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 438   Edward Tinsley (c.1705-1782)
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Edward Tinsley, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Tinsley might describe his life as follows.

I was a boy when my father died in 1715 leaving Mother to rear me and her younger children in that part of Essex County that became Caroline in 1728.
While still in my 20s, the county appointed me to survey a road from Lloyd’s Quarter to Poe’s Bridge 10 May 1733, and appointed me to grand jury duty in 1734.  I married Margaret in Caroline County by 14 April 1738 when we acknowledged a deed to my brother Philip Tinsley. Since most records of Caroline are missing, I cannot tell you who her parents were. We had 10 children including Thomas and Sarah, named for my parents.
Margaret and I moved to Orange County and lived on 100 acres on the Rapidan River that my uncle Thomas Jackson sold me 17 June 1735. We bought 132 acres in neighboring Culpeper County in 1760, but were still living in St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, in 1762 when we bought 66 acres from Martin Hardin.
We disposed of this land in 1766 and moved the family to Harris Creek in south Amherst County near the James. Tinsley’s Mill on Harris Creek remained in the family for at least 3 generations. We gave land to sons, John, David, and Joshua beginning in 1769 and I alone gave 20 acres on Harris Creek to John, David, Joshua, and Isaac if they would rebuild the mill there in 1782. 
Margaret and I were both dead by 6 May 1782 when 3 sons appeared as administrators of my estate, I having left no will.  On 4 August 1783 the Amherst County court divided our estate among our children including married daughters, Sarah wife of Richard Vernon, Harriet wife of Josiah Johns, and Mary wife of Col. Ambrose Rucker.  The inventory of my estate included many slaves valued at £497.10 and other personal property worth £669.4.11. 

As Edward was a minor in 1715, we place his birth at about 1705. His wife is said to be Margaret Taylor, the daughter of Col. James Taylor, although no near-descendant carried the name James or Taylor. Further, no Margaret appears among his children. 
How Edward acquired the land in present-day Amherst County, we do not know. Amherst County was a part of Albemarle until 1761 and Albemarle was a part of Goochland until 1744. Neither Goochland nor Albemarle include any records for these Tinsleys.

All the sons continued to own the mill tract until 2 April 1808 when David, Jonathon, Isaac and their wives deeded their interests to Joshua. 
William Porteus bound himself to Edward 1 Jan. 1760. 
Edward got 126 acres on both sides of Rutledge Creek from Stephen Hamm and Ambrose Gatewood in 1773,  and sold a different 126 acres that he had bought from James White to John McDaniel, presumably his granddaughter’s husband in 1782. 
The 1782 tax list in Amherst County listed the estate of Edward Tinsley and identified 4 of his sons: David, Isaac, Joshua, and John, and his son-in-law Ambrose Rucker. Son Edward had moved to Culpeper and William did not appear. The 1783 enumeration for Amherst included all 5 Tinsley sons and their large families. All owned slaves. The enumeration two years later added William Tinsley Jr. who had evidently just married. 

Descendants of Edward Tinsley
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Tinsley) Rucker (-1806),  
Ambrose Rucker,  John Houchins,  
Isaac Rucker,  Mary Higginbotham,  John Higginbotham,  Rev. William Crawford,  Mary Ann Christian,  Henry Christian,  Mary Wingfield,  
Benjamin Rucker,  Sarah Harris,  
Winifred Rucker,  Benjamin Plunkett,  
Margaret Rucker,  John McDaniel,   
Frances Rucker,  James Lea,  
Mary Rucker,  James Burford,  Rev. Charles Clay,  
Elizabeth Rucker,  James Marr,  
Sophia Rucker,  Robert Jennings,  
Caroline Rucker,  John Hansard,  
Matilda Rucker,  Alexander Marr,  
Charlotte Rucker,  
Sarah Rucker,  John Marr,  
Reuben Rucker,  Margaret McDaniel,   
Ambrose Rucker,  Elizabeth Lucas,  
 Jonathan Tinsley (-1817),  
Duncan Graham,  Duncan Graham,  
Mary (—) Tinsley,  
Edward Tinsley,  Lucy Tinsley,   Arthur L. Davies,  Samuel Burks,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  Nicholas West,  Rev. William Crawford,  
Robert Tinsley,  Judith C. —,  
Frances Tinsley,  Battaile Harrison,  
Mary Harrison,  
Sarah Harrison,  
John Harrison,  
Charles Harrison,  
Ann Harrison,  
Sarah Tinsley,  Thomas Sledd,  
James Tinsley,  Sarah Rucker,  Isaac Rucker,  
Anthony G. Tinsley,  Judith Cox,   
Lucy Tinsley,  Richard Fowler,  
Lindsey Tinsley,  Cisla Snead,  Louisa Sanders,  
Oliver Tinsley,  Sophia Norcutt,  
 David Tinsley (c.1747-1828),  
Nancy McDaniel,   
Daniel Gaines,  William Miller,  Hugh Rose,  
George H. Burford,  Richard Harrison,  Archibald Robertson,  
Lucy Tinsley,  Edward Tinsley,   
Edward Tinsley,  Benjamin Ogden,  
Anson Tinsley,  Sophia Weston Hansard,  Caroline Rucker,   John Hansard,  
David Tinsley,  Mahalia Cox,   
Nancy Tinsley,  Ambrose Burford,  
Ruth Tinsley,  Daniel L. Burford,  
Peggy Tinsley,  James Hamm,  
Seluda Tinsley,  Matthew Busby,  
Matilda Tinsley,  William McCain,  
George McDaniel Tinsley,  Susannah Dawson,  Martin Dawson,  
 Joshua Tinsley (-1822),  
Hugh Rose,  Caroline Matilda (Jordan) Rose,   
Sarah McDaniel,   
Lucinda Tinsley,  Jonathan Hutcheson,  Lorenzo Lyons,  James D. Johns,   
George McDaniel Tinsley,  Charlotte Johns,   
Alexander Tinsley,  Permelia Eubank,  
Rosanna Tinsley,  Thomas Clements,  
Dolly W. Tinsley,  Wyatt Wiley Bailey,  
Anderson Tinsley,  Cynthia Holliday,  
Judith Parker Tinsley,  Merritt M. White,  
Banister Tinsley,  Mildred Shore,  Elias Wills,  
Judith Tinsley,  Jonathon P. Burks,  
Joseph Tinsley,  
Joshua Tinsley,  
Absalom Tinsley,  
Martha Tinsley,  
 William Tinsley (-1816),  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Battaile Harrison,  
Archibald Robertson,  
William Tinsley,  Sarah Parks,  James Waugh,  Thomas Waugh,  
William Tinsley,  
Mildred Tinsley,  Jesse Haynes,  Rev. William Crawford,  James Goodrich,  Jane Brown,  Thomas Goodrich,  
Nancy Tinsley,  Harrison Hughes,  
Reuben Tinsley,  Frances Tyree,  
James S. Tinsley,  Lucy McDaniel,   
Isaac Tinsley,  Nancy Sandridge,  
 Sarah (Tinsley) Vernon,  
Richard Vernon,  
 Harriet Frances (Tinsley) Johns,  
Joseph Johns,   
 Elizabeth (Tinsley) Pendleton,  
William Pendleton,   
James Pendleton,  Sarah Elizabeth Rucker,  
Edmund Pendleton,  
Reuben Pendleton,  Frances Maria Anna Garland,  William Garland,  Anne Shepherd,  
John Pendleton,  Sally Banks,  Lynn Banks,  
Isaac Pendleton,  Nancy Hardwick,  
William Pendleton,  Patsy Cox,   Rev. William Dameron,  
Mary Pendleton,  Jeremiah Whitten,  
Sarah Pendleton,  John Mahone,  
Frances Pendleton,  Jabez Camden,  Micajah Camden,  Nancy Mays,  
Betsy Pendleton,  Reuben Baldcock,  
Margaret Pendleton,  James Miles,  
Benjamin Pendleton,  Frances —,  
Richard Pendleton,  Mary Tinsley,   
 Edward Tinsley,  
Elizabeth Buford,  John Buford,  Judith Early,  
Henry Tinsley,  Rebecca (—) Wood,  
Joshua Tinsley,  
Abraham Tinsley,  Lucy Medley,  
Rachel Tinsley,  
Frances Peachy Tinsley,  Joel Yager,  
James Tinsley,  Sarah Elizabeth Hardwick,  
Mary Tinsley,  Richard Pendleton,   
Elizabeth Tinsley,  Benjamin Rice,  
William Tinsley,  Frances Willis,  
Judith Tinsley,  Winfield Wright,  
Caleb Tinsley,  Elizabeth Medley,  
 Isaac Tinsley (c.1738-1814),  
Richard Harvie,  John Ambler,  
Jane Lee,  Ambrose Lee,  Frances Penn,  James Ware,  
Richard Tinsley,  Sarah Burks,  Samuel Burks,  
Moses Tinsley,  Elizabeth T. Turner,  
Bennett Tinsley,  Permelia Hendricks,  Obediah Hendricks,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Perlina —,  
Asenith Tinsley,  Thomas Powell,  
Colby T. Tinsley,  Rachael Carpenter,  
Isaac Tinsley,  Charlotte Murray,  Ambrose Rucker,   
Rhoda D. Tinsley,  Samuel Whitney,  
Frances Tinsley,  Polly Cary,  
Sophia Tinsley,  Aiden Turner,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Pendleton - Revolutionary War Reuben Pendleton - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Pendleton - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Ambrose Rucker - Virginia  

Selected sources
Gottschalk, Katherine Cox and Maj. John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, “The Pendleton Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):646-780. • Includes the family of Elizabeth Tinsley and William Pendleton.

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