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 338   Richard Stone (c.1725-1797)
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Richard Stone, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Stone might describe his life as follows.

A tobacco planter, I lived in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia, where Mary and I reared 10 children.
On 12 January 1746/7 the governor granted me 400 acres on Fucking Creek next to land my brother John Stone and William Pettypool.  Virginia changed the name to Modest Creek during the reign of Queen Victoria.
The Colony taxed us on land and what they called a “tithe,” generally white males and all blacks 16 years or older. Of course, as my family grew and I acquired more land and slaves, I had to pay more taxes. Lunenburg charged me on 2 tithes in 1748, and 4 in 1751.  My son Thomas was taxable in 1764 when I paid on 4 tithes and my 400 acres. 
In 1766 I bought 230 neighboring acres from my brother John.  Thus by 1769 I was charged with 5 tithes and 630 acres.  By 1772 Richard Jr. was 16 and appeared among my 9 tithes.  The tithe list of 1783 counted me and Richard Jr. in a household of 8 white souls and 17 blacks, which included 11 tithes. 
Although too old to fight during the Revolution, I furnished 70 pounds of bacon and a gun to the Army. 
I was in my 70s when I prepared my will in 1795 devising 32 slaves to my wife and children and giving all my 630 acres to our son Richard. I was dead by April 1797, but Mary lived another 9 years.

Although Richard’s wife was thought to be Mary Yancey,  it is more likely she was Mary Wynne. But we can confirm neither.
This couple had 9 children and an analysis of the names of their grandchildren reveal the most popular name for their grandchildren were Ann-7, Elizabeth-6, Richard-6, John-5, Mary-5, Thomas-5. We think Richard’s parents were most likely John and Ann and that Mary’s mother was likely Elizabeth. Could her father have been Thomas for whom Richard and Mary also named a son?
Richard has been credited with many land transactions during his lifetime. Yet it appears these were carried out by Richard Stone, a grandson of his brother. When he wrote his will in 1795, our Richard held only the 630 acres he had since 1766.

Richard Stone’s will
Richard Stone wrote his will 7 Sept. 1795 and the court proved it 13 April 1797.  An abstracted portion follows.

Will of Richard Stone
7 September 1795
“… I commend my soul into the hands of God that gave it, hoping by the meritorious death and passion of my blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive full pardon and forgiveness for all sins, and for my body I commend to the earth to be buried in decent and Christian manner nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God.”
Item: To Richard… one Negro boy named Jubiter.
Item: To “well beloved wife” Mary Stone… one Negro woman named Patty.
Item: To wife… loan 23 Negroes: 5 men, 4 women, 9 boys, and 5 girls, and all the rest of my estate after paying debts and legacies.
Item: After wife’s death, sell one Negro and divide the money among son Thomas Stone’s children.
Item: After wife’s death, to son Richard Stone 630 acres and three Negroes, also a desk and walnut table.
Item: To his son-in-law James Pulliam and wife, Elizabeth, I loan three Negroes for their use during their natural lives.
Item: After wife’s death I loan to my son-in-law John Lester and wife, Susannah, three Negroes, to later be divided among their children.
Item: After the death of my wife, I loan four Negroes to son-in-law Peter and Letty Winn. After their death to be divided among their heirs.
Item: I loan 5 Negroes to son-in-law Phillip Snead and his wife, Ann. After their death to later be divided among their heirs.
Item: I gave son-in-law Minor Wilkes, two Negroes James Sr. and James Jr.
Item: After the death of my wife, I give two Negroes to son-in-law William Cockerham.
Item: After the death of my wife, I desire that my granddaughter Ann Stone Townsend be given two Negroes, one feather bed and one leather trunk.
Item: After my wife’s death, Jack, one of the Negroes left to her to be sold and the money divided among the children of my daughter Mary Estes.
Item: Two Negroes to be sold and the money divided among grandchildren: Richard Townsend, Thomas Townsend, William Townsend, Daniel Townsend, Joseph Winn Townsend, Peter Townsend, Elizabeth Townsend, and Edith Lavinia Townsend.
Littleberry Winn
James McLaughlin
Sara Winn

The estate inventory of Richard Stone, recorded in Lunenburg County 8 June 1797, enumerated 32 slaves and typical livestock and household articles. Total value was £1,881.8.11½. 

Mary’s will
Mary Stone’s will was dated 29 Dec. 1805 and probated 10 April 1806. 

Will of Mary Stone
29 December 1805
Item: To the children of my daughter Phoebe Wilkes, deceased (wife of Minor Wilkes, deceased), Negroes Pat and Jenny and their increase are to be sold and the money equally divided between John Wilkes, Elizabeth Winn (wife of Minor Winn), Thomas Wilkes, Richard Wilkes, Mary White (wife of Carter White), Sally Snead (wife of William Snead), and Letty White (wife of John White).
Item: The remainder of all my real and personal property to be sold by my executors and money divided between son Richard Stone, Elizabeth Pulliam, Susanna Lester, Letty Winn and Ann Snead.
I require no appraisal and no security for my executors. I appoint as my executors friend Alexander Winn and son Richard Stone.
Priscilla Winn
John Winn Jr.
Mary McLaughlin

Richard and Elizabeth Stones of Lunenburg and Halifax
Another Richard Stone was in Lunenburg County at the same time as my Richard Stone. As Richard Stone of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, he bought 400 acres there from John Mitchell and his wife, Ann, 31 March 1752 for £11.15. The tract was on the south side of the Nottoway River, part of the John Mitchell land grant of 25 July 1749. 
Richard and wife, Elizabeth, were living in Halifax County 29 May 1759 when they sold their 400 acres south of the Nottoway River to John Stewart of Cumberland County.  The name of this couple often appeared in the records as Stones, not Stone.
Three men inventoried and appraised the estate of Richard Stone in Halifax County in 1761,  and his wife returned to Lunenburg County where she was a tithable in 1775.  She subsequently appeared as a witness in several other deeds and bought and sold land in her own name. Elizabeth Stones was head of a household of two whites in Halifax County in 1785. 

Descendants of Richard Stone
Information about the children of Richard Stone, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Stone (c.1756-1815),  
Thomas Winn,  
Thomas Wilkes,   
Elizabeth (—) Stone,  Joseph Wills,  William Ezell,  Jane Winn,   
Phillip Snead,   Joseph Smith,  William Bailey,  
Alexander Winn,   
Drury Stone,  Nancy Hundley,   
John Stone,  
Richard Stone,  
Thomas Stone,  Frances G. Tisdale,  
Constant Stone,  
Mary G. Stone,  Isaiah Slaughter,  Amelia E. Wilkes,  
Peter Winn Stone,  
Peter Winn Stone,  Letty Winn,  
Lucy Stone,  Joseph Winn Townsend,   
Polly Stone,  Richard Winn,   
Littleberry Winn,  
Ransom Winn,  
Nancy Stone,  William Hundley,   
Jerusha Stone,  John Wilkes,   
Keturah Stone,  Griffin Bennett,  
Betsy Stone,  Anderson Stone,  
 Thomas Stone (c.1748-),  
Mellinder Winn,   Ann Stone,   
Elizabeth Stone,  Thomas Blankenship,  Rev. Matthew Dance,   
Anronie Stone,  
 daughter (Stone) Townsend,  
Richard Townsend,  
Joseph Winn Townsend,  Lucy Stone,   Mary Ann (Winn) Doran,   
Richard Townsend,  Fanny Jordan,  Rev. James Shelburne,  
William Townsend,  Amy Booth,   Rev. John Neblett,  
Thomas Townsend,  
Elizabeth Townsend,  
Edith Lavinia Townsend,  
Ann Stone Townsend,  
Daniel Townsend,  Jane Townsend,  
Elizabeth Townsend,  Archibald Townsend,  
Celia Townsend,  James Thomas Smith,  
Daniel Townsend,  
Mary Townsend,  
Ann Townsend,  
Louisa Townsend,  William W. Phillips,  
Thomas Townsend,  
Joseph P. Townsend,  Emily —,  
Peter Townsend,  Betsy Winn,   Lucretia Hundley,   
 Phoebe (Stone) Wilkes (c.1740-1783),  
Minor Wilkes,   
 Mary (Stone) Estes (c.1744-1789),  
Elisha Estes,  
Joshua Estes,  
Thomas Estes,  
Nancy Estes,  William Winn Cockerham,  Matthew Estes,  
Martha Cockerham,  
Elisha Cockerham,  Mary Harrison,  
Kitty Cockerham,  Charles Dobbs,  
Mary Cockerham,  Rev. Silas Dobbs,  
Lila Estes,  Josiah Alderson,  
Mary Estes,  Charles Brasel,  
Sarah Estes,  John L. Alderson,  
John Estes,  
Andrew Estes,  
 Edith Lavinia (Stone) Cockerham (c.1749-c.1791),  
William Winn Cockerham,  Henry Cockerham,  Elizabeth —,  
Nancy Estes,   
Letty Cockerham,  Thomas Wrenn,  
Henry Cockerham,  
William W. Cockerham,  Mary P. Verner,  
Richard Cockerham,  
John Cockerham,  
Anna Cockerham,  Elley Hunt,  
Jane Cockerham,  Zachariah White,   
Elizabeth Winn Cockerham,  Carter White,   
Littleberry Cockerham,  Mary Wilkes,   Rev. James Shelburne,  Carter White,   
Elizabeth Cockerham,  William Carter White,   
Frances Cockerham,  Thomas H. White,   Joel Jones,  William Carter White,   
Drury Cockerham,  Mary Isbell,  Pendleton Isbell,   
Samuel Peter Cockerham,  Edith Levicy Smith,  
 Elizabeth (Stone) Pulliam (-c.1818),  
James Pulliam,   
Andrew Johnson,  Daniel Clay,   
James Campbell,  Eusebius Stone,   
Thomas Barnett,  
Anne Pulliam,  
Drury Allen Pulliam,  
Mary Pulliam,  Hezekiah Stone,   
Richard Pulliam,  Martha Mealer,  
John Wynne Pulliam,  Charlotte Williams,  
Richard Byrd Pulliam,  Susanna Phillips,  Rachael Sargent,  
Elizabeth Ann Pulliam,  Allen Phillips,  
Susannah Pulliam,  Josiah Turner,  
James Pulliam,  Susannah Seymour,  
Agnes Pulliam,  John Granderson Seymour,  
Drury Allen Pulliam,  Susannah Gilliam Williams,  
Ann Stone Pulliam,  John Sargent,  
William Pulliam,  
Pamelia Pulliam,  
 Susannah (Stone) Lester,  
John Lester,  Thomas Wilkes,   
 Letty (Stone) Winn (c.1756-1806),  
Peter Winn,   John Webb,  John Elmore,   Edmund Winn,   Littleberry Winn,   
Charles Betts,  
Richard Winn,  Polly Stone,   
Polly Winn,  Walker Dalton,  
Betsy Winn,  Peter Townsend,   
Sally Winn,  Archibald Marshall,  
Nancy Winn,  Sterling Gunn,  
Thomas Winn,  Ann Snead,   
Martha Winn,  William McLaughlin,  James McLaughlin,  
Sarah Ann Winn,  William T. Dalton,  
Phoebe Winn,  William Wilkes,   
Peter Winn,  
Archer Winn,  Cicely Ligon Harrison,  
 Ann (Stone) Snead,  
Phillip Snead,   
Minor Wilkes,   
Richard Stone,   Joseph Smith,  William Bailey,  
Joseph Bohannan,   George McLaughlin,  
Keturah Snead,  Mumford Winn,   
 Samuel Snead,  
Jane (—) Snead,  
Edward Hatchett,  
Benjamin Riddle,  
John Stone,   
Richard Stone Wilkes,   
Alice —,  William Snead,  Thomas Vincent,  
Archibald Snead,  Judith (—) Snead,  
William Snead,  Sarah A. Wilkes,   
Samuel Snead,  Martha Clay,   
Martha Snead,  Joseph Bohannan,  
Mary Snead,  Isham Hardy,  
Ann Snead,  Richard Stone Wilkes,   
John Snead,  
Robert Sutton,  Joseph Jeter,  Jane (—) Snead,  Richard Stone Wilkes,   
Sarah Snead,  John Edmundson,   
Jane Edmundson,  
Tabitha Edmundson,  John A. Foster,  
Virginia Nicholas Edmundson,  
Eliza Robertson Edmundson,  Charles G. Smithson,  
John Edmundson,  
Lucinda Hill Edmundson,  James Richard Dupree,  
William Edwin Edmundson,  Unity Frances Dupree,  Mary Frances Ford,  
Martha Walker Edmundson,  
John Henry Edmundson,  Martha Dupree,  
Phillip Snead,  Ann Stone,   
Susanna Snead,  David McLaughlin,  
Lyddall Winn,   
James Snead,  Robert Dixon,  
Benjamin Snead,  Polly Tisdale,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Winn Cockerham - Revolutionary War Richard Pulliam - Revolutionary War
Phillip Snead - Revolutionary War Joseph Bohannon - Revolutionary War
John Snead - Revolutionary War  

Selected sources
Crews, Lillian, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Comprehensive work on the Wilkes and Stone families, including John Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard Stone.

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