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 1782   Robert Chappell I (c.1680-1724)
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Robert Chappell I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert Chappell I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1680 to Thomas Chappell and Elizabeth Jones. Most records of Prince George County where we lived are missing so I can say little about myself.
At least the will I made 3 February 1723/4 still remains. It reveals that I was hands-on planter, married to Sarah, and that I was then the father of 6 minor children. “Sick in body, but of good and perfect memory, thanks to Almighty God,” I was dead within a year.
After my widow, Sarah, married William Crawley, she and the children settled in Amelia County.
Chappell women liked horses. I left Sarah a sidesaddle in my will, and 37 years later she left a sidesaddle to her daughter Ann Neal. Billy Crawley was wealthy so I am sure it was not the same one. Our son James Chappell directed the executors of his will to buy new sidesaddles for his wife and all his daughters.
Among my descendants was James Chamberlayne Jones, congressman and governor of Tennessee.

We have yet to identify Robert’s wife, Sarah Chappell. Nor do we do not know anything about her family.
Robert help inventory the estate of William Epes 7 April 1711. 

Robert’s will: 3 February 1734/4
Robert apparently named his children in their order of birth. He was dead by 12 Feb. 1724/5 when they proved his will. 

Will of Robert Chappell
3 February 1723/4
In the name of God! Amen. The third of February Anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-three, I Robert Chappell of Prince George county, Planter, being sick in body, but of good and perfect memory, thanks to Almighty God, and calling to remembrance the uncertainty of this transitory life, and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
First. Being penitent and sorry for all my sins, most humbly desiring forgiveness for the same and commending my soul to Almighty God, my Savior and Redeemer, to whom and by whose love I trust and believe assuredly to be saved and have full remission and forgiveness for all my sins, and to inherit the Kingdon of Heaven. And my body I commit to the earth, to be decently buried under the direction of my executrix, to be hereafter named; and for the settlement of my estate and all goods, chattels and debts as it has pleased God to bestow upon me, I do order, give and dispose of it in the manner and form following:
Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my on Robert forty shillings in cash, one feather bed, my gun and wearing apparel, my horse, “Turk,” with saddle and furnishings, three cows and calves and my negro boy “Dick” to be delivered to him at the age of 21 years.
Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah one feather bed, forty shillings in cash and my negro girl named “Frank,” to be delivered to her when of age or at the time of marriage.
Item: I give to my daughter, Mary, one negro girl named Jenny.
Item: I give to my son John Five pounds Sterling in cash and my negro girl named “Patti.”
Item: I give to my daughter Ann my negro girl Amy, three pounds in cash and my sorrel mare, and her increase, (if there be any) to be divided between my two daughters Mary and Ann.
Item: I give to my youngest son James my negro boy Tom, to be given to him when he comes of age.
Item: I give to my beloved wife, Sarah, my negroes Harry, Jerry and Lydia, with the sidesaddle and furnishings, also three pounds nine shillings Sterling cash, and after her decease I give the negro boy Jerry to my son Robert. And it is my desire that the first increase that lives of all those before mentioned negroes I give one to my daughter Ann, and another to my son James; and if there be any others I give them to my children equally and to their issue forever. If any of my children die before becoming of age then I desire that they may be divided equally between the rest of my children living to maturity.
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife all the rest of my estate whether in debts due me or otherwise, except what household goods or moveables are left after my decease according to inventory, and these I desire may be equally divided between my wife and children, as they become of age, by any two neighbors as my wife thinks fit. And whatever cattle, sheep or hogs I have, I leave unto her to be given at her discretion, or any part of them, to my children as they become of age.
I do hereby make and appoint my dear and beloved wife Sarah full and sole executrix of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking, disannulling and making void all former wills and bequests by me made, and declaring this only to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereto I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Robert Chappell.

The word debts above meant “asset.”

Will of Sarah Crawley: 11 December 1759
Sarah Crawley wrote her will in Amelia County 11 Dec. 1759 and it was recorded 22 Jan. 1761.  She was at least 75 years old when she died, and had outlived her 1st husband 37 years.

Will of Sarah Crawley
11 December 1759
In the name of God, Amen. The eleventh day of December, A.D. 1759, I, Sarah Crawley, of the Parish of Raleigh and county of Amelia, being through the mercy of God, in health and lf sound and disposing memory, ro make and ordain this my last will and testament.
Imprimis. I give to my son Robert Chappell forty shillings, to be paid by my executors.
Item. I give to my daughter Mary Morgan forty shillings, current money.
Item. I give to my daughter Sarah Burton forty shillings, current money.
Item. I give to my son William Crawley one chest of drawers which he now has in his possession.
Item. I desire that my daughters Mary Morgan and Ann Neal divide my wearing clothes equally between themselves.
Item. I give to my daughter, Ann Neal my saddle, pewter, bed and furniture which I have at my son-in-law William Neal’s with the use of Negro girl Nancy and her increase during her natural life; and if my son-in-law William Neal have any demand against my estate it may be accounted for in his legacy and not come at any other part of my estate for satisfaction.
All of the above legacies are given in addition to what I have already given my said children.
Item. I give to my granddaughter Mary Neal one small trunk.
Item. My desire is that after the death of my daughter Ann Neal the Negro girl Nancy and her increase be equally divided among my four grandchildren, viz. Joel, John, Mary, and Elizabeth Neal.
Item. I give to my son James Chappell one Negro man named Hampton, he paying his brother John Chappell £30 current money.
Item. I give my stock of all kinds with all my other estate not heretofore mentioned to be equally divided between my sons John and James Chappell.
Lastly. I do constitute my loving sons John and James Chappell executors.
Sarah (x) Crawley
John Ford
John Ford Jr.

Descendants of Robert Chappell I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert Chappell II,  
Mary (—) Chappell,  Elizabeth (—) Chappell,  
Abraham Cocke,   John Banister,   
William Crawley,   
Ann Chappell,  Smith,  
Abraham Chappell,  Ann Drake,  Benjamin Watkins,  
Robert D. Chappell,  Elizabeth Simms,  
Henry Godsey,   
Nancy D. Chappell,  Jeremiah Newby,  
Rev. James Chappell,  Nancy Fowler Vaden,  Henry Vaden,  Susanna Green,   
Jesse Chappell,  
William Chappell,  
Polly Chappell,  Henry Godsey,   
Abraham Godsey,  
Susannah Chappell,  Collins Gooding Jr.,  
Ann Chappell,  William Drake,  
James Drake,  Sally Spradling,  
Anna Drake,  Merit Minter,  
William Drake,  Mary Turner Holland,  Mary Ann Paul,  
Cad Drake,  Elizabeth Hix,  Rebecca Hix,  
Andrew Drake,  Betsy Ann Bradley,  
Abram Drake,  Nancy Flowers,  
Thomas Drake,  
Nancy Drake,  
Martain Drake,  
Jemima Chappell,  Edmund Jennings,  
Sarah Chappell,  Larkin Pilkerton,  
Amy Chappell,  Thomas Franklin,  
Robert Chappell III,  Agnes Cross,   
Stephen Mayes,  
Henry Carleton,   Hinchia Gilliam,   
Molly Chappell,  Anderson Bagley,   John Norris Sr.,   John Norris Jr.,   Peter Burrow,  Thomas Short,  John Beasley,  James Henderson,   
John Atkinson,  Joel Booth,  Robert Brown,  James Smith,  Edward Brodnax,  Thomas Garland,  William Chambers,  Isaac Brown,  Stephen Brown,  
William Barrett,   
William Bagley,  Phoebe Marshall,   Dancy McCraw,   
Lucy Bagley,  Seaborn Jones Crallé,  
George Lewis Bagley,  Lucy Adams,  Thomas Adams,  Virginia Samford,  John Samford,  
Lucy Bagley,  
Cornelia Bagley,  
William McCraw Bagley,  Ann Gaulding,  John B. Gaulding,  Nannie Bagley,  George E. Smith,  
Ann Eliza Bagley,  Col. Robert Henderson Allen,  Jones Allen,  Dorothy Gee,  
Dr. William Jones Allen,  Martha L. Bragg,  
Capt. Cornelius Tacitus Allen,  
Edward Marshall Allen,  
Robert Alexander Allen,  
Anderson Bagley Allen,  
Anna Cralle Allen,  
George Thomas Allen,  
Horace Morrison Allen,  
Charles deGraffenried Allen,  
Anderson Bagley,  
Robert Bagley,  Lucy Edmunds Garland,   
Edward Garland Bagley,  Martha Elizabeth Trotter,  Juliana Pegram Trotter,  
Robert Samuel Bagley,  Julia —,  
Susan Reeves Stokes,  Colin Stokes,  Sallie Montfort Crallé,  Thomas Hebburn,  
Mary E. Bagley,  
Anderson Bagley,  Rev. William Ellis,  Sarah C. (Farmer) Fowlkes,   Asa Fowlkes,   
Leonard Crymes,  John Fowlkes,  William C. Fowlkes,   
Elizabeth Anderson Bagley,  
Frances Bagley,  Upton A. Edmundson,   
Caroline A.B. Edmundson,  Aaron J.J. Brown,  Rebecca L. (—) Brown,  
Upton Edmundson,  
Constance Edmundson,  Edward Gills,  
Polly Chappell Bagley,  Rev. John Cameron,   Dr. John Morrison,  
Dr. Edwin Armistead Morrison,  Mary C. Turnbull,   
Lucia Beverley Hackley,  Robert J. Hackley,  Mary Strachan,  
Robert J. Hackley,  
Robert J. Morrison,  Harriet R. Hackley,  
Mary Turnbull Morrison,  Dr. Thomas E. Marable,  
William Edwin Morrison,  
Samuel Jackson Morrison,  
Elizabeth Jane Morrison,  George W. Goodwin,  
Mary Albrinia Goodwin,  
George Goodwin,  
Martha Goodwin,  
Edwin P. Goodwin,  
Thomas H. Goodwin,  
James Horace Morrison,  
Caroline B. Morrison,  Joseph G. Griswold,  
Anderson B. Morrison,  
Channing M. Morrison,  
Hackley Turnbull Morrison,  Eliza Strachan Madison,  William A. Madison,  Betty —,  
James Gholson Morrison,  
Hugh Stockdell Morrison,  Frances Campbell Page,  
Hackley Morrison,  Elizabeth Noland Boyden,  
Elizabeth Madison Morrison,  George Minor Meredith,  
Harriet Randolph Morrison,  Freeman Ward Jones,  
Lucia Beverley Morrison,  David Meade Bernard II,  
James Gholson Morrison,  
Edwin Armistead Morrison,  
Richard Morrison,  
Jane Morrison,  Josiah B. Wilson,  
William Anderson Morrison,  
James Horace Morrison,  Margaret Ann Foster,  
Elizabeth A. Bagley,  Willis Pilkinton,  Mary Pilkinton,  William E. Estes,  
Elizabeth W. Pilkinton,  
James Bagley,  Mary Sharpe,  
Caroline A. Bagley,  John Shaw,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Samuel Watkins,   
Rev. John Cameron,   Green Coleman,  Sterling Neblett,  Mary Chappell,   
John Chappell,  Martha Cross,   Peter Lamkin Jr.,  
William Cocke Cross,   Elizabeth Davis,  
John Cross Chappell,  Milly Thompson Sandys,  
Robert Chappell,  Julia A. Jefferson,  Samuel Jefferson,  
Robert B. Chappell,  
Robert Chappell IV,  Sarah Garland,   
Elizabeth Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  
Martha Chappell,  Stephen Mayes,  
Jesse Woodward,  
Stephen Mayes,  
Elizabeth Mayes,  
Robert Chappell Mayes,  
Edward Mayes,  
Ann Mayes,  
Martha Mayes,  
Matthew Mayes,  
John Chappell,  
Patty Chappell,  James Bagley,   Moses Hurt Jr.,  Joshua Thomas,  
Mary Chappell,  Murrell,  
 Sarah (Chappell) Burton (-1781),  
John Burton,   
 Mary (Chappell) Morgan (c.1710-c.1780),  
Samuel Morgan,  Simon Morgan,  
Robert Coleman,  
David Neal,   
John Stanley,  Daniel Gill,  Robert Chappell,  John Neal,  Cain Mann,  
John Morgan,  John Ellington,   
Amy Willson,   Mary Walthall,   William Walthall,   
Absalom Tucker,  Robert Walthall,   
Martha (Huddleston) Tucker,  Francis Tucker,  
John Finney,   
Ellington Morgan,  Charlotte Sallard,  
John Morgan,  Ann Evans Neal,   
Elizabeth Ann Morgan,  Johns,  
Joel Morgan,  
Thomas Morgan,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  Sterling Williams,  
Martha Ellington Williams,  
Samuel Morgan,  Lucy Wills,  Lawrence Wills,  Anne Pryor,  
John McRae,  
Amy Ann Morgan,  Meriwether S. Hurt,  Absalom Hurt,  Sarah Stokes,  
Emily Susan Hurt,  Thomas Henry Fowlkes,   
Samuel John Hurt,  Elizabeth Stith,  
Josephus Hurt,  Arabella Smith,  
Minerva Anne Hurt,  Phineas Fowlkes,   
Dr. Jethro Meriwether Hurt,  Virginia Irby,   
Joseph Mettauer Hurt,  
Romulus Lewellyn Hurt,  Amelia Caroline Hardy,  John Covington Hardy,   Emeline Thomas Eldridge,  
Mary H. Morgan,  Jackson,  
Lucy Morgan,  Benjamin Bridgeforth,  
Catherine Morgan,  Reese,  
Samuel Wilson Morgan,  Ester Jane Robinson,  
Lt. John Lawrence Morgan,  Roberta Wills,  
William Morgan,  
Samuel Morgan,  John Clardy,  Mary Neal,   David Neal,   
John Morgan,  
William Morgan,  
Margaret Morgan,  McLurge,  
Dennis Morgan,  
Mary Morgan,  Neal,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  McLurge,  
Thomas Barton,  
Mary Barton,  
Tabitha Morgan,  Stephen Wilkinson,  Sarah Cook,   
John Wilkinson,  
Samuel Wilkinson,  
Sylvia Wilkinson,  Moore,  
Martha Wilkinson,  
Mary R. Wilkinson,  Stephen Kent,  
William Morgan,  
Simon Morgan,  
Elizabeth (—) Morgan,  
Simon Morgan,  Mary Newman,  Elizabeth Newman,  
William Morgan,  
Robert Morgan,  
Hannah Morgan,  
Nancy Morgan,  
Lucy Morgan,  
Polly Morgan,  
Lycugus Morgan,  
Amy Morgan,  David Ellington,   Shadrach Holt,   Samuel Poe,  
Mary Chappell Ellington,  Charles Worsham,  
Ann C. Ellington,  Henry Winn Jones,  
Mary Morgan,  Edmund Irby,  John Mann,  Joshua Irby,  Anthony Irby,  
Ann Morgan,  David Neal,   
Elizabeth Ridley Morgan,  Thomas Tabb Willis,  Simon Morgan,   Charles Wilson,   
Elizabeth Morgan,  Huddleston,  
 John Morgan (-1780),  
Thomas Green,   Rebecca (—) Green,  Robert Taylor,  
Elizabeth (—) Morgan,  Francis Hathaway,  John Vanlandingham,  Andrew Johnson,  
Thomas Eckles,  John Tabb,   
Winifred Morgan,  Green,  John Green,   
Samuel Morgan,  
Thomas Morgan,  John Vanlandingham,  Rachel (—) Morgan,  John Anderson,  
Jeremiah Morgan,  Elizabeth —,  
John Morgan,  Sarah Neblett,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  Ragsdale,  
Thomas Morgan,  
Jesse Morgan,  Mary Landrum,  
Sarah Morgan,  Baxter Ragsdale,  
Winifred Morgan,  Nathaniel Booth,   
William Morgan,  
John Morgan,  
Robert Morgan,  
Joshua Morgan,  
Jesse Morgan,  
Nanny Morgan,  Mackness,  
Betty Morgan,  Jackson,  
Mary Morgan,  Eckles,  Edward Eckles,  Thomas Eckles,  James Eckles,  
 Jacob Morgan,  
John Taylor,  Lucy (—) Taylor,  Jacob Mitchell,  John Mitchell,  
Samuel Morgan,  
John Hamlin,  Henrietta Hamlin,  
Paschal Greenhill,  
 John Chappell (-1775),  
William Crawley,   John Booth,  
Prudence (—) Chappell,  William Crawley,   
Robert Chappell,  Mary Tucker,   Richard Echols,   
Joel Chappell,  Tabitha Light,  
Robert Chappell,  Joanna Light,  
Nancy Chappell,  Richard A. Holland,  
Eliza Ellington Martin,  Anthony Caminetti,  
John Chappell,  
Ursula Chappell,  Joel Tucker,  
Prudence Chappell,  Robert G. Tucker,  
Martha Chappell,  William Dickie,   
Ann Prudence Dickie,  R.T. Oulds,  
Mary Robert Dickie,  
Ursula Dickie,  Hamlett,  
James Chappell,  William Crawley Jr.,   
Martha Wooding,  Robert Wooding,  
John Dickie,   
Robert Wooding Chappell,  Mary Tittle,  
John Chappell,  William Willson,   William Jones,  
Sarah Dickie,   Charles Old,   
Ann deGraffenried,  
Dickie Chappell,  Susan McCarty,  
Sarah Chappell,  Richard Wade,  George Wade,  Rev. Leonard Baker,  
Susannah Chappell,  Jordan Compton,  John Compton,  Ann Cross,  
John Chappell III,  Mary Pate,  Matthew Pate,  Drusilla Hobson,  
William Chappell,  Elizabeth Dickie,   
David Crawley Chappell,  
Sarah Chappell,  Nathaniel Strange,  
William Chappell,  Sarah L. Palmer,  
Dickie Chappell,  Frances Hobson,  Polly Hobson,  Susannah Pate Tinsley,   
John Watkins Chappell,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Kenner Crawley,  William Gresham,  
Alexander Chappell,  Nancy H. Irvine,  Samuel Irvine,  
Robert Chappell,  Elizabeth Brandon,  
Samuel Chappell,  John Clay,   Benjamin Crawley,   
Martha Perkinson,   
Prudence Chappell,  Thomas Weakly,  
 Ann (Chappell) Neal (-c.1793),  
William Neal,   Thomas Neal Jr.,   
Francis Moore Neal,   
Sarah Neal,  Miles Bott,   
Miles Bott,  Eve (—) Condrey,  
Sarah Bott,  Benjamin Branch,   Nathan Bott,  
Maria Eve Bott,  Frederick Clarke,  
Miles Bott,  Mary Beverley,  
Martha Ann Bott,  Samuel Parkhill,  
Martha Bott,  Edward Branch,  Rev. John Brunskill,  Edward Branch,   Edward Branch,   
James Bott,  Lucy Branch,   
Elizabeth Finney Bott,  Edward Henry Jones,   
Lucy Turpin Bott,  William H. Booth,  Matthew Booth,  
Sarah Ann Bott,  George Dugger,  
Archibald Bott,  Sarah Gill,  Joseph Gill Jr.,  
Thomas Bott,  
James Bott,  Susan Boisseau Hatcher,   
Sidney Bott,  Columbia (—) Bott,  
Benjamin Bott,  
Susan Bott,  
Edward Branch Bott,  Sally Prudence Parham,  William Parham,  
Eliza S. Bott,  Thomas C. Branch,  
Virginia Ann Bott,  Benjamin B. King,  
Elizabeth King,  
Lelia King,  
Limbry King,  
Benjamin King,  
Virginia King,  
Lucy M. Bott,  William S. King,  
James P. Bott,  
William C. Bott,  
John B. Bott,  
Louisa Bott,  Robert Spotswood,  
Luke Bott,  
Joel Bott,  
Luke Bott,  Mary F. Mann,  John Ford,  Field Mann,  Page Ford,  Mary Page Ford,  
William Bott,  
Ann Bott,  John Archer,  
Miles Archer,  Ann W. Archer,  William Archer,  
Mary E. Archer,  James M. Pritchett,   
John W. Pritchett,  Mary F. —,  
William L. Pritchett,  
Virgil M. Pritchett,  
William Archer,  Page Patrick Hatcher,   
Marcellus W. Archer,  
William C. Archer,  
Virginius Archer,  
Richard Archer,  
Adolphus Archer,  
Benjamin Archer,  P. Agnes Grigg,  Peter Grigg,  
Burke Archer,  
John Bott,  
Joel Neal,  William Morgan,  Simon Morgan,   Miles Bott,   
John Neal,  
Clarissa (—) Neal,  John Morgan,   Simon Morgan,   Guielmus Howlett,  
John Smith,  
Anthony Street,  Philip Poindexter,  
John Smith,  
Joel Neal,  Henrietta Davis,  John Davis,  
John Poindexter Neal,  William Pettus,  Elizabeth Dunn,   
Nancy Neal,  John Poindexter,  
William Neal,  
Elizabeth Waddill Neal,  John Smith,  Royston Betts,  
James Neal,  Mary E. Stokes,  Henry Stokes,  
Alexander R. Neal,  Ann E. Hurt,  Patrick H. Hurt,  
Ann E. Neal,  Munford A. Hurt,  
Henry S. Neal,  
Allen Y. Neal,  
James C. Neal,  
Mary Neal,  William Ellington,   Charles Lovell,  William Pillow,  Joseph Noble,  
Thomas Ellington,  
William Ellington,  
Joel Ellington,  Mary Webber,  
John Ellington,  
Elizabeth Neal,  Thomas Osborne,  
John Neal Osborne,  
Ann Evans Neal,  John Morgan,   
 Thomas Neal (-1764),  
Henry Hill,  
Burwell Perkinson,   
Margaret (—) Neal,  
Charles Hudson,  
Elizabeth Neal,  Joseph Traylor,   
William Neal,  Ann Chappell,   
Margaret Neal,  Hugh Bragg,  Hugh Bragg,  Richard Kennon,  
Frances Neal,  Dunnavant,  
Mary Neal,  Clark,  
Francis Moore Neal,  Ann Bevill,   Thomas Whitworth,  
Thomas Neal,  
Edward Neal,  
Ann Neal,  Abraham Burton,   
Sarah Neal,  George Archer,   Jesse Traylor,   
William Rowlett,   
Thomas Neal,  
Thomas Neal,  
Frances Archer,   
 Stephen Neal (-1740),  
Thomas Neal,   
Margaret (—) Neal,  
Thomas Neal,  Col. Samuel Cobbs,   
Roger Neal,  Catherine (—) Neal,  William Feaston,  
John Neal,  Alexander Roberts,   
Stephen Neal,  Joseph Osborne,   
Ann Neal,  
Mary Neal,  John Hatchett,   
Margaret Neal,  George Burks,  Charles Burks,  
David Neal,  Hugh Chambers,  
Roger Neal,  Ann Hatchett,   
Thomas Neal,  
Stephen Neal,  Ann (—) Neal,  Abraham Marshall,   
William Neal,  John Vaughan,   
John Neal,  
Mary Neal,  Samuel Morgan,   
Eleanor Neal,  Thomas Henry Rives,  Mary Edwards,  
Joanna Rives,  Terisha Turner,  
William McGuffy Rives,  Mary Turner,  Stephen Reuben Turner,  
Stephen Neal,  Elizabeth (—) Neal,  Hugh Chambers,  Joseph Osborne,   
Catherine Feaston,  William Feaston,  
Ann Neal,  William Marshall,  Thomas Bottom,   
John Neal,  
Judith Willis,  
William Marshall,  Ann Ellington,   
Branch Tanner,   
Michal Marshall,  
Daniel Marshall,  Sarah Thompson,  Morgan Thompson,  Rev. John Brunskill,  Joseph Wills,  Mary Thompson,  
Martha Marshall,  
Ann Marshall,  William Crowder,  
Judith Crowder,  Allen Jeter,   
Ann Crowder,  John Crowder,  
Polly Crowder,  Dabney Miller,  
Lucy Crowder,  Thomas Johnson,  
John M. Crowder,  Elizabeth Webster,  
Elizabeth Crowder,  Edward Webster,  
Rebecca C. Crowder,  Herbert Eanes,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  
Robert Marshall,  Mary (—) Marshall,  
William Marshall,  
John Marshall,  Judith (—) Marshall,  
Robert Marshall,  William Hatchett,   John Hatchett,   Margaret Osborne,   
Sarah Marshall,   
Abraham Marshall,  Elizabeth Osborne,   
Stephen Neal,   
Elizabeth Marshall,  
John Neal,  William Hatchett,   
Mary Neal,  
 Thomas Bott (-c.1776),  
Elizabeth (—) Bott,  Ann (—) Bott,  James Bevill,  
Capt. John Bevill,  
Rev. George Robertson,   
Richard Kennon,  
William Bell,  Jane Bell,  
Thomas Bott,  
William Bott,  Susanna Fowler,  Godfrey Fowler,  Samuel Pitchford,  
Edward Osborne,   William Willson,   
Tabitha Sears,  
Elizabeth Bott,  Thomas Walthall,   
Miles Bott,  Sarah Neal,   Jeremiah Keen,   
Ann Bott,  William Hall,   
Martha Bott,  James Hall,   
Lydia Bott,  Thomas Bottom,   
Thomas Walthall,  William Bott,  Thomas Bott,  
Miles Bottom,  Clary Callicott,  James Callicott,  Clary —,  
Mary Bottom,  John Chastain,  
Nancy Bottom,  James Powell,  
Rhoda Bottom,  Asa Folkes,  
Frances Bottom,  John Neal,  
John Bottom,  
Frances Bottom,  Charles Cogbill,   
William Bottom,  John Drinkard,  
William Williams Hall,   James Baird,  
Jane Bottom,  Bowler Hall,   
Joel Farris,  
Elizabeth Bottom,  Faris,  
Thomas Bottom,  Sarah Oliver,   
Col. John Bott,  
Ann (—) Bott,  
Betsy Ann Bott,  Bathurst Claiborne,   
 James Chappell (c.1722-1776),  
Robert Taylor,  John Cook,  
Susan Hudson,  Nicholas Hudson,   Phoebe Archer,   
David Crawley,   Alexander McNabb,  William Worsham,   William Jackson,  
Martha Chappell,  William Howlett,   Thomas Howlett,   
Thomas Howlett,  Martha Archer Branch,   Elizabeth Boisseau,   
James Howlett,  Lucy Mann,  Cain Mann Jr.,  
William Howlett,  
Sarah Chappell,  John Clay,   
Elizabeth Chappell,  Henry Cox,  
Judge James H. Cox,  
Ann Chappell,  William Winfree,   
Major Winfree,   Samuel Clark,  
Elizabeth Winfree,  William Neal Traylor,   
Sarah Traylor,  Arthur Taylor,  B. Woody,  
James Wiley Winfree,  Lucy Patterson,  Daniel Patterson,  Elizabeth A.J. Branch,  Ann Childress,  
Lucy Ann Winfree,  Mr. Jordan Branch,  Caroline (—) Branch,  
Sarah S. Winfree,  Dr. Sydenham Walke,   
William P. Winfree,  
David Winfree,  
Martha E. Winfree,  William T. Lithgow,  
Nancy Winfree,  
William Winfree,  
Susanna Winfree,  
Martha Winfree,  James Clopton,  
Abner Winfree,  
Thomas Winfree,  
Mina Winfree,  
William Chappell,  
Miles Chappell,  David Crawley,   Sarah Mann,  
Rev. John Finney,   
Abner Chappell,  William Crawley,   
Susannah Moore,  
Susanna Crawley,  Benjamin Crawley,   Jonathan Crawley,  
Hugh W. Burch,  John Cates,  
Wiley Chappell,  Daniel DeJarnette,   Harriet Posey,  
Susan A. Chappell,  
Harriet E. Chappell,  
Jesse A. Chappell,  
Sally H. Chappell,  
William Chappell,  
Robert A. Chappell,  Susannah Hudson Chappell,   
Capt. John Abner Chappell,  
Miles Chappell,  Priscilla Parker,  
Robert Chappell,  Peggy Williamson,  Llewellyn Williamson,  
George Collins,  
John Chappell,  Dorothy Ford,   Elizabeth Townes Craddock,   
William Hudson,  
Martha Chappell,  Dr. William H. Vaughan,   Samuel Overton,  
James Chappell,  Louisa Marshall Seay,   
Dr. William H. Chappell,  Susan Jordan,  Clement H. Jordan,  Mary Edwards,  
Elizabeth C. Chappell,  Rev. John Johns,  
James Chappell,   John Abner Chappell,   
Richard Granville Chappell,  Mary E. Bell,  
Charles Edward Chappell,  Ann B. Harwood,  Melissa Watkins,  
Hiram T. Chappell,  
John Abner Chappell,  Virginia Haskins,  
Lyconia Yarbrough,  
Alice Virginia Chappell,  James P. Wingo,  
Helen Chappell,  
James Chappell,  George Worsham,   
Lucy Woodson,  John Woodson,  
Lucy Ransom Chappell,  John Britton,  
Nancy Davenport Chappell,  Richard Oliver,  
Lucy Oliver,  Poole,  
Harriet Oliver,  Crawley,  
Elizabeth Oliver,  Garlington,  
Sarah Oliver,  
John Woodson Chappell,  Minerva Hendrick,  
Harriet Chappell,  
Capt. James O. Chappell,  
Capt. John H. Chappell,  
Susannah Hudson Chappell,  Robert A. Chappell,   
Thomas Abner Chappell,  Harriet C. Farmer,  
Maj. James Miles Chappell,  Mary Rebecca Pate,  Samuel Pate,  Susan Watkins,  
Dorothy Chappell,  Epes Spain Jr.,  William Howlett,   James Howlett,   Watkins,  
Catherine Chappell,  Peter Jones,   Richard Jones,   Edward Ward,   Anne Jones,  Watkins,  
William Crawley Ward,   Col. Edward Ward,   
Richard Watkins,   
Catherine Chappell Jones,  William Hart,  
Amelia Jones,  John Hannah,  Dr. Ragland,  
Alexander Jones,  Martha Cockrell,  
Algernon Sidney Jones,  Mary Jane Overton,   
James Chamberlayne Jones,  Sarah Watson Munford,  
Agnes F. Watkins,  Dr. William P. Sayle,  
James Sayle,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Jones Allen - Civil War Cornelius Tacitus Allen - Civil War
Edward Marshall Allen - Civil War Upton Edmondson - Mexican War
Robert J. Morrison - Civil War William Edwin Morrison - Civil War
Samuel J. Morrison - Civil War George W. Goodwin - Civil War
James Horace Morrison - Civil War Anderson B. Morrison - Civil War
Channing M. Morrison - Civil War Freeman Ward Jones - Civil War
Romulus Lewellyn Hurt - Civil War Benjamin Bridgeforth - War of 1812
John Lawrence Morgan - War of 1812 Robert Chappell - War of 1812
Archibald Bott - War of 1812 Thomas Bott - War of 1812
Thomas Ellington - War of 1812 Miles Bottom - Revolutionary War
James Howlett - War of 1812 James Wiley Winfree - War of 1812
Abner Winfree - War of 1812 Thomas Winfree - War of 1812
Abner Chappell - Revolutionary War John Abner Chappell - Civil War
Miles Chappell - War of 1812 James Chappell Jr. - Revolutionary War
Capt. James O. Chappell - Civil War Capt. John H. Chappell - Civil War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Anthony Caminetti - U.S. James Chamberlayne Jones - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
James Chamberlayne Jones - Tennessee  

Legislators - colonial and state
George E. Smith - Virginia Robert Samuel Bagley - Virginia
Upton A. Edmondson - Virginia Robert Chappell IV - Virginia
Joseph Mettauer Hurt - Virginia Anthony Caminetti - California
Frederick Clarke - Virginia James H. Cox - Virginia
William P. Winfree - Virginia James Chamberlayne Jones - Tennessee

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Thomas Bott  

Names on the map
Bagleys Mills, Lunenburg County, was named for family of Anderson Bagley Morgansville, Nottoway County, named for Samuel Morgan
Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas, was named for Robert Wooding Chappell  

Selected sources
Bell, Landon C. Cumberland Parish Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1816, Vestry Book, 1746-1816. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1994:190-192. • Repetition of Phil E. Chappell’s book with a focus on Robert Chappell.
Bell, Landon C. The Old Free State: A Contribution to the History of Lunenburg County and Southside Virginia. 2 Vols. Richmond: The William Byrd Press, 1927(2):105-112. • Family of Ann Eliza Bagley and Col. Robert Henderson Allen.
Chappell, Phil E. A Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and Other Kindred Families of Virginia, 1635-1900. Kansas City, Missouri: Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company, 1900. • A very early work on the family of Thomas Chappell including his son, Thomas Chappell, and grandson Robert Chappell. Although it errs in the early generations, it contains some very useful information on subsequent generations of the Chappell family.
Sheppard, Susan Bracey. “Some Robert Chappells of Amelia and Lunenburg Counties, Virginia.” The Southside Virginian. 2:147-155 (1983-84). • Distinguishes Robert Chappell from the others of this name.

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