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 168   Minor Wilkes I (c.1735-1811)
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Minor Wilkes I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Minor Wilkes I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1735, likely in New Kent County, and came to present-day Charlotte County about 1752 where I married Phoebe Stone. I was an ensign in our county militia and could have become second lieutenant in 1767, but declined the promotion. 
Phoebe and I went on to have 4 daughters and 4 sons—3 of whom were old enough to serve during the Revolution.
I had a plantation in what is today Franklin County before settling on a 300-acre farm on Big Hounds Creek in Lunenburg County, about 2 miles east of Victoria. By 1783 my household included 10 whites and 5 slaves.  That same year Phoebe passed away, in just her 40s.
Between October 1785 and May 1786 Rev. James Shelburne, a pioneer Baptist minister in Lunenburg, officiated when I married Susannah Hazlewood, daughter of John Hazlewood.  She gave me 4 more daughters. Eventually 5 married Winn cousins.
Rev. Shelburne was there again when I took Ann Tisdale as my third wife 3 December 1796.  In 1800 Lunenburg County taxed me on 3 horses and 7 slaves more than 16 years of age. 
I marked my will with an X in March 1809 providing for Ann and leaving land, slaves, and livestock to my children and to the children of my dead son, Minor Jr. Then “old and feeble,” I was dead by 12 September 1811 when the court ordered my will recorded. Nancy died in 1815.
The list of my last possessions reveals that I was a typical Virginia farmer. Of course owning 10 human beings was not considered peculiar then. 

Ann Tisdale, Minor’s third wife, had two brothers, Thomas Tisdale and Henry Tisdale.

Land transactions
On 6 Oct. 1761 Minor leased from Godfrey Jones a tract of land on the south side of Horsepen Creek in present-day Charlotte County. The deed required that Minor “pay one ear of corn annually, build a dwelling 20 feet long and 16 feet wide and plant an orchard, and leave said plantation at the expiration of 18 years in good tenable repairs.”  This home was not far from Dunnivant Creek where Benjamin Wilkes, Minor’s younger brother, settled. Minor was a tithe in Cornwall Parish of Lunenburg County in 1764. 
On 5 June 1773 Minor was granted 334 acres in Pittsylvania County, on both sides of the south fork of Ditto Creek,  which was in Franklin County when he sold it to his son John Wilkes in 1786.  Susanna relinquished her dower right. 
Minor purchased 200 acres on Hounds Branch from William Winn for £760 14 Oct. 1779. The property was bounded Samuel Snead, William Winn, and Watson.  John Hardy Sr. sold him about 100 neighboring acres 24 Dec. 1783. 
Cumberland Parish records show Minor was appointed a processioner in 1780 and that his lands were processioned in 1784. 
On 13 April 1786 for “love and affection,” he deeded to his son Richard Stone Wilkes 200 acres bounded by the property of Peter Jones, Phillip Snead, Joseph Smith, and Samuel Snead Susanna relinquished her dower right in the land.  Richard’s sale of this land to his son Minor Wilkes in 1807 was to become a source of conflict.
On 6 Oct. 1809 Minor Wilkes sold to his son Richard “one Negro man slave, James, and one yoke of oxen” in consideration of “the love and affection I have and bare for my son Richard Wilkes.” Witnesses were Phillip Snead and Ann Snead.
On 13 Sept. 1810 Minor, for the nominal price of 6 shillings, deeded to his daughter Sarah Snead 50 acres on Wards Road bounded by the lands of Minor Wilkes, Edmund Winn, Peter Jones, and Asa Barnes.

Minor’s will
The complete text of his will, is as follows. 

Will of Minor Wilkes
9 March 1809
In the name of God, Amen. I, Minor Wilkes of Lunenburg County being old and feeble but in sound mind and memory and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die recommend my soul into the hand of God, who gave it, and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner and as touching my worldly estate, which it has been pleased God to bless me with, I give and dispose in the following manner.
Item. I give to my beloved wife, Ann Wilkes, one feather bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I lend my wife one horse saddle and bridle.
Item. I lend my wife two Negroes Ned and Pat during her natural life.
Item. I lend my wife one fourth part of my cattle, sheep and hogs during her natural life.
Item. I lend my wife my land and my plantation whereon I now live during her widowhood, and my desire is that my two daughters Patsy Winn & Susannah Wilkes have a right for a home on the land and my plantation lent to my wife as long as they live single.
Item. I give to my daughter Jincy Winn one Negro man Julas to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my daughter Ann Winn one Negro man Stephen and one horse to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my daughter Patsy Winn one Negro girl, Clary, and one horse and one cow and calf to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my daughter Susannah Wilkes one Negro boy, Dick, one horse, saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give to my son Rich[ard] Wilkes, my still only my wife is to have use of it whenever she wants, and to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give to my daughter Sally Snead the land and plantation whereon she now lives, I also give her one Negro girl, Lucy, to her and her heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give to my daughter Mary White £15 to her and her heirs forever.
Item. My desire is that all my estate not mentioned be sold and after my just debts paid my desire that Minor Wilkes, deceased, children have one sixth part of it, equally divided among them and the balance equally divided between my five eldest children, John Wilkes and Thomas Wilkes, Richard Wilkes, Elizabeth Winn, Letty White, to them and their heirs forever.
Item. My desire is that after my wife’s decease that all my estate both real and personal be sold and one sixth part be equally divided between my son Minor Wilkes, deceased, children and the balance equally divided between my five eldest children, John Wilkes, Thomas Wilkes, Richard Wilkes, Elizabeth Winn, and Letty White, to them and their heirs forever.
I also constitute and appoint my son Richard Wilkes & Renneson Tisdale Executors to this my Last Will and Testament. In Wit. whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the ninth day of March 1809.
Minor X Wilkes
David Abernathy
Jesse D. Abernathy
William T. Abernathy.

Ann’s will
Ann died in 1814 in Lunenburg County leaving her estate to the orphans of Thomas Tisdale, her brother, and Benjamin Snead, her son-in-law (will dated 19 Dec. 1814  and proved 12 Jan. 1815).
On 9 Feb. 1815 after his stepmother died, Richard Wilkes, the surviving executor of Minor’s estate, sold Minor’s 500 acres to William Carter White for $500. 

Descendants of Minor Wilkes I
Information about the children of Minor Wilkes I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Wilkes (c.1757-1829),  
Elizabeth (—) Wilkes,  Elizabeth Bender,  Joseph Bender,  
Edward Jordan,  James Scott,  
Gilbert Wilkes,  Eleanor Charter,  
James Wilkes,  Susanna Ross,  
Jesse Wilkes,  Julia Pratt,  
Minor Wilkes,  Lucy Walker,  
Mary (—) Meese,  Adam Meese,  
John Wilkes,  
Richard Wilkes,  Sally F. Winn,  
Burwell Wilkes,  Elizabeth —,  
William A. Wilkes,  
Martha Wilkes,  John N. Johnson,  
Margaret Wilkes,  Johnson,  
Sarah Wilkes,  McConnell,  
Lafayette Wilkes,  
Bethel Allen Wilkes,  
Wiley Stone Wilkes,  Elizabeth Boyd,  William A. Boyd,  Ann Henry Trentham,  Lizzie Bailey,  
David W. Wilkes,  Elizabeth Spivey,  
Thomas W. Wilkes,  
Sallie Wilkes,  William Spivey,  
Elizabeth G. Wilkes,  James A. Keaton,  
Jane S. Wilkes,  Thomas Rogers,  
William Wilkes,  
Josiah Wilkes,  
Thomas Wilkes,  Jane New,  
Jonathan Wilkes,  Mary Gregory,  
Edmund Wilkes,  Cynthia Houston,  
Polly Wilkes,  John Derring,  
William Wilkes,  
Martha Wilkes,  Berry Moore,  
John Wilkes,  Martha P. Fortune,  
Sarah L. Wilkes,  Elisha Hurt,  
Nancy S. Wilkes,  Ashley Moore,  
William Nelson Wilkes,  Amanza Jane Frye,  
Cyrene T. Wilkes,  William Dugger,  
Martha J. Wilkes,  
Mariah Garland Wilkes,  Alexander Bryant,  
W.W.L. Wilkes,  
Hilliard Marshall Wilkes,  Sarah Elizabeth Pickens,  
Jane A. Wilkes,  Nero H. Grove,  
Emily V. Wilkes,  Benjamin F. Turner,  
Margaret E. Wilkes,  
Tabitha Cumie Wilkes,  John Ashley Evans,  
Nancy Wilkes,  Jeremiah Holt,  
 Thomas Wilkes (1759-1846),  
Richard Stone,   Capt. Joseph Winn,  
Capt. Michael McKie,   Col. Holt Richeson,   
Mary Frances Lester,  Andrew Lester,  Elizabeth —,  Sylvanus Walker,   
Whitehead Wilkes,  Patsy Tinsley,  Cornelius Tinsley,  Elizabeth (—) Wilkes,  
Silas Bailey,  
Newton Bailey,  Cornelia F. Bailey,  Mary L. Bailey,  Thomas Bailey,  
Dr. Thomas Green Wilkes,  Susannah J. Wilson,   
Mrs. Hall,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Samuel Henderson,  
Cornelius W. Wilkes,  
Joseph Wilkes,  
Rebecca Wilkes,  Andrew Wilson,  John Blakely,  James Blakely,  Nancy Sparks,  
Mary Wilson,  
Henry Wilson,  
Elizabeth Wilson,  
Susannah J. Wilson,  Dr. Thomas Green Wilkes,   
Andrew Lester Wilson,  
Emily T. Blakely,  George W. Garner,  
Mariah Anderson Blakely,  Edwin McCrary,  
Mary W. Blakely,  William Lewers,  
Martha Jane Blakely,  
Rebecca Jane Blakely,  Samuel Lewers,  
Catherine F. Blakely,  Benjamin Jones,  
Thomas Stone Wilkes,  Mary Craig,  William Craig,  Susanna —,  Mary Cunningham,  Samuel Cunningham,  Jane Hood,  
Mrs. Reeder,  Mary Reeder,  
Dr. John Lawrence Wilkes,  Thomas Humphreys, M.D.,  
Mary Jane Dorsey,  
Albert Sidney Johnston Wilkes,  
Ida Cunningham Wilkes,  Thomas Dozier,  
Warren DeKalb Wilkes,  
Clara Augusta Wilkes,  Richard E. Ramsel,  
William Thomas Wilkes,  
Samuel Lee Wilkes,  Jane Maxwell Crawford,  
Dr. John M. Wilkes,  Jesse Payne,  
Jack Wilkes,  
Mary Agnes Wilkes,  William L. Hawes,  
Samuel Marion Wilkes,  Louisa Caroline H. Webb,  Elijah Webb,  I.O. McDaniel,  
Rosalie Lewis,  
J.P. Reed,  
Samuel William Webb Wilkes,  Georgia Brewster,  Marjorie Wilkes,  
Thomas Cunningham Wilkes,  Martha Ann McElroy,  Archibald McElroy, Esq.,  Martha Craig,  
Thomas McElroy Wilkes,  Lena Elizabeth Murray,  Kate Sydnor,  
Martha Hix,  Edward Hix,  Mary Rebecca Dickie,  
Dr. John Edward Wilkes,  Carrie B. Wells,  
Dr. Leroy A. Wilkes,  Rita Jones,  
Mary Louise Wilkes,  Henry Y. Simpson,  
Lelia Virginia Wilkes,  
Preston Brooks Wilkes,  Sallie Lusk,  
Preston Brooks Wilkes,  Ruth Reilly,  
Thomas Grier Wilkes,  Violet Nunan,  
Hoyle Lusk Wilkes,  Grace DeLane Gregson,  
John Buckner Wilkes,  
Lucius Graham Wilkes,  
Samuel Marion Wilkes,  Juanita Frierson,  Lillian Stevens,  Sarah Dorroh,  
Mary Louise Wilkes,  William Henry Franks Jr.,  
Juanita Frierson Wilkes,  Thomas Rook Easterby,  
Samuel Marion Wilkes,  
Eugene Hix Wilkes,  Irene Bayley Jackson,  
Marion Raleigh Wilkes,  
Imogene Jackson Wilkes,  John Moore Mars,  
Kathleen Elizabeth Wilkes,  William Joel Smith,  
Harry Eugene Wilkes,  Margaret Botz,  
Pallito Simpson Wilkes,  
John Thomas Wilkes,  Margaret Ethelyn Peterson,  
Irene Wilkes,  Booth Mahaffey Gray,  
Nancy Wilkes,  
William Wilkes,  
Warren DeKalb Wilkes,  
Isabella Telford,  William Telford,  
Adeline Underwood,  Mariam C. Harper,  John H. Harper,  Cloe —,  
Warren Butler Wilkes,  Henrietta Eugenia Newberry,  
Isabelle Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  
Mary Jane Wilkes,  
Frances Wilkes,  Beverly Allen Walker,  
Whitehead Walker,  
Jefferson Walker,  
Addison A. Walker,  
Nancy Cunningham Walker,  John T. Givens,  
 Sarah A. (Wilkes) Adams Snead Winn (c.1770-1850),  
Adams,  William Snead,   
Edmund Winn,  
Alexander H. Snead,  Hamilton Snead,  Grief A. Snead,  
William Snead,  Susanna W. Winn,  Elizabeth Winn,  John Christopher,  
John Snead,  
 Mary (Wilkes) Cockerham White,  
Littleberry Cockerham,   Phillip Snead,   
Carter White,   
 Minor Wilkes II (c.1761-1801),  
 Richard Stone Wilkes (c.1763-1821),  
Ann Snead,   
Peter Jones,  Phillip Snead,   Joseph Smith,  Samuel Snead,   Vincent Brann,  
John Snead,   Carter White,   
William Carter White,   Edmund Winn,   Peyton Doswell,  
Peter Eppes,  Woodson Winn,   Edmund Winn,   John Lauderdale,  William Hall,  
Minor Wilkes,  Elizabeth Smith,  
William Smith,  Henry Smith,  
Mary Brownlow,  
William B. Wilkes,  
Matilda (—) Wilkes,  
Richard Wilkes,  
Sally B. Wilkes,  George Cavnar,  Sarah Elizabeth Agnew,  William Robert Agnew,  
Nancy E. Cavnar,  Thomas M. Griffis,  
Sarah A. Cavnar,  Thomas J. Canady,  
Martha Jane Cavnar,  Thomas J. Cavnar,  William Hamblin,  
George Washington Cavnar,  Martha Malinda Wilson,  John Wilson,  Tempa Johnson,  
Mary Minerva Cavnar,  Robert Jackson Morrow,  Noah Morrow,  Ann Hogan,  
Tempa Thoedosia Cavnar,  George William Boyd,  William Anderson Boyd,  Ann Henry Trentham,  
Ida Day Cavnar,  
John Wilkes,  Mary (—) Wilkes,  
Polly Ann Wilkes,  Henry Cavender,  
Henry S. Wilkes,  George Washington Cavnar,   William Wilkes,   Burwell Wilkes,   
Samuel J. Wilkes,  Elizabeth —,  
Thomas Woodson Wilkes,  Martha Stroud,  
Narcissa L. Wilkes,  William Robert Agnew,  
Lurainey Wilkes,  Benjamin Ashworth,  
Nancy Wilkes,  William C. Cardwell,  
Tyrena Wilkes,  J.T. Currin,  
Malinda Wilkes,  Macajah Lindsey,  
James F. Wilkes,  Perlina Wilkes,  
Henry Wilkes,  
Perry B. Wilkes,  
Mary Wilkes,  James Hale,  
Sarah J. Wilkes,  George F. Baugh,  
Joseph Wilkes,  Mary Ann Chapman,  Robert C. Chapman,  Nancy Baker,  
George Washington Wilkes,  Sarah Shalona Estill,  Wallace Estill,  Raines,  
Martha E. Livingston,  Robert W. Livingston,  Susan Matilda Alford,  
Robert Minor Wilkes,  
Margaret Bain Hesterly,  Mary Estill,  Martha Ann Hendon,  
William Wilkes,  Phoebe Winn,   
Mary Brown,  
Peter W. Wilkes,  Martha —,  Nancy (Winn) Gunn,   Sterling Gunn,  
Richard Wilkes,  Mary —,  
Nancy T. Wilkes,  Daniel Mark Gunn Jr.,  Daniel Mark Gunn Sr.,  Jerusha Winn,   
Keturah Wilkes,  Crawford Hughes,  
John Wilkes,  
Minor J. Wilkes,  Eliza Ann —,  
Samuel S. Wilkes,  Sarah —,  
Richard Stone Wilkes,  Jincy Stone,  Rev. William Ellis,  
Martha Winn,   Matilda Cheatham,  
James M. Gunn,   
Richard Wilkes,  Martha Snead,  
Tabitha Wilkes,  William Jones Winn,   
Ann Wilkes,  James M. Gunn,  
Thomas A. Wilkes,  Sarah J. Ponds,  
Susan O. Wilkes,  William C. Porter,  
Mary E. Wilkes,  John C. Moore,  
William F. Wilkes,  
Martha Wilkes,  Richard Porter,  
John D.H. Wilkes,  
Edward A. Wilkes,  Josephine Merritt,  
Charlotte Medora Wilkes,  Jesse Ireland True,  James Hill True,  
Samantha A. Wilkes,  
Henry Clay Wilkes,  
John Wilkes,  Jerusha Stone,   
Tabitha Greenwood,  
Mary Ann (Winn) Townsend,  Mourning Winn,   Joseph Winn Townsend,   
Nancy T. Horsley,  
Madison Y. Wilkes,  Lucy B. Lewis,  Mrs. Smith,  Jemima Oliver,  
Peter W. Wilkes,   Daniel Mark Gunn,   
Frances Ann J. Wilkes,  John M. Lewis,  
Tabitha G. Lewis,  Tandy P. Harris,  
James Matthew Lewis,  
John W. Lewis,  Elizabeth Matherly,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  Thomas E. Oglesby,  Howell Wiseman,  
Agnes C. Lewis,  Joseph M. Carr,  
Joshua Lewis,  
Richard S. Wilkes,  Mary F. Lewis,  Hiram Lewis,  Agnes Carney,  Thomas Jefferson Winn,   
David Leslie Wilkes,  Mary Elizabeth Oglesby,  Archie Oglesby,  Zerelda Carr,  
M. Alice Wilkes,  J. Ben Rodgers,  
John L. Wilkes,  
Thomas Archie Wilkes,  Bertha M. —,  
John Madison Wilkes,  
Edmund T. Wilkes,  A.H. Henry,  
Agnes K. Wilkes,  Johnson,  
Tabitha F. Wilkes,  
Robert L. Wilkes,  
Martha Wilkes,  Francis Youree,  
Malvina E. Wilkes,  Frank P. Scott,  
Robert Haynes Scott,  Martha Elizabeth —,  
Nancy Scott,  
Spicy Jane Scott,  William Pierce Fitts,  
John Morgan Scott,  M.E. —,  
James P. Scott,  
Polly Scott,  Addison Jones,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
Lucinda S. Scott,  Ulysses L. Mitchener,  
Martha Scott,  Tillman Lockett,  
Samantha Scott,  
Lucinda Wilkes,  James R. Wiseman,  
Dr. John Talbas Wilkes,  Sallie N. Gipson,  
Ann Elizabeth Wilkes,  John W. Jones,  
William M.S. Wilkes,  Nettie H. Gibson,  
Samuel Snead Wilkes,  Mary Stanfield,  Abraham Stanfield,  Mary Farley,  
Elizabeth Cardwell,  
Mary Wilkes,  Spears,  
Ashley S. Wilkes,  Sarah E. —,  
Narcissa Wilkes,  James N. Mitchener,  William B. Mitchener,  Elizabeth Caudle,  
Cinderella Wilkes,  James N. Mitchener,  
Louisa Wilkes,  Williamson Martin,  James R. Snyder,  
Lucillius L. Wilkes,  
Josiah Valerious Wilkes,  Frances Elizabeth Fakes,  John Fakes,  Mary Edwards,  
Lucinda A. Sloan,  
John Fakes Wilkes,  
Josephine Harvey Bettis,  
Mary Ann Wilkes,  Jeremiah Leggett Bentley,  
Rhoda Daniel Wilkes,  
Joseph Henry Wilkes,  Margaret Elizabeth Winn,  Marion Winn,  Eliza J. Patton,  Jane Wilkes,   
Martha Jane Wilkes,  Alexander G. Stone,  Nicholas Stone,  Elizabeth —,  
Samuel Moody Wilkes,  Mary E. Robertson,  
Richard A. Wilkes,  
Jane Wilkes,  Woodson Winn,   
Richard Winn,  M.A. Taylor,  
Oscar Dunreth Winn,  Nancy Haguewood,  
William R. Winn,  Mary Satterfield,  Reuben Satterfield,  Elizabeth —,  
Mary Jane Winn,  John F. Angle,  
Joseph McNeill Winn,  Nancy C. —,  
Henrietta Mona Winn,  William F. Robertson,  
Frances Ann Winn,  William S. Duffy,  
Andrew Jackson Winn,  Martha A. —,  
Jesse Thorp Winn,  
Edward Alexander Winn,  
Ann Wilkes,  Richard Winn,   Richard Stone,   John Stone,   
Thomas Jefferson Winn,  Rachael C. Lewis,  Hiram Lewis,  Agnes Carney,  
Richard S. Wilkes,   
Sally Winn,  
Nancy Jones Winn,  Charles T. Horsley,  
Birsilla Winn,  William Alexander Thomas Gunn,  
Lucy L. Winn,  William Randolph,  
Peter Winn,  Mary E. McAllester,  Garland McAllester,  Nabby Baker Wright,  
Willis Hundley Winn,  Elizabeth J. Vaughan,  Sarah Elizabeth Rudolph,  Jacob Rudolph,  Martha Ann Morrow,  
Martha Jane Winn,  James M. Brown,  
Mary Elizabeth Winn,  
Josephine Zuretha Winn,  James Matthew Rudolph,  
Samantha L. Winn,  Lemuel S. Brawner,  
Richard Mourning Winn,  
Quintilda Martha Highsmith,  
 Elizabeth (Wilkes) Winn,  
Minor Winn,   
 Martha (Wilkes) Winn,  
Daniel Winn,  
Andrew Winn,  
 Letty (Wilkes) White,  
John White,  
 Jincy (Wilkes) Winn,  
Daniel Matthew Winn,   Rev. James Shelburne,  
Daniel Winn,   
 Ann (Wilkes) Winn,  
William Winn,   
 Susannah Hazlewood Wilkes (c.1795-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Wilkes - Revolutionary War Thomas Wilkes - Revolutionary War
Dr. John Lawrence Wilkes - Civil War Samuel Marion Wilkes - Civil War
Samuel William Webb Wilkes - Civil War Samuel William Webb Wilkes - Civil War
Warren DeKalb Wilkes - Civil War George W. Cavnar - Civil War
Henry Clay Wilkes - Civil War James Matthew Lewis - Civil War
Dr. John Talbas Wilkes - Civil War Ashley S. Wilkes - Civil War
Lucillius L. Wilkes - Civil War Richard Winn - Civil War
Andrew J. Winn - Civil War Edward Alexander Winn - Civil War
Willis Hundly Winn - Civil War Richard Mourning Winn - Civil War

Legislators - colonial and state
Samuel Marion Wilkes - South Carolina Warren DeKalb Wilkes - South Carolina
Edmund Winn - Virginia  

Selected sources
Crews, Lillian, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Comprehensive work on the Wilkes and Stone families, including John Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard Stone.
Lillian Crews, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Family of John Wilkes, including my ancestors Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard H. Wilkes.

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