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 452   Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette (c.1740-1826)
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Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette might describe his life as follows.

My first of 3 wives was Edna George whom I married in Caroline County around 1760. By 1767 we were in Halifax County where I bought several parcels of land scattered out north of Republican Grove.
A respected member of the community, I was twice the sheriff of Halifax,  and for several terms, justice of the peace.  During the Revolution, I led Capt. James Dejernatt’s Company and lent the Army a horse for 12 months for which they reimbursed me £5. 
We had at least 9 children before Edna’s death about 1777. A year later, I married Mary Saunders, the widow of Alexander Saunders Sr. of Farnham Parish, Essex County, Virginia, and the mother of 6. Our only son was Walker.
I was living in Essex County in 1783, head of a household of 13 whites and no slaves, but by 1785 was back in Halifax County where I was one of the enumerators reporting that I still had 13 in my family. 
I married third Elizabeth Pillow 7 September (bond) 1791.  I was about 86 when I died in Halifax County in 1826, leaving no will.  Except James who went to Tennessee, John to Kentucky, and Elizabeth to Missouri, most of my children stayed nearby.

The court ordered his father to pay James 150 pounds of tobacco for being a witness for him in court for 6 days in 1762.
James and Edna may have had other children who died young since the land they sold to George Mitchell in 1777 held two graves.

Land transactions
In 1767 James bought 65 acres on the north fork of Allens Creek in Halifax County from William Bowman for £20.  He probably moved there then as he was on the county poll list in 1768 and 1769.  Since land in Halifax County was very plentiful then, he soon bought 3 tracts on the Staunton River: 200 acres from John Balenger in March 1767, 143 acres from Peter Bays in Sept. 1771, and 400 acres from Thomas Dougherty in Oct. 1772.  In Aug. 1772 he patented a neighboring 174 acres in Halifax County,  and sold 137 acres on the east fork of Allens Creek in Pittsylvania. 
When the DeJarnettes sold 400 acres in Halifax County, called the “Church Tract,” to George Mitchell in 1777, the sale excluded a 10-foot square plot surrounding two graves.  In 1778 James, now a widower, sold 200 acres on the south side of the Staunton River to his brother Joseph DeJarnette Jr. 
Indebted to the firm of Yuille & Barksdale for £68.6, James mortgaged 3 slaves, Sal, Fan, and Eli, to secure the debt 10 Nov. 1788. Yuille was to sell the slaves on or before the next 1 May and pay the excess above the principal and accrued interest on the debt to DeJarnette. 
In Nov. 1778 James bought 90 acres on Straightstone Creek in eastern Pittsylvania County that he sold to his son George DeJarnette in 1800. 
James’ name appeared on the list of qualified voters in Halifax County in 1800, 1808, and 1812. 

Chancery suit
We know of DeJarnette’s heirs from a Halifax County chancery court case. William Collins was agent for the heirs and promised to pay them for some land he bought from the estate, but died before he paid for the land and Matthew Jouett Rowlett, the past sheriff of the county and succeeding administrator of the DeJarnette estate, sued the administrators of Collins’ estate.
Children named in the suit were George, Daniel, John, James, and Walker DeJarnette, Ann McAllister, Edna Betterton, Susannah Ransom, and Elizabeth Bryan. As George was dead, his heirs joining were Henry, Daniel, Thomas DeJarnette, Milly Scruggs wife of Drury Scruggs, Edna wife of Thomas Scruggs, Rebecca wife of James Pitts, Jordan R. Lipscomb, Patience wife of Robert A. Weatherford, Adeline Weatherford wife of John M. Weatherford, Paul Carr, George Lipscomb, James Lipscomb, Lillian McAllister, James W. McAllister, George McAllister, Ann McAllister, and Sarah McAllister.

Descendants of Capt. James Pemberton DeJarnette
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James DeJarnette (-1834),  
Polly Marshall,  Daniel Marshall,  
Daniel Marshall DeJarnette,  Frances Clayton,  
James G. DeJarnette,  
Susannah DeJarnette,  
Edna DeJarnette,  A.W. Williamson,  
Elizabeth DeJarnette,  
Martha DeJarnette,  
Julia DeJarnette,  Jones,  
 Daniel DeJarnette (1768-1831),  
Nancy Smith,  William Smith,  
William Collins,  
 George DeJarnette (1763-1841),  
 Ann (DeJarnette) McAllister (-1829),  
James McAllister,  
Nancy McAllister,  Tiffin,  
Sally McAllister,  Robert Townes,  
Elizabeth McAllister,  William Moore,  
William McAllister,  Susannah DeJarnette,   
James McAllister,  
Edmund McAllister,  
 John DeJarnette (1773-c.1854),  
Judith Moorman,  James C. Moorman,  Judith —,  
Lucy DeJarnette,  Clarkson,  
Susan DeJarnette,  
James C. DeJarnette,  Jane Miller,  John Miller,  Judith M. (—) Miller,  
Daniel DeJarnette,  
George DeJarnette,  Eliza Williams,  
Andrew R. DeJarnette,  Ann Eliza Miller,  Michael Miller,  Nancy Clark,  
Judith DeJarnette,  Miller,  
 Edna (DeJarnette) Betterton,  
Nathan Betterton,  William Betterton,  
Elsie Craddock,  
Nancy Betterton,  James G. Davis,  
Thomas Betterton,  Charlotte C. Calloway,  
James Betterton,  Julia Tynes,  Henry Tynes,  Patience Tynes,   
Ann M. Betterton,  Peyton Tynes,   
William Betterton,  Sarah Jordan,  William Jordan,  Mary —,  
 Susannah (DeJarnette) Ransom,  
William Ransom,  
Richard Ransom,  
Mary Ransom,  Thomas Hickson,  
Sophia P. Ransom,  Rev. William T. Gilliam,  
Lucy Ransom,  Pleasant Hubbard,  
William Ransom,  Eliza Jane Graham,  
John Henry Ransom,  Sarah Goodwin,  
 Mary (DeJarnette) Williamson,  
Archer Williamson,  
Mary Williamson,  Charles Rudder,  
Elizabeth Williamson,  Joseph Bryan,  
 Elizabeth (DeJarnette) Bryan,  
William A. Bryan,  
James Phelps Barley,  
Mary W. Bryan,  
Peter Bryan,  
Marshall Bryan,  
Powhatan Bryan,  
Morrison Bryan,  
Elizabeth Bryan,  
 Walker DeJarnette (c.1782-1849),  
Nancy Gilliam,  Charles Gilliam,  Charles Gilliam,  
Mary Elizabeth Tynes,   
James L. DeJarnette,  
Edwin Walker DeJarnette,  
Martha Ann Forrest,  
Diana (—) DeJarnette,  
Amanda DeJarnette,  
Laban DeJarnette,  
Charles Edward DeJarnette,  
Hunter P. DeJarnette,  
James W. DeJarnette,  
Sophia I. DeJarnette,  George W. Lipscomb,  
Charles Lipscomb,  
James Lipscomb,  
Martha W. DeJarnette,  James Jordan,  
Rosaline DeJarnette,  Richard L. Ligon,  
Housen S. DeJarnette,  Sarah Virginia Scott,  Peyton Scott,  Ann —,  Sally Rudder,  E.M. Rudder,  Elizabeth —,  
Albert Gallatin DeJarnette,  Demaris E. Cage,  Fielding Cage,  Sarah West,  
Mary Rebecca DeJarnette,  
Edna E. DeJarnette,  Thomas M. Perkins,  
Nannie E. Perkins,  Joseph West,  

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