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 236   Reuben Sparrow (c.1770-c.1855)
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Reuben Sparrow, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Reuben Sparrow might describe his life as follows.

I knew Mary Sparrow since she was a little girl because she was my cousin, the daughter of my uncle John Sparrow.
Not only was it all right for first cousins to marry then, it was actually encouraged to keep wealth in the family. Although we weren’t all that wealthy, I married Mary in Halifax County 24 December (bond) 1798 anyway.  My father, Thomas Sparrow, was surety on my marriage bond—a financial guarantee that the marriage would be legal. The identity of all our children has not been established.
Virginia began taxing personal property in 1782 and in 1800 they taxed me and two horses. 
By 1850 Mary was dead and I was an 80-year-old grandfather living with my son Joel Sparrow in the Northern District of Halifax County.  I was dead before 1860.

Reuben Sparrow was a qualified voter in Halifax County in 1808 and 1812. 

Descendants of Reuben Sparrow
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joel Sparrow (c.1801-1862),  
 Williamson Sparrow (-1849),  
Martha Allen,  Thomas Sparrow,  
 Mary Sparrow,  
Ambrose E. Brown,  Nancy (—) Brown,  

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