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 1712   Benjamin Clements (c.1650-)
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Benjamin Clements, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Benjamin Clements might describe his life as follows.

Grizzell and I lived first in Abingdon Parish of Gloucester County where we had at least a dozen children.  Beyond the 5 daughters and 5 sons listed in the parish register, we were the parents of William, who was later in Amelia County, and George.
Many 17th-Century families lost children in infancy and our family was no exception. Since it was a Colonial practice to reuse the name of a dead child, you will find that our minister baptized 2 daughters named Grizzell, 2 sons named Thomas, and 2 Richards.
In 1703 I was still a resident of Gloucester County when I bought 500 acres between the Herring Creeks in King William County from John Baker for £80.  This land was later in the hands of at least 2 sons, George and Thomas.
By 1704 I owned 900 acres in Gloucester County: 400 acres in Petsworth Parish and 500 acres in Abingdon Parish.  As Benjamin Clements of Gloucester County I paid quit rents, a form of tax, on 600 acres in neighboring King William County that same year. 
Since most Gloucester and King William records are missing, I can reveal nothing more about my family.

We have been unable to identify Benjamin’s wife, Grizzell.
Benjamin Clements secured a patent for 150 acres in Gloucester County in 1683. Rachell Boulding, the widow of William Boulding, gave this land to Clements and after his death it was to go to his daughter, Ann Clements. 

Descendants of Benjamin Clements
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Ann Clements (1675-),  
 Elizabeth Clements (1678-),  
 Grizzell Clements (1680-),  
 Richard Clements (1682-),  
 Mary Clements (1684-),  
 Sarah Clements (1684-),  
 Grizzell Clements (1686-),  
 Benjamin Clements (1687-),  
 Richard Clements (1689-),  
 William Clement I (c.1690-1760),  
 George Clements,  
Susannah (—) Clements,  
 Thomas Clements (1698-),  
 Thomas Clements (1701-),  
Christian (—) Clements,  

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