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 230   Elisha Abbott (c.1760-1837)
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Elisha Abbott, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Elisha Abbott might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Halifax County, the eldest son of Benjamin Abbott. I was too young to fight during the Revolution, but since my father provided some beef to the army, we must have been patriots. In 1783 Father gave me 170 acres on Bye Creek in the western part of the county near Elkhorn and five years later I got 100 acres nearby on a branch of the Banister River—apparently Bradley Creek. 
I was about 30 when I married Lydia Clay in 1793. Her father, James, came from Chesterfield County to Halifax and settled on Catawba Creek about a dozen miles north of where my father lived. I still owned my 170 acres upon which Halifax County taxed me in 1800.
Most Sundays Lydia, I, and the children would go over to Elkhorn to attend Banister Baptist Church that served both Pittsylvania and Halifax. During my lifetime only men who owned land could vote, so I qualified in 1800 and 1808.  A Virginian, Mr. Jefferson was a candidate for president in 1800, the same year Halifax taxed me on two horses and one slave. 
I made my will in Halifax County in January 1837 bequeathing nearly 30 slaves to my wife, 8 married daughters, and our only son. I was dead within a month or two.
Lydia sold her interest in land on Bradley Creek that I left her in my will 4 January 1842,  and left for Lincoln County, Missouri, to live with our daughter Alice, and was dead by 1844. 

To be a qualified voter, one needed to own more than 100 unimproved or 25 improved acres of land.
Elisha Abbott, perhaps born about 1760, married Lydia Clay in Halifax County 29 Oct. 1793.  Margaret Clay consented to her daughter’s marriage and Rev. Hawkins Landrum performed the wedding ceremony. James Clay and Margaret Muse’s brother Hopkins Muse were bondsmen.
The Abbott’s attended Banister Baptist Church, which served both Pittsylvania and Halifax counties. At a “Church Meeting at Elkhorn 28 June 1828… appointed Charles Clay to cite Elisha Abbott and wife to attend our meeting in July at Rices.” Several Clay family members were in the congregation.

Elisha’s will
Elisha Abbott made his will 28 Jan. 1837 and was dead by 24 April 1837.  The court appointed sheriff Peter Rives to execute the estate 23 Oct. 1837, as no one appeared to administer the estate.

Will of Elisha Abbott
28 January 1837
I Elisha Abbott of Halifax County Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form firm following that is to say.
1st I lend my beloved wife Lydia Abbott one hundred & fifty acres of land to be taken in such a manner as to include the mansion house and any part of the plantation, also the following slaves to wit Thomas, Robin, George, Sarah, Charley and Mary and her three children Milly, Ben & James.
2nd I have given to my daughter Elizabeth Hill a Negro woman Esther and a girl Dicy, one horse saddle & bridle to her and her heirs forever which is her portion of my estate.
3rd I give to my daughter Nancy Carr a Negro man Abrum and a woman Nell to her and her heirs forever.
4th I have given to my daughter Polly Martin a Negro woman Coly a Negro man Bob, a horse saddle & bridle to her and her heirs forever.
5th I have given to my daughter Martha Cooly a Negro woman Hannah and a boy Davy, a horse saddle & bridle to her and her heirs forever which is her portion of my estate.
6th I have given to my daughter Sally Richardson a Negro girl Sarah and girl Irene, a horse saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
7th I have give my daughter Rebecca Dawson two Negro girls Tesby and Judy, a horse saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
8th I have given my daughter Annis Abbott two Negro girls Delily and Nancy, a horse saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
9th I give and bequeath to my daughter Alice Abbott one hundred & fifty acres land commencing at the upper part of Charles S. Davenports line and crossing the creek to William Walnes line, a Negro woman Chany & her children Rhoda, Aggy and Peter, a horse saddle and bridle to her and her heirs forever.
10th I give and bequeath to my son James Abbott the balance of my land and his mothers dower at her death, a Negro man George and a boy Joe, a horse saddle and bridle to him and his heirs forever.
11th at the death of my wife I give the Negro man George loaned her to my daughter Alice Abbott and the Negro woman Mary and her three children Milly, Ben and James & her future increase to my son James Abbott and the balance of the Negroes loaned her and their increase to my daughters Nancy Carr, Polly Martin, Sarah Richardson, Rebecca Dawson & Annis Abbott to them and their heirs forever.
12th I do hereby appoint my friend James … as executor to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others heretofore made in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of January 1837.
Elisha X Abbott

Descendants of Elisha Abbott
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Nancy Susan (Abbott) Carr (c.1797-1873),  
Thomas B. Carr,   
 Martha (Abbott) Cooley (c.1800-),  
John S. Cooley,  
 Annis (Abbott) Abbott (c.1806-),  
Thomas Abbott,  Joel Martin,  
Elisha M. Abbott,  Susan Ann Clay,  
Elizabeth M. Martin,  
Ganaway Martin,  
Louisa L. Martin,  
Eledia A.R. Martin,  
John V. Martin,  
 Rebecca (Abbott) Dawson,  
Brooks Dawson,  
John Dawson,  
Harriet Dawson,  
Martha Dawson,  
Charles Dawson,  
Sarah Dawson,  
 Polly (Abbott) Martin,  
William Martin,   Silas Addison Carr,   Nancy Martin,   Austin Martin,  Elizabeth Carr,   
 Sally (Abbott) Richardson,  
William Richardson,  
 Elizabeth (Abbott) Hill,  
William Hill,  
 James Abbott,  
Susan (—) Abbott,  
William Abbott,  
Richard Abbott,  
Sarah Abbott,  
Cassandra Abbott,  
 Alice (Abbott) Abbott,  
Joseph Abbott,   
Margaret Abbott,  
Thomas Abbott,  
Harrison Abbott,  
Joseph Abbott,  
Leonard Moody Abbott,  Judith Shelton,  
John F. Abbott,  

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