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James Austin, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Austin might describe his life as follows.

Thomas Hawkins paid my passage to Virginia before 1650 when the governor granted him 466 acres on the Poquoson River, south of the mouth of the York River, in present-day York County.  About 60 miles northwest is the present-day town of Mechanicsville, Hanover County, where William Bassett and I secured a patent to 1,100 acres 22 September 1682. 
When we heard the English government was sending commissioners to hear our grievances, I and other parishioners of Blisland Parish signed a petition 2 April 1677 complaining about the murderous Indians, greedy tax collectors, the practice of selling alcohol while the county court was in session, and making our militiamen provide their own ammunition even though a tax was being collected to pay for it. 
When William Whitby of York County wrote his will in 1669, he left me a serge suit and his best hat. He also had some livestock that he gave to Rebecca Elmore, her husband, Thomas Elmore, and their children Thomas Elmore and Rebecca Elmore Since Thomas and Rebecca had grandsons named Austin, I was undoubtedly Rebecca’s father. The name of my wife is unknown.
By 1689 I was a parishioner of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County,  where I was taxed on 700 acres in 1704,  and I was still living in 1707 when my grandson Peter Elmore and I were asked provide some workers to clear a road in the parish. 

Austin’s 1,100-acre patent was described as being in New Kent County on the south sides and in the freshes of the York River, beginning at the mouth of Brandy Branch where it falls into a main branch of the Chickahominy Swamp, called Beaver Dam Swamp, and was for the transportation of 22 persons.

Both William Whitby and Thomas Elmore were headrights for a 2,000-acre patent in Westmoreland County issued to Capt. Nicholas Martiau in 1654.  James Austin and William Whitby were residents of York County in 1667 when their names appeared as debtors of merchant John Flute,  and both were styled Mr. in a patent to Richard Littlepage in 1684. 
It was possibly this James Austin who appeared as a headright for Edward Smith when he secured a patent for 700 acres in Accomack County in 1666.  When Thomas Holmes got 1,100 acres in New Kent County in 1660, one James Austin was a headright. 

Did James Austin have a son of this same name?
One wonders whether James Austin who was in the Colony by 1650 is the same one clearing roads with Peter Elmore in 1707. It is peculiar, too, that he would also be named in the will of William Whitby with other Elmore children. Possibly an elder James Austin died leaving a son of the same name and a daughter Rebecca.

Descendants of James Austin
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Rebecca (Austin) Elmore,  
Thomas Elmore,   
 Richard Austin,  
Thomas Austin,  William Lea,  
Richard Austin,  John Austin,  James Austin,   
John Austin,  Hannah (—) Austin,  John Pleasants,  
Agnes Jones,  
Mary Magbee,  William Magbee,  
James Roberts,  John Brent,  
John Austin,  Daniel Pruitt,  Joseph Morton Jr.,  William Hodges,  
Joseph Ballenger,  Susanna (—) Austin,  
Valentine Austin,  
Hannah Austin,  
Stephen Austin,  
Richard Austin,  
Joseph Austin,  
Richard Austin,  Francis Cook,  Samuel David,  Thomas John,  Perrin Allday,   David Rice,  
Elizabeth Austin,  Isaac Vernon,  John Rice,  James Caldwell,  
Nehemiah Vernon,  
Joseph Vernon,  
Sarah Austin,  Alexander Joyce,  
Thomas Austin,  
Euziah Austin,  
John Austin,  

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