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 304   Peter Elmore II (1700-1738)
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Peter Elmore II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Peter Elmore II might describe his life as follows.

Rev. Bowker baptized me at St. Peter’s Church, New Kent County, 9 June 1700.  I may have been a tobacco planter, like my brothers, but, frankly, I can’t tell you much more about me because an arsonist set fire to the New Kent courthouse in 1787. Not even the parish register, where the baptisms of my sons, John and Peter, are recorded, gives the name of my wife. We were likely the parents also of Athanasius and James Elmore. If we had daughters, their names are now lost.
I was just 38 when I died 7 November 1738, according to a notation in the parish register. Mother may have taken my “orphans” with her to Henrico County in 1739 where her 1744 will left them one-sixth of her personal estate. 
My sons scattered. Peter went to Hanover County. After living in Lunenburg County, John and Athanasius went on to Orange County, North Carolina. James was in Brunswick County until he and his wife, Sarah Tarpley, moved to Charlotte County.

Rev. James Bowker was minister of St. Peter’s Church from 1698 to 1703. 
That Rebecca called Peter’s children “orphans” says only that their father was dead—their mother could still have been alive, although Rebecca does not mention her. It is likely that John and his younger brothers moved to Henrico County with their grandmother and were reared by family there.

Who was Peter’s wife?
We have been unable to identify Peter’s wife. No other Athanasius is in the parish register of St. Peter’s, giving a hint who her father might be.

Descendants of Peter Elmore II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Elmore (1724-),  
Isham Allen,   
Edmund Allen,   Matthew Johnson,  
William Martain,  Mary (—) Elmore,  
John Broughton,  Robert Blackwell,  
John Elmore,  
Randolph Elmore,  Mary Rea,  
James Elmore,  
Peter Elmore,  John Ussery,  
William Elmore,  
Mary Rippy,  Edward Rippy,  Susannah Thomas,  
 Peter Elmore III (1726-),  
Samuel Allen,  
William Elmore,  
Peter Elmore IV,  
Daniel Elmore,  
Thomas Elmore,  Patsy Davis,  Stephen Davis,  
Elizabeth Elmore,  Henry Perrin,  
 Athanasius Elmore (c.1734-),  
Sarah Ussery,  John Ussery,  Sarah Blackwell,  William Ussery,  
John Elmore,  
Anne Rippy,  Edward Rippy,  Susannah Thomas,  
Maurice Elmore,  
Mary Elmore,  Edward Rippy,  
Ann Elmore,  James McSwain,  
Athanasius Elmore,  Susannah Penix,  
James Elmore,  
Sarah Elmore,  William Ellis,  Isaac Hogan,  
Marston Elmore,  Elizabeth Stice,  
 James Elmore (c.1735-c.1800),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Peter Elmore - Revolutionary War William Elmore - Revolutionary War
William Elmore - Revolutionary War Peter Elmore IV - Revolutionary War
Daniel Elmore - Revolutionary War Thomas Elmore - Revolutionary War
John Elmore - Revolutionary War Edward Rippy - Revolutionary War

Selected sources
Elmore, William E., The Trunk of an Elmore Tree. Privately published, 1992. • Very well-done account of this family. Mr. Elmore corresponded with William McCaddin Pritchett while preparing this document. Includes family of Thomas Elmore, and his descendants including Peter Elmore, Peter Elmore, James Elmore, William Elmore, and James Elmore.

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