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 170   Carter White (c.1745-1833)
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Carter White, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Carter White might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1745 because I appeared first in the household of my father, John White, in Lunenburg County in 1764 and was taxed on my own account 1773-75. 
According to records of Cumberland Parish, where I attended church, my neighbors in 1772 were Peter Jones and Mary Cockerham. 
In 1770 my parents sold me about 167½ acres on Great Hounds Creek for £50,  and in 1789 I added 200 acres on Crupper Run I got from Morris Johnson for £60.  By 1783 my household included me, my wife, and 7 whites under the age of 21. I owned no slaves. 
The names of my first 2 wives, the mothers of my 7 children, are not known. I married third Mary Cockerham 16 May 1799. 
The tax roll of Lunenburg County in 1800 charged me with 3 horses and 5 slaves more than 12 years of age. 
I was in my 70s when I made my will 29 June 1832 and was dead by April 1833 when the court ordered it recorded.  The inventory of my possessions included Abraham, Sarah, Jenny, and Sam. 

Who were Carter White’s wives?
Carter appears to have married 3 times. We have concluded that he and his 1st wife were the parents of at least daughter Margaret White. By a 2nd wife he was the father of Phoebe White and perhaps others.
The presence of a daughter, Margaret White, is hypothesized as follows. We know Minor Wilkes married Carter’s daughter, Phoebe Wilkes, in 1791, and that Carter named both daughter Phoebe Wilkes and a grandson Richard Wilkes in his will. Yet Richard Wilkes could not have been Phoebe’s son. Minor Wilkes and Margaret Wilkes witnessed two deeds in Lunenburg County in 1789. For Richard Wilkes to be Carter’s grandson, Margaret was evidently Margaret White, a daughter of Carter White. This hypothesis is further confirmed when we find that Richard Wilkes named a daughter Margaret W.W. Wilkes, likely Margaret White Wilkes Wilkes for his mother. Margaret and Phoebe were apparently half-sisters since it was illegal for a man to marry his dead wife’s sister.
Carter’s third wife, Mary, was the widow of Littleberry Cockerham. The 1805 will of Mary Stone specifically identified her granddaughter Mary as the wife of Carter White.

Carter’s will

Will of Carter White
29 June 1832
In the name of God Amen. I Carter White of Lunenburg County do make this may last will and testament as follows:
Item: I give the tract of land I now live on containing one hundred sixty five acres be the same more or less to the children of my son Thomas White named as follows: Susan Brooks, Mary Ann Cockerham, Edmund Carter, Elizabeth White and their heirs forever. My will is that if either my son Thomas White’s children above mentioned dye before they arrive to the age of twenty one years old his or her part of the said land I will shall be equally divided between the surviving brothers and sisters and their heirs forever. Also I give the above named children of my son Thomas White a bay colt to them and their heirs forever.
Item: I give to Elizabeth White, William White, and Kiturah White children of my late son James White, dec’d on Negro boy named Sam, to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever.
Item: I give to my son William White a Negro woman named Pat now in his possession also I give my son William White a Negro man named Abraham and a Negro woman named Sarah and her increase to him and his heirs forever.
Item: My will is that a Negro woman named Jenny and her increase with all the rest of my estate both real and personal and perishable estate be sold on twelve months credit and after paying my just debts and expenses of my Estate, be equally divided between my daughter Phoebe Wilkes, John White, and Grand son Richard Wilkes to them and their heirs forever.
Lastly I appoint my son William White executor to this my last will and testament revoking all others will made by me before them as witness my hand and seal the 20 day of June 1832.
Signed sealed published and delivered in the presence of
David Street
E. Hardy
Thomas (X) White

Descendants of Carter White
Information about the children of Carter White, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Margaret (White) Wilkes (-c.1790),  
Minor Wilkes,   
 Phoebe (White) Wilkes (c.1770-),  
Minor Wilkes,   
 Thomas H. White,  
Frances Cockerham,   
Phoebe Crafton,  James H. Vaughan,  
Aramenta Dome White,  Hale T. Gallion,  Sarah J. Oliver,   
Susan Brooks White,  
William H. White,  
John R. White,  
Mary F. White,  
Mary Ann Cockerham White,  William Harrison Moore,  
Edmund Carter White,  
Elizabeth A. White,  John T. Aikens,  W.S. Wilson,  
 James White,  
Christianna Ussery,  
Elizabeth White,  
William White,  
Kiturah White,  
 William Carter White (c.1784-),  
Elizabeth Cockerham,  Richard Stone,   Elizabeth Cockerham,   
Edith C. White,  
Elizabeth White,  
John H. White,  
Emily White,  
Martha White,  
Lamenta White,  
Rebecca White,  
Edward Carter White,  Anna Elizabeth Bragg,  
James White,  Elizabeth Slaughter,  
 John White,  
 Lamenta (White) Thompson,  
Randolph Thompson Jr.,  
Mary (—) Thompson,  

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