampson,  
Molly Robertson,  Thompson,  
Phoebe Robertson,  William Fambrough,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  James Gates,  
Jesse Robertson,  Elizabeth Pigg,   
George Robertson,  
Judith Robinson,   
Nancy Robertson,  Lewis Robertson,  
Edward Robinson,  
Judith (—) Robinson,  
Stephen Robinson,  
Jones Robinson,  
Edward Robinson,  Ann Meador,  
Josiah Robinson,  
Field Robinson,  
Joseph Robinson,  Jane Hendrick,  Adolphus Hendrick,  
Hezekiah Robinson,  Judith (—) Robinson,  
Susanna Robinson,  William Bradshaw,  
Judith Robinson,  Field Bradshaw,  
Elizabeth Robinson,  Daniel Hogan,  
John Holloway,  
Sarah Holloway,  
Phoebe Holloway,  
Drucilla Holloway,  
Alexander Robinson,  Mary Harwood,  Thomas Harwood,  
Alexander Robinson,  Susanna (—) Robinson,  
John Robinson,  
Thomas Robinson,  
Samuel Robinson,  Mary (—) Robinson,  
William Robinson,  
 George Robinson of Brunswick,  
John Betty,  Theophilus Feild,   Anne (—) Irby,  John Irby,  John Maclin,   
William Robinson,  Mary Ferrell,  James Easter,  Susannah —,  James East,  Thomas East,  John East,  
Mary Lark,  Dennis Lark,  
William Pennell,  Robert Connell,  Samuel Despain,  Henry Howard,  James Sandefur,  John Wilkinson,  Merritt Bland,  Robert Connell,  
William Lawrence,  Robert Burton,  Noah Dortch,   
Allen Robinson,  
Sarah Lark,  John Lark,  Rachel Blakey,  
Lucy Robinson,  
Lark Robinson,  
Henry Robinson,  
Nancy Robinson,  
Dennis Robinson,  
George G. Robinson,  
Elizabeth Robinson,  
George Robinson,  Elizabeth Ann Stewart,  
 William Robertson (-1758) of Chesterfield,  
John Rudd,  Henry Walthall,   
John Robertson,  Benjamin Needler,  
Peter Farley,  Samuel Hancock,   John Pride,   
Samuel Hancock,   Lodowick Tanner,   William Hancock,   Robert Hancock,   
John Baugh Jr.,   
Isabell Robertson,  John Clyborn,   
James Robertson,  
William Robertson,  Thomas Jones Jr.,  William Walthall,  
George Brown,  William Bass,   
Sarah Townes,  
John Robertson,  Ann Walthall,   
William Robertson,  
John Robertson,  
William Robertson,  
Lucy Robertson,  Bernard Cheatham,   
Tabitha Robertson,  Archibald Elliott,   
Ann Robertson,  Richard Cousins,  
Margaret Robertson,  William Goode,   
Frances Robertson,  
Mary Robertson,  
Mary Robertson,  Matthew Robertson,   
Sarah Ann Robertson,  Mills Robertson,   
James Robertson,  
Archibald Robertson,  
Martha Robertson,  
Ann Robertson,  
Margaret Robertson,  Thomas Rudd,  Isaiah Blankenship,  
Elizabeth (—) Rudd,  Mary Robertson,  
James Rudd,  Ann Cheatham,   
Avis Rudd,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Frances Rudd,  Talbott,  
Thomas Talbott,  
John Rudd,  
Samuel Rudd,  
Thomas Rudd,  
Joseph Rudd,  
William Rudd,  Phoebe Cheatham,   
Margaret Rudd,  Obadiah Cheatham,   
Bernard Cheatham,   
Frances Robertson,  John Baugh Jr.,   
Mary Robertson,  David Owen,  Walter Owen,  Thomas Franklin,  
Jennett Robertson,  John Rudd,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Drury Robertson - Revolutionary War William Henry Wagoner - Civil War
Robert Alexander Stainback - Civil War George W. Stainback - Civil War
George Rives - Revolutionary War Henry Tatum - Revolutionary War
Zachariah Tatum - Revolutionary War Lodowick Covington - War of 1812
Anthony P. Lipford - Revolutionary War George Robertson - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Ridley - Virginia John Fletcher Rives Jr. - Arkansas
Rev. Wright Tucker - Virginia William Parham - Virginia
William Robinson - South Carolina George Robinson - South Carolina

Selected sources
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Brayton, John Anderson. General James Robertson, “Father of Tennessee.” Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Brayton (1995). • This book portrays early Robertson genealogies and the ancestry of General James Robertson. Brayton examines the family of Nicholas Robertson.
Brayton, John Anderson. The Descendants of Cheney Boyce, “Ancient Planter,” and of Richard Craven, for Seven Generations. Winston-Salem. 1996. • Includes family of Bridget Scott and Christopher Tatum.
Brayton, John Anderson. The Ancestry of General James Robertson, “Father of Tennessee.” Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Brayton (1995). • Begins with the Christopher Robertson, Gen. Robertson earliest identified Robertson ancestor.
Browder, Barbara H. “They Didn’t Die Young.” The Virginia Genealogist. 37:303-306 (1993). •  Corrections to Clack family genealogy including information on Ann Clack who married Burwell Robinson.
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King, Lawrence Westbrook and Francis Winborn Gurney. The Descendants of Jeffrey Robertson (16__-1734) of Henrico County, Virginia. Privately published, 1981. • We are unrelated to Jeffrey Robertson but some of his descendants were in Cumberland and Amelia Counties.
Meyer, Virginia M. and John Frederick Dorman. Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5. Order of First Families of Virginia, 1987:595-600. • Contains the family of Marie Robertson and her husband, Nathaniel Tatum II.
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Riley, Betty Robertson. Robertson, Robinson, Roberson, Robison, Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth, Henrico County, Virginia. Privately published. • Includes the families of Thomas Robertson and John Robinson.
Robertson, Julian Hart, and James Samuel Patton. The Family of William and Elizabeth Bolling Robertson of Richmond, Virginia, 1585-1981. 1981. • William Robertson was the son of Archibald Robertson who came from Scotland and married Elizabeth Fitzgerald, daughter of John Fitzgerald and Christian Poythress.
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“The Robinson Family of Middlesex, &c., Virginia.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(5):144-187. • We are unrelated to these Robinson but they are sometimes confused with the family of Christopher Robertson.
Timmons, William Evan, “A Critique of ‘The Robertsons of Tennessee Revisited’” The Virginia Genealogist 50:83-94 (2006). • Proves that Gen. James Robertson was not a son of John Robertson.

This topic, which represents 1.23% of all the family history material at, includes 1,335 citations and the names of 1,421 individuals.
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