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 2350   Thomas Flood (-1670)
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Thomas Flood, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Flood might describe his life as follows.

Because I could speak the languages of many tribes, I succeeded my father, Col. John Flood, as interpreter for the southern Indians at the same pay March 1661/2.  I was also a militia captain in Surry County and, as acting coroner, presided when 2 men drowned watering a horse 20 February 1668/9. 
Faith and I were the parents of at least Thomas Jr. and a daughter who married Edward Bailey.
County tax ledgers that still remain from 1668 to 1703 include my name for the years 1668-9.
I was dying and “weake in body” 19 April 1670 when I sold to Nathaniel Knight land left me by my “father Col. John Flood, Gent.” and was dead by 6 June 1670 when the tax ledger of that date included the name of “Mrs. Faith Flood.” 

Act appointing Indian interpreters
Here is the text of the Act.

Whereas colonel John Flood hath long and faithfully served the country in the office of an interpreter and being now deceased, It is enacted that Thomas Flood, son of the said colonel John Flood be received in the place of his father and have the same salary, and that Henry Newcomb be made interpreter for the northward.

Connection to Lawrence Smith?
The will of Lawrence Smith in Isle of Wight County remembered wife, Jane, and children Faith, Flood, Absalom, Jane, Sarah, and Hannah. We have not determined his connection to the family of Thomas Flood, if any (will dated 10 June 1746  and proved 9 June 1748).

Descendants of Thomas Flood
Information about the children of Thomas Flood, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Flood (c.1660-c.1717),  
Ann Rose,  William Rose,  
Faith Flood,  Richard Ricks,  
William Phillips,  
Thomas Ricks,  John Cargill,   
Elizabeth Ricks,  Thomas Collier,   
Jane Ricks,  
Mary Phillips,  Dawson,  
John Phillips,  
Sarah Phillips,  Howse,  
Faith Phillips,  Dudley,  
Jane Flood,  Watkins,  John Watkins,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  John Nicholson,   John Carroll,  
Benjamin Ellis,  
Daniel Carroll,  Marmaduke Daniel,   
Henry Nicholson,  Mary (—) Nicholson,  Ann Briggs,  
William Thomas Pennington,   
John Nicholson,  Joyce (—) Swanson,  
Robert Nicholson,  Elizabeth Smith,  Patience (—) Smith,  
Henry Nicholson,  
Sterling Nicholson,  Elizabeth Moore,  
John Nicholson,  Elizabeth Andrews,  John Andrews,  Sarah (—) Andrews,  
John Jordan,  
William Nicholson,  
Buckner Nicholson,  
Benjamin Nicholson,  
Jane Nicholson,  Peter Lane,  Jesse Lane,  Ann —,  
John Nicholson,  
Susanna Nicholson,  Thomas D. Heath,  Rev. Drewry Lane,  
Jane Nicholson,  Richard Blunt,   
William Nicholson,  Elizabeth Gibbons,  John Gibbons,  
Rebecca (—) Gibbons,  
Mary (—) Nicholson,  
Mary (Jones) Bonner,   
Thomas Nicholson,  Lucy Kinchen,  Benjamin Kinchen,  
James Nicholson,  
Elizabeth Nicholson,  Thomas Stith,  
Capt. Flood Nicholson,  Allen Love,  Lydia Battaile,  
Robert Flood Nicholson,  Mary Land,  
Robert Nicholson,  Allen Love,  
Rebecca (—) Nicholson,  Rebecca Stith,  
Thomas Stith,  Frederick Burge,  
Jesse Nicholson,  Stephen Andrews,  
Lucy Nicholson,  Drury Stith,  
Drury Buckner Stith,  Fanny Love,  Allen Love,  Clayton Abernathy,  Andrew Meade,   
Mary Stith,  Edmund Feild,   
 daughter (Flood) Bailey,  
Edward Bailey,   

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Legislators - colonial and state
John Nicholson - Virginia  

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