Ancestral Family Topic 238

 238   Mr. Harvey
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My ancestress Sarah Ann Harvey does not yet appear to belong to the Harvey families outlined in the following Family Digression.

Descendants of Mr. Harvey
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah Ann (Harvey) Sparrow (c.1799-),  
Joel Sparrow,   
 Harvey Brothers of Lunenburg,  
John Harvey,  Mary (—) Harvey,  
Michael Harvey,  Paul Paulson,  Elizabeth (—) Harvey,  
Lydia Harvey,  John Hobson,  
Jesse Harvey,  Keziah Ward,  
John Harvey,  
Michael Harvey,  
Margaret Harvey,  
William Harvey,  
Sarah Harvey,  
Elizabeth Harvey,  
Mary Harvey,  
Jane Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  Gen. Elijah Clarke,  
Rachel (—) Harvey,  
Rev. John Harvey,  
Evan Harvey,  
James Harvey,  
Michael Harvey,  
Ruth Harvey,  
Sally Harvey,  
Richard Harvey,  Mary (—) Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  
Nathan Harvey,  
John Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  Grissell Coleman,  
Elizabeth (—) Harvey,  Thomas Guthrey,   Charles Harvey,   John Robertson,   
Capt. William Harvey,  Thomas Paulett,  James Trabue,  
Drusilla (—) Harvey,  
John D. Harvey,  
Elizabeth Harvey,  Harvey Paulett,  
Frances Harvey,  William Overton,  
Mary B. Harvey,  Isham Richardson,  
Sarah Harvey,  James Clark,  
Thomas Harvey,  
William L. Thornton,  
Nathan Harvey,  Mary Williamson,  Cuthbert Williamson,  
Sarah B. Harvey,  Theodore Reid,  
Sarah Harvey,  Martin Hancock,  
Drusilla Harvey,  Isham Harvey,   
Elizabeth Harvey,  Pleasant Jennings,   
Susanna Harvey,  William L. Thornton,  
Mary Harvey,  Douglas Hancock,  
Blassingame Harvey,  Gideon Thomas,   Drusilla (—) Harvey,  Margaret (—) Watson,  Douglas Watson,  
Thomas Harvey,  
Blassingame Harvey,  
Billy Blassingame Harvey,  
Mary Harvey,  Key,  
Sarah Harvey,  Paulett,  
Frances Harvey,  Blackman,  
Sarah Harvey,  Howell,  William Howell,  
Frances Harvey,  Charles Harvey,   John Wood,  
Peter Ross,  
Blassingame Harvey,  
James H. Harvey,  
John Holcomb Harvey,  
Elizabeth Harvey,  French,  
Sarah Harvey,  
Susanna Harvey,  
Elizabeth Harvey,  Thomas Paulett,  
Drusilla Harvey,  
Capt. John Harvey,  
Ann Richardson,  John Richardson,  Mary —,  Alexander LeGrand,   
Thomas Harvey,  Barbara Walton,   
Mary Harvey,  Ralph Jackson,  
Capt. William Harvey,  
Agnes Walton,   
Isham Harvey,  Drusilla Harvey,   
Elizabeth H. Harvey,  Thomas Wood,  
Macarina B. Harvey,  William P. Baker,  
Nancy Richardson Harvey,  Elijah White Roach,  
Col. John Harvey,  Elizabeth E. Ford,  Martha S. Stegar,  
William Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  Martha Frances Spencer,   Susan L. (—) Wood,  
Mary P. Harvey,  Thomas H. Thornton,  
William Harvey,  
Charles Harvey,  
James Harvey,  Samuel Morton,  
Charles Harvey,  Frances Harvey,   
Thomas Harvey,  Athanasius Robertson,  
Polly Miller Harvey,  Betsy Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  Moses Quarles,  
John Harvey,  
Trevor Harvey,  
Raleigh Harvey,  
Ann Harvey,  
Judith Harvey,  
 John Harvey of Abingdon Parish,  
Susan (—) Harvey,  
John Harvey,  
Thomas Harvey,  
John Harvey,  Ann (—) Harvey,  
Charles Harvey,  
John Harvey,  
Bartholomew Harvey,  
Sarah Harvey,  
Ann Harvey,  
Benjamin Harvey,  
William Harvey,  
 John Harvey of Southam Parish, Cumberland County,  
Sarah (—) Harvey,  John Netherland,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Harvey - Revolutionary War John Harvey - Revolutionary War
Evan Harvey - Revolutionary War James Harvey - Revolutionary War
Michael Harvey - Revolutionary War Richard Harvey - Revolutionary War
William Harvey - Revolutionary War Blassingame Harvey - Revolutionary War
Capt. John Harvey - French and Indian War  

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