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 1812   Robert George (1665-1733)
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Robert George, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert George might describe his life as follows.

Thomas Elliott, who came to Virginia from Chipping Orgur, Essex County, England, and his wife, Sarah, were parishioners of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County. Mr. Elliott died leaving an infant daughter, Mary, and was buried 4 March 1686/7.  Only four months later, on 6 July 1687, I took Sarah as my wife.  I was then 21 having been born 20 February 1665/6.
In 1699 I secured a patent to 188 acres in Middlesex County for the importation of 4 individuals to the Colony. My farm lay on the church road next to Humphrey Jones and Nicholas West.  These were the 180 acres for which Middlesex taxed me 1704. 
Sarah and I were the parents of 8 children whose names appear in the now partly-mutilated will I made in 1733 at age 68. The same church register where you can find the record of our marriage reports that, “Robert George Senr dyed January ye 21 & was buried January ye 23 1733.” They added only a bit later, “Sarah George dyed April ye 14 1734.” 
Our sons John George and Richard George, who were the executors,  appraised my estate—including 10 slaves—for £145. 

The dates of birth of Isaac and Robert George, 20 Feb. 1635/6 and 20 Feb. 1665/6, respectively, are revealed in a Family Bible in which Robert’s daughter Sarah, who was born 20 Feb. 1692/3 per the Christ Church Parish Register, wrote “My father Robert George, his father Isaac George, and I Sarah Blakely, were born the same month and day.” 

Sarah’s other family
Sarah Elliott had a daughter named Mary Elliott who was baptized 27 Feb. 1686/7 and married John Goodwin in Christ Church Parish 22 April 1705.  Their son, John Goodwin, was baptized 7 April 1706.  Mary, who died 24 Nov. 1734,  lived to see the birth of a grandson, Robert Goodwin, son of John Goodwin and his wife, Jane, who was born 30 Dec. 1733. 

Robert George, the cobbler
Also in Middlesex County was one Robert George who was the servant of Ralph Wormeley in 1681, and a shoemaker to whom George Gibbs was bound out in 1687.  When he testified regarding the death of Sarah Gambrell in 11 Feb. 1695/6, Robert swore he was aged 34.  Had my ancestor Robert George correctly stated his age, he would have been 29.

Robert’s will
Robert’s will is damaged but here is what we can still make out on it. 

Will of Robert George
Will of Robert George on the Parish of Christ Church in the County of Middlesex, being sick and weak of body, dated… 1733.
… all of that tract of land which I purchased… Essex whereon the said John George now… together with stocks of cattle… on the said plantation.
[Ric]hard George all… whereon I now live… and furniture and two cows.
Sarah wife of Churchill…
… Robert Williamson…
… wife of John Thompson.
… Negro boy named George to her heirs.
Unto my grandson Robert Mickelburrough one Negro boy Pamplen.
Unto my grandson Richard Thilman one Negro boy Winny.
Unto my granddaughter Sarah Thilman one Negro woman Alice, providing that at her marriage or arriving at the age of eighteen years she have the said Negro and the child or children she shall have between this time and then valued and pay one third of the value thereof to my grandson John Thilman and on other third unto my… [Pa]uel Thilm[an].
Unto my daughter Catherine Macta[re] all the rest of my personal estate.
Dick and Jack I lend unto my loving w[ife]…natural life and after her decease… Jack to my son Robert George.
… daughters Catherine Macktyer or Sar[ah]… Thompson and my grandson Robert M[ ].
… George executors.
[Signature missing]
Wit: Richard Greenwood, George Blackley, Elizth. M[acktyer].

Descendants of Robert George
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Catherine (George) McTyre (c.1689-),  
Hugh McTyre,  
Elizabeth McTyre,  
Sarah McTyre,  
Lucretia McTyre,  
Betty McTyre,  
Anne McTyre,  
Hugh McTyre,  Rachel (—) McTyre,  
James McTyre,  
 Sarah (George) Blakey (1692-),  
Churchill Blakey,  Thomas Blakey,  Catherine Susanna Churchill,  
Thomas Blakey,  Ann Haden,  Anthony Haden,  
George Tomas Blakey,  Churchill Haden Blakey,  Bolling Anthony Blakey,  
Whitsitt Hall,  
Margaret Blakey,  
George Blakey,  Catherine Shelton,  Ralph Shelton,  Mary —,  Patience Catesby Blakey,  
Clara (Smith) Daniel,  John Smith,  Anne —,  Garrett Daniel,  
Smith Blakey,  
John Blakey,  Jane Chowning,  
Angus Rucker Blakey,  
Robert Blakey,  
Churchill Blakey,  Robert Clarke,  Ann Chowning,  William Chowning,  
Robert Blakey,  
Thomas E. Blakey,  
Betty Blakey,  Joe Eddins,  
Jane Blakey,  
Sarah Blakey,  
William Blakey,  
Susannah Blakey,  
Catherine Blakey,  
 Robert George (1697-1766),  
Anne (Allen) Nash,  Richard Allen,  Elizabeth —,  Arthur Nash,  
William Davis,  John Allen,  
George Peay,  
Betty George,  Robert Mickleborough,   
John George,  Elizabeth —,  Elizabeth (Lee) Alden,  John Alden,  George Lee,  
William George,  Ann Batchelder,  Anne Maria Edgar,  
John Batchelder George,  
Lewis Dudley George,  
James Meacham George,  
William George,  
Elizabeth George,  
Harriet George,  
Maria George,  
Catherine George,  John Wortham,  
Susanna George,  John George,   
Frances Owen George,  Henry Blakey,  
Jane George,  Benjamin Hackney,  William Hackney,  
Jane Hackney,  
Kitty Hackney,  
Sarah George,  
Robert George,  Mary —,  
Anne George,  
Lodowick George,  
 Elizabeth (George) Mickleborough Williamson (c.1698-),  
Edmund Mickleborough,  Edmund Mickleborough,  Jane —,  
Robert Williamson,  Robert Williamson,  Katherine Lewis,  Elizabeth Minor,  
Robert Mickleborough,  George Goodwin,  Betty George,   
John Thilman,   Reuben George,   
Benjamin Williamson,  
John Williamson,  Sarah —,  
 Jane (George) Thilman (1702-1730),  
Paul Thilman,  Paul Thilman,  Sarah Perrott,  
Sarah Thilman,  John Woolfolk,  Robert Woolfolk,  
Paul Woolfolk,  
John Woolfolk,  Lucy Isbell,   
Anne Woolfolk,  
Paul Thilman,  Elizabeth Farish,  Robert Farish,  Sarah —,  John Sutton,  Pleasant Terrell,  Sally Dudley,  
Sarah Thilman,  Robert Graham,  
John Thilman,  
Elizabeth Thilman,  
Jane Thilman,  James Doswell,  
Jane Doswell,  DeJarnett,  Henry Winston,  
Elizabeth DeJarnett,  
William J. DeJarnett,  
James Winston,  
Thomasia Winston,  
Philip Paul Winston,  
Henrietta Winston,  
Thomas Doswell,  Susan Brown Christian,  Turner Christian,  
James Turner Doswell,  
Jane Eliza Doswell,  William M. Sutton,  James T. Sutton,  
Thomas Walker Doswell,  Frances Ann Sutton,  James T. Sutton,  
Sarah Catherine Doswell,  Dr. Lewis T. Taliaferro,  
Isaac W. Walker,  
Paul Thilman,  Barbara Overton Winston,  Bathurst Jones,  
William H. Thilman,  
Paul Thilman,  
Richard Thilman,  
Elizabeth Thilman,  Col. William Trueheart,  
Frances Street Thilman,  Haslewood Farish,  
Richard Thilman,  
Jane Thilman,  George Peay,  
John Thilman,  Ann (—) Thilman,  Vivion Minor,  
 John George (1704-1784),  
 Susanna (George) Thompson (1707-),  
John Thompson,  
Susanna Thompson,  
Jane Thompson,  
John Thompson,  
Sarah Thompson,  
Richard Thompson,  
Anna Thompson,  
 Richard George (1709-1773),  
Elizabeth Mayo,   George Goodwin,  
Prudence (—) Lynch,  Mary (—) Tunstall,  John Goodwin,  Ann (—) George,  Benjamin Hubbard,   
Ann George,  Rev. Henry Gaines,  
Robert George,  
James Mayo George,  
Jonadab George,  
Mary George,  Moza Adams,   
Jonadab George,  Polly Hubbard,   
Henry George,  
Jane George,  
Susanna George,  Fulcher,  
Elizabeth Fulcher,  
Catherine George,  Southworth,  
Sarah George,  Gaines,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Churchill Blakey - Revolutionary War Robert Blakey - War of 1812
William George - Revolutionary War John Woolfolk - Revolutionary War
William Trueheart - War of 1812 James Mayo George - Revolutionary War
Jonadab George - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Churchill Haden Blakey - Kentucky Bolling Anthony Blakey - Georgia
George Tomas Blakey - Kentucky Whitsitt Hall - Kentucky
Angus Rucker Blakey - Virginia Churchill Blakey - Virginia
Robert Blakey - Virginia Thomas E. Blakey - Virginia
Col. William Trueheart - Virginia  

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“Thilman Family Records.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 15:126-128. • Family of Paul Thilman as derived from “Genealogy of the Thilman Family Through Henly C. Doswell of Hanover Co.”

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