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 1984   Thomas Petty I (-1750)
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Thomas Petty I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Petty I might describe his life as follows.

I married Catherine Garton, a daughter of John Garton and his wife, Mary, by 6 March 1700/1. 
Notes made by a surveyor of Richmond County placed my land in Sittenburne Parish, on the Rappahannock River. 
Catherine was dead and I was “sick and weak of body” when I marked my will with a T on 31 January 1748/9. Since I had already provided for five sons and two married daughters, I left them a shilling each. The rest of my estate went to my youngest son, George, and spinster daughter, Martha.

We have been unable to identify when John or Mary Garton arrived in the Colony. No patent mentions their name.
A 1756 deed in Orange County reveals that Alexander Spotswood deeded 150 acres in Orange County to Thomas Petty for the lives of William Petty, son of Thomas Petty, and Theophilus Petty, son of his brother.  We do not know which son of the elder Thomas Petty was the father of Theophilus.

Will of Thomas Petty
Here is the will of Thomas Petty presented by George and Martha Petty 24 May 1750.

Will of Thomas Petty
31 January 1748/9
To my son John Petty one shilling.
To my son Thomas Petty one shilling.
To my son Christopher Petty one shilling.
To my son William Petty one shilling.
To my son James Petty one shilling.
Unto my daughter Rebecca Sims one shilling.
Unto my daughter Mary Knight one shilling.
To my son George Petty and my daughter Martha Petty all my estate equally divided.
My son George Petty executor and my daughter Martha Petty executrix.

Descendants of Thomas Petty I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Petty II (c.1705-),  
 Rebecca (Petty) Sims,  
Thomas Sims,  
 John Petty (-1770),  
Rebecca Sims,  Thomas Sims,  Rebecca Harrelson,  
Thomas Petty,  
Reuben Petty,  
Sarah Petty,  Corley,  
Tabitha Petty,  Edwards,  
Luke Petty,  
Abner Petty,  
George Petty,  Elizabeth McNeal,  
John Petty,  Jemima Boston,  
Zachariah Petty,  Rebecca Simms,  
Jemima Petty,  
Ann Petty,  William Ransdell,  
Rebecca Petty,  Boston,  
Francis Petty,  
Alphia Petty,  John Ford,  Elizabeth (—) Pannell,  Thomas Pannell,  
Ann Ford,  James Steel,  
Mary Ford,  Robert Sparks,  
 Christopher Petty,  
 William Petty,  
 Mary (Petty) Knight,  
 Martha Petty,  
 James Petty,  
 George Petty (-1752),  
Jemima (—) Petty,  
Catherine Petty,  

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