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 360   William Hampton (-1776)
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William Hampton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Hampton might describe his life as follows.

I lived in the part of Prince George County that became Brunswick County in 1732. My plantation was 200 acres on the south side of Red Oak Creek that Richard Smith and I sold to Robert Christy in 1742.  Why Smith joined me on the deed is not known, although my son Henry apparently married his daughter.
Richard Smith died in 1750 and by 1753 I was caring for Ann Smith, who may have been his widow.  The poor elderly woman was dead by November 1754 when the St. Andrew’s Parish vestry authorized a payment to Robert Proctor for making her coffin. 
Richard Parr appointed me an executor of his 1759 will and left me 200 acres.  I sold 70 acres to another legatee Richard Bagwell in 1764, and the next year my wife, Lamenta, and I sold the remaining 125 acres, or so, to Henry Hampton, presumably our son. 
Since Lamenta and I were destitute, the vestry of St. Andrew’s Parish appropriated funds to support us 2 March 1776.  I was dead by 1 April 1777 when the parish was maintaining only Lamenta, who died soon after August 1780 when her name last appeared on the pages of the vestry book. 
Because we had so little, neither I nor Lamenta made a will. Our sons were likely Henry and Moses Hampton, both of whom lived along Red Oak Creek.

James S. Peace was surety when Rev. Joshua Featherston united in marriage Archibald Manly and Ann Elizabeth Hampton 29 April 1829. . We presume Ann Elizabeth Hampton was a great-granddaughter of William Hampton.  See Family Topic 44 

Other Colonial Hamptons
Other Hamptons were in the colony, but we have yet to connect them to William.
One Andrew Hampton, who is thought to be from Orange County, was in Brunswick County by 1741 when he bought land on the south side of the Roanoke River.  The tract was in Lunenburg County when he and his wife, Sarah, deeded about 150 acres to Field Jefferson 3 March 1746/7.  A 1756 land patent confirmed he resided in Lunenburg County. 
Ambrose Hampton, who paid taxes on one poll in Brunswick County in 1782,  was in another tax district from William, Moses, and Henry, so he may not have been William’s son. One Ambrose S. Hampton married Polly Slate, a daughter of John Slate, in Brunswick County 13 Dec. (bond) 1814. 
In 1704 only William and John Hampton held land in the Colony, both in burned counties. Mr. William Hampton secured a patent to 42 acres in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, 28 Oct. 1697.  It was next to land patented by his father of the same name. Hampton added 148 acres 26 April 1698,  and paid quit rents on 348 acres in Gloucester County in 1704. 
John Hampton got 50 acres in the Pamunkey Neck, King William County, 1 April 1702 upon which he paid quit rents in 1704. 

Descendants of William Hampton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Hampton (-1794),  
Sarah (—) Hampton,  
Hinchia Gilliam,   Drury Bagwell,   William Bishop,  
William Hampton,  Patsy Potts,   Peter Potts,   
Andrew S. Hampton,  Jane Tarpley,  Mildred Ann Christly,  
Willis P. Hampton,  Nancy Hicks,  
James T. Hampton,  
Smith Hampton,  Thomas Carter,  Joseph Daniel,   
David Hampton,  
Elizabeth Browder,   
Richard C. Hampton,  
Louisa Hampton,  Joseph H. Smith,  
Emily Hampton,  Wyatt Ellis,  Stephen Ellis,  
Hammedetha Hampton,  
David A. Hampton,  Mary Elizabeth F. Mitchell,  
Rufus S. Hampton,  
Joseph H. Hampton,  Nancy Kidd,  
Ann Hampton,  George H. Daniel,  
Mary E. Hampton,  
Jeremiah Hampton,  Elizabeth Allen,  Rev. Peter Wynne,  William Allen,  
Jeremiah Hampton,  Ann Eliza Fields,  
Henry Hampton,  Elizabeth Stanfield,  
Elizabeth Hampton,  Bishop Oldham,   Rev. Peter Wynne,  
Anne Hampton,  William Moore,  Jeremiah Hampton,  Peter Potts,   
Henry Hampton,  
 Moses Hampton,  
Keziah (—) Smith,  Richard Parr,  
Sarah Daniel,  

Selected sources
Little, T. Vance. “The Hampton Family.” Williamson County Historical Society Journal. Vol. 12. • Family of Henry Hampton.

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