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 1814   James Jordan (-1710)
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James Jordan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Jordan might describe his life as follows.

Ann Burke and I were parishioners of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, when we married 23 February 1703/4,  and we were the parents of Ann and John whose births were also recorded in the parish register.
We had been married a bit more than 6 years when I made my will 27 February 1709/10 mentioning my stepson Henry Burke, who was then a minor, and “all my children,” without naming them. I appointed Ann executor. 
Ann wasted no time lining up her third husband, Valentine Mayo, and together they returned the inventory of my estate 3 May 1712.  Not until 4 October 1715 was my will recorded. 
Ann was supposed to be sure the property I left to our children got to them as they came of age and not let it get mixed up with stuff belonging Valentine and their children. Apparently concerned with what was happening to my estate, the court on 2 July 1717 ordered Ann, already widowed again, to give them an accounting of it. 

Descendants of James Jordan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Ann Jordan,  
 Mary (Jordan) George (-1750),  
Millicent Jordan,  
John George,   
 John Jordan,  

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