Ancestral Family Topic 3490

 3490   Capt. John Fox (c.1620-c.1682)
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Capt. John Fox, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. John Fox might describe his life as follows.

I descend from the Fox family of Great Missenden Parish in Bucks County, England, whose arms appear on a memorial to my son, Henry Fox, in historic St. John’s Church, King William County.
I was born in England, a son of Thomas Fox and his wife, Elizabeth, and was not yet 20 when I arrived in Jamestown in the Fall of 1625 aboard my father’s ship Elizabeth, named, of course, for my mother. Learning of my father’s death, I gathered his possessions, and delivered them to the provost marshall by 28 November 1625 for delivery to London.
I commanded several trading vessels that sailed the Atlantic between Virginia and London. I was ordered to command The White Horse and Curry Comb on a voyage to Virginia in 1650 and was master of the Resurrection in 1662 when my brother, Stephen Fox, a passenger on my vessel made his will remembering our four other brothers, and our sister.
The name of my wife is unknown. Earlier I mentioned our son Henry, who was ancestor to about a dozen congressmen, 4 governors, and more than 70 state legislators. Were likely parents also of Jane, Ann, and John Fox.
I was living when I bought 200 acres in Gloucester County from Thomas Hanks about 1682, but was dead by April 1683 when the governor granted land to my “son & heir” Henry Fox.

John Fox receipt
This is the order to the provost marshall. 

Yt [That] it is ordered yt the provost marshall shall give a discharge to the purser of the Elizabeth for the receipte of those goods wch he hath received of John Fox and John Pickernall, who died at sea, And to take the charge of sendinge of the tobacco made of those goodes into England.

While this record is unclear, evidently only John Pickernall died at sea, not John Fox.

Descendants of Capt. John Fox
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Fox (-1714),  
Anne West,  Col. John West,  Unity Crowshaw,  
John Fox,  Frances Lightfoot,  
William Fox,  
Joseph Fox,  Susanna Smith,  Capt. William Smith,  Elizabeth Ballard,  
Nelson Anderson,  
Capt. Joseph Fox,  Anjalettah Wroe,  William Wroe,  Elizabeth Pope,  
Joseph Fox,  Mary Hipkins,  
Elizabeth Fox,  Samuel Baker,  
Butler Baker,  
Anjalettah P. Baker,  
Susanna Baker,  Thomas Fouwke,  
Jane Fox,  John Piper,  
Catherine Fox,  
Ann Fox,  William Wroe,  William Wroe,  Rebecca Chancellor,  
Lucette Fox,  James Harvey,  
Susannah Fox,  Robert Sanford,  
Ann Fox,  Lucy S. Fox,  Capt. Nathaniel Pope,  
Capt. William Pope,  Ann Woodson,  
John Pope,  Lucy DuVal,   
Col. Nathaniel Pope,  Polly DuVal,   
Lucetta Pope,  Col. Samuel Bell,  
Gen. Samuel Bell Maxey,  
Ann Pope,  Maj. William DuVal,   
Samuel Pope DuVal,  
William Pope DuVal,  Nancy Hynes,  Col. Andrew Hynes,  
Burr Harrison DuVal,  
John Pope DuVal,  
Nathaniel Pope DuVal,  
Lucy DuVal,  William Price,  Samuel Price,  
Ann Pope Price,  Dr. Alfred Leyburn,  
Ann P. DuVal,  
Catherine Pope,  Christopher Greenup,  
Capt. Piercy Smith Pope,  
Elizabeth Pope,  Maj. Claiborne DuVal,   
Matilda Kiser DuVal,  John Howard Baskette,  
 Col. Samuel DuVal (1714-1784),  
Lucy Claiborne,  William Claiborne,  Ann Fox,   
Maj. William DuVal,  Ann Pope,   
Susan Browne Christian,  Henry Christian,  Martha Patteson,  
Mary Ann Frances DuVal,  Richard Henry Toler,  Cynthia Southall,   
Susan E. DuVal,  Isaac Adams,  
Sarah Catherine DuVal,  William Henry Howard,  
Samuel DuVal,  Margaret Sheppard,  
Maria Brooke DuVal,  John Abell Finn,  
Daniel DuVal,  Maria Brooke,  
Philip DuVal,  Elizabeth Christian,  
Maj. Claiborne DuVal,  Elizabeth Pope,   
Lucy DuVal,  John Pope,   
Polly DuVal,  Nathaniel Pope,   
Philadelphia DuVal,  Andrew Dunscomb,  William Dawson,  
Thomas Fox,  
Susanna Fox,  George Johnson,  
Joseph Fox Johnson,  
Susanna Smith Johnson,  
Frances Pope Johnson,  
William Johnson,  
John Worden Johnson,  
Jean Brown Johnson,  
Elizabeth Fox,  Meredith Price,  
John Fox Price,  
Ann Fox Price,  
Nathaniel West Price,  
John Fox Price,  
Caty Fox Price,  
Jean Ballard Price,  
Capt. John Fox,  Grace Young,  John Young,  Mary —,  
Joseph Fox,  
Susanna Fox,  Thomas Wash,  
John Fox,  Maria Smock,  
Josephus Fox,  
Charles James Fox,  
Elizabeth Fox,  Zachariah Burnley,  
Mary Fox,  
Katherine Fox,  Nelson Jackson,  
Ann Fox,  
Grace Fox,  
Meredith Fox,  Malinda Ann Dudley Ragland,  Beverley Ragland,  
Francis Fox,  
Agnes Fox,  
Catherine Fox,  Col. Richard Anderson,  
Jane Anderson,  William Fuqua,  Patsy Carter Anderson,  William Gray Duzan,  Judith Anderson,  Blagrave Taylor,  
Chandy Anderson,  
Susanna Anderson,  Edmund Anderson,  
Joseph Anderson,  
Nancy Anderson,  William Shelton,  
Sarah Fox,  
Thomas Fox,  Sarah Smith,  Capt. William Smith,  Elizabeth Ballard,  
Rev. John Fox,  Isabel (Booth) Richards,  Rev. John Richards,  Thomas Booth,  
Mary Fox,  
Susannah Fox,  
Capt. John Fox,  Ann Macon,  William Macon,  Mary Hartwell,  William Hartwell,  
John Fox,  Eleanor Lewis,  Warner Lewis Jr.,  
John Warner Fox,  
Elizabeth Lewis Fox,  Dr. George Daniel Baylor,  
Thomas Booth Fox,  Courtney Orange Baylor,  John Baylor,  
Frances Booth Fox,  Warner Lewis Oliver,  Eleanor (Warner) Fox Oliver,  
Mary Fox,  
Ann Fox,  
John Fox,  
William Fox,  Ball,  
Henry Fox,  Katherine Cheveries,  
Isabella Catherine Fox,  Emanuel Macon Jones,  John Segar Stubbs,  
Emmanuel Macon Jones,  
Mary Hartwell Fox,  Francis Whiting,  Harriet Peyton,  
Francis Booth Whiting,  
Eleanor Whiting,  
Susannah Booth Whiting,  
John Fox Whiting,  Mary A. Oliver,  Eleanor (Warner) Fox Oliver,  
William Macon Whiting,  
Ann Lightfoot Fox,  
Thomas Fox,  Mary Tunstall,  Edmund Tunstall,  Katherine —,  John Wyatt,  
Thomas Fox,  Philadelphia Claiborne,  Philadelphia Herndon,  Joseph Herndon,  Mary Boswell,  
Maj Nathaniel Fox,  Sarah Newton,  
Capt. Thomas Fox,  
William Fox,  
Ann Fox,  Capt. John Chew,  
Joseph Fox,  
Philadelphia Fox,  John Wiglesworth,  
Elizabeth Fox,  John Frazer,  
Barbara Tunstall Fox,  William Brown Wallace,  
Mary Fox,  
Capt. John Fox,  
Ann Threlkeld,  Col. Elijah Threlkeld,  
Stephen Fox,  Elizabeth Herndon,  Zachariah Herndon,  Mary Scott,  
Edmund Herndon Fox,  Virginia Herndon,  
Capt. James Herndon Fox,  
Joseph Fox,  Mildred Fenton,  
Mildred Fox,  William Degge,  
Joseph Fox,  Lavinia —,  John Garrett,  
Joseph Stephen Fox,  Elizabeth Campbell,  
Thomas Fox,  Leah Lipscomb,  Henry Lipscomb,  
Barbara Fox,  Drury Ragsdale,  Margaret (—) Ragsdale,  
Frances Ragsdale,  
Elizabeth Ragsdale,  Francis West Richeson,   Thomas Moss,  
Mildred Ann Ragsdale,  John Brett Richeson,  Holt Richeson,   Elizabeth Hogg,  
Ann Catherine Ragsdale,  Alexander Frazer,   
Capt. John Fox,  Judith Turner,  Frances Wyatt Woolfolk,  
Maj. Nathaniel Fox,  Mary Carver King,  
Susan (Prosser) Brocius,  
Letitia Fox,  William Prosser,  
Mary B. Fox,  Bowler F. Cocke,  Dr. Christian,  
Maria Fox,  Bohannan,  
Elizabeth King Fox,  John Stagg,  
Nathaniel Fox,  
Bailey Fox,  Sarah Starke,  William Starke,  William Gregory,  
William Fox,  
Mary Fox,  
Lewis Fox,  
Edmund Fox,  
Richard Fox,  
Elizabeth Fox,  
Mary Fox,  
Lt. Nathaniel Fox,  Sally Russell,  John Russell,  Jane —,  
Henry Fox,  
Nathaniel Fox,  
Mary Fox,  Jacob Abbott,  
Philadelphia Fox,  John Pumphrey,  
Elizabeth Fox,  
Nancy Fox,  Thomas Comer,  
Anne Fox,  Capt. Thomas Claiborne,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Martha Burnell,  Francis Burnell,  
Elizabeth Barber,   
John Fitzgerald,   Robert Hannah,  
Burnell Claiborne,  Hannah (Ravenscroft) Poythress,  
Martha Claiborne,  Rev. Devereux Jarratt,  Robert Jarratt,  Sarah Bradley,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Thomas B. Claiborne,  Mary Clayton,  Ann (—) Driver,  
Maj. Philip Claiborne,  Sallie Simms,  Elizabeth (Gunn) Wilkes,   Burwell Bassett Wilkes,   
Lucy Sims Claiborne,  
James Claiborne,  
John Claiborne,  Sally Clayton,  John Clayton,  Temperance Hill,  
Maj. Thomas B. Claiborne,  Hannah Hicks,  
George Ravenscroft Claiborne,  Anne Robinson,   
Dr. Devereaux Jarratt Claiborne,  Sallie Jones,  Harriet Edmunds,   Martha S. Jones,  Martha Ann (Claiborne) Lewis,   Sallie Ann (Walker) Taylor,  John James Taylor,  
Augustine Claiborne,  Jane Epes (Fraser) Blunt,  
Sallie Claiborne,  
Richard Claiborne,  Mary Hamlin,   Edward Dudley,  
John Claiborne,  Susanna Stokes,   Thomas Stokes,   
Mary Claiborne,  William Warwick,  John Walton,  
Richard Henry Claiborne,  Mary Cook,  
Mary Claiborne,  Jeremiah Moore,  
Elizabeth Claiborne,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Letitia White Clark,  William Clarke,  Jane White,  
David Augustine Claiborne,  
John Hampden Claiborne,  Mary W. Hall,  William Hall,  Ann W. (Cook) Clark,  
Richard Claiborne,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Thomas Hamlin,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Francis Poythress,  Elizabeth Poythress,  
Elizabeth Claiborne,  John Walton,  Robert Walton,  
Elizabeth Martha Walton,  Robert Watkins,  
David Douglas,  
William Claiborne,  Mary Williamson,  Joseph Williamson,  
Thomas Claiborne,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Mary M. (—) Stokes,  David Stokes,  
Ann Barber Claiborne,  Mark Green,  
Thomas Claiborne,  Mary Wynne,  Robert Wynne,  
Barbar Claiborne,  
Daniel Claiborne,  Mary Ann Fontaine Maury,  Matthew Maury,  Mary Anne Fontaine,  Curtis Keats,  
Mary Ann Claiborne,  John Butts,  
Daniel Claiborne Butts,  Elizabeth Randolph Harrison,   Mary Ann (Stith) Parsons,  
Elizabeth Claiborne Butts,  Benjamin Henry Harrison,  
Matthew Maury Claiborne,  Anne Carter Harrison,   
Hannah Claiborne,  Nathaniel Hedgman Triplett,  
Dorothea Claiborne,  Henry Tatum,   
Elizabeth Claiborne,  Robert Hedges,  
Capt. Robert Bolling,  
Thomas Claiborne,  
Bernard Claiborne,  
Frances Claiborne,  
Sarah Claiborne,  Joseph Thompson,  Col. Roger Thompson,  
Joseph Thompson,  
Mary Thompson,  René Woodson,  Benjamin Woodson,  Frances Napier,  Martha Johnson,  
Sarah Claiborne Woodson,  William Cole,   
Elizabeth Booth Woodson,  William F. Mann,  Susannah Parker,  
Frances Thompson,  
Ann Fox Thompson,  
Ann Claiborne Thompson,  
Elizabeth Thompson,  
Roger Thompson,  Lucy Thompson,  George Thompson,  
Elizabeth M. Thompson,  John Atwood Tomlinson,  Caroline Tomlinson,  William Worth Belknap,  
George Thompson,  Rebecca Burton,   
Leonard Thompson,  Mary Perrin Napier,   
John Thompson,  Susanna Burton,   
Rebecca Claiborne Thompson,  Richard Green Hart,  
John Burton Thompson,  Anne Porter Robards,  
Sarah B. Thompson,  Joseph E. Johnston,  
John Burton Thompson,  
James Henry Thompson,  
Mariah Washington Robards Thompson,  Maj. William Daviess,  
Charles Thompson,  
Philip Burton Thompson,  
Philip Burton Thompson Jr.,  
Elizabeth Barbara Thompson,  
Anne Porter Thompson,  Dr. Carey Allen Trimble,  
Susan Burton Thompson,  
Mary Catherine Thompson,  
Patsy Thompson,  
Mary B. Thompson,  Thomas Allin,  
Sarah Burton Thompson,  George Claiborne Thompson,  
Philip Thompson,  Sally Clay Moseley,  
George Burton Thompson,  
William Thompson,  
Patsy Thompson,  John G. Meaux,  
Nathaniel Claiborne,  Jane Cole,   
William Claiborne,  
Elizabeth Claiborne,  Benjamin Hoomes,  
Benjamin Hoomes,  Mary Pendleton,  Benjamin Pendleton,  Mary Macon,  
Maj. Thomas Claiborne Hoomes,  
Joseph Hoomes,  Rachel Davis,  
Lt. Thomas Claiborne Hoomes,  
Frances Hoomes,  William Thompson,  
Elizabeth Hoomes,  Thomas Stuart,  
Ann Fox Hoomes,  
Martha Hoomes,  Philip Pendleton,  Benjamin Pendleton,  Mary Macon,  
Benjamin Pendleton,  
James Pendleton,  
Martha Claiborne,  Patrick Napier,   
David Staples,  
Thomas Napier,  Chloe Napier,  
Ann Fox Napier,  Lt. James Hamilton,  
Thomas Napier Hamilton,  Sarah Sherwood Bugg,  Sherwood Bugg,  Sarah Ann Jones,   
Sarah Paris Hamilton,  Benjamin Cudworth Yancey,  
James Fox Hamilton,  
Ann Eliza Hamilton,  Samuel Watkins Goode,  
Martha Napier,  Benjamin Porter,  
Elizabeth Napier,  Robert Randolph,   
Elizabeth N.D.V Randolph,  Robert Raymond Reid,  
Dorothy Napier,  Richard Randolph,   Richard Henry Randolph,  
Augustus Napier,  
Richard Napier,  Mary Wills,  Mary Sothern,  Molly Wills Napier,  Henry Douglass Downs,  
Patrick Napier,  Elizabeth Woodson,   Benjamin Woodson Napier,  
Thomas Wilson Napier,  
René Napier,  Tabitha Woodson,   
Joseph Fox Napier,  
Mary Perrin Napier,  Leonard Thompson,   
Elizabeth Claiborne Napier,  Robert Allen,  
Ann Fox Napier,  Tarlton Brown,  
Tarlton Brown,  Lucy C. Moorman,  Elizabeth Cheadle Brown,  Frederick Rives Brown,  
Elizabeth Brown,  Thomas S. Keen,  
Lucy Brown,  William Moore,  
Martha C. Brown,  Pleasant Dickinson,  
Sarah P. Brown,  Zachariah Finney,  William Andrew Jackson Finney,  
Mary P. Brown,  
Dorothy W. Brown,  
Col. Augustine Claiborne,  Mary Herbert,  Buller Herbert,  Mary Stith,  
Mary Claiborne,  Charles Harrison,   
Henry Howard,  
Augustine Harrison,  
Charles Harrison,  
Mary Herbert Harrison,  John Herbert Peterson,   
Anne Carter Harrison,  Matthew Maury Claiborne,   
Benjamin Henry Harrison,  
Elizabeth Randolph Harrison,  Daniel Claiborne Butts,   
Herbert Claiborne,  Mary Ruffin,   Mary Burnet Browne,  William Burnet Brown,  Judith Carter,  
Mary Herbert Claiborne,  William Thomson,  
William Burnet Claiborne,  Elizabeth R. Claiborne,   Louisa A. Booth,  
Herbert Augustine Claiborne,  Delia (—) Claiborne,  
Delia Hayes Claiborne,  Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner,  
William Claiborne,  
Mary Carter Burnet Claiborne,  Vincent Bramham,  
Judith Browne Claiborne,  William B. Hill,  James Hill,  Mildred Clopton,  
Lavinia Herbert Claiborne,  
Harriet Claiborne,  Robert Hill,  James Hill,  Mildred Clopton,  
Mildred James Hill,  Gen. Francis Marshall Boykin,  
Lavinia Bathurst Claiborne,  
Betty Carter B. Claiborne,  
Augusta Browne Claiborne,  Maj. Philip A. Bramham,  
Octavia Claiborne,  
Augustine Claiborne,  Martha Jones,   
Cadwallader Jones Claiborne,  
Anne Claiborne,  Richard Cocke,   
Susanna Claiborne,  Frederick Jones,   
William Presley Claiborne,  Lucy Ruffin,   
Mary Claiborne,  
Lucy Herbert Claiborne,  John Chesterfield Goode,   
Elizabeth R. Claiborne,  William Burnet Claiborne,   
Dr. William Presley Claiborne,  
Martha Claiborne,  
Buller Claiborne,  Martha Ruffin,   
Mary Kincaid Irving,  Thomas Whitehead,  Martha Jane Irving,  Robert Taylor Berry,  
Richard Cook Claiborne,  Jones,  Philip Jones,  
Elizabeth Claiborne,  Thomas Peterson,   
John Herbert Peterson,  Mary Herbert Harrison,   
Thomas Peterson,  Sarah Epes,   
Augustine Claiborne Peterson,  
Ann Peterson,  
Lucy Herbert Claiborne,  John Cocke,   
Rev. John Cameron,   William Thompson,  
John Herbert Claiborne,  Mary Cole Gregory,   
Elisha Rideout,  
Ann Jones,   
Maria Claiborne,  John Douglas Wilkins,  
Martha Ann Claiborne,  Nicholas Edmunds Lewis,   Dr. Devereaux Jarratt Claiborne,   
Maria Nicholas Lewis,  Devereux Jarratt Claiborne,  George Ravenscroft Claiborne,   
George Claiborne,  Virginia C. Turnbull,  Robert Dundas Turnbull,   Lavinia Stith,  
Maria D. Claiborne,  Dr. Thomas Anderson Smith,  
Martha J. Claiborne,  
Elizabeth L. Claiborne,  
Nicholas Lewis Claiborne,  Sarah Jane (Turnbull) Hardy,  Edward Randolph Turnbull,   William Irby Hardy,  
John Herbert Claiborne Lewis,  Rowena Thrower Robinson,  Clack Robinson,   Eleanor Young,  
Nicholas Edmunds Lewis,  
Laura Elizabeth Lewis,  Nicholas A. Flournoy,  
Martha Eleanor Lewis,  David Stone Hicks,   
David Stone Hicks,  
Norborne Clack Lewis,  
Ann Eliza Lewis,  
Lavinia Claiborne Lewis,  
Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,  Mary Elizabeth Weldon,  
Mary Elizabeth Claiborne,  Philip Claiborne,   
Mary Augusta Claiborne,  Gabriel John Long Thomas,  
Anna Maria Claiborne,  Col. Augustine Claiborne Butts,  
Dr. John Herbert Claiborne,  Sarah Joseph Alston,  Annie Leslie Watson,  
Sarah Joseph Alston Claiborne,  William Baird McIlwaine,  
Dr. Gregory Weldon Claiborne,  
Josephine Claiborne,  
Jane Weldon Claiborne,  
Thomas Claiborne,  Scott,  
Bathurst Claiborne,  Betsy Ann Bott,   Mary Leigh Claiborne,   
James Claiborne,  
Thomas Ball,  
Henry Fox,  Samuel Hudson,  
John Davis,  
William Fox,  Henry Weaver,  Thomas Tatum,   John Morgan,  John Peterson,  
Sarah Avent,  Thomas Avent,  
Elizabeth Fox,  John Rives,  Richard Russell,  
Lucy Fox,  William Robinson,   
William Fox,  Martha Rives,   William Rives,   
Uriah Irvin Fox,  
Robert Fox,  
William Fox,  
Winifred Fox,  Capt. James Robinson,   
Rebecca B. Fox,  Howell Peebles,  
Nancy Fox,  Jeremiah Vaughan,  Dr. James B. Mallory,  
Thomas Avent Fox,  Lavinia Smith,  
Mary Claiborne Fox,  John Johnson,   
Sarah Fox,  
Unity Fox,  
John Fox,  Selah Bonner,  John Bonner Jr.,  Sarah —,  
Sarah Fox,  Willie Fennell,  
Isaac Fox,  
Benjamin Fox,  Frances H. Walker,  
John Fox,  
Margaret Bonner Fox,  Edward Delony,  
 Jane (Fox) Johns,  
Richard Johns,   
 Ann (Fox) White,  
Chillon White,  
 John Fox,  
 Richard Fox (-1771),  
Hannah Williamson,  John Williamson,  
William Fox,  James Blanton,   Mary Kendrick,  William Kendrick,  Sarah Jones,  
Arthur Fox,  
William Fox,  
Arthur Fox,  
Richard Fox,  Nancy Wright,  
Mary Kendrick Fox,  
Benjamin Fox,  Martha Nowell,  
Sally Jones Fox,  Thomas Nowell,  
Joanna Fox,  James Blanton,   
Priscilla Fox,  James Taylor Jr.,   
Betsy Fox,  
Henry Fox,  
Jacob Fox,  Elizabeth Lark,  Bennett Goode,   Robert Lark,  
Richard Fox,  
Isham Fox,  William Davis,  
John Fox,  
Sarah Fox,  Joseph Price,  
Hannah Fox,  David Townes,  
Lucinda Fox,  Luke Matthews,  
Joseph Burchett,  Martha Wilson,  
Amy Burchett,  
James Burchett,  
Joseph Burchett,  
John Burchett,  
Mary Ann Burchett,  
Isaac Burchett,  
Amy Fox,  John Kendrick,  
Mary Fox,  Samuel Jones,   
Ann Fox,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Capt. Joseph Fox - French and Indian War Gen. Samuel Bell Maxey - Mexican War
Gen. Samuel Bell Maxey - Civil War Maj. William DuVal - Revolutionary War
John Pope DuVal - War of 1812 Christopher Greenup - Revolutionary War
Samuel DuVal - Revolutionary War Daniel DuVal - Revolutionary War
Capt. John Fox - Revolutionary War Capt. John Fox - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Fox - Revolutionary War Capt. Thomas Fox - Revolutionary War
Capt. John Chew - Revolutionary War John Wiglesworth - Revolutionary War
John Frazer - Revolutionary War William Brown Wallace - Revolutionary War
Capt. James Herndon Fox - War of 1812 Drury Ragsdale - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Fox - Revolutionary War Nathaniel Fox - Revolutionary War
Devereux Jarratt Claiborne - War of 1812 John Butts - Revolutionary War
Daniel Claiborne Butts - War of 1812 Robert Hedges - Revolutionary War
Roger Thompson - Revolutionary War George Thompson - Revolutionary War
Leonard Thompson - Revolutionary War John Thompson - Revolutionary War
Philip Burton Thompson - War of 1812 William Thompson - War of 1812
Benjamin Hoomes - Revolutionary War Lt. Thomas Hoomes - Revolutionary War
Philip Pendleton - Revolutionary War Thomas Napier - Revolutionary War
Lt. James Hamilton - Revolutionary War Benjamin Cudworth Yancey - Civil War
Richard Napier - Revolutionary War René Napier - Revolutionary War
Charles Harrison - Revolutionary War Simon Bolivar Buckner - Mexican War
Simon Bolivar Buckner - Civil War Vincent Bramham - War of 1812
Cadwallader Jones Claiborne - War of 1812 John Herbert Claiborne - Revolutionary War
George Claiborne - Civil War Norborne Clack Lewis - Civil War
Dr. John Herbert Claiborne - Civil War Gregory Weldon Claiborne - Civil War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Gen. Samuel Bell Maxey - U.S. William Pope DuVal - U.S.
Christopher Greenup - U.S. Thomas B. Claiborne - U.S.
John Claiborne - U.S. Thomas B. Claiborne - U.S.
John Burton Thompson Jr. - U.S. Philip Burton Thompson Jr. - U.S.
Dr. Carey Allen Trimble - U.S. Philip Thompson - U.S.
Robert Raymond Reid - U.S. Thomas Whitehead - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
William Pope DuVal - Florida Territory Christopher Greenup - Kentucky
Robert Raymond Reid - Florida Territory Simon Bolivar Buckner - Kentucky

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. John West - Virginia Henry Fox - Virginia
William Pope - Virginia Maj. William DuVal - Virginia
Samuel Pope DuVal - Kentucky Dr. Alfred Leyburn - Virginia
Christopher Greenup - Virginia Christopher Greenup - Kentucky
John Howard Baskette - Tennessee Samuel DuVal - Virginia
Richard Henry Toler - Virginia Samuel DuVal - Virginia
John Abell Finn - Kentucky Col. Richard Anderson - Virginia
Capt. John Fox - Virginia Nathaniel Fox - Virginia
Capt. John Fox - Virginia Drury Ragsdale - Virginia
Leonard Claiborne - Virginia Thomas B. Claiborne - Virginia
Philip Claiborne - Virginia Thomas B. Claiborne - Tennessee
Augustine Claiborne - Virginia Richard Claiborne - Virginia
David Augustine Claiborne - Virginia Leonard Claiborne Jr. - Virginia
John Walton - Georgia Robert Watkins - Georgia
Daniel Claiborne Butts - Virginia Augustine Claiborne Butts - Virginia
Roger Thompson - Virginia John Atwood Tomlinson - Kentucky
William Worth Belknap - Iowa George Thompson - Virginia
George Thompson - Kentucky John Burton Thompson - Kentucky
Joseph E. Johnston - Louisiana John Burton Thompson Jr. - Kentucky
Maj. William Daviess - Kentucky Philip Burton Thompson - Kentucky
George Claiborne Thompson - Kentucky Philip Thompson - Kentucky
William Thompson - Kentucky Thomas Claiborne Hoomes - Virginia
Thomas Napier - Virginia Thomas Napier - Georgia
Thomas Napier Hamilton - Georgia Benjamin Cudworth Yancey - South Carolina
Benjamin Cudworth Yancey - Alabama Benjamin Cudworth Yancey - Georgia
James Fox Hamilton - Georgia Robert Raymond Reid - Florida
Richard Henry Randolph - Georgia Henry Douglass Downs - Mississippi
Benjamin Woodson Napier - Kentucky Thomas Wilson Napier - Kentucky
Frederick Rives Brown - Virginia Thomas S. Keen - Virginia
William A.J. Finney - Virginia Augustine Claiborne - Virginia
Herbert Augustine Claiborne - Virginia Vincent Bramham - Virginia
Francis Marshall Boykin - Virginia Augustine Claiborne - Virginia
Cadwallader Jones Claiborne - Virginia Robert Taylor Berry - Virginia
Dr. John Herbert Claiborne - Virginia William Baird McIlwaine - Virginia
Henry Fox - Virginia  

Names on the map
Duval County, Florida, named for William Pope DuVal Duval County, Texas, named for Burr Harrison DuVal
Greenup County, Kentucky, named for Christopher Greenup  

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995, pages 25-27, 142-165, 280-715 • Families of Thomas Claiborne and Anne Fox and of Philadelphia Claiborne and Thomas Fox.
King, George H.S. “Memorial to Henry Fox, Gentleman, of ‘Huntington,’ King William County, Virginia.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(1):713-789. • Excellent depiction of the family and descendants of John Fox.

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