Ancestral Family Topic 1762

 1762   Capt. Henry Batte (c.1642-c.1699)
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Capt. Henry Batte, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Henry Batte might describe his life as follows.

I was born at the family estate, “Oakwell Hall,” about 1642 and was 4 when I crossed the Atlantic with my parents, Capt. John Batte and Martha Mallory.
At age 26, I and my younger brother Thomas acquired 5,878 acres in present-day Prince George County and I eventually went on to obtain other plantations.
My wife, Mary Lound, and I were the parents of 7 children. Her father was Henry Lound whose plantation was south of the James in present-day Chesterfield County.
I was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1685-86, 1691-92, and 1695,  and according to its proceedings, I was “out of the Country” before the opening of the 1695-1696 session. Perhaps I never returned because I was dead by 1 June 1700 when James Thweatt Sr. of Charles City County and Mary Batte of same, widow, conveyed a 153-acre portion of my land to Matthew Sturdivant
In 1704 sons, Henry and William Batte, paid taxes on 790 and 750 acres, respectively, and my orphaned daughters, on 1,200 acres in Prince George County that I left them in my now-lost will.  Mary was dead and the girls all married by 10 September 1720 when their husbands named Ligon, Poythress, Stratton, Jones, and Parham agreed on how to split the 1,200 acres. 

Batte appeared before the Council 20 July 1694 for not pursuing two suits for incestuous marriages and was a juror at the General Court later that same year.  He was also a justice of Charles City County.

Batte land patents
With his brother Thomas Batte, Henry obtained a patent for land in Charles City County 29 April 1668 for the importation of 118 persons into the colony. His property was on the south side of the James River beginning at the head of Charles City Creek and covered 5,878 acres, two rods and 8 poles.  Henry’s parents, who had returned to England, and his brothers and several Mallory’s were a part of this group. A 1673 patent issued to Francis Whittington showed Thomas and Henry sold 900 acres of this patent to Whittington. 
In 1673 Henry Batte with Mr. John Sturdivant patented 3,528 acres in Charles City (later Prince George) County south of the Appomattox River on the second branch of Blackwater River.  On 3 Dec. 1678 Henry and his wife, Mary, sold 200 acres in Charles City (later Prince George) County to Edward Birchett who secured it with a patent in Oct. 1673. 
In 1682 Henry Batte and James Thweatt had a patent for 673 acres in Jordan’s Journey Parish, Charles City County, on the south side of the James River,  303 acres of which they deeded to Robert Birchett in 1693. 
On 20 Oct. 1691 Mr. Henry Batte secured a patent for 700 acres called “High Peake” in Charles City County. William Batte, who held the patent in 1670, had failed to settle the land. We do not know who this William Batte was, though clearly he was a relation. 

Widow Mary
Mary Batte, widow, brought her father’s will to Henrico County court 1 Dec. 1708 and she was living in Prince George County in June 1715 when she and William Ligon agreed to divide a tract called “Neck of Land” in Henrico County that had belonged to her father, Henry Lound In Dec. 1717 Mary Batte charged that James Parham detained a slave, Isabel, worth £30. Yet a jury dismissed the case against Parham. 

Descendants of Capt. Henry Batte
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Batte) Ligon,  
William Ligon,   
 Mary (Batte) Poythress,  
Capt. John Poythress,  John Poythress,  Christian Peebles,  
Sarah Daniel,  Joseph Daniel,  Thomas Goodwyn,  David Peebles,  
John Hardyman,  Thomas Poythress,  William Rivers,  
John Poythress,  
Elizabeth Poythress,  James Cocke,  
John Cocke,  Elizabeth Buchanan Peter,  Hubbard Wyatt,  Capt. Edward Wyatt,  
Elizabeth Poythress Cocke,  William Cole,   
Margaret Buchanan Cocke,  Edward Wyatt,  
Thomas P. Cocke,  
James B. Cocke,  
Thomas Poythress Cocke,  Sarah Colley,   
James Cocke,  Elizabeth Bellican Smith,  Martha Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Jacob Hoffman,  
Benjamin Cocke,  Mary Eppes,   
John Poythress,  
 Anne (Batte) Stratton,  
Edward Stratton,   Francis Epes Jr.,  William Parker,  
William Stratton,  
Mary Stratton,  Henry Stratton,  
William Stratton,  Frances Moseley,   William Ligon,   
Frances Stratton,  James Hix,  
Jane Stratton,  John Poor,  
Edward Stratton,  Sarah Ligon,   
Thomas Stratton,  Elizabeth A. Swann,  Thomas Swann,  Elizabeth Blakey Swann,  Willis Swann,  Elizabeth (Green) Hudson,  
William Stratton,  Ann Stratton,   
Edward Stratton,  
John Robert Stratton,  Mary Frances Stegar,  Samuel Stegar,  
George Stratton,  Savannah —,  
Sarah Stratton,  Stokes Tunstill Jr.,  Amanda L. Featherstone,  Elizabeth R. Mills,  Nancy Gaines White,  
Moseley Ligon Stratton,  Mary I.E. Bass,  
Elizabeth Ann Stratton,  William A. Martin,  
David T. Stratton,  Mary Frances Parker,  
Richard Stratton,  Mary —,  
Sarah Stratton,  Littleberry Tucker,  Joseph Jenkins,  
Ann Stratton,  William Stratton,   
Mary Stratton,  Elam Farmer,   
Peter Stratton,  Mary Netherland Steger,  Hans Steger,  
Archer M. Stratton,  Susan W. Ball,  Isham Ball,  
Martha Stratton,  Edmund Logwood,   
Judith Logwood Stratton,  Rice Daniel Montague,  
Sarah Stratton,  Rice,  
John Stratton,  Ann Douglass,  Robert Douglas,  
John Stratton,  Sarah Ann Toler,  Absalom Toler,  
Catherine Stratton,  Thomas Huddleston,  
William Stratton,  Polly Tucker,  
James Stratton,  Mary Stegar,  John P. Stegar,  
David Stratton,  
Robert Stratton,  
Peter Stratton,  
Daniel Stratton,  Elizabeth Walker,  
Ann Stratton,  Joseph C. Duncan,  
Thomas Stratton,  Elizabeth Elam,   
William Womack,  
Richard Batte,   Peter Elam,   
Thomas Stratton,  
Nancy Stratton,  
Henry Stratton,  
Ann Bass,   
George Markham,   Jane Baugh,   Thomas Batte,   
Martha Cheatham,   
Alexander Marshall,   Matthew Cheatham,   Archibald Baugh,   
Thomas Stratton,  
Maria Stratton,  
John Stratton,  Dorothy (Baugh) Batte,   
Sarah Stratton,  
Susannah Stratton,  
Henry Stratton,  Richard Manning,  
Sarah Hampton,  
Judith Stratton,  Henry Davis,  
Mary Stratton,  Abner Seay,  
Martha Stratton,  
William Stratton,  Mary Haynes,  
John Hampton Stratton,  Mary Ann Turner,  
Thomas Stratton,  Elizabeth Leftwich,  
Henry Stratton,  
Archibald Stratton,  Edna Dickenson,   
Elizabeth Stratton,  Smith,  
Anna Stratton,  Cannady,  
Jane Stratton,  Thomas Leftwich,  
Sarah Stratton,  Isaac Winfrey,  
Millicent Stratton,  Hurt,  
 Rachel (Batte) Parham,  
James Parham,  
 Sarah (Batte) Jones,  
Abraham Jones,   Mary Batte,   
William Coleman,  
Peter Jones,   
Charles Jennings Jr.,  William Jennings,  Christopher Haskins,   
Abraham Jones,   
Abraham Jones II,  Martha Jones,  John Jones,  Sarah —,  
Nathan Hooker,  
Susannah Jones,  John Martin,  
Capt. Anthony Hart,  
John Jones,  
Abraham Jones III,  
Sarah Bugg,  Zephania Beale,  
Seaborn Jones,  Mary Howard,  
James Jones,  
Sarah Jones,   
Batte Jones,  Col. John Thomas,  Mary Jones,   
Seaborn Jones,  
Francis Flournoy,  
Sarah Harwood Wilkinson,  Elizabeth (—) Harris,  
William Jones,  Jane Thompson,  
Sarah Ann Jones,  Sherwood Bugg Jr.,  
Thomas Jones,  
Ann Jones,  Joseph Osborne,   Stephen Neal,   Stephen Neal,   William Jones,   
Agnes Osborne,  Daniel Wooldridge,   
Elizabeth Osborne,  Abraham Marshall,   
Margaret Osborne,  Robert Marshall,   
Thomas Marshall,  
William Marshall,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  
Nancy Marshall,  Warren Marshall,  
William Marshall,  
Joseph Marshall,  
Robert Marshall,  
John Marshall,  
Hannah Marshall,  Leath,  
Sarah Osborne,  Chambers,  
Ann Osborne,  
Henry Jones,  William Gallimore,  Matthew Ornsby,  
John Jones Jr.,  Col. John Jones,   
Col. James Jackson,  
Keziah (Jones) Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  James Jones,   
Mary Jones,  Batte Jones,   
Henry Jones,  Fannie Miller,  
Thomas Jones,  Lucy Miller,  
Margaret Jones,  Capt. John Evans,  Dr. Job S. Barney,  
Daniel Jones,  
William Jones,  Jemima Jones,  Martha (—) Jones,  
Peter Jones,  
Martha Jones,   William Pollard,  Sarah —,  
Drury Jones,  Mary —,  Charles Willson,   
William Jones,  
Thomas Batte Jones,  
Joseph Henry Jones,  Lewellyn Jones,   
Madison Jones,  Mary Wheeler,  
Rebecca Jones,  Matthew Booth,  
Sarah Jones,  John Steel,  
Philadelphia Jones,  Allen Johnson Sr.,  
Lewellyn Jones,  Prudence Ward,   
Abraham Jones,  Lucy Atkinson Jackson,  Isaac Jackson,  Elizabeth Claiborne,  Obediah Echols,   
Edward Dandridge Jones,  Elizabeth Hunter Rainey,   
Henry Atkinson Jones,  
Margaret Jones,  Henry Jones,   
Thomas Jones,  William Byrd,  
Lucy Watson,   
Gen. Joseph Jones,  Nanny Call,  Col. William Call,  Elizabeth Taylor,   
William McCraw,  Elizabeth (—) Rogers,  Peter Rogers,  Roger Atkinson Jr.,   Roger Atkinson,   William McCraw Jr.,  Anthony Gresham,  
Jane Atkinson,   
William Atkinson Jones,  
Ann Call Jones,  John Wilder,  
Thomas Jones,  Mary Lee,   
Lucy Ann Jones,  
Lt. Roger Atkinson Jones,  
Dr. Joseph Jones,  Sally Atkinson,   Mary Pickett,  
Robert Pleasants Jones,  
John Atkinson Jones,  
Jane Atkinson Jones,  
Lucy Ann Pleasants Jones,  James Lochand,  Robert K. Jones,  William Baird,  
Abraham Jones,  
Benson F. Jones,  Anne Littlejohn,  Maria Godwin,  
Thomas Jones,  
Lucy Jones,  William Bragg,  
Thomas Jones Bragg,  Elizabeth Murray,  Nancy Murray,  
William Bragg,  
Benjamin Bragg,  
Rev. Joseph Bragg,  Ann Page Willson,   
John Bragg,  Mary Deaton,   
Lucy Bragg,  
Frances Bragg,  
Mary Jones,  Robert Massenburg,  
Sarah Jones,  Gillespie,  
Elizabeth Jones,  John Watson,  John Watson,   
John Jones,  
 Henry Batte (-1727),  
John Mayes,  
Abraham Cocke Sr.,   Samuel Jordan,  John Cureton,  Robert Poythress,  
 William Batte I (1678-1754),  
Mary Stratton,   
Edward Mitchell,  Margaret —,  
Jacob Butler,  
Samuel Jordan,  
John Donen,  John McKee,  
Roger Smith,  William Adams,  
Samuel Jordan,  Miles Thweatt,  William Starke,  
William Batte II,  Agnes Birchett,  Edward Birchett,  Margaret —,  
Joseph Moorfield,  
Drury Thweatt,  Miles Thweatt Jr.,  William Thweatt,  
Martha Batte,  Judkins Hunt,  Thomas Hunt,  
William Hunt,  
Judkins Hunt,  Unity Hancock,  
Sarah Hunt,  John Rivers,  
Elizabeth Hunt,  
James Hunt,  
Mary Hunt,  
Nancy Hunt,  Allen Green,  
John Batte,  Elizabeth Mayes,  William Parham,  William Eaton,  
William Batte III,  Sarah Parham,  Lewis Parham,  Sarah Parham,  
Benjamin Harrison,   William Eaton,  
James T. Batte,  
William Batte IV,  Mary Ann Berryman,  John Berryman,  Mary (Cross) Davis,   
Lewis Hicks,  
James Batte,  Tabitha Hamlin,   
Edward Stratton Batte,  Martha Maria Taylor,  Thomas Taylor,  Amelia Moseley,  
Green Hamlin Batte,  Ann H. Hobbs,  
Thomas C. Batte,  Mary Ann Abernathy,  
Lewis Batte,  
Sarah Parham Batte,  Peyton Harwell,  
Mary Batte,  Frederick Batte,   
Elizabeth Parham Batte,  Thomas Parham,  
Alexander Watson Batte,  Mary Pettway,  Elizabeth W. Spencer,  
Frances Beverly Batte,  Washington Goodrich,   
Mary Batte,  
Henry Batte,  
Agnes Batte,  James Baugh,   Roger Atkinson,   John Aldridge,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  John Simmons,  
Frances Baugh,  Rev. Ebenezer MacGowan,  
Martha Baugh,  Robert Harrison,  
Sarah Baugh,  John Hutcheson,  Charles Hutcheson,  
Tabitha Baugh,  Stephen Hightower,  
James Baugh,  Peggy Smith,  John Smith,  Susanna Stone,   
Richard Baugh,  Elizabeth P. Harwell,  James Harwell,  
William Batte Baugh,  Martha Minge Bilbo,  Elizabeth B. Lewis,  Ann Lewis,  
Thomas Batte,  
John Maynard,  William Maynard,  Ann Maynard,  Mary (—) Maynard,  
Richard Cross,   William Cross,   
James Batte,  
Robert Batte,  Martha Peterson,   
Alexander Draper,  
James Thweatt,  
Francis Muir,  Mary —,  
John Batte,  Mary Poythress,   
Elizabeth Bland Batte,  
Martha Peterson Batte,  
Ann Bland Batte,  Charles Russell,  
Mary Poythress Batte,  Samuel Hinton,  
Elizabeth Batte,  Michael Cowan Madden,  
Martha Colley Batte,  William Brown Ritchie,  
John Batte,  
Robert Batte,  Elizabeth Buchanan Gilliam,  John Gilliam,  Hannah Sampson,  
Lucy Stratton Batte,  
Peter Poythress Batte,  Elizabeth Poindexter,  Mary Poindexter,  Emily Broughton,  
John Henry Batte,  Martha Ann Mason,  Peyton Mason,  
Robert Batte,  
Frederick Batte,  Mary Batte,   Alexander Watson Batte,   
William A. Batte,  Sarah —,  
John Batte,  
Frederick Batte,  Eliza Ann Batte,  
John Edwin Batte,  
Robert C. Batte,  Martha Batte,  
Mary A.R. Batte,  Burwell J. Davis,  
Elizabeth P. Batte,  
Thomas J. Batte,  Mary E. Cabiness,  William C. Cabiness,  
Frederick A. Batte,  
Adrinacia L. Batte,  
Robert B. Batte,  
Edwin Batte,  F.F. Stern,  
John Richard Batte,  
Mary P. Batte,  
Sarah Tucker,  Harrison,  
William Alexander Harrison,  
John Edwin Harrison,  
Richard Batte,  
Elizabeth P. Batte,  
Thomas Batte,  
Adrinicia Lucretia Batte,  
Frederick Alexander Batte,  
Robert Batte,  
Mary Batte,  Francis Burwell Green,  William Epes,   
Thomas Cocke,  
Robert Francis Epes,  Mary Rebecca Marks,  Mary H. Marks,  Edward Marks Jr.,  
Dr. John Spooner Epes,  Harriet Marks,  
Mary Epes,  John Bolling Bland,  
Robert F. Epes,  Green,  Laura Harrison,  
Martha Batte,  Charles Erskine,  Philip Jones,   Rev. John Cameron,   
Nathaniel Colley,  
Alexander Erskine,  Sarah Watson,   
Sarah Colley,  Thomas Poythress Cocke,   Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr.,  
Thomas Batte,  
John Batte,  
Anne Batte,  
Henry Batte,  Elizabeth Chamberlain,   
Peter Baugh,   
Peter Jones,   Dorothy Chamberlain,   
Alexander Bolling,  
William Cross,   
Henry Batte,  William Worsham,  
Richard Batte,  Mary Wills,  Lawrence Wills,  
Thomas Batte,  Dorothy Baugh,   Peter Peterson,   
Alexander Marshall,  Stephen Cocke,   Henry Stratton,   William Womack,  William Moseley,  Baxter Folkes,  Thomas Black,  
Stephen Cocke,   Archibald Baugh,   
Elizabeth Chamberlain Batte,  John Archer,   
Richard Baugh Batte,  Anne Elizabeth Shore,   
Mary Batte,  George Cox,  
Elizabeth Cox,  
Martha Cox,  
Judith Cox,  John Friend,   
George Cox,  Mary W. Friend,   
Edward Cox,  Martha Friend,   
Tabitha Randolph Sherwin,   
Henry Cox,  
Elizabeth Batte,  Philip Jones,   
William Batte,  
Chamberlaine Batte,  Margaret Jones,  Margaret Jones,   
William Moseley,  Matthew Ligon,   James Ligon,  
Thomas Batte,  Thomas Batte,   
Frances Graves,   William Graves,   
Chamberlaine Batte,  Sarah Akin,  Thomas Akin,  
Thomas Batte,  John Stratton,   Clarissa B. Walthall,  Henry Walthall Sr.,  Henry Walthall,   
Margaret Jones Batte,  Marley Walthall,   
Elizabeth Chamberlaine Batte,  Benjamin Graves,   Henry Walthall,  
 John Peterson (-1732),  
Henry Soane,  Elizabeth Soane,  Judith (—) Soane,  William Randolph,   Richard Kennon,  William Pride,   
Henry Batte,   
Samuel Vaughan,   
John Fitzgerald,   Thomas Nunnally,  
Jeremiah Brown,  Matthew Parham,  
William Batte,   William Batte,   John Holycross,  
John Peterson,  Frances (—) Peterson,  Martha Thweatt,  
Capt. John Banister,   
Robert Batte,   
Joseph Mayes,  Mattox Mayes,  
Nathaniel Peterson,  
William Peterson,  
Nathaniel Peterson,  
Peter Peterson,  Lucy Osborne,   
Thomas Peterson,  Elizabeth Claiborne,   
Martha Peterson,  Robert Batte,   
Mary Peterson,  Francis Poythress,  Francis Poythress,   
Sgt. Francis Poythress,  
Mary Poythress,  Henry Randolph V,  
Frances Peterson,  Joseph Parsons,   
John Peterson,  
Batte Peterson,  
Frances Hicks,   
John Peterson,  Martha (—) Peterson,  Martha Kinchen,  
Elizabeth Briggs,   
Boyce Brewer,  
Batte Peterson,  
Mary Taylor,  Etheldred Taylor,  Patience Kinchen,  
John Peterson,  Dorothy Greenway,  James Greenway,  Martha Dixon,  
Rebecca Ann Peterson,  Joshua Clark,  
Batte Peterson,  
Mary Greenway Peterson,  Dr. Littleberry R. Robinson,  
Martha Dixon Peterson,  Charles Rust Eaton,  
Kinchen Peterson,  Martha Greenway,  
Dr. John G. Peterson,  
Elizabeth M.G. Peterson,  
Margaret G. Peterson,  John Hill Edwards,  
Mary Ann G. Peterson,  Richard Malone,  
Martha Dixon G. Peterson,  Joshua W. Crump,  
Susan Kinchen Greenway Peterson,  Henry G. Hunt,  
Mason Taylor Peterson,  Person Turner,  Simon Turner,  Ann Turner,   
Peter Peterson,  Elizabeth Barham Newsome,  Randolph Newsome,  
Sarah Mason Peterson,  John Norfleet Blunt,  
Mary E.L. Peterson,  Edward Drinkard,  
Ann P. Peterson,  John M. Rives,  
Ann Peterson,  Joseph Turner,  Edward Mabry,   
William Peterson,  Sally Williamson,  Sarah Bass,  
Benjamin W. Peterson,  Elizabeth —,  Jacquelin Peterson,  
Martha K. Peterson,  
James D. Peterson,  
Batte Peterson,  
Benjamin W. Peterson,  
John Peterson,  
Henry Kinchen Peterson,  
Kinchen Peterson,  
Temperance Peterson,  Henry Taylor,  
Etheldred Taylor,  Rebecca Tyus,  Elizabeth Ridley,  
Francis Woolfolk,  Dr. Samuel Blunt,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  Peter Blow,  
John Taylor,  Martha Kinchen Peterson,  
Henry Taylor,  Rebecca (Thorp) Claud,  Newit Claud,  Francis Clements,  John Barham,  
Elizabeth Taylor,  William Browne Jr.,  
Mary Taylor,  Ellis Gray Blake,  
Martha Taylor,  William Hall,  
Charlotte Taylor,  
Mary Peterson,  William Turner,  
Arthur Brown,  
John Turner,  Elizabeth Swann Williamson,  
Martha Turner,  Arthur Applewhite,  
Jennett Turner,  Cordell Clifton,  Allen Jones,  
Rebecca Turner,  Aaron Smith,  Ransom Harwell,  
Martha Peterson,  Rev. Joseph Gurley,  
Patience Peterson,  Thomas Turner,  
Rebecca Peterson,  Peterson Thweatt,   
Jesse Grigg,   
Elizabeth Peterson,  James Thweatt,   
Lucy Peterson,  Edwin Lundy,  
Mary Peterson,  Nathaniel Hicks,   
Martha Peterson,  Timothy Thorp,  
James Jones,  
Elizabeth Thorp,  Thomas Jarrell,  Jeptha Atherton,  Sarah Tynes,  
Mary Thorp,  William Person,  William Andrews,  
Martha Thorp,  Day Ridley,  
Lucy Thorp,  John Simmons,  Benjamin Simmons,   Elizabeth Spratley,  
Mary Cocke Simmons,  William Newsom,  
Rebecca Simmons,  Edwin Simmons,   
Peterson Thorp,  Martha Person,  
Temperance Thorp,  Philip Person,  Turner Person,  Dr. Ananias Randall,  
Sylvia Thorp,  Jordan Richardson,  
Timothy Thorp,  
William Thorp,  
Mary Peterson,  William Spain,  John Spain,  
John Ellington,   
John Spain,  
William Spain,  
Joshua Spain,  
Elizabeth Spain,  Daniel Tucker,  William Tucker,  Elizabeth —,  
Daniel Spain Tucker,  Betsy D. Guerrant,  
Martha Tucker,  Ellington,  David Ellington,   
Sarah Tucker,  Daniel Ellington,   
Elizabeth Spain Ellington,  Thomas Porter Guerrant,  Daniel Guerrant,  Mary Porter,  
John Ellington,  Frances Waddill,   
Paschal Ellington,  Obedience Wells,  
Daniel Ellington,  
William T. Ellington,  Frances W. Mills,  
Alexander Marshall Ellington,  Elizabeth Rice Challis,  
Grief Ellington,  Jane Hall,  Daniel Hall,  Judith A. Forrest,  
Josiah Ellington,  
Daniel Ellington,  
Sarah Motley Ellington,  
John Marshall Ellington,  
Elizabeth Ann Ellington,  
Farrar Ellington,  Mary Tucker,  Libby Tucker,  
Daniel T. Ellington,  Martha Lillard,  
Pleasant Ellington,  Elizabeth Lilliard,  
Mary Tucker,  John Peterson Spain,  
Paschal Tucker,  Mary Pennington,   
Elizabeth Tucker,  David Guerrant,  
Pleasant Tucker,  
William Tucker,  
Mason Tucker,  Batte Peterson Fowler,   
Daniel Tucker,  
Rebecca Tucker,  John Russell,  
Nancy Tucker,  
Lucy Tucker,  Maxey,  
Joseph Tucker,  
Batte Peterson Spain,  
Mary Spain,  Bullard Fowler,  Joseph Fowler,  
Thomas Spencer,  
Wilmoth Dunn,  Polly A. Terrell,  William B. Fowler,  
Batte Peterson Fowler,  Mason Tucker,   
William Fowler,  Mary —,  
Bullard Fowler,  Frances Spain,  
Henry Fowler,  
William Spain Fowler,  
Epes Fowler,  
Joseph Fowler,  Mary —,  
Elizabeth Anderson Fowler,  Dunn,  John Hopkins,  
Martha Epes Fowler,  Lemuel Cook,  
Joseph F. Cook,  
John Peterson Cook,  
Molly Peterson Fowler,  
Judith Peterson,  John Thweatt,  Elizabeth Soane,  William Soane,  
James Thweatt,  Sarah (—) Thweatt,  
John Thweatt,  Edith Parsons,   James Nicholas Parsons,   
Susan Thweatt,  Theophilus Feild,   
John James Thweatt,  
Archibald Thweatt,  Lucy Epes,  Col. Francis Epes,  
Richard Noble Thweatt,  Mary Epes,  Richard Noble Thweatt,  
Thomas Thweatt,  Sarah Green Thweatt,   
Mary Martin Parsons Thweatt,  Richard Kidder Meade,   
Tabitha Thweatt,  John Hamilton,  
James Thweatt,  Elizabeth Peterson,   Susanna (—) Jones,  James Jones,  
Peterson Thweatt,  Rebecca Peterson,   
John Peterson Thweatt,  
Peterson Thweatt,  
Thomas Thweatt,  Betty (—) Thweatt,  Elizabeth Green,  Nathaniel Dunn,  Thomas Galt,  
Sarah Thweatt,  John Mitchell,  John Mitchell,   
Elizabeth Thweatt,  Drury Birchett,  
Drury Birchett,  
William Birchett,  
Elizabeth Birchett,  
Susanna Birchett,  
John Thweatt,  
Robert Gilliam,   
William Thweatt,  Jane Parham,  Ephraim Parham,  
Nathaniel Parham,  
Capt. John Mason,   
Rebecca Thweatt,  James Mason,   
Robert Mabry,   
Martha Thweatt,  Joseph Goodwyn,  Jane (—) Robertson,  James Robertson,   
Peterson Goodwyn,  Elizabeth Peterson,   
Jacob Goodwyn,  
Amy Goodwyn,  
Braddock Goodwyn,  Elizabeth Thweatt,  
Mary Goodwyn,  Benjamin Boisseau,   
John Goodwyn,  Amy Collier,  
Martha Goodwyn,  George Rives,   
Esau Goodwyn,  Patsy C. Tucker,  
Athelia Keziah Goodwyn,  William Boisseau,  
Martha Thweatt Goodwyn,  John Pegram,  
Joseph Goodwyn,  Mary Coleman,  John Scott Coleman,  
Mary Elizabeth Coleman Goodwyn,  John William Gilliam,   
William Henry Goodwyn,  Hannah L. Williamson,  
Mary Thweatt,  Irvin Brown,   
Burwell Brown,  Mary Ann Williamson,  Donaldson Turner,  
Frances Brown,  Matthew Mayes,  
Irvin Brown Mayes,  
Drury Spain Mayes,  
Matthew Peterson Mayes,  
Mary Thweatt Mayes,  
Martha Pritchett Mayes,  
Irvin Brown,  
Mary Brown,  
Judith Brown,  Turner Williamson,  
Elizabeth Brown,  
Judith Thweatt,  James Goodwyn,  John Goodwyn,  Winifred Tucker,  
Nancy Goodwyn,  
John Goodwyn,  
Boswell Goodwyn,  
Stephen Goodwyn,  
Armistead Goodwyn,  
Martha Goodwyn,  James Young,  
Judith Goodwyn,  James Young,  
Angelina Goodwyn,  Hardaway Young,   
Winifred Tucker Goodwyn,  Henry Young,   
James Goodwyn Young,  
Judith Young,  
Henry Young,  
Robert Goodwyn,  Susanna Mason,  
Ann Peterson,  James Thweatt,  
Agnes Thweatt,  Thomas Hardaway,   Robert Moody,  Stith Hardaway,   
Susanna Hardaway,  Peter Manson,  
Mary Hardaway,  Ishmael Harwell,  
James Hardaway,  
Elizabeth Hardaway,  Richard Locke,  John Wilkes,   Samuel Morgan,  Richard Caudle,  
Agnes Thweatt Locke,  Robert Mayes,   
Agnes Hardaway,  Peter Manson,  
John Hardaway,  Marianna Stith,  Thomas Stith,  
Elizabeth Maclin,   
Peterson Hardaway,  
Henry Simmons Hardaway,  
Martha Hardaway,  Robert Rives,  
Rebecca Hardaway,  
Ann Hardaway,  
Thomas Hardaway,  Jane Tillman,  
Nancy Hardaway,  Daniel Pegram,  
Frances Thweatt,  Arthur Harrison,  Gabriel Harrison,  Grace —,  
Joan Brown,   
Peterson Harrison,  Agnes Mann,   
Lewis Harrison,  
Stith Harrison,  Elizabeth Hoskins,   Lettice Crutchfield,  George Crutchfield,  
Ainsworth Harrison,  Dolly Coleman Stone,  
Frances Harrison,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Cuddy Harrison,  
Christian Thweatt,  James Stanton,  
Martha Thweatt,  
Elizabeth Thweatt,  
William Thweatt,  Priscilla (—) Thweatt,  
Tabitha Peterson,  John Epes,  
John Epes,  Benjamin Harrison,  William Cryer,  
Elizabeth Peterson,  Nathaniel Urvin,  David Crawley,  
Matthew Parham,  
Elizabeth Irvin,  Capt. Robert Hicks,   
Mary Irvin,  Burwell Brown,  John Taylor Duke,  
John Wall,  
Irvin Brown,  Mary Thweatt,   
Elizabeth Brown,  John Cook,   
George Wall,  
Mary Wall,  John Maclin,   
Amy Irvin,  Thomas Willson,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Stratton - War of 1812 John Robert Stratton - War of 1812
George Stratton - War of 1812 John Stratton - Revolutionary War
Capt. Anthony Hart - Revolutionary War John Jones - Revolutionary War
Abraham Jones - Revolutionary War Seaborn Jones - Revolutionary War
Henry Jones - Revolutionary War Thomas Jones Bragg - War of 1812
William Bragg - War of 1812 John Bragg - War of 1812
William Batte - Revolutionary War Frederick A. Batte - Civil War
Robert B. Batte - Civil War William Epes - Revolutionary War
Francis Poythress - Revolutionary War Henry Taylor - Revolutionary War
John Ellington - War of 1812 Daniel Ellington - War of 1812
Grief Ellington - War of 1812 Richard Locke - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Seaborn Jones - U.S. William Atkinson Jones - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Capt. Henry Batte - Virginia John Poythress Jr. - Virginia
John Jones - Georgia Abraham Jones - Georgia
Seaborn Jones - Georgia James Jones - Georgia
Seaborn Jones - Georgia Thomas Jones - Georgia
Henry Jones - Georgia William Jones - Georgia
Gen. Joseph Jones - Virginia Nathaniel Colley - Virginia
Batte Peterson - Virginia Littleberry R. Robinson - Virginia
John Peterson - North Carolina Henry Kinchen Peterson - North Carolina
Henry Taylor - Virginia Archibald Thweatt - Virginia
Richard Noble Thweatt - Virginia Joseph Goodwyn - Virginia
William Henry Goodwyn - Virginia  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Thomas Jones Gen. Joseph Jones
John Thweatt  

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