Ancestral Family Topic 3524

 3524   Capt. John Batte (1606-1653)
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Capt. John Batte, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. John Batte might describe his life as follows.

An infantry captain, I sided with King Charles during the English civil war. In the summer of 1643 the Marquis of Newcastle led our army against Lord Fairfax and his son, Sir Thomas. Although Newcastle had no military expertise, we overwhelmed the Fairfaxes at the Battle of Adwalton Moor 30 June 1643 within a mile of my home, “Oakwell Hall.”
In August 1644, after Cromwell prevailed, I prudently surrendered to Lord Fairfax and was ordered to pay £3,640 to recover my lands. Although Parliament later reduced that to £364, I was angry that I had to sell assets and lease others to pay the fine.
I married Martha Mallory, of a prominent Cavalier family. Some say I spent too much of my family’s wealth elevating myself to the Mallory’s level. Martha and I had 9 children whose baptisms are in the register of Birstall Parish where we attended church.
In June 1646 I left for Virginia with most of my family, leaving behind John, a law student at Cambridge, to complete his studies. Back in London in 1649 and needing money, I organized a commercial trading “adventure” to Virginia. My brother Robert Batte, a London grocer, petitioned the “Committee for advances of money cases,” I persuaded Sir Thomas Danby to invest £1,500, and I borrowed £1,500.
I was “dead beyond the seas” by September 1653 when William Batte, my eldest son and heir, applied to administer my estate. Martha died and was buried 9 February 1654/5 at Birstall, Yorkshire. Dabney, who wanted his money back, had William arrested but could not prove he benefitted from my “adventure.”
Among my big family were a dozen congressmen—both USA and CSA—and about 40 state legislators.

Dead beyond the seas
In Sept. 1653 his brother Robert Batte applied for administration of John Batte’s estate because he was “beyond the seas deced.” Submitted simultaneously was a document intended to shield William Batte from any claims. Danby’s heirs had engaged Philip Mallory to pursue their interests in the Colony. On 21 Sept. 1653 Mallory signed an affidavit that he had received what he could of the estate of John Batte in the Colony of Virginia and “therefore to the utmost of my power discharge, release, acquit William Batte, son and heir of Gent. John Batte of all debts, dues, accounts or whatever that may be claimed by Sir Thomas Danby Kt.”
John’s estates, including “Oakwell Hall,” fell to William. When he returned to claim his inheritance, Sir Danby had him arrested but could not connect him with the lost investments. William successfully argued that he was neither a planter nor trader and was in no way in involved with his father and brother in the “adventure” that lost Danby’s money.

Other individuals named Batte
Early Virginia land patent records mention several individuals named John Batte, Batt, Batts, etc. A John Batte was in Isle of Wight County as early as 1623 when Capt. John Batte was but 17 years of age.
My John Batte may have been the John Batts who, with John Davis, obtained a patent for 300 acres at the head of Charles City Creek 2 April 1639.  This patent was renewed in the name of John Davis for 450 acres and Stephen Gill for 300 acres suggesting that John may have returned to England. 
On 7 Nov. 1643 John Batt obtained a patent for 526 acres in James City County lying at the head of the Eastermont Branch of Back River. Among his headrights was Dorothy Batte.  Since Capt. John Batte was then embroiled in the English Civil War, this was likely another of the name.
In 1654 John Phillips and John Batts secured a patent for 500 acres in Lancaster County.  When they did not settle the land, William Drewe received a patent for it in 1657. 

Descendants of Capt. John Batte
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Batte (1628-1629),  
 John Batte (1630-1652),  
 William Batte (1632-1673),  
Mrs. Susanna (Aston) Major,  Mrs. Hannah Aston,  Lt. Col. Edward Major,  Lt. Col. Walter Aston,  
Rev. Philip Mallory,   Thomas Mallory,   William Batte,   
John Upton,  Thomas Harris,  Mrs. Margaret (—) Upton,  
Elizabeth Horton,  William Horton,  
John Holdsworth,  
Oliver Heywood,  
William Batte,  
Gledhill Batte,  
Elizabeth Batte,  
John Batte,  Henrietta Catherine Metcalfe,  
Judith Batte,  
Martha Batte,  John Murgatroyd,  
 Martha Batte (1636-),  
 Elizabeth Batte (1638-),  
 Robert Batte (1640-1641),  
 Mary Batte (1641-1642),  
 Capt. Henry Batte (c.1642-c.1699),  
 Thomas Batte (c.1643-),  
Mr. Richard Butler,  
Thomas Wood,  Robert Hallom,  Jack Weason,  Gen. Abraham Wood,   Perecute,  
Francis Epes,  
Col. John Farrar,  William Byrd,  Mr. Henry Randolph,  
Godfrey Ragsdale,  Mary (—) Batte,  Gabriel Arthur,  
Thomas Bott,  Henry Kent,  Essex Bevill,  John Bevill,  
John Herbert,  
Mary Batte,  Capt. Peter Jones,   John Evans,  
Stephen Cocke,   James Cocke,  
Peter Jones,   
George Bolling,  Robert Bolling,   
William Pride,   Halcott Pride Gates,  
Abraham Jones I,  Sarah Batte,   
Maj. Peter Jones III,  
Thomas Ravenscroft,  William Jones,  
Thomas Jones,   
Col. William Byrd,  
Dorothy Chamberlain,   Col. Richard Jones,   
Ridley Jones,  
Ridley Jones,  Matthew Branch,   
Sarah Jones,  Thomas Jones,  John Gray,  
Mary Jones,  Branch Jones,   Josiah Grigg,   
Sterling Clack Thornton,   Richard Jones Jr.,   
Sarah Branch Jones,  Augustus Watson,   
William Bibb,   Batte Jones,   
Richard Foster,   Martin Pierce,  
Branch Jones Watson,  
Elizabeth W. Williams,  Thomas Williams,  
Frances Watson,  Samuel Johns,  
Dorothy Chamberlain Watson,  Joseph Wilson Jr.,  
Elizabeth S. Watson,  
Mary Ann Watson,  
Sarah Branch Watson,  Joseph M. Price,  
Cornelia S. Price,  
Augustus J. Price,  
Thomas W. Price,  
John W. Price,  
Joseph B. Price,  
Dorothy Chamberlain Thornton,  Lewellyn Jones,  
Jane Clack Thornton,  Josiah Venable,   
Ann Jones Thornton,  
Elizabeth Short Thornton,  Charles Henry Featherstone,   
William Jones Thornton,  Elizabeth G. Baker,  Caleb Baker,  Mary Rodes,  
Harriet Susan Thornton,  Alexander Bridgland,  John Bridgland,  Katherine Vincent,  Augusta (Bridgland) Fothergill,  
Martha Ridley Thornton,  Allen Talbot,  
Margaret Baugh Thornton,  Frederick Adams Ford,  
Mary Sterling Thornton,  
Lt. William Jones,  Joseph Osborne,   Peter Thompson,  
Anne Branch,   
Daniel Jones,  
Gen. Chamberlaine Jones,  Ann (—) Jones,  
Ann Jones,  Col. Edward Ward,   
Mary Branch Jones,  Claiborne Anderson,   Thomas Friend Willson,   
William Dickson,  
Benjamin B. Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  William Crawley Ward,   
John Jones,  Martha Redford,  
John Jones,  
Nancy (—) Jones,  
Wood Jones,  
Henry R. Jones,  
Mary P. Jones,  
Nancy M. Jones,  
Martha R. Jones,  
Katherine P. Jones,  
Frances J. Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  William Featherstone,   
Sarah B. Jones,  
Susanna Jones,  Echols,  
Peter Jones,  
Francis Jones,  Catherine Greenhill,   Samuel Greenhill,  Molly Pettway,  
Wood Jones,  Elizabeth Trent Archer,   
Tiberius Gracchus Jones,  
Ann Jones,  Peter Field Archer,   
Judith Jones,  Peter Branch,   
Dorothy Chamberlain Jones,  Thomas Jones,  
Edward Jones,  
Caroline Matilda Jones,  Everard Meade Branch,  
Elizabeth K. Jones,  Joseph Moore,  
Martha Jones,  Thomas Short,   
Thomas Jones,  Mary (Batte) Cocke,   Susanna (—) Jones,  Anthony Walke,  Charles Craddock,   
Thomas Jones,  
Frederick Jones,  Catherine Anderson,   
Henry T. Jones,  
Short Jones,  Mary W. Price,   
William Jones,  
Peter Jones,  Catherine Chappell,   
Susanna Edmunds Jones,  William Wyatt,  Rev. John Finney,   
Cadwallader Jones,  Dorothy French Featherstone,   
Richard Jones,  Frances Jones,   
Thomas Short Jones,  
Edward Jones,  
Elizabeth Susan Jones,  
America Jones,  
Ridley Jones,  Richard Booker,  
Edward Jones,  
Peter Jones IV,  Elizabeth Wilkerson,  
Richard Ogilby,   
Peter Jones V,  Martha (—) Jones,  
Lucretia Jones,  
Stephen Jones,  
Elizabeth Mary Ann Jones,  Peter Bass,  
Frances Jones,  Richard Jones,   
Richard Jones,  Martha Ward,   
Capt. John Camp,  
Margaret Jones,  Chamberlaine Batte,   
Richard Baugh,   
Dorothy Baugh,  Thomas Batte,   
John Stratton,   
Henry Stratton,  
Thomas Stratton,  
Harriet Stratton,  
Jane Baugh,  Henry Stratton,   
Elizabeth Baugh,  Thomas Jones,  Samuel Perry,  
Richard Baugh,  Sarah Graves,   
John Pride Jr.,  Jesse Cogbill,   
Charles Graves,   
Archibald Baugh,  Sarah Worsham,   
Rebecca Eppes Worsham,   
Margaret Jones Baugh,  Chastain Clarke,  
Sarah Worsham Baugh,  Edward Hill Boisseau,   
Thomas Worsham Baugh,  
Richard Baugh,  
Lucy Baugh,  James Prentis,  
Rebecca Baugh,  
Elizabeth Jones,  Francis Stern,   
Dorothy Jones,  Lt. Thomas Short Jr.,  Thomas Short Sr.,  Mary Lee,  John Royall,   
Thomas Short III,  Martha Jones,   
William Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  Thomas Jones,   
Thomas Field Jones,  Jacob Edwards,  Sarah (—) Jones,  Thomas Jones,   Richard Jones,   Frederick Jones,   Peter Branch,   Thomas Jones Jr.,   Peter Jones,   
Osborne Jones,  
Mary Jones,  Clark,  
Betsy Jones,  
Patsy Jones,  
John Jones,  
Wood Jones,  Richard Womack,  John Hightower,  Edward Lewis,  
Francis Wynne,  John Parker,   
Unity Claiborne,  William Claiborne IV,  Elizabeth Whitehead,  
Elizabeth Clement,   Amy Jones,   
John Hall,   Robert Burton,   Simon Powell,  John Mayton,  
Thomas Williams,  David Caldwell,  
Amy (Jones) Watson,   
Maj. Wood Jones,  John Ryers,  
Philip Jones,  Elizabeth Batte,   
Martha Batte,   Charles Erskine,  David Thomas,  
Richard Cocke,  Pleasant Roberts,  
Unity Claiborne Jones,  William Archer,   
Edward Archer,  
Cadmus Archer,  Jane Sophia Gilliam,   
Napoleon Archer,  
Mary Archer,  
Harriet Field Archer,  John Alexander Robertson,  James Robertson,   Martha Field Archer,   
Lucy Claiborne Archer,  John A. Brander,   
Frances Jane Archer,  Oliver Hampton,  
Martha Cox Archer,  
Willieanna Archer,  
Sarah Parke Archer,  John A. Brander,   
Willieanna Archer,  
Eliza Jones Archer,  Parke Poindexter,  George Benskin Poindexter,  Sarah Parke,  
Philip Jones,  Mary Petway Greenhill,   
Henry Batte Jones,  
Wood Jones,  Martha Jones,  
Philadelphia Jones,  John Hamlin,   Lawrence Wills,  William Tucker Sr.,  
Wood Jones Hamlin,  Fanny Alston,  
Mary Jones,  Edward Scott,   
Margaret Jones,  
Martha Jones,  
Mary Jones,  Peter Jones,   
Robert Bolling,   Richard Smith Jr.,  Robert Munford,  Joshua Irby,  
Robert Bolling,   John Bolling,   
Cadwallader Jones,  
Frederick Jones,  William Wynne,   
Elizabeth Epes,   
Robert Brooks,  
Frederick Jones,  Susanna Claiborne,   
Robert Ruffin,   
Augustine Claiborne Jones,  Dionysia Ravenscroft Starke,   
Frederick Augustine Jones,  
Mary Herbert Jones,  John Withers,  
John Wright Withers,  Palmyra Scott Jordan,  Samuel Jordan,  Jane Scott,  
Susanna Claiborne Withers,  Clement Comer Clay,   
William Frederick Withers,  
David Wright Withers,  
Priscilla Wright Withers,  
Augustine Jones Withers,  
Ann Eliza Ward Withers,  Francis John Levert,  
Mary Claude Levert,  Daniel Coleman,  Daniel Coleman,  Elizabeth Peterson,  
Mary Dorothy Mitchell Withers,  
Jones Mitchell Withers,  
Maria Herbert Withers,  Rev. Anastasius Menaeos,  
Elizabeth Epes Jones,  Thomas S. Maclin,   George Mason,  
Maj. Cadwallader Jones,  Mary Pride,   
Mary Jones,  Thomas Hall Brodnax,   
Frederick S. Brodnax,  
Jack P. Brodnax,  
Cadwallader Brodnax,  
Sarah Jones,  William Edward Brodnax,   
Robert Brodnax,  
Elizabeth Epes Brodnax,  George Wilson,  
Anne Brodnax,  
William Frederick Brodnax,  
Dr. Edward Travis Brodnax,  Janet Hamilton Chalmers,  
Frances Jones,  
Martha Jones,  Augustine Claiborne,   
Theodorick Jones,  
Ann Jones,  Gray Claiborne,  Mary Herbert Jones,   
Martha Jones,  
Agnes Jones,  Edward Jones,   
Peter Jones,  Dionysia Ravenscroft,  Richard Russell,   Jeremiah Russell,  
Dionysia Jones,  Lewis Starke,  
Dionysia Ravenscroft Starke,  Augustine Claiborne Jones,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Col. Buckner Stith,   
Elizabeth Jones Stith,  Robert Turnbull,   
Peter Jones Turnbull,  Catherine Adeline Maclin,   
Robert Dundas Turnbull,  Lavinia Stith,  John Stith,  Nancy —,  Helen W. Stith,   
Charles Turnbull,  Sarah E. Lashley,  
Mary C. Turnbull,  Dr. Edwin Armistead Morrison,   
Hannah Jones Turnbull,  George Stone,  
Robert Turnbull Stone,  Sarah Stith,   
Elizabeth Jane Stone,  
George Washington Stone,  
Mary Ann Stone,  
Hannah Jones Stone,  
Ann Stone,  
Rosalie Stone,  
Charles Stone,  
David Buckner Stith Turnbull,  
Eliza Jane Turnbull,  John Andrew Meade,   
Andrew Meade,  
Elizabeth Turnbull Meade,  
Julia Anne Turnbull,  
Anne Harrison Turnbull,  Edward Haskins,   
Edward Randolph Turnbull,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Dr. Nathaniel Harrison,   Mary Dandridge Minge,  
Robert Turnbull,  Francis Rives Lassiter,   
William Turnbull,  Cornelia Anne Claiborne,  
Thomas F. Turnbull,  
Mary Jones,  Harrison Randolph,  Peter Randolph,  
Joseph Jones,  
Wilmoth Jones,  William J. Walker,  
Hannah Jones,  Peter Minor,  Robert Turnbull,   Mary Cole,   
Dionysia Minor,  
Abraham Jones,  Richard Newman,  John Jones,  Alexander Hamilton,  William Byrd,  John Banister,   
Thomas Jordan,  Henry Rose,  
Sarah (—) Jones,  John Jones,  
William Jones,  
Ann Jones,  
Thomas Batte,  Temperance Brown,   
Richard Parker,  
Matthew Oakley,  Francis Epes,  
Martha Batte,  
Amy Batte,  Capt. Richard Jones,   
David Crawley,  William Crawley,  Robert Chappell,   
Robert Munford,  
Robert Bolling,   
Joshua Wynne,   
Robert Munford,   
Col. Richard Jones III,  Elizabeth (Stratton) Chamberlain,   William Ligon,   
Edward Booker,   Richard Booker,   
Sarah Stratton,   Morgan McKenney,  
Thomas Pierce,  
George Shepherd,  
Edmond Covington,  
Margaret (—) Jones,  David Greenhill,  
Isham Vaughan,   
Prudence Jones,  Henry Ward,   
Daniel Jones,  William Clarke,  Thomas Dobson,  Thomas Bottom,   George Steagall,   
Mary Sturdivant,   Richard Hayes,   
John Marable,  
Richard Jones,  Stephen Beasley,   
Lt. Daniel Jones,  Susannah Stith Hardyman,  Littlebury Hardyman,  
John Tabb,   Catherine (Crawley) Ward,   
 John Fitzgerald,  
Christian Poythress,  
Robert Bolling,   Joshua Poythress,  
John Peterson,   Robert Hicks,   
William Poythress,  Francis Poythress,  
John Fitzgerald,  Ann Randolph,  
John Gilliam,   Leonard Claiborne,   John Archer,   
Francis Fitzgerald,  
Elizabeth Fitzgerald,  Archibald Robertson,   
William Fitzgerald,  Elizabeth Irby,  
William Fitzgerald,  Sarah Epes,   
Catherine Crawley,   
Dr. John Henry Fitzgerald,  Louisa Jones,   
Francis Fitzgerald,  Frances Jones,   
William Fitzgerald III,  Lettice Greenhill Williams,   
Thomas Fitzgerald,  Anne Roper Williams,   
Robert Fitzgerald,  
Rev. Freeman Fitzgerald,  Elizabeth Williams Irby,   
Sarah Fitzgerald,  Benjamin Ward,   
Elizabeth Fitzgerald,  Littleberry Hardiman Jones,   
Mary Ann Fitzgerald,  William Booth,  
Martha Fitzgerald,  Hamlin Epes,  
Thomas Fitzgerald,  
Lt. Francis Fitzgerald,  Mary Epes,   
Catherine Ward,   
Robert Fitzgerald,  James Henderson Fitzgerald,  James Henderson,   
Elizabeth Fitzgerald,  
Littleberry Hardiman Jones,  Elizabeth Fitzgerald,   Rev. John Cameron,   George W. Jones,   
Theodorick Jones,  
Daniel Jones,  
Louisa Jones,  Dr. John Henry Fitzgerald,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
Capt. William Fitzgerald,  Anna Maria Hardaway,   
John Fitzgerald,  Martha W. Scott,  Samuel Scott,  Ann Willson,  Peter Epes,   
Frances Jones,  Francis Fitzgerald,   Rev. John Cameron,   
William Daniel Fitzgerald,  
Dr. George Fitzgerald,  Susan Feild Thweatt,   Catherine Frances Campbell,  Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,  Sarah Bolling Tazewell,   
Edmund Fitzgerald,  
Henry Francis Fitzgerald,  
Sarah Catherine Fitzgerald,  Archibald Thweatt,   
Louisa Jones Fitzgerald,  
Francis Fitzgerald,  
Charles William Fitzgerald,  Anne Langhorne Hobson,  Rebecca Bland,  John Archer Bland,  Mary Ann Dickinson,   
James Henderson Fitzgerald,  Lucy Eldridge,  Rolf Eldridge,  Mary Moseley,  
Francis Fitzgerald,  
Patrick Jones,  Martha Ann (—) Jones,  Dr. Austin Watkins,   
Ann Elizabeth Jones,  
George W. Jones,  Elizabeth Fitzgerald,  Francis Fitzgerald,  
Benjamin Crawley Jones,  Mary Jones Campbell,  Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,   Sarah Epes,   
Catherine Jones,  Capt. Richard Jones,   Elizabeth Campbell Epes,  
Francis Fitzgerald Jones,  Sarah Green Thweatt,   Nathaniel Coleman,  Elizabeth —,  
Edward P. Scott,  
Mary Harriet Bolling,  Dr. John Feild,   
Sarah Elizabeth Jones,  
Lucy Osborne Jones,  Dr. Hume S. Feild,   
George William Jones,  
Thomas Thweatt Jones,  
Dr. John Bolling Jones,  
Francis Green Jones,  Emma Martha Feild,   
Benjamin Crawley Jones,  Mildred Bolling Feild,   
Harriet Feild Jones,  Claiborne Anderson Pope,  
William Fitzgerald Jones,  
Freeman Ward Jones,  
Susan Alice Jones,  Claiborne Anderson Pope,  
James A. Jones,  Ellen Meade Feild,   
Roger Gregory Jones,  
George William Jones,  Martha Scott Agnew,  
Martha Epes Jones,  William Fitzgerald Ward,   
Mary C. Jones,  Henry T. Miller,  
Elizabeth L.F. Jones,  
Caroline L. Jones,  
Edward Jones,  Elizabeth Jones,  
Drury Allen Bacon,   
Sarah Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Martha Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  Stephen Beasley,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Robert Foster,  Edward Jones,   Thomas Jones,   
George Foster,   Robert Foster,  
Hannah Foster,  Wright,  
James Foster,  Mary Gibson,  
Maria Foster,  John Osborne,  
Martha A. Foster,  Noble,  
Peter B. Foster,  
Patrick H. Foster,  
Nelson K. Foster,  
Daniel Foster,  
Prudence Jones,  Thomas Jones,   
Richard Jones IV,  Elizabeth Jones,  
Abraham Cocke,   Joseph Reeves,  John Osborne,  
Charles Hutcheson,  Robert Munford,  
Rev. James Craig,   Charles Stewart,   George Muse,  
Amy Jones,  Stephen Cocke,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Littleberry Royall,   
Margaret Jones,  Thomas Cocke,   
Sarah Jones,  Dudley Holt,  
Rachel Jones,  Samuel Booker,   
John Lewis,  John Chappell,   
Thomas Jones,  Prudence Jones,   
William Jones,  
Richard Jones V,  Mary Epes Robertson,   John Winn,  
James Cocke,  
Samuel Cobbs,  James May,   Charles Stewart,   William Ragsdale,  Bryant McDearman,  John Fisher,  
William Covington,  James Henderson,   Richard Willson,   
Maj. Richard Booker,  John Booker,   John Booker Jr.,   William Royall,  
Elizabeth (Fletcher) Nicholson,  James Nicholson,   Capt. James N. Fletcher,   Elizabeth Harris,   William Harris,  Frances —,  Dr. Archibald Campbell,  Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,  
Thomas Comer,   
Elizabeth Jones,  
Dr. James Jones,  
Catherine Harris,   
Mary Epes Jones,  Sharpe Lamkin,  Peter Lamkin,  Winifred (—) Lamkin,  
Susanna Lewis Lamkin,  Petronella Sharp Lamkin,  
Mary Epes Jones Lamkin,  Maj. George Craghead,  Dr. Archibald Hatchett,   
Richard Jones,  
Martha Ann Jones,  
Caroline Jones,  
Nathan Jones,  
Capt. Richard Jones VI,  Elizabeth Campbell Epes,  Maj. John Epes,  
Isaac Holmes,   Theodorick Bland Pryor,   Thomas Freeman Epes,   
Elizabeth Harris Jones,  Dr. George Langston Griffin Bacon,  Dr. John Segar Hardaway,   
 William Harris,  
Frances (—) Harris,  
Elizabeth Harris,  Dr. Archibald Campbell,  
Richard Jones,   
Thomas Campbell,  
Frances Harris Campbell,  John Epes,   
Wilmuth Campbell,  
Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,  Sarah Epes,   Martha (Epes) Jones,   
Catherine Harris,  James Jones,   
Sarah Harris,  Capt. James N. Fletcher,  
Mary Catherine Fletcher,  Matthew Myrick Harrison,  
Martha Anne Fletcher,  Dr. John Segar Hardaway,   
Dr. Robert Shore,   
 Richard Jones (1772-) of Raleigh Parish,  
Col. Thomas Tabb,  John Turner,  John Hill,   Hezekiah Ford,   George Lesuer Webster,  Ann Martha (—) Jones,  
John Dukery,  Mary —,  Richard Phillips,  
Uriah Jones,  Catherine Ann —,  Christopher Ford,   
William Jones,  
David Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  Rowland Ward,   Benjamin Ward,  Thomas Geers,  
Judith Jones,  
Ann Martha Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
John Jones,  
Mary Jones,  Henry Harper,  
Elizabeth Harper,  James Borum,   
Sarah Jones,  Lawless,  
Rebecca Jones,  
 Richard Jones of King William County,  
William Keys,  William Butler,  
 Richard Jones of Flat Creek,  
Hugh Boston,  
Peter Jones,  Sarah Tanner,   
Edward Jones,  Agnes Jones,   
Robert Loveless,  
Mary Jones,  Andrew Redford,  James Hall,   James Stanley,  
Martha Jones,  
Edward Jones,  Martha Jones,  
Spotswood Jones,  Susanna I. Branch,  Matthew Branch Jr.,  
Lewellyn Jones,  
Sophia W. Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Amy Jones,  Capt. William Watson,  
Emanuel Jones,  John Hall,   Barnaby Wells,  
Daniel DeJarnette,   John Hall,   Hugh Leaden,  
William Crawley,  Samuel Cobbs,   Gideon Moon,  Peter Moon,  Thomas Baldwin,  Edward Briswate,  
Daniel Coleman,  
Maj. Wood Jones,   
George Currie,   
Capt. William Watson,  Anne Randolph,   
John Jennings,   Joseph Jennings,   
John Hamlin Jr.,  John Chappell,  Maj. Wood Jones,   
James Bagley,   James Anderson,   Isham Clay,   William Gooch,  
Francis Lewis,  John Baldwin,  Dickeson Lumpkin,  Robert Donald,  Edmund Borum,   
John Bartholomew Dupuy,  Robert Thompson,   Joseph Jennings,   Richard Beasley,  Archibald Yarbrough,   William Bell,  John Tabb,   Llewellyn Williamson,  
Sarah Watson,  Alexander Erskine,   Joseph Crenshaw,  William Spens,  William Brown,  Thomas Taylor,  Richard Stones,  Jeff Wallace,  Thomas Yarbrough,   Neill Buchanan,  Thomas Erskine,  
Thomas Bolling Munford,   
Alexander Erskine,  
Jenny League,  James League,  Ann M. Crenshaw,  John Knight,   
Branch League,  
Patrick Alexander Erskine,  Sarah A. Williams,  
John McCureton Erskine,  
Amy Erskine,  
Charles Erskine,  
Jane Watson,  Thomas Bolling Munford,   Thomas Mumford,   
Edward Munford,   Sarah Hutcheson,  Drury Thompson,  
Isham Thompson,  Robert Munford,   
Joseph Wells,  Tyree Glenn Bacon,  
Thomas Munford,  
Richard Jones Munford,  
William Munford,  
Robert Bolling Munford,  
James H. Munford,  Edward James Hall,  Elizabeth R. (—) Munford,  
Nancy Munford,  John P. Andrews,  
Elizabeth H. Munford,  
William Solon Munford,  
Thomas Sidney Munford,  Mary W. —,  
Robert Bolling Munford,  
Martha A. Munford,  
Amey Watson,  Walter Allen Watson,   
Elizabeth Watson,  Thomas Roper Williams,   
William Williams,  Mary Jordan,  
Mary Jordan Williams,  David Almond,  
Eliza Williams,  Thomas Bolling,   
Samuel Williams,  
John Freeman Williams,  Charlotte W. Betts,  
Joseph Williams,  
Martha Williams,  
Thomas Williams,  
Mary Williams,  Charles Irby,  Martha Epes,   
Mary Watson,  Robert Hall,   
Rebecca Jones,  Rowland Ward,   
Martha Jones,  Peter Jones,   
Lewellyn Jones,  
Thomas Tabb,  
Paschal Greenhill,   John Tabb,   
Daniel Jones,  Capt. Philip Jones,  
Martha (—) Jones,  Stephen Cocke,   Samuel Sherwin,   Thomas Short,   
Batte Jones,  
Daniel Jones,  Mary (—) Jones,  
Joseph Tucker Sr.,  
Philip Jones,  
Mordecai Jones,  Elizabeth (—) Jones,  
John Jones,  
Frederick Jones,  Sarah Maclin,   
Mary Jones,  Augustine Willis Maclin,   
Thomas Jones,  
John Ellis,  Joseph Wilkinson,  Samuel Goode,   Samuel Goode,   Amey (—) Jones,  Thomas Parham,  
Peter Jones,   
Marmaduke Stanfield,  
Nathaniel Jones,  
Godfrey Jones,  Margaret Jones,  
John Haney,  
Francis Clements,   Simcock Cannon,  John Skelton,  Henry Cox,  Clement Read,   
Clement Read,   
Cadwallader Jones,  
Godfrey Jones,  Elizabeth Holt,  
Mary Jones,  Benjamin Edwards,  
Lewellyn Jones,  Catherine Varner,  
Amey Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  
Nathaniel Jones,  Mary Ann Varner,  Ann (—) Varner,  
David Jones,  Elizabeth Johnson,  
Richard Jones,  Amey Holt,   
David Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  Leanna Jones,  Benjamin Ward,   William Hudspeth,  
Elizabeth Jones,  Richard Jones,  
Rachel Jones,  William Holt,  
Dudley Holt,  
Woodley Holt,  
Thomas Holt,  
Mary Holt,  
Amey Holt,  Richard Jones,   
Elizabeth Holt,  Godfrey Jones,   
Martha Holt,  Samuel Hazelrigg,  
Dorothy Holt,  John White,  
Hannah Holt,  
Dorothy Jones,  David Gwin,  Thomas Bouldin,   
Martha Jones,  William Holt,  
Mary Jones,  
Anne Jones,  Philip Goode,   
Robert Jones,  
William Jones,  
Lewellyn Jones,  Robert Wynne,   Benjamin Jones,  Katherine (—) Jones,  
Henry Jones,  Mary —,  Peter Randolph Bland,   
Martha Jones,  Evans,  
Mary Jones,  
Sarah Batte,  John Evans Jr.,   Charles Roberts,  
Robert Bolling,   
Joseph Tucker,  Edward Dunn,  
John Evans III,  Robert Bolling,   
Elizabeth (—) Evans,  James Parrish,  John Duke,  
Elizabeth Evans,  John Lloyd,  Thomas Lloyd,  
Evan Evans,  Mary (—) Evans,  
Thomas Evans,  James Jeter,   
Richard Evans,  Jemima (—) Evans,  
Stephen Evans,  Joseph Tucker Jr.,  
Robert Evans,  William Lea,  Mary (—) Evans,  
Joshua Wynne,  Jeremiah Walthall,  
Thomas Evans,  
William Evans,  Ambrose Ellis,   Henry Stokes,  
Robert Evans,  
Batte Evans,  Tempie Ellis,  
Daniel Evans,  Nancy Wrenn,  
Caldwell Evans,  Mary Longmire,  
Dinwiddie Evans,  Elizabeth —,  
Robert Evans,  
Hamblin Freeman,  
James Lamkin,  
Mary Evans,  George Moore,  
Betty Evans,  
John Tucker,  
Martha Evans,  
William Evans,  
Abraham Brown,  Robert Christopher,   
Richard Ellis,   
Grace (—) Evans,  Grace Ellis,  
Ellis Evans,  Mary Gunn,   Mary Martin,  
Benjamin Evans,  
Elizabeth Estes,  
Benjamin Evans,  Elizabeth Weatherford,  Joseph Weatherford,  
Margaret Evans,  Joseph Gregory Jr.,  
John Evans,  
Elisha Evans,  Mary Ann Estes,  Joel Estes,  
Mary Evans,  Dudley Hunt,  
John Evans,  Ann Irby,  
Mary Evans,  
Sally Evans,  
Joan Evans,  William Irby,  
Polletire Evans,  William Knight,  Evans Knight,  
Elizabeth Evans,  Estes,  
Jane Evans,  
Stephen Evans,  Charles Irby,  Daniel Winn,   
Peter Fountain,  Katherine (—) Evans,  Richard Rogers,  
Stephen Evans,  Thomas Spain,  Obedience (—) Evans,  
Robert Evans,  Manoah Tinsley,   
William Evans,  Edith Hogan,   
John Evans,  
Ludwell Evans,  Mary Hogan,   Thomas Bouldin,   
Catherine Evans,  
Elizabeth Evans,  Nathaniel Malone,  Drury Malone,  
Martha Evans,  James Farley,  James Farley Sr.,  
Richard Stokes,  Prudence (—) Stokes,  John Barnes,  
Evans Stokes,  
Wilmouth Stokes,  Evans,  
Priscilla Evans,  John Tucker,  
Polly Evans,  Joel Tucker,  
Martha Stokes,  
Shadrach Stokes,  John Barnes,  Martha (—) Stokes,  
Batte Stokes,  
Wiley Stokes,  
Richard Stokes Jr.,  Ludwell Evans,   
Feraby Stokes,  
Martha Evans,  Thomas Ellis,  John Ellis,  Isaac Johnson,  Hampton Wade,  
Capt. Ellison Ellis,  Mary Zachary,  David Zachary,  
Ellison Ellis,  Priscilla Johnston,  Rev. Thomas Johnston,  
Dr. William Ellis,  Mary Friend,   
John J. Ellis,  
Robert H. Williams,  
Richard C. Ellis,  
Polly J. Ellis,  Samuel Wooten,  
Armistead A. Ellis,  
Lucretia Ellis,  Joshua Clark,  
Lucretia Ellis,  William Stokes,  Richard Claiborne,  
Ambrose Ellis,  Cecilia Stokes,  Young Stokes,  
Henry Stokes,  
Susanna Ellis,  Rev. John Rivers,  William Cain,  
Richard Ellis,  
Hardress Ellis,  
William M. Ellis,  Elizabeth Waller,  Polly Leonard Clark,  
Martha Ellis,  Charles Thompson,  
Thomas B. Ellis,  Ann Ammonet,  
Mary Ellis,  Griffin Smith,  Rebecca (—) Smith,  
Littleberry Ellis,  Mary Barnes,  Susan Shoot,  
 John Evans I (c.1649-),  
Mary (—) Evans,  
Stephen Evans,  Elizabeth (—) Evans,  
Robert Bolling,   
John Tabb,  
Stephen Evans,  Stephen Evans,   
Ruth Evans,  James Hall,   
Israel Peterson Smith,  
Elizabeth Peterson Smith,  
Winifred Evans,  Robert Hicks,   
John Evans II,  Sarah Batte,   
Martha Batte,  Lt. Abraham Wood Jones,   Maj. Peter Jones,  Margaret —,  John Ellis,  
Thomas Wynne,  Rev. John Banister,  William Byrd I,  Jacob Bobart,  
Dr. Robert Morrison,  
Robert Beverley,  
Jacob Colson,   
Richard Bland,  
Stephen Cocke,   Sarah (—) Marston,  John Evans,   
John Pleasants,  Thomas Cocke,   
Richard Jones,   
John Woodlief,  
Peter Jones,  Mary Jones,   
Capt. John Banister II,  Nicholas Vaughan,   
William Mayo,   Samuel Jones,   
Nicholas Vaughan,   Robert Bolling,   Francis Poythress,  
Wilmette (—) Banister,  
Elizabeth Bolling,   Maj. James Munford,   
Martha Banister,  Robert Bolling,   
Col. John Banister III,  
Sir Hans Soane,  
William Muse,  
Elizabeth Bland,   Mary Ann Blair,  Hon. John Blair,  Mary Munro,  Elizabeth Blair,  Col. John Bolling,   
Duncan Rose,  
Peter Williams,  Jesse Bonner,  James Feild,   Neill Buchanan,   
Robert Munford Banister,  Theodorick Bland,   Neill Buchanan,   
John Munro Banister,  Mary Burton Augusta Bolling,   
William C. Banister,  Caroline Lewis,  
Rev. John Munro Banister,  Mary Louisa Brodnax,   
Emily C. Banister,  Harrison Henry Cocke,   
Mary Burton Banister,  Germann B. Gill,  
Ann M. Banister,  William T. McCandlish,  
Dr. Robert Bolling Banister,  
Euretta Banister,  Charles Stickney,  
Augusta Banister,  
Helen T. Banister,  Robert L. Madison,  
Theodorick Blair Banister,  Seigniora Peyton Tabb,   Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Martha Peyton Tabb Banister,  
Eliza Thompson Banister,  John Blair Peachy,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Mary Blair Peachy,  John Wilkinson,  
Augusta Banister Peachy,  
Ann Banister Peachy,  
Augusta Banister,  
John Banister,  
Thomas Yelverton Banister,  
Robert Jones Banister,  
Dr. John Munro Banister,  Frances Peyton Barksdale,   
James Conway Banister,  
Dr. Thomas Yelverton Banister,  
Henry Tudor Banister,  
Ann Blair Banister,  
Morris Banister,  Mary (Blair) Andrews,  
Elizabeth Bland Banister,  
Maria Ann Banister,  
Joseph Banister,  Capt. Henry Maynard,  
Agnes Cocke,  Richard Smith,   William Byrd,  
Peter Jones,   William Jones,  
John Cross,   Agnes Clardy,  
William Muse,  John Cocke,  
Abraham Smith,  Richard Green,  
Benjamin Bridgeforth,  Ann (—) Smith,  
Nancy Smith,  Kennon Jones,  
Martha Smith,  James French,  
William French,  Maria Brooke DuVal,  Daniel DuVal,   Maria Brooke,  
Martha Euphemia French,  
Nancy French,  James Strange,  
Robert Strange,  
Capt. Richard Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Henry Lochhead,  
James McFarland,  
William Hamilton McFarland,  
James McFarland,  Ann Elizabeth Scott,  Col. James Scott,  
Malcolm McFarland,  Mary E. Tompkins,  
Ann Smith McFarland,  Dr. Sterling Neblett,   
Peter Smith,  
Benjamin Smith,  Agnes (—) Smith,  
Jane Smith,  William Cross,   
Agnes Smith,  John May,   
Robert Pleasants,  John Cross,   
Thomas Hope,  
Betty May,  John Roberts,  
Richard May,  
John May,  Ann Langley,  
John May,  
Mary May,  
Stephen May,  Martha (—) May,  John May,  Jeremiah Bennett,  
David May,  Mary Meredith,  Patrick Henry,  
Agnes May,  Abraham Cocke,   
Thomas Hayes,   
John Hayes,  
George M. Hayes,  Margaret Reutch,  
William May,  
George May,  Anna Fitzhugh,  John Fitzhugh,  Elizabeth Harrison,   
John Fitzhugh May,  Margaret Bothwick Feild,   
Anna Fitzhugh May,  
Martha Rosalie May,  
Evelyn Harrison May,  Judge Thomas Henry Bayly,  Henry A. Wise,  
Thomas Monteagle Bayly,  
John Perkins Jr.,  
Margaret Feild May,  William T. Joynes,  
Mary Louisa May,  
George May,  
Dr. Benjamin Harrison May,  
George William May,  
Dr. Richard May,  
Elizabeth Fitzhugh May,  Dr. George Cabell,   
David May,  Marion Ward Pegram,  John Pegram,  Martha Ward Gregory,   Martha F. Pegram,  
Dr. James May,  Charlotte Eliza Taylor Eggleston,  Trent Eggleston,  
Dr. Joseph Evelyn May,  
Lucy Anna May,  John Olmstead Lay,  
Dr. Henry May,  Julia Jones,  Peter Jones,   
Mary Anna May,  
Lucy May,  Joel Bott,  
Richard Smith,  Abraham Cocke,   
Adam Tapley,  Thomas Wilson,  Sarah Drayton,  Roger Drayton,  
William Wynne,  
Ann Smith,  John Hightower,  John Hightower,  Mary —,  William Hightower,  
Benjamin Milner,  John Hughes,  Joshua Hightower,  John Graham,  
Mary (—) Edmundson,  Upton Edmundson,   Elizabeth Locke,  
Joseph Hightower,  
Mary Hightower,  
Temperance Smith,  Nathaniel Booth,   Archer Johnson,  
Nathaniel Booth,  Winifred Morgan,   
Joel Booth,  
Batt Booth,  
Martha Booth,  Medley,  
Jane Booth,  
Amy Booth,  William Townsend,   
Mary Booth,  John Norvell,  
Sarah Smith,  John Mayes,  
Martha Smith,  Jeffrey Murrell,  
Geoffrey Murrell,  
Mary Smith,  John Booth,   William Starke,   John Chappell,   
Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
Joseph Calland,  
Agnes Booth,  Benjamin Clardy,  
Peter Booth,  Elizabeth Booth,   Nancy Blades,  
Stephen Booth,  Penelope Guthrie,  
Mary Booth,  David Guthrie,  
Benjamin Booth,  Elizabeth Davis,  
Thomas Booth,  
Frances Booth,  
James Booth,  
Thomas Booth,  
John Booth,  
Richard Booth,  
Lucy Smith,  Benjamin Milner,  George Lewis,  
Richard Hanson,  Robert Chappell,   
 Thomas Booth (-1766),  
Thomas Booth,  Elizabeth (—) Booth,  John Gilliam Sr.,   
George Booth,  Judith McKewen,  William McKewen,  
William Vasser,  John Gilliam,   
Peter Randolph,  
William Booth,  Elizabeth Johns,   
John Booth,  William Vasser,  
David Booth,  Elizabeth Napier,  Ashford Napier,  
Nathaniel Booth,  
George Booth,  
Ann Booth,  
Elizabeth Booth,  Peter Booth,   
William Booth,  Thomas Hall,   John Crowder,  
Phoebe (—) Booth,  
Matthew Booth,  
Thomas Booth,  
Philip Booth,  
William Booth,  
Phoebe Booth,  William Boles,  
Judith Booth,  Jesse Newby,  
Archer Clardy,  Martha Nunnally,  
Sarah Farley Clardy,  
Nathaniel Booth,  Temperance Smith,   
John Booth,  Mary Smith,   
Joyce Booth,  
Ann Booth,  
 John May (-1767),  
Mary (—) May,  
James May,  Susannah Porter,  
Patsy May Porter,  
James May Porter,  Nathaniel Robertson,   Elizabeth Robertson,   
William May Porter,  Mary May Robertson,   
Molly May Porter,  Robert Robertson,   
William Craddock,   
Martha May,  John Nance,  
John May,  Agnes Smith,   
Dorothy May,  Alexander Bruce,   
Elizabeth May,  Nathaniel Robertson,   
Mary May,  John Ragsdale,  
William May,  
Batte Cocke,  
Abraham Cocke,  Mary Batte,  William Batte,   
James Brown,  
Christopher Robertson,   Richard Jones,   Richard Smith Jr.,   
William Tucker,  Jacob Davis,  Pleasant Hix,  George Walker,  Richard Clarke,  
Thomas Tabb,   Joseph Scott,   Charles Irby,  
Thomas Jones,   
Peter Cocke,  Mary Whitehead,  Richard Whitehead,  
Abraham Cocke,  Agnes May,   William Cross,   Thomas Chambers,  
Martha Cocke,  Thomas Hardy,  
John Cocke,  Martha May,  Stephen May,   
Mary Cocke,  Henry Collier,  
William Cocke,  Elizabeth Gore,  Robert Hayes Gore,  
James Cocke,  
Stephen Cocke,  
Amy Jones,   
Ambrose Jeter,   Thomas Comer,   
Stephen Cocke,   James Powell Cocke,   
Richard Henry Cocke,  Mary Watkins,   
John Watkins Cocke,  Elizabeth Trotter,  John Pope,  Eliza J.D. Johnson,  
Mary Cocke,  William Cocke Ellis,   Richard Jones,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  William Brown,  
William Brown,  
Stephen Cocke Brown,  
Amey Eliza Brown,  John Jouett,  
Martha Cocke,  William Cocke Lacy,   
Sarah Stratton Cocke,  John Cocke,   
Rebecca Cocke,  William Cocke Cross,   Harbison,  
Amy Jones Cocke,  
Thomas Jones Cocke,  Lucy Watkins Nicholson,  James Nicholson,  Sally Harris,  
Stephen Jones Cocke,  Harriet Nance,  
Thomas Cocke,  Thomas Cross,   
William Cross,   Margaret Jones,   
Thomas Comer,   
Sterling Cocke,  
John Cocke,  James Gunn,   
Gen. William Cocke,  Charles Hamlin,   John Cocke,   Mary Maclin,   Keziah (—) Sims,  
Gen. John Cocke,  
Louisa King,  Sarah Stratton Cocke,   
Frederick Bird Smith Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Judge John Finley Jack,  
Maria Jane Cocke,  Nathaniel Buckingham,  
Sarah Jane Cocke,  Joseph M. Anderson,  
Thomas Cocke,  
Sterling Cocke,  
William Michael Cocke,  
Rebecca Cocke,  
Stephen Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  Capt. Richard Ellis,  John Ellis,  Elizabeth (—) Ellis,  
Henry Eanes,  
John Ellis,  
Abraham Ellis,  
Richard Cocke Ellis,  
William Cocke Ellis,  Mary Cocke,   Stephen Cocke,   
Mary Ellis,  
Jane Ellis,  
Martha Ellis,  Don Estevan Minor,  
Agnes Cocke,  Charles Hamlin Jr.,   
John Hamlin,  Mary Williams,  
Thomas Hamlin,  Elizabeth Cross,   
Mary Ligon Stainback,  Mary Ligon,  Peter Stainback,  
Tabitha Hamlin,  James Batte,   
Lucy Hamlin,  Michael McKie,  
Warning Peter Robertson,   
Martha Cocke McKie,  
Mary Hamlin,  William Colgate Boswell,  Joseph Colgate Boswell,  Elizabeth Elliott,  
Martha Cocke Hamlin,  Thomas Taylor,  
Martha Cocke,  Maj. Theophilus Lacy,  Henry Lacy,  Angelica —,  Thomas Bates Lacy,  Thomas Bates Lacy,  Henry Lacy,  Sarah —,  
Mark Hardin,  
Stephen Cocke,  
Theophilus Lacy,  Juriah Clement,   
Batte Cocke Lacy,  Elizabeth Overton,  Capt. John Overton,  Ann Booker Clough,  James Hardwick,  George Wood,  William Irby,  
Hopkins Lacy,  Martha Simpson,  
John Williams Lacy,  Mary Henderson,  Thomas Henderson,  Jane —,  
William Cocke Lacy,  Sally B. Overton,  Martha Cocke,   
Martha Cocke Lacy,  
Betsy Lacy,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  John Cross,   
William Sydnor,  
Charles Cocke,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Augustus Watson - War of 1812 Branch Jones Watson - War of 1812
Frederick Adams Ford - War of 1812 Osborne Jones - War of 1812
Maj. Wood Jones - French and Indian War Wood Jones Jr. - Revolutionary War
David Wright Withers - War of 1812 Jones Mitchell Withers - Indian Wars
Jones Mitchell Withers - Mexican War Jones Mitchell Withers - Civil War
Edward Travis Brodnax - War of 1812 Edward Randolph Turnbull - Civil War
Lt. Daniel Jones - Revolutionary War Hamlin Epes - War of 1812
George William Jones - Civil War Thomas Thweatt Jones - Civil War
Francis Green Jones - Civil War Benjamin Crawley Jones - Civil War
William Fitzgerald Jones - Civil War Freeman Ward Jones - Civil War
Claiborne Anderson Pope - Civil War Robert Foster - Revolutionary War
Dr. James Jones - War of 1812 Dr. Archibald Campbell - Revolutionary War
William Watson - Revolutionary War Charles Erskine - Revolutionary War
Lewellyn Jones - Revolutionary War Cadwallader Jones - Revolutionary War
Lewellyn Jones - Revolutionary War Nathaniel Malone - Revolutionary War
Ellison Ellis - Revolutionary War Richard C. Ellis - War of 1812
Col. John Banister III - Revolutionary War John Munro Banister - War of 1812
Dr. Munro Banister - Civil War Thomas Monteagle Bayly - War of 1812
Thomas Booth - Revolutionary War Gen. William Cocke - War of 1812
Gen. John Cocke - Indian Wars  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Robert Turnbull - U.S. Dr. James Jones - U.S.
Col. John Banister III - U.S. Robert Strange - U.S.
William Hamilton McFarland - Confederate Thomas Henry Bayly - U.S.
Thomas Monteagle Bayly - U.S. John Perkins Jr. - U.S.
John Perkins Jr. - Confederate John Pope - U.S.
Gen. William Cocke - U.S. Gen. John Cocke - U.S.
William Michael Cocke - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Robert Hayes Gore - Puerto Rico John Pope - Arkansas Territory
Don Estevan Minor - Natchez Territory  

Legislators - colonial and state
Maj. Wood Jones - Virginia Wood Jones Hamlin - North Carolina
Daniel Coleman - Alabama Jones Mitchell Withers - Alabama
George Mason - Virginia Edward Travis Brodnax - North Carolina
Robert Dundas Turnbull - Virginia Charles Turnbull - Virginia
Robert Turnbull - Virginia Col. Richard Jones III - Virginia
James Henderson Fitzgerald - Virginia Dr. John Henry Fitzgerald - Virginia
Capt. William Fitzgerald - Virginia Dr. George Fitzgerald - Virginia
Francis Fitzgerald Jones - Virginia Thomas Thweatt Jones - Virginia
Dr. James Jones - Virginia Sharpe Lamkin - Virginia
Capt. Richard Jones VI - Virginia Capt. James N. Fletcher - Virginia
Thomas Bolling Munford - Virginia Col. John Banister III - Virginia
Hon. John Blair - Virginia Robert Strange - North Carolina
James McFarland - Virginia William Hamilton McFarland - Virginia
Malcolm McFarland - Virginia John May - Kentucky
John Hayes - Kentucky William May - Kentucky
Thomas Henry Bayly - Virginia Thomas Monteagle Bayly - Virginia
John Perkins Jr. - Louisiana William T. Joynes - Virginia
John Pope - Kentucky Gen. William Cocke - Virginia
Gen. William Cocke - North Carolina Gen. William Cocke - Mississippi
Gen. John Cocke - Tennessee Frederick Bird Smith Cocke - Texas
Sterling Cocke - Tennessee William Michael Cocke - Tennessee
Stephen Cocke - Tennessee  

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Hon. John Blair  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
James Henderson Fitzgerald  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Peter Jones Maj. Peter Jones
Peter Jones Capt. John Banister
Col. John Banister John Munro Banister
William Hamilton McFarland John Fitzhugh May
David May  

Names on the map
Petersburg, Virginia, was named for Peter Jones Banister River, Halifax County, was named for John Banister
Maysville, Kentucky, is named for John May Cockes Road, Nottoway County, was named for Abraham Cocke Sr.
Pope County, Arkansas named for John Pope Cocke County, Tennessee, was named for William Cocke

Selected sources
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“Bible Record of William Featherstone.” Virginia Genealogy Society Quarterly (Magazine of Virginia Genealogy). 1(3):20 (July 1963). Family Bible of William Featherstone and his wife, Elizabeth Jones.
Blankenship, Gayle King. Blankenship Ancestors. Privately Published. 1995. 32-42. • Descendants of Thomas Batte.
Brayton, John A. The Complete Ancestry of Tennessee Williams. 1993:227-248 • Includes a study of the family of John Evans of Prince George County.
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Ewan, Joseph and Nesta Ewan. John Banister and his Natural History of Virginia 1678-1692. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1970. • This 485-page work book relates the life, work, and influence of Virginia’s first botanist and entomologist, John Banister.
Fothergill, Augusta B. Peter Jones and Richard Jones Genealogies. Richmond: Old Dominion Press, Inc., 1924. • This is a well-known book on these Jones families. Although poorly organized and with some errors, it contains a tremendous amount of material. It covers the families of Peter Jones and Richard Jones who married Amy Batte.
“Letter of Col. John Banister, of Petersburg, to Robert Bolling.” William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Ser. 1. 10(2):102-105. • Letter written by John Banister III about the French and Indian War.
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“Some Early Virginia Families - Battersea.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):598-599. • Background on “Battersea,” home of Col. John Banister.
“Tombstones, ‘The Oaks’ Brunswick County, Virginia.” The Southside Virginian. 2:21 (1984). • Stones at the home of Francis Fitzgerald Jones.
Werner, Dorothy J. “Martha Batte Jones Banister Cocke.” The Virginia Genealogist. 43:220-224 (1999). • A study of Martha Batte, daughter of Thomas Batte Sr.

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