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 3554   Francis Warren (-c.1700)
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Francis Warren, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Francis Warren might describe his life as follows.

Charles Edmonds received 2,750 acres on the north side of Diascund Swamp, by the Chickahominy Swamp in New Kent County in 1658 in return for paying the passage of 55 persons to the colony. Among his “headrights,” as we were called, were me and William Walker, my son-in-law.  In 1679 the governor issued me 647 acres on the other side of the Chickahominy Swamp in Henrico County. 
In 1686 I gave William Phillips 200 acres next to Henry Wyatt. Since every Colonial wife had a residual right to one-third of her husband’s property, called a “dower right,” my wife, Elizabeth had to agree to the sale.  That deed reveals that neither of us could write our name.
I was a resident of New Kent when I sold 50 acres on the south side of the Chickahominy on Upham Brook to Edward Mayfield “for a certain consideration” in 1688. 
My now-lost will left Sylvanus Walker 400 acres in Henrico County, undoubtedly my 647-acre grant, less the 250 I sold. The list of landowners in Virginia in 1704 omits my name, but credits William Walker with 550 acres in Henrico where Joan Brooks was living. 
Sylvanus Walker came of age by May 1710 when William Walker let him have his 400 acres.
The same month Sylvanus Walker deeded to William Walker, probably his brother, 200 acres of the same tract described as the plantation where Joan Brooks formerly lived. 

Warren still owned land on Chickahominy Swamp and Upham Creek in 1686.  Neighbors were Henry Wyatt, Hugh Jones, and James Lyle.  By 1690 he was living near William Edwards, Gilley Gromarrin, and James Moore. 
Maxfield later sold the Upham Brook tract to John Watson Sr. 

We have placed Francis Warren as an ancestor based on the following. His now-lost will conveyed land to Sylvanus Walker, son of William Walker. This likely makes Sylvanus a grandson of Francis Warren, although he may have been a nephew. Francis Warren had land in Henrico County near the Allen, Watson, and Walker families—all of whom lived later in Cumberland County or across the Appomattox River in Prince Edward County.
My ancestor William Walker II of Cumberland County was from Henrico County and named a son Warren Walker. Consequently, we have placed him as a brother of Sylvanus Walker. Indeed he may have been the William Walker to whom Sylvanus gave 200 acres in Henrico County in 1710. Further William Walker II named sons Henry and Joel, identical to the names of two other known sons of his posited father William Walker.

Elizabeth was not Francis Warren’s daughter
Some have identified the daughter of Francis Warren who married William Walker as Elizabeth since William Walker left a widow of that name. Yet in her will, Elizabeth Walker named neither William nor Sylvanus as her sons. Consequently, we think Elizabeth was a 2nd wife and not Francis Warren’s daughter.

Descendants of Francis Warren
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 daughter (Warren) Walker,  
William Walker,   

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