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 402   William Yarbrough (-1748)
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William Yarbrough, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Yarbrough might describe his life as follows.

The governor granted me and Edward Yarbrough 400 acres along the west side of Long Branch in St. John’s Parish, King William County, 20 February 1723/4.  James Taylor surveyed another 400 acres nearby on the branches of Reedy Swamp for me in 1720 that I secured with a patent 9 July 1724, and I got 250 acres in St. Margaret’s Parish on the South River next to Francis Durrett in 1726.  In 1728 the latter tracts fell into Caroline County where I was frequently on jury duty. 
I was married to Eleanor as early as 1722 when we deeded some land in St. Margaret’s to Martin Chandler.  Eleanor and I sold out in Caroline in 1739 and got 400 acres in Amelia (now Nottoway) County on the north side of the Little Nottoway River below the Upper Falls and on both sides of Mallorys Creek. 
Courthouse records reveal that I registered the earmark I put on my livestock to identify my free-roaming cattle and hogs,  and that I was a road surveyor.
I was “sick and weak in body” when Charles Irby, Richard Yarbrough, and Richard Yarbrough Jr. watched me make my mark on my undated will that provided for “my dear beloved wife Eleanor” and remembered our 9 grown children.  Since our daughter who had married Edward Robertson was dead, I left “one Negro girl Hannah” to “my beloved granddaughter Priscilla Robertson.”
I too was dead by 16 December 1748 when the Amelia County court ordered my will recorded.  Eleanor’s name disappeared from Amelia County tax ledgers after 1750 and she may have returned to Caroline since no evidence remains that she died in Amelia.

William possibly had land in Amelia County as early as 1738 for Henry Robertson petitioned the Amelia County court for one acre on the Little Nottoway River belonging to William Yarbrough 10 March 1737/8.  William paid taxes in Amelia County first in 1741. 

William’s wife Eleanor may have been a daughter of William Isbell.
In 1746 4 sons, Samuel, William, Hezekiah, and Moses Yarbrough got 1,372 acres in Amelia County next to their father, Henry Yarbrough, and Edward Robertson, among others.  It lay on both sides of Little Nottoway River and Mallorys Creek. In June 1752 Samuel and Hezekiah sold 400 acres to Gabriel Fowlkes and 400 acres to John Fowlkes Moses confirmed the sale in 1754. 
Daughter Priscilla was the only Yarbrough to marry in Amelia County.

Road surveyor
In 1739 the court appointed William a road surveyor between the Nottoway River and Lazaretto Creek.  Among those assigned to do the work was Henry Yarbrough. They again made him the surveyor to the ridge of the Nottoway River in 1741. 

William Yarbrough’s will

Will of William Yarbrough
William Yarbrough of Amelia County, being sick and weak in body.
To my belov’d daughter Priscilla Yarbrough one Negro boy named Jupiter.
To my dear beloved wife Elliner Yarbrough all the income of my estate together with the work and labor of two Negroes Peter and Phillis during her widowhood. When she marrys or dyes all my personall estate to be equally divided between every one of my beloved children, Anne Higgins, Samuel Yarbrough, Caryinhapuck Anderson, William Yarbrough, Hezekiah Yarbrough, Moses Yarbrough, Micajah Yarbrough, Priscilla Yarbrough.
To my beloved son Micajah Yarbrough 400 acres where I now live together with the plantation and all the improvements.
My beloved grand daughter Priscilla Robertson one Negro girl Hannah during life, and she should have a child, then Hannah to Priscilla Robertson and her heirs if she dyes without heirs, Hannah to return to my children and be equally divided between each of them.
My dear beloved wife Ellinor Yarbrough and my beloved sons William Yarbrough and Hezekiah Yarbrough executors.
To my four sons Samuel Yarbrough, William Yarbrough, Ezekiah Yarbrough and Moses Yarbrough 400 acres of the south side of little Nottoway River joyning to the lines of Robert Bumpass, John Dyer and James Hudson, to be equally divided.
William (JZ) Yarbrough

Among the witnesses to the will of William Yarbrough was Richard Yarbrough Jr., likely a nephew, who appeared in William’s household in 1748. 
Philip Pledger, Crispen Shelton, and John Nance inventoried and appraised William’s personal property of £118.13 on 13 May 1748 and his executors posted a bond 22 Dec. 1748.  Amelia County charged Ellener Yarbrough on sons Hezekiah and Moses in 1749 and 1750. 
Not until 10 Sept. 1755, more than 5 years after his death, did William Yarbrough receive a patent to his 378 acres on the Little Nottoway River next to Dyer, Bumpass, and Hudson.  Although William’s will left it to 4 sons, by 1757 only Samuel was living and it became his, alone.

Descendants of William Yarbrough
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Yarbrough (-1749),  
Andrew Presley,  
 Hezekiah Yarbrough (c.1735-1754),  
Henry Yarbrough,  
 Priscilla (Yarbrough) Jeter,  
James Jeter,  
Thomas Evans,   
Thomas Jeffries,   
Eleanor (—) Jeter,  
Jane Jeter,  Samuel Yarbrough,   John Winn,  William Yarbrough,   Alexander Gray,  Moses Higgins,  
 Ann (Yarbrough) Durrett Higgins,  
William Durrett,  
William Higgins,  
John Durrett,  Catherine Goodloe,  Henry Goodloe,  
Elizabeth Durrett,  Nicholas Oliver,  
Judith Holt,  
Willis Oliver,  
Mildred Oliver,  Randolph Buckley,  
Elizabeth Oliver,  Jesse Link,  
Nicherson Oliver,  Ann Richardson,  
Felicia Oliver,  Benjamin Snead,  
Agnes Oliver,  William Chambers,  
Robert Oliver,  Janny Link,  
Bluford Oliver,  Polly Link,  
Mary Oliver,  
Leah Durrett,  Ephraim Stanfield,  
Agnes Durrett,  Robert Wright,  
Claiborne Durrett,  Elizabeth Harris,  Thomas Harris,  
Catherine Durrett,  Douglas Oliver,  Richard Oliver,  Ephraim Stanfield,  
Molly Durrett,  
Henry Durrett,  Leah Durrett,  Henry Chiles,  
Henry Durrett,  Mary —,  
Achilles Durrett,  Richard Oliver,  Douglas Oliver,  
 Samuel Yarbrough (c.1725-1770),  
Sarah (—) Yarbrough,  
Hugh Chambers,  William George,  James May,   
George Walton,   
William Yarbrough,  
Samuel Yarbrough,  Ailse Winstead,  
John Yarbrough,  Sarah Brown,  
Elizabeth Yarbrough,  
Sarah Yarbrough,  
Lucy Yarbrough,  
 Kerenhappuch (Yarbrough) Anderson (-c.1755),  
Thomas Anderson,   
Thomas Burge,  Henry Buford,  
Thomas Roper Williams,   
John Edmundson,  
Robert Anderson,  
Jordan Anderson,  Polly Hightower,  Joshua Hightower,  Mary Puckett,  
 Moses Yarbrough (c.1735-1756),  
 Micajah Yarbrough,  
 daughter (Yarbrough) Robertson (-c.1750),  
Edward Robertson,   
 Charles Yarbrough,  
Henry Yarbrough,  Thomas Hamm,  Humphrey Tompkins,  Francis Durrett,  

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Selected sources
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