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 2008   John Adams I (c.1660-c.1720)
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John Adams I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Adams I might describe his life as follows.

Since I lived some in Stafford County, I may be the John Adams whose name appeared in a patent for Mr. George Brent who paid my passage to Virginia before December 1677 when the governor granted him a huge tract of land in Stafford along Little Hunting Creek,  very near George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.
Katherine and I lived in Northumberland County until 9 January 1701/2 when, as “John Adams, Carpenter, of Northumberland,” I bought 130 acres on Accotink Creek in Stafford County.  The next month Katherine and I sold our 60 acres, “on left hand of the main road that goes from Coan mill toward Quintonoake” in Northumberland to John Shirley for 2,000 pounds of tobacco.  The term, “carpenter,” then meant builder or architect.
Although the governor parceled out land in most of Virginia, Stafford County was later the domain of the Fairfax family who in 1735 granted me 393 more acres on Accotink,  which now threads its way through residential communities west of Alexandria, Virginia.
Although Katherine and I were undoubtedly the parents of several children, only John Jr., who bought land in Stafford in 1705, can be identified as our son.

We have not identified Katherine, John’s wife. Another son is likely Gabriel Adams. 

Descendants of John Adams I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Adams II (c.1685-c.1750),  
 Gabriel Adams (-1750),  
Simon Pearson,  
John Mercer,  
Priscilla Pearson,  Thomas Pearson,  
John Adams,  Susanna —,  
Gabriel Adams,  
Simon Adams,  
Sylvester Adams,  Thomas Owen,  Littleberry Bostick,  Valentine Hatcher,   
William Adams,  Ann Wrenn,  
Simon Adams,  Catherine Wrenn,  
John Adams,  
Samuel Adams,  
Rev. Wesley Adams,  
Sarah Adams,  Rev. William Watters,  
Edward Adams,  
Ann Adams,  Muir,  
Susanna Adams,  Wrenn,  
Margaret Adams,  Rev. John Childs,  
Susanna Adams,  John Summers,  
John Summers,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Sylvester Adams - Revolutionary War Simon Adams - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Simon Adams - Kentucky  

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