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 446   John Smith (c.1745-c.1816)
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John Smith, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Smith might describe his life as follows.

I was likely the only son of William Thornton Smith. After he died in Amelia County in 1749, Mother married George Smith and I grew up in their household.
I inherited my father’s 200 acres on Flat Creek, which had belonged to my grandfather John Smith, and 400 acres 15 miles west on Sandy Creek in Prince Edward County that my father got in 1746. I was living in Amelia County in 1767 when I paid taxes on my 400 acres in Prince Edward County. 
John Watson and his family lived on Buffalo Creek, about 5 miles west of my Sandy Creek farm, and it was his daughter Susanna Watson whom I married 19 August (bond) 1767. 
Since she was from Prince Edward County, we sold my 200 acres on Flat Creek where I had been living to James Vaughan for £50 on 28 July 1768,  and went to live on my property near Rice. Although Susanna was Presbyterian, we attended Sailor Creek Baptist Church with our 2 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom married in Prince Edward County. By 1783 I was head of a household of 6 whites and the owner of 13 slaves.  Seven whites were in my household in 1785 and we had one dwelling house and 8 other buildings. 
During the Revolution, I served in the county militia,  and provided 118 pounds of bacon, 6½ bushels of wheat, 356 pounds of pork, and 550 pounds of beef to the army, for which I was later reimbursed. 
I made my will in Prince Edward County in May 1816 leaving all my property including 15 slaves to Susan and our children, and was dead by that August. 

Will of John Smith

Will of John Smith
9 May 1816
I John Smith of Prince Edward County being in perfect mind and memory but knowing the uncertainty of this mortal life do make constitute and appoint this my last will and testament revoking all others.
First my will and desire is that all my Just debts be paid by the sale of as much of the property herein after given to my son William T. Smith, as will be sufficient for that purpose.
Item I lend to my wife Susan Smith all my Estate both real and personal during her natural life and at her death my will and desire is that it be divided as follows. I give to my daughter Mary Ann Walker the following negroes Viz: Hannah, Isham, Hercules, Lucy, Scintha & Tomy with their increase to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give to my son William T. Smith (after paying my Just debts) all my stock of every kind all my household, kitchen furniture, all my plantation utinsils, all the Crop and money which may be on hand, together with all debts due me and everything belonging to me, which is not specially named in this will to him & his heirs forever.
Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Atkinson the following Negroes Viz, Jack, Edward & Tamer with her increase to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give to my son Allen Smith all my land also the following Negroes Viz Peyton Lewis [Lucas?], Dick, Stephen, Harry and Bett [?] together with all my fowls, Bees and stills to him and his heirs forever.
Item I constitute and appoint my Sons William T. Smith and Allen Smith together with Samuel V. Allen executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others. In Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this ninth day of May Eighteen hundred and Sixteen. The names Stephen and Dick added before signed.
John Smith
Signed & acknowledged in our presence James Anderson, Samuel Venable Watkins, John W. Wilson

The will of John Smith was ordered recorded 19 Aug. 1816.

Sterling Smith
The typed manuscript found in Family Topic 222 states that John and Susanna Smith had a son named Sterling, although John’s will omits this name. One Sterling Smith, who paid taxes in Amelia County in 1800,  married Mary H. Phillips, daughter of Richard Phillips, in Prince Edward County 21 June 1804,  and was still in Prince Edward County in June 1811 when he was party to a deed of trust in Amelia County. 
Sterling signed a petition to establish Jamestown in Prince Edward County in 1796,  and was licensed to preach by Sailor Creek Baptist Church, where John Smith attended, in 1819. 

Descendants of John Smith
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Allen Watson Smith,  
Mary Watson,   
 William Thornton Smith (c.1770-1862),  
Elizabeth Fuqua,   
Hannah (—) Smith,  J.J. Smith,  
__nbue Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  
Mary Smith,  
John Smith,  
Samuel Archer Smith,  
 Elizabeth (Smith) Atkinson,  
John Atkinson,  
Mary Atkinson,  Gills,  
 Mary Ann (Smith) Walker (1768-1820),  
William Walker,   
 John Smith (-1764),  
John Moseley,  
Joseph Echols,   John Francis,  
Samuel Whitworth,  Peter Dupuy Jr.,  Margaret (—) Smith,  
William Smith,  Berry Lewis,   James Seay,   
John Nicholas,  Elizabeth (—) Smith,  
John Smith,  Thomas Watkins,  Elizabeth Hawkins (—) Smith,  
Henry Nelson,  John Hampton Sr.,  
John Whitworth Sr.,  Shem Cooke,  
Thomas Smith,  William Echols,   John Moseley,   Martha (—) Smith,  Isaac Jackson,  
George Smith,  
Rachel Smith,  Jacob Seay,   
Ann Smith,  Jesse Lewellyn,  Andrew Wade,  William Craddock,   Susanna Lewellyn,  Richard Phillips,   
Mary Smith,  William Kimbrough,  
Margaret Smith,  John Moseley,  Thomas Appling,  
Sarah Smith,  Berry Lewis,  William Echols,   Thomas Turpin Sr.,  
Parminus Palmer,  William Hall,  
Col. Robert Bolling,  Martha Tucker,  William Hood,  Matthew Tucker,  John Clardy,  William Coleman,  William Hall,  Daniel Allen,  
Robert Tucker,  Frances Coleman,  Capt. Robert Tucker,  
Robert Rowland,  Thomas Tabb,  
Richard Smith,  James Smith,  
Thomas Covington,  
William Crawley,  Samuel Chambers,  

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