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 434   Lawrence Anderson II (c.1703-1780)
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Lawrence Anderson II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lawrence Anderson II might describe his life as follows.

An old Anderson family history identified my father, Lawrence Anderson, who married Mary Puckett as an Anderson patriarch. Three sons are said to be buried in Maryland: William Anderson (c.1689), James Anderson (c.1699), and Thomas Anderson (c.1692). The fourth and youngest, I was born about 1703 and lived in Drysdale Parish, Caroline County, near Essex County.
This history went on to name my 8 children, only 1 of whom remained in Caroline. Three moved to Kentucky, 1 to South Carolina, and 2 to neighboring Spotsylvania County. Although Joanna who married Richard Blanton also went to Spotsylvania, they were later in Cumberland County.
It is said I died in Caroline County in 1780 in my 70s.
One of my great-granddaughters married Peter Francisco, the “Hercules of the Revolution,” who could hold a grown man out by one hand. 

The brief depiction of the children of Lawrence and Mary Anderson was rendered as follows. “1. James - m. Miss Troy, Spotsylvania Co., Va., 2. Betsy m. Roberts - Ky., 3. Sarah m. Sutton - Ky., 4. David lived in Spotsylvania Co., Va., 5. Hannah m. Blanton, 6. George moved to Ky. near Georgetown, 7. John lived in Caroline Co., Va., 8. William m. ? from Va. to S.C.—Sabine River.”
Lawrence is said to have married Mary Kirkpatrick in Essex County in 1725, but we have yet to see what evidence supports this. No Kirkpatrick paid quit rents in 1704, ever appeared as a headright, or received a land grant until 1771.

Descendants of Lawrence Anderson II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Anderson (c.1726-),  
Margaret True,  
Elizabeth Anne Hubert,  
Lawrence Anderson,  
Rhoda (—) Anderson,  Drury Lacy,   James Blanton,   
Lawrence Anderson,  Ann Jenkins,  Joseph Hull Jenkins,  Joanna Holland,  
Joseph Jenkins,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  
John P. Anderson,  
Jacob Anderson,  
Meredith Anderson,  Mary Jane Worley,  
Robert Anderson,  
Emily Anderson,  
Frances Anderson,  John Shirley Anderson,   
Ann Anderson,  
James Anderson,  
Betty (—) Anderson,  
Thomas Anderson,  Martha Meador,  
James Moses Anderson,  
Sarah Anderson,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  
John Anderson,  Elizabeth Jane Sanderson,  John Sanderson,  
Thomas Anderson,  Elizabeth Meador,   Lawrence Anderson,   
Richard Anderson,  
Martha Anderson,  
John Anderson,  
Thomas Anderson,  
Pleasant Anderson,  
Frances Anderson,  John A. Oslin,  
Rebecca Anderson,  Caleb Anderson,   
Richard Lawrence Anderson,  
James Anderson,  Sarah G. Pearce,  Jeremiah Pearce,  
Mary Anderson,  Pearce,  Edmond Pearce,  
James Pearce,  
Sarah Anderson,  Compton,  
Agnes Anderson,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Josiah LeGrand,   
Susanna Anderson,  Peter Francisco,  Catherine Fauntleroy Brooke,  Mary B. (Grymes) West,  Walter Allen Watson,   
James Anderson Francisco,  Judith Woodson Michaux,   
George Anderson,  Jenny Bradley,  
Phoebe Anderson,  William Dunkum,  
Lewis Anderson,  Sophia Pettit,  
David Anderson,  
Elijah Anderson,  
Chesley Anderson,  Nancy Dowdy,  Jane Wyatt Jenkins,  
Ann Anderson,  James Osborne,  
Sarah Elizabeth Anderson,  Shirley Anderson,   
William Anderson,  Catherine Shirley,  
William Anderson,  
William Anderson,  
Catherine Anderson,  John T. McShan,  
Rebecca Anderson,  
Henrietta Anderson,  
Thomas Shirley Anderson,  Judith Robinson,  Edward Robinson,   
John Shirley Anderson,  Frances Anderson,   
James Anderson,  Frances S. Talley,   
William Anderson,  
Thomas Anderson,  
Frances Anderson,  
Catherine Anderson,  
Sally Anderson,  
John Anderson,  
Henry Anderson,  
Nelson Anderson,  
Lawrence Anderson,  Elizabeth Meador,   Thomas Anderson,   
Mary Anderson,  
Sarah Anderson,  
Caleb Anderson,  
Joel Anderson,  
Garland Anderson,  Sarah Robinson,  Edward Robinson,   
Elizabeth Anderson,  James Talley,  
Frances S. Talley,  James Anderson,   
William A. Talley,  Polly Ann Dowdy,  
Zachariah Talley,  Nancy Osborne,  
John P. Talley,  
Nelson Talley,  Sarah Minter,  John Minter,  
Martha E. Talley,  
William Talley,  
Nelson Talley,  
Mary C. Talley,  
Robert Talley,  
Lucy Talley,  
Sarah Talley,  Albert Meador,  
Martha Meador,  
Richard Meador,  
Elizabeth Talley,  Absalom S. Pledge,  
Ann Talley,  Jonas Robinson,  
Martha Anderson,  
Frances Anderson,  James Meador,  
Elizabeth Meador,  Thomas Anderson,   
Lawrence Anderson,   
Caleb Anderson,  Rebecca Anderson,   
Sarah Anderson,  Robinson,  
James Anderson,  
Shirley Anderson,  Sarah Elizabeth Anderson,   Mary Oslin,  Willis Anderson,  
Nancy Anderson,  Samuel Hughes,  
Paul Anderson,  
Jesse Anderson,  
Jacob Anderson,  
John Anderson,  Anna Holland,  
Richard Thomas Anderson,  
David Anderson,  Catherine Ammon,  
Charles Anderson,  Drusilla Jackson,  
Thomas Anderson,  Mary (—) Anderson,  
Peter Anderson,  
Millie Anderson,  
Sarah Anderson,  Easton,  
Mary Anderson,  John Humphreys,  
 Elizabeth (Anderson) Roberts,  
 Sarah (Anderson) Sutton,  
 David Anderson (-1804),  
Elizabeth (—) Anderson,  
Nathaniel Anderson,  
Garland Anderson,  
Lewis Anderson,  
 Joanna (Anderson) Blanton,  
Richard Blanton,   
 George Anderson (-1803),  
Dicedema (—) Anderson,  John Ellis,  
John Anderson,  
Reuben Anderson,  
Nathaniel Anderson,  
Edward Anderson,  
William Anderson,  
Cleveland Anderson,  
Catherine Anderson,  
Susan Anderson,  
 John Anderson (-1813),  
Larkin Anderson,  
William Anderson,  
Ann Anderson,  
Caleb Anderson,  
Benjamin Anderson,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Hopkins,  
 William Anderson (-1807),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Peter Francisco - Revolutionary War James Anderson Francisco - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
George Anderson - Virginia  

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