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 340   John White (c.1720-c.1792)
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John White, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John White might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1720, undoubtedly in the Colony of Virginia, and by 1760 was living in Lunenburg County with my wife, Phoebe Carter, and 3 teenage sons. Our home was on Reedy Creek, south of present-day Victoria, and we were parishioners of Cumberland Parish.
After Phoebe died, probably in the 1780s, I married Penelope and had two more sons. The older boys were too old to fight during the Revolution, and my younger ones, too young. At the outbreak, I owed the Petersburg store of British merchant Wm. Cunningham & Co. £8.17.3½. Since the war did not extinguish the debt, I had to pay it many years later. 
Carter and John stayed nearby in Lunenburg while my other sons were later in Georgia, Kentucky, and elsewhere.
I lived to be about 70. Since I had given all my land to my older boys, by 1791 all I had was some personal property to leave to my wife and her sons. Born an Englishman, I died a Virginian.

John and his wife, Phoebe, whom we presume to be Phoebe Carter, were the parents of 3 known sons. John married 2nd Penelope and they had two sons named in John’s will.
Because the Cockerham family was so closely connected to the White family, John’s 2nd wife may have been Penelope Cockerham, a daughter of Minor Cockerham. After her father died, her uncle John Cockerham gave livestock to Penelope and her two sisters 3 Sept. 1763. 

Land activity
John White was a resident of Lunenburg County when he bought 120 acres on Reedy Creek from Benjamin Cockerham 1 July 1760. 
Although John’s name was not in the 1752 tithable list of Lunenburg County, he did appear in the next surviving 1764 list when he was charged on 4 tithables, including William and Carter, and paid taxes on his 120 acres.  Only Carter was listed in his household in 1769.  In 1775 his adult sons were on their own and John paid on just 3 tithes.  The next year the tithe list depicted him as John White Sr. with 3 tithes. 
Processioners returns of 1768 confirm that John White Sr. was a landowner near Reedy Creek. He must have soon given land to his sons, since in 1771 John White Sr., John White Jr., and Carter White had land processioned in Cumberland Parish. Neighbors were Peter Jones, Mary Cockerham, John Hazelwood, and Thomas Winn.  John Sr. served the vestry as a processioner in 1776 and 1784. 
John White bought 167½ acres on Great Hounds Creek for £40 in April 1770, which he and Phoebe, his wife, sold to Carter White for £50 in Sept. 1770.  Then he purchased about 167 acres on Stokes Creek 12 March 1772. 

John gives slaves to his sons
In 1788 John White Sr. gave to property to 3 sons: William White got 4 slaves,  John got 4 slaves, 120 acres, and livestock,  and Carter got 6 slaves.  His then wife would receive part of the personal property if she gave up her dower right.

John makes his will
John made his will in Lunenburg County 15 March 1791 leaving all his personal property to Penelope during her widowhood. It would afterwards descend to sons, Daniel Green White and David White. He nominated his wife and son Carter White executors. John lived several more years for the court did not record his will until 8 Sept. 1796.  Penelope White qualified as executor 11 Sept. 1797, with Phillip Snead, security. 

Who were John White’s parents?
We have been unable to learn where John White was born or who his parents were. Likewise for Phoebe Carter. The area where they settled was in Prince George County until 1703 and possibly the records of their parents burned.
Landowners in the Colony in 1704 included men named John White in New Kent, Prince George, and Northampton counties, and John and George White in Nansemond. 
The John White of Prince George, with wife, Elizabeth, sold land there in 1718. 
The John White of New Kent County was very likely the one who appeared as a vestryman of St. Paul’s Parish from as early as 1695 to his death by 1744.  Processioning records of 1755 reveal a John White Jr. and land belonging to the orphans of John White.  John White, presumably the earlier John White Jr., was in St. Paul’s until at least 1763.  Consequently our John White was apparently not a son of the early John White of New Kent and Hanover counties. Nor is he connected with Elisha White and Thomas White who were appointed vestrymen of St. Paul’s: Elisha in 1782 and Thomas in 1783. 
Elsewhere in Lunenburg County in 1764 were 3 other men named John White. One had in his household 10 whites including Jeremiah Stover, Henry Madison, and John Weaver, and was paying tax on 550 acres.  Another was in the household of Elisha Estes,  and the third was listed alone.  One of these was likely the son of Edward White who had a son, John White. 

Descendants of John White
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William White (c.1743-1818),  
Mary Hooper,  Obediah Hooper,  Massilva Brooks,  
John Chandler,  John Thornton,  Robert Wilson,  
Phoebe Carter White,  Marion Coy Smithson,  
Mary White,  Nathan Williams,  
Betsy G. White,  Nathaniel Hunt,  
Thomas White,  
Nancy White,  Stephen Dickson,   
William White,  Nancy Hooper,  
Richard White,  Eleanor Dickson,   
Zachariah White,  Jane Cockerham,   
 Carter White (c.1745-1833),  
 John White (c.1747-1796),  
Thomas Estes,  
Frances (—) White,  
Josiah Ellington,   David Ellington,   
Mary White,  William Smith,  
Carter White,  Elizabeth Winn Cockerham,   
Betty Ann Wood,  John Williams,  David Wood,  Martha —,  
Sarah Randall,  Betty Smithson,  
Elizabeth White,  Ambrose Lee,  
Rebecca White,  John Adin,  
John White,  
Elisha White,  
Elijah White,  
James White,  
Henderson White,  
Martha White,  
Nancy White,  
Robert Whitlock,  
 Daniel Green White,  
Martha Wood,  Stephen Wood,  
David Wood,  
Carter White,   
 David White,  
Nancy Stone,  Amos S. Johnson,  

Selected sources
“White.” Simpson County, Kentucky, Families Past and Present. 1989: 481. • Family of Carter White.

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