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 226   George DeJarnette (1763-1841)
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George DeJarnette, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, George DeJarnette might describe his life as follows.

I was only 20 when I married Ann Walker of Essex County 18 December 1783 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia.  Two years later we were living in a household of 2 in northeastern Pittsylvania County,  likely on 100 acres my father owned there in 1782. 
I operated a tavern on present-day Highway 40 between Stovall and Brookneal that is the oldest standing building in Halifax County. It is deteriorating now, but I hear it is soon to be preserved. I also owned land in Pittsylvania County where I was a justice of the peace. 
Ann and I had 9 children before her death. Her headstone reads “Ann W. DeJarnatt Consort of George DeJarnatt, Pittsylvania Ct. VA and daughter of Henry Walker of King and Queen Co. VA born in the year 1764 and died the 7th of Oct 1837.” Consort as used then meant wife.
I made my will 13 July 1839. Because daughter Mary Ann was dead, I left one-ninth of my estate to be divided between her Carr and Lipscomb children. Likewise, I left one-ninth to Susanna’s McAllister children.
I was 75 when I died in Pittsylvania County 2 January 1841 and am in the family cemetery next to my wife where a gravestone marks my last resting place. “George DeJarnette who was born in Caroline County VA 18 Feb 1763 and died 2 Jan 1841.” Nearby are our daughters Susanna, and Mary Ann and her second husband, Jordan Lipscomb.

Land purchases
On 18 July 1800 his father sold George 100 acres on Straightstone Creek next to William Vaughan.  George bought 280 acres on the Staunton River from John Ward in Feb. 1814,  which he sold to his son Henry for $1,000 in Dec. 1825. 
From 1821 until 1835 George bought 4 tracts of land in Pittsylvania County aggregating 819 acres.  His executors would later sell 107 acres of his land at Straightstone Creek where he lived. 

DeJarnette Tavern
George DeJarnette had a tavern on the road in Halifax County near Stovall, 10 miles from Brookneal, Va. When wealthy people of Washington, New York, and other Northern cities would come South in the winter by stage coach or private horse drawn carriage, they would stop at the DeJarnette tavern for rest, food, and lodging. In cold, unpleasant weather, they might have stayed several days. The DeJarnettes encountered many interesting and attractive people. One couple had a beautiful young daughter without arms who used her feet for hands. She was well educated and wrote and painted as well as anyone with arms.
The DeJarnette tavern stands on Highway 40 between Gretna and Charlotte Courthouse. The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities purchased the building in 2002. Although in a deteriorated condition, it is said to be the oldest standing building in Halifax County.

Will of George DeJarnette
The Pittsylvania County court proved George’s will 15 Feb. 1841.

Will of George DeJarnette
13 July 1839
In the name of God Amen, I George Dejarnatt of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia…
First, I give to my son Henry W. Dejarnatt the sum of $50.00. I give to my son Thomas Dejarnatt 1 cow and calf, 1 bed and furniture…
I give the balance of my estate in the following manner, that is to say - I give to George D. Scruggs in trust for the uses and purposes hereinafter set forth, that is to say 1/9th part of my estate - I give to the said George D. Scruggs upon this expressed trust and condition that he shall take charge of the same for the use of my daughter Ednay Scruggs the mother of said George which the said George is to manage the same for his mother during her life or give it up and pay over to her at any time my said daughter Ednay Scruggs may wish.
… after my daughter Milly Scruggs death the said land to be sold… the money arising therefrom to be equally divided between my said daughter’s children, which land I price at $400.00.
I give to Jordain R. Lipscomb in trust… 1/9th part of my estate upon this expressed trust and condition that he shall take charge and manage the same for the benefits of my grandchildren by the name of McAllester, the children of my daughter Susanner McAllester upon the expressed trust and condition that the said Jordain R. Lipscomb shall pay over to my aforesaid grandchildren their proportional part of the said estate as they become of age or marry.
I give my three grandchildren by the name of Paul Carr, Adeline Weatherford, formerly Carr, and Patience Weatherford, formerly Patience Carr two-fifths of one ninth of my estate to be equally divided between them.
I give to my three grandchildren by the name of George Lipscomb, John Lipscomb and Mary Lipscomb the children of my daughter Mary three fifths of one ninth of my estate… with this condition that my son-in-law Jordain R. Lipscomb shall receive the said estate for the purpose of rasing and schooling my said grandchildren and use the said as he shall see cause.
I give to my son James Dejarnett one ninth part of my estate,
I give to my son Henry W. Dejarnett one ninth part of my estate…
I give to my daughter Rebekah Pitts one ninth part of my estate.
I give to my son Daniel one ninth part of my estate.
I give to Thomas Dejarnett one ninth part of my estate, besides the cow and calf, bead and furniture hereinbefore given which I give to them and their heirs forever…
Executor John L. Adams. Written 13th day of July, 1839.
George Dejarnatt
James M. Clements
John E. Brown
Charles J. Clements

Ann’s obituary
Ann’s obituary appeared in the Lynchburg Virginian 30 Oct. 1837.

Died at her residence in Pittsylvania C., V. on Oct. 07, Mrs Ann W. DeJarnette consort of George DeJarnette in her 74th year, having been married 55 years. She leaves her husband and children.

Descendants of George DeJarnette
Information about the children of George DeJarnette, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Walker Dejarnatt (1791-1851),  
Lucinda Kemp Buckley,  John Buckley,  James G. Dejarnatt,   Jesse Buckley,  
Joseph W. Dejarnatt,  
Henry Walker Dejarnatt,  
Nicholas Pressley Dejarnatt,  
Jesse Buckley Dejarnatt,  
Alexander W. Dejarnatt,  
John Buckley Dejarnatt,  
Amanda Dejarnatt,  
Daniel Dejarnatt,  
Mary Dejarnatt,  
Benjamin Dejarnatt,  
Virginia Rutledge DeJarnatt,  
 Edna (Dejarnatt) Scruggs (1785-1870),  
Thomas Scruggs,  Drury Edward Scruggs Sr.,  Elizabeth Tabb,  
George Dejarnatt Scruggs,  
Elizabeth Scruggs,  
Nancy Scruggs,  Elijah Pond,  George W. Pond,  
James Scruggs,  
Narcissa Scruggs,  
Mary Scruggs,  
Jane Scruggs,  
William Hannibal Scruggs,  
Roxie A. Scruggs,  
 Millicent (Dejarnatt) Scruggs (1787-1874),  
Drury Scruggs Jr.,  
Allen Scruggs,  Elizabeth Faris,  Mary Fisher,  
James Scruggs,  
John Scruggs,  
Langhorn Scruggs,  
William Scruggs,  
Mary Scruggs,  
Milly Scruggs,  
Morton Scruggs,  Mary Guthrie,  Martha J. Lewis,  William Shelton Lewis,  Ann Harrison,  
Lucy Scruggs,  
Virginia Scruggs,  
George Scruggs,  
Ann Scruggs,  
Zachary Scruggs,  
Coleman W. Scruggs,  Ann Lewis,  James Pemberton DeJarnette,   
John Scruggs,  
Henry Scruggs,  
Eliza Ann Scruggs,  
Benjamin Scruggs,  
Robert Scruggs,  
Sarah Scruggs,  
James H. Scruggs,  
Fanny Scruggs,  
Nancy W. Scruggs,  James B. Faris,  
John Faris,  
Milly Faris,  
James Faris,  
Thomas Faris,  
Samuel Faris,  
Joshua Faris,  
Mary Faris,  
Martha Faris,  
Jennings Faris,  
George Faris,  
Nancy Faris,  
Warfield Scruggs,  Margaret E. Harnest,  
Martha Scruggs,  Coleman Chumbley,  James Pemberton DeJarnette,   
Charles Chumbley,  
Mary Chumbley,  
Sarah Chumbley,  
Morton Chumbley,  
Edney Chumbley,  
Martha Chumbley,  
Lucy L. Scruggs,  Leroy Shelton,  
Mary Scruggs,  Miles N. Tucker,  
Edna Scruggs,  John Cook,  
Elizabeth Scruggs,  George C. Dawson,  
Joseph Scruggs,  
 Rebekah (Dejarnatt) Pitts,  
James Pitts,  Asa Craddock,  
 Mary Ann (Dejarnatt) Carr Lipscomb (1795-1836),  
William H. Carr,   
Jordan R. Lipscomb,  John Lipscomb,  Patsy Russell,  
George Lipscomb,  
John Lipscomb,  
James Joseph Lipscomb,  Sarah E. Leftwich,  Granderson Granville Leftwich,  Lucy Ann Dallas,  
Tessa Alma Lipscomb,  George Robert Reese,  William Nicholas Reese,  Hester Mary Parker,  
William Werter Reese,  
George Clark Reese,  
Lillie Jordan Lipscomb,  Joseph Bruce Craghead,  
Adron Thelma Lipscomb,  Janie Elizabeth Robertson,  
 James G. Dejarnatt (1791-1863),  
Marie Pemberton Price,   
John Price Dejarnatt,  
George Sanders Dejarnatt,  
Annie Warner Dejarnatt,  
James Patton Dejarnatt,  
Nancy Walker Dejarnatt,  
Mary Price Dejarnatt,  
Sophia Frances Dejarnatt,  
Elizabeth Daniel Dejarnatt,  
 Daniel Dejarnatt (1802-1884),  
Martha Ann Franklin,   
Susan Clay,  
Ann W. DeJarnette,  
Edward DeJarnette,  
Elizabeth DeJarnette,  Christopher Henry Jennings,   
William Christopher Daniel Jennings,  Fannie M. Guthrie,  
George Edward Johnson Jennings,  Mary E. Marshall,  Laura B. Brown,  
Mary Elizabeth Jennings,  Henry Plunkett,  
Patience R.M. Jennings,  William Guthrie,  
James Henry Jennings,  Susan Frances Stevens,  Amanda Elizabeth DeJarnette,  William Edward DeJarnette,  Sallie Bettie Guthrie,  
Nancy Rebecca Jennings,  
Sallie Ann Jennings,  Archie Womack,  Clay Harvey,  
Virginia Dover Jennings,  Alex Guthrie,  
Emma Jennings,  William Austin Giles,  
Richard Hunter Jennings,  Viola Rudder,  Leola DeJarnette,  
George DeJarnette,  Sophia W. Waller,  Nancy (—) Waller,  Alice J. Marshall,  Thomas Marshall,  Martha —,  D.C. Marshall,  
Mary I. DeJarnette,  
Daniel DeJarnette,  
Nancy W. DeJarnatt,  Richard W. Forrest,  
Daniel Thomas DeJarnette,  Ella Beauregard Jennings,  William Richard Jennings,  Mary Johnson Glass,  
William George DeJarnette,  Georgia A. Marshall,  Richard Marshall,  Nannie A. DeJarnette,  
John Bunyan DeJarnette,  Callie Holmes West,  Joe Cage West,  Nannie Elizabeth —,  
Mary Weston DeJarnette,  Edward M. Carr,   
Lillie Daisy DeJarnette,  Charles Thomas Wilburn,  
Richard Preston DeJarnette,  Blanch Holmes Glass,  Alex Peter Glass,  Amelia Susan Guthrie,  
Jennie Lacy DeJarnette,  Everett William Hendricks,  
Ella Grace Estelle DeJarnette,  Henry Clay Hudson,  
Susan H. DeJarnette,  William Tucker,  John Tucker,  Polly —,  
Martha Ann DeJarnette,  Thomas R. Fisher,  
Rebecca DeJarnette,  Jeremiah F. McCullock,  
 Thomas G. Dejarnatt,  
Susanna N. Lewis,  William Shelton Lewis,  Ann Harrison,  
Selinia Dejarnatt,  
Henry Dejarnatt,  
George W. Dejarnatt,  
William Dejarnatt,  
Thomas Dejarnatt,  
 Susannah (Dejarnatt) McAllister (1799-1836),  
William McAllister,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Drury Scruggs Jr. - War of 1812 Granderson G. Leftwich - Civil War

Selected sources
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Helmer, Dorothy Garr. Lipscomb: 300 Years in America 1679-1979. Dorothy Garr Helmer, 1979:102-3. • Family of Mary Ann Dejarnatt and Jordan R. Lipscomb.

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