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 306   James Tarpley III (1693-c.1781)
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James Tarpley III, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Tarpley III might describe his life as follows.

My parents, James and Mary Tarpley, were parishioners of North Farnham Parish, Richmond County. So after I was born 8 May 1693, they took me to the parish church to be baptized an Anglican. 
Mary Oldham was only about half my 40 years when we married. We took our first 6 children to be baptized in the same church in which we had grown up.
In 1746 Mary and I sold out in Richmond County after deciding to make our home in Brunswick County where plenty of fertile land was still unclaimed. We lived on Mountain Creek until 1764 when I sold this plantation to our eldest son and moved to 406 acres on both sides of Waqua Creek near present-day Danieltown.
Our younger four children were born in St. Andrew’s Parish. Three of our 10, including Sarah who married James Elmore, were later in Charlotte County.
By 1777 I was too old to work so the county excused me from taxes.  The war with Britain was underway when I prepared my will in 1780 leaving my few possessions to my wife and children. I died within the year, never to hear the outcome of the conflict.

Land transactions
James and Mary sold two tracts of land in Richmond County to Luke Williams 3 Dec. 1746. One tract was 72½ acres, one-half of a tract formerly purchased by James Tarpley—either the father or the son—from Pierce, Full, and Borame. The second tract was 100 acres given him by his father.  Literate, James wrote his name while his wife made her mark on these deeds. By the time the court recorded these instruments 2 March 1746/7, James and Mary were living in Brunswick County. On 4 Feb. 1746/7 James Tarpley of St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick Co., had purchased 297 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River from John Blackwell for £14. 
Tarpley got 200 acres on Mountain Branch 27 March 1750 from Austin Hightower,  husband of Jane Oldham, Mary’s sister, which James sold to his eldest son Thomas in 1763 for £20. 
In 1764 James secured a patent to 406 acres on both sides of Waqua Creek next to Daniel and Barrow,  half of which—204 acres—he deeded to Lewis Lambert of Lunenburg County 25 March 1775 for just £1. Mary relinquished her dower right in the land, which joined Joseph Daniel and Oldham, among others. 
James and his sons continued to trade tracts of land in Brunswick County.
Well along in years, James and Mary deeded half their 200-acre plantation to son, William Tarpley, 6 March 1779.  Although he would own it, his parents would live there. The same day they gave 100 acres to James Tarpley Jr. 

Land processioning
With Thomas Stone and Philemon Lacy, James processioned the boundaries of plantations between the Nottoway River and Waqua Creek, from Wildcat Creek to the county line, in 1760-68. 

James makes his will
Eighty-eight-year-old James Tarpley Sr. prepared his will 22 July 1780 and was dead by 28 May 1781 when his will was proved in open court.

Will of James Tarpley
22 July 1780
In the name of God Amen.
I James Tarpley of the parish of Saint Andrews and County of Brunswick being of perfect sense and memory to make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form following.
Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my son John Tarpley one feather bed & such furniture as can conveniently be made, and my blacksmith tools that he has now in possession.
Item: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Winifred Tarpley one feather bed & furniture one cow & calf, my mother less colt, and my woman’s saddle at my wife’s death, one pewter dish and bason & six pewter plates and my chest of drawers.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son William Tarpley my two work steers cart & wheels, great Bible, casks of all kinds, and all my tools of all kinds not already given,
Item: I give and bequeath to my sons Thomas & James Tarpley to each of them one shilling.
Item: all the rest of my estate I lend to my loving wife during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between my following children, viz: John, Charles, William and Winifred Tarpley, Sarah Elmore, and Elizabeth Alling.
Item: I make and ordain constitute & appoint my two sons John and William Tarpley my whole & sole Executors of this my last will and Testament In witness whereof I here-unto set my hand and Seal this 22d day of July 1780. Item my will desire is that my Estate be not appraised.
Signed Sealed published &
declared in presence of
Hugh Williams
Charles Matthis
Drury Matthis

On 2 Nov. 1816 heirs of James Tarpley sold part of his estate, 127 acres on Waqua Creek near Danieltown, to William Elmore: Henry Tarpley, John Tarpley, Elizabeth Tarpley, Archibald Tarpley, Herbert Tarpley, Sally (Tarpley) Allen, Hezekiah Daniel and his wife Ann (Tarpley) Daniel. 
Ann Tarpley had married Hezekiah Daniel 25 Dec. 1806,  and Sally W. Tarpley had married William Allen 10 Dec. 1805.  Elizabeth Tarpley would marry Newt Ramsey in Brunswick County 30 Nov. (bond) 1816. 

Descendants of James Tarpley III
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Tarpley (1734-),  
John Holcomb,  
Susannah (—) Tarpley,  Ussery Moore,  James Newbill,  
Milly Moore,  Drury Matthews,  
 Lucy Tarpley (1736-),  
 Sarah (Tarpley) Elmore (1738-c.1780),  
James Elmore,   
 Mary Tarpley (1740-),  
 James Tarpley IV (1743-c.1791),  
Tabitha (—) Tarpley,  Drury Matthews,  Martin Palmer,   
Joseph Friend,   Francis Barnes,   
Mary Tarpley,  John Eudaly,  
Elizabeth Tarpley,  David Wilwell Miller,  
William Tarpley,  Mary Oliver,  Lydia Oliver,  John Oliver,  William Jackson,  
James Elmore Jr.,   
Robert Tarpley,  Jancy Gears,  Thomas Gears,  
John Oldham Tarpley,  Mary (—) Brown,  William Brown,  
Peterson Tarpley,  
Thomas Tarpley,  Jean Warren,  
Sarah Tarpley,  
Winifred Tarpley,  
Lucy Tarpley,  William Bacon Edge,  
Ann Tarpley,  Hezekiah Featherstone,   
 Elizabeth (Tarpley) Allen (1746-),  
 John Tarpley,  
Nanney Moore,  
Agnes Moore,  
 Charles Tarpley (-1796),  
 William Tarpley (-1786),  
Maze —,  
John Phaup,  
Edward Jones Tarpley,  Mary Baker Manson,  Thomas Manson,  
 Winifred (Tarpley) Oldham,  
Isaac Oldham,  
Edward Jones Tarpley,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Isaac Oldham - Revolutionary War  

Selected sources
Macdonald, Margaret T. “Who was Mary, Wife of James Tarpley of Richmond and Brunswick Cos., Va.?” The Virginia Genealogist. 37:38-47 (1993). • Very well-done correction of a mistaken Tarpley family line. While most report that James Tarpley married Mary Camp, this article shows she was Mary Oldham.

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