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 426   Thomas Carleton (1721-1786)
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Thomas Carleton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Carleton might describe his life as follows.

I was born in King and Queen County 30 October 1721, likely the grandson of Christopher Carleton, and married Sarah Swepson 31 March 1744. We were the parents of 13 children, 6 of whom died in infancy.
I came to Lunenburg County by 1751 with my brothers-in-law Richard Swepson and John Jeffries to oversee the massive plantations belonging to Lewis Burwell. 
In 1756 I bought 412 acres a few miles north of Chase City on Horsepen Creek.  Lunenburg taxed me on this plantation and 6 tithes in 1764—the year before my land fell into the newly-created Mecklenburg County.  I added 400 neighboring acres in 1768. 
During the Revolution, I was 2nd lieutenant in the militia,  and a deputy sheriff.  In 1782 Mecklenburg County enumerated me head of a family of 6 whites and 11 blacks. Nearby was Thomas Jr. with 6 whites and 4 blacks. 
I prepared my will 26 May 1783 leaving a slave to each of 4 daughters and providing that 2 sons receive my land after my wife’s death.  I died 12 November 1786 and the court ordered my will recorded 9 July 1787.
After Sarah sold 400 acres of my plantation for £135 on 15 August 1791, she joined our son Gabriel in Wilkes County, Georgia.  She had 4 slaves with her in 1793 and died there 8 January 1795. Five of our children went to Georgia, leaving only Elizabeth who married Moses Overton and Sarah who married John Hyde in Mecklenburg.

The county appointed Thomas to procession County Precinct No. 22 in 1759.  He patented 370 acres on Straightstone Creek in present-day Pittsylvania County in March 1762,  and his brother-in-law, Richard Swepson, deeded Thomas 318 acres on the Briery River in Prince Edward County 14 April 1761. 

Thomas Carleton’s will

Will of Thomas Carleton
26 May 1783
In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Carleton of the County of Mecklenburg being sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect sense and memory thanks be unto Almighty God for the same & calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and Constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
Item. I give and bequeath to my so Thomas Carleton part of the Tract of land whereon I now live being that part whereon the said Thomas Carleton is now settled the dividing line to be continued as is already extended & take peaceably possessed and enjoyed by him the said Thomas Carleton him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Gabriel Carleton all the remaining part of my land being that part whereon I now live and occupy take peaceably possessed and enjoyed by him the said Gabriel Carleton him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Overton one Negro girl named Jane being the Negro she hath now in her possession to her the said Elizabeth Overton her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Hyde one Negro girl named Manny being the Negro girl she hath now in her possession of her the said Sarah Hyde her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susanna Cox one Negro girl named Dolly together with two cows and calves & two ewes and lambs to her the said Susanna Cox her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebekah Carleton on Negro girl named Rose, together with one horse colt commonly known by the name of Figure two cows and calves two ewes and lambs and one feather Bed and furniture to her the said Rebekah Carleton her and her heirs forever.
Item. I lend to my beloved wife Sarah Carleton the remaining part of my whole estate both real and personal during her widowhood together with that part of the land whereon I now live to take peaceably possessed and enjoyed by her the said Sarah Carleton during the said term of her widowhood but if she marries then my will and desire is that she apply for a child’s part and the remainder or part of my whole estate take equally divided between three sons Thomas Carleton, Henry Carleton, & Gabriel Carleton.
Lastly I appoint my three sons Thomas Carleton, Henry Carleton, and Gabriel Carleton all executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty-sixth day of May one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.
Thomas Carleton
Dudley Brook
William Finch
John …

Descendants of Thomas Carleton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Rebecca (Carleton) Puryear Dougherty (1767-1827),  
William Puryear,  John Puryear,  Martha Norment,  
Arthur Patton,  Maj. Charles Dougherty,  
William Duke,  Reuben Puryear,  Samuel Puryear,  John Puryear Jr.,  Seymour Puryear,  Martha Puryear,  
John Puryear,  Lucy Smith,  John Smith,  Mary Dean,  
William H. Puryear,  Unity Wooten,  
Peter Puryear,  Jemima Holmes,  
Thomas Carleton Puryear,  Mary Moorehouse,  
Mary Puryear,  Jesse Lockhart,  
Sarah S. Puryear,  Robert Minter,  
Martha Puryear,  Maj. Beaty McKigney,  
Rebecca C. McKigney,  James A. Meriwether,  
Capt. Samuel Brown,  
Rebecca W. Puryear,  Whiting Oliver,  Joseph Oliver,  Catherine White Grigg,   
Charles Dougherty,  Elizabeth T. Moore,  
William Dougherty,  Achsak L. Turner,  
Robert Dougherty,  Susan Watkins,  
Jane R. Dougherty,  Thomas Tanner,  
 Elizabeth (Carleton) Russell Overton (1745-),  
Richard Russell,  Burnal Russell,  
William Hill,   
Moses Overton,   
Burnell Russell,  Prudence Hogan,   
Richard Russell,  George Hunt Baskerville,  
Sarah Russell,  Benjamin William High,   
Mary High,  Edmond Martin,  
John P. Martin,  
Thomas Martin,  
Elizabeth Carleton High,  Thomas Bomar,  
Richard Russell High,  Judith B. Hudson,  
Burnell High,  Annie Wingo,  
Benjamin High,  
Martha W. High,  Reuben Gramling,  
Rebecca High,  Russell,  
Charity High,  
Paschal William High,  
Nancy High,  
Swepston W. High,  Mary Wingo,  
David High,  Nancy Daniel,  
 Sarah (Carleton) Hyde (1757-),  
John Hyde,  
Sarah Hyde,  Walden,  
Robert Hyde,  
John Hyde,  Anne Walton,  
Irwin Hyde,  
Lucy Hyde,  William Henry Oliver,   
Martha Hyde,  Samuel Wooten,  
Thomas Hyde,  
Elinor Hyde,  James Smith,  John Smith,  Martha —,  
James Hyde,  Sarah —,  John Edwards,  Moses Overton Jr.,   Alexander Boyd,   
Thomas Hyde,  
John Hyde,  
Robert Hyde,  
Elizabeth Hyde,  
Irby Bracey,  
Elizabeth Hyde,  
 Susannah (Carleton) Cox Billups (-1817),  
Bartley Cox,   Asa Oliver,   
Capt. John Billups,   
Jane Cox,  
Swepson Cox,  
Susan Cox,  Thomas,  
Edward Cox,  
William Cox,  
Elizabeth W. Cox,  Dr. Dudley Dunn,  Jeffrey Early,  Rev. Turner Saunders,  Ishmael Dunn,  Mildred Dudley,  Mrs. Perkins,  
Susan Ann Dunn,  Lafayette Jones,  
Camilla Frances Dunn,  Dr. Alfred Bishop Cassels DuBose,  
Gen. Dudley McIvor DuBose,  Sarah Toombs,  
Gen. Robert Augustus Toombs,  Julia Ann DuBose,  
Rev. Robert Toombs DuBose,  
Camille DuBose,  
Julian DuBose,  
Dudley DuBose,  
Sallie Lou DuBose,  
Elizabeth Rebecca DuBose,  George Bayne,  
Alfred DuBose,  
Pauline Sarah DuBose,  Oswald Pope,  
Judge Julius Jesse DuBose,  Mary Murfree Polk,  George W. Polk,  Sallie Leah Hilliard,  
Amanda Catherine DuBose,  Robert Anderson,  Nathaniel Anderson,  
Harriet Frances DuBose,  Hunter,  
Thomas Carlton DuBose,  
John Samuel DuBose,  
Susan Ann DuBose,  
Myrtice Mildred DuBose,  Dr. William DuBose,  
Camilla DuBose,  
Swepson Billups DuBose,  
William Dudley Dunn,  Annie Henry Neal,  
David Dunn,  Annie Nichol,  
Anne Ransome Billups,  Dr. William Baldwin,  Maj. Baldwin,  
John Billups,  Ann Abbott,  Joel Abbott,  
Col. Thomas Carleton Billups,  Sarah Anne Moore,  John Moore,  Nancy Booker,  
Frances Ann Saunders,  Matthew Clay,   Jacob E. Swoope,  
Maj. John Marshall Billups,  
Thomas Carleton Billups,  
Joseph Pierce Billups,  
Sarah Ann Billups,  
Susan Jane Billups,  Charles Fox Sherrod,  
Amanda Julia Billups,  
William Henry Billups,  
Thomas Carleton Billups,  Ida Josephine Sykes,  
Edward Billups,  
Thomas Carleton Billups,  
James Saunders Billups,  Wildie Sykes,  James W. Sykes,  Marcella —,  
 Capt. Thomas Carleton (1752-1818),  
Elizabeth Hyde,  
Martha Finch,   William Leonard,  
Capt. Asa Oliver,   
William Mumford,  Col. Lewis Burwell,  
John Hyde Carleton,  
Sarah Carleton,  Burkett Deane,  
Gabriel Brothers Carleton,  Lydia Carleton,  
Thomas Carleton III,  Lydia Carleton,  Sarah Frier,  
Elizabeth Carleton,  John Allen,  
Martha Ann Carleton,  Edward Butler,  
Rebecca Finch Carleton,  Devereux Jarratt,  
Susanna Finch Carleton,  
Henry Carleton,  Nancy Moore,  
Polly Carleton,  John Cunningham,  
Nancy Carleton,  John Marlow,  
Betsy Allen Carleton,  Rev. John Douglas,  
 Henry Carleton (1759-1814),  
Edward Finch,  Moses Overton,   
Robert Chappell,   Nancy Clarke,  
 Gabriel Carleton (1764-1803),  
Sheriff John Murray,  
Elizabeth Edwards,  John Edwards,  Elizabeth Fisher,  
Jane Swepson Carleton,  Nathan Johnson,  
Eliza Fisher Carleton,  Peter Wesley Hutcheson Sr.,  
Sarah Edwards Carleton,  Thomas Neely,  
 Susannah Carleton (1749-1749),  
 Anne Carleton (1750-1755),  
 William Carleton (1753-1757),  
 Robert Carleton (1755-1755),  
 Richard Carleton (1762-1763),  
 John Carleton (1766-1767),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Carleton Sr. - Revolutionary War Capt. John Billups - Revolutionary War
Robert Augustus Toombs - Civil War Julius Jesse DuBose - Civil War
Thomas Carleton Jr. - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
James A. Meriwether - U.S. Dudley McIvor DuBose - U.S.
Robert Augustus Toombs - U.S. Robert Augustus Toombs - Confederate
Joel Abbott - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
James A. Meriwether - Georgia Whiting Oliver - Alabama
William Dougherty - Georgia Robert Dougherty - Alabama
Robert Augustus Toombs - Georgia Joel Abbott - Georgia
John Billups - Georgia  

Names on the map
Dougherty County, Georgia, named for Charles Dougherty Toombs County, Georgia, named for Robert Augustus Toombs

Selected sources
Malone, John Riley. The Life of Rebecca (Carlton) Puryear Daugherty. Unpublished paper written by the great-great-great-great grandson of Rebecca Carleton.
Saunders, Col. James Edmonds. Early Settlers of Alabama. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982:367-368. • Children of Capt. John Billups and Susannah Carleton.

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