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 3544   John Stewart (c.1632-1706)
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John Stewart, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Stewart might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1632 according to some testimony I made to the court in Henrico County where I lived,  and thus was about 40 in 1672 when the governor granted me 600 acres on the north side of the Appomattox River in what is now Chesterfield County, to which I added 70 acres in 1685. 
By 1677 I was married to Dorothy, apparently a second wife, who swore then that she was 32. 
Although I did not make a will that identified my children, they were evidently John, Daniel, and Sarah. I was dead by 24 October 1706 when four neighbors inventoried my estate, valued at 19,000 pounds of tobacco.  My son, then known as Mr. John Stewart Jr., delivered an additional appraisal of an Indian woman and Indian boy whom I owned 1 September 1707. 

The tithable list of Henrico County for 1679 included John Stewart with 4 tithes. 
We have not identified John’s 1st wife. Dorothy could have been no more than 15 when John Jr. was born and in 1697 when John Jr. gave 667 acres to his brother, Daniel Stewart, it was then in possession of his father and “Dorothy, his wife,” further suggesting that Dorothy was not his mother. 
Dorothy was still alive in 1714 when the will of John Jr. mentioned, “where my mother [stepmother] now liveth.”

Descendants of John Stewart
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Stewart (c.1660-1714),  
Michal Ballow,   
 Daniel Stewart (c.1670-1737),  
 Sarah (Stewart) Frasier,  
William Frasier,  

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