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 42   Richard H. Wilkes (c.1787-c.1865)
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Richard H. Wilkes, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard H. Wilkes might describe his life as follows.

My father’s plantation was near Big Hounds Creek just 2 or 3 miles east of present-day Victoria, Lunenburg County. Everyone knew Mr. Hugh Wallace who lost his leg in the war for our independence. We were both carpenters. His big family lived on Crooked Creek just a few miles east of my home and not far from Brunswick County. Well, I married his daughter “Polly.” Of course, she was Mary Wallace when Rev. Thomas Adams, “minister of the Gospel” officiated at our wedding 15 December 1810. 
The Census of 1850 counted me and Mary, both age 63, with Richard 23, Mary 21, and Elizabeth C. age 12 in our household.  Six of our children had already moved out. Because Richard was also a carpenter, we owned little land—only about $300 worth.
Polly died before the 1860 census. Our sons were too old to fight in the Civil War, but our daughter Margaret lost her husband. Our oldest girl, Susan, married another carpenter, Edward Pritchett who lived near the Lunenburg-Brunswick line.
I died soon after the war.

Descendants of Richard H. Wilkes
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susan S. Wallace (Wilkes) Pritchett (c.1816-c.1885),  
Edward Pritchett,   
 Richard H. Wilkes (c.1827-),  
Dicey A. (—) Wilkes,  Sallie Rutledge,  
William Sydnor Wilkes,  Col. Harper,  
James Edward Wilkes,  Addie Crafton,  
Edward Berkley Wilkes,  Augusta Carter,  
Aubrey Sydnor Wilkes,  Ruth Marshall,  
Leroy Crafton Wilkes,  Louise Turner,  
Richard A. Wilkes,  
Ann E. Wilkes,  
Martha E. Wilkes,  
Sterling Lewis Wilkes,  Lula Estelle Lewis,  
Sterling H. Wilkes,  Lorelle (—) Wilkes,  
Frances Wilkes,  William C. Tucker,  
Otha Wilkes,  Mildred Trueman,  
Richard Lewis Wilkes,  
Robert Sterling Wilkes,  
Wilson Trueman Wilkes,  
Ruth Inez Wilkes,  John Armstead Ford,  
Leona Mae Wilkes,  William Reynolds,  Alfred M. Billingsley,  
Robert Reynolds,  
Lee Billingsley,  
Len Billingsley,  
Iva Lee Wilkes,  Russell Barrett,  
Bettie Wilkes,  Herbert Robertson,  
Fannie Wilkes,  
Genie Wilkes,  
John Wilkes,  
Robert Wilkes,  
 Margaret W.W. (Wilkes) Parrish (c.1822-),  
Lazarus C. Parrish,  
Richard H. Parrish,  Cornelia Elmore,   
Susan J.M. Parrish,  John D.R. Carroll,   
Mary M. Parrish,  James T. Godsey,  
Lucy J. Parrish,  
John J. Parrish,  Martha (—) Parrish,  Martha Edwards,  William Edwards,  Mary —,  
John Henry Parrish,  Mrs. Ann L. (—) George,  
Lucy V. Parrish,  Gilliam H. Daniel,  
Margaret Parrish,  Thomas M. Daniel,  
Bettie Parrish,  
Charles Allen Parrish,  
Thomas Parrish,  
George B. Parrish,  
Martha V. Parrish,  Thomas H. Harris,  William Harris,  Elizabeth —,  
Robert A. Parrish,  
William E. Parrish,  Frances Louisa Conner,  Henry J. Conner,  Julia —,  
James A.L. Parrish,  
Hettie Dora Parrish,  
Lula B. Parrish,  
Mamie Ora Parrish,  
Carrie B. Parrish,  Eddie Mayton,  
Fletcher R. Parrish,  Bertie A. Carroll,  
Sallie Eva Parrish,  
 Mary Wilkes (c.1829-),  
 Elizabeth Wilkes (c.1838-),  
 Benjamin W. Wilkes (c.1815-1865),  
Catherine White,  Peter Winn Stone,   
William R. Wilkes,  
Mary C. Wilkes,  James B. Robertson,  
Susan J. Wilkes,  Capt. Alfred Jones,  
Sarah H. Wilkes,  
Edward Ashley Wilkes,  Lula G. Hunt,  
 Jane E. (Wilkes) Elmore (1815-),  
John T. Elmore,   John Winn,  
 Amanda A. (Wilkes) Winn (c.1820-),  
Patrick Henry Winn,  
William H. Winn,  
James M. Winn,  
John T. Winn,  
Columbus M. Winn,  
Ann R. Winn,  
Cornelius Winn,  
 John C. Wilkes (-c.1848),  
Elizabeth Thompson,  Randolph Thompson,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Lazarus C. Parrish - Civil War Henry J. Conner - Civil War
Benjamin W. Wilkes - Civil War William R. Wilkes - Civil War

Selected sources
Lillian Crews, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Family of John Wilkes, including my ancestors Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard H. Wilkes.

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