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 4682   Mr. Jordan
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One of Surry County’s most prominent Colonial citizens was George Jordan. Although records do not reveal the name of his father, we have identified two sisters and two brothers. When brother Lt. Col. George Jordan secured a patent to 690 acres on a branch of the main Blackwater in Surry County 24 Feb. 1675/6, he submitted 14 headrights including William, George, and Arthur Jordan, and Fortune Flood. 

Descendants of Mr. Jordan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Col. George Jordan (-1678),  
Alice Miles,  John Miles,  
Elizabeth (—) Coates,  Daniel Coates,  
Robert Spencer,  Bartholomew Owen,  
Fortune Jordan,  Thomas Hunt,  
 Fortune (Jordan) Flood Mills (-1669),  
Col. John Flood,   
James Mills,  
 Mary (Jordan) Bailey Foster,  
— Bailey,   
Christopher Foster,  
Christopher Foster,  
Elizabeth Barker,   
John Foster,  Mary Fort,  Elias Fort,  John Simmons Jr.,  
Christopher Foster,  
John Foster,  
Arthur Foster,  
Elizabeth Foster,  
Faith Foster,  
Mary Foster,  
Lucy Foster,  
Sarah Foster,  
Christopher Foster,  Alice Fort,  Elias Fort,  Francis Ray,  
John Foster,  
Elias Foster,  
Moses Foster,  
Amy Foster,  
Newit Foster,  
John Westbrook,  John Westbrook,  Honor Ramsey,  Burwell Westbrook,  Gray Westbrook,  
John Westbrook,  
William Westbrook,  
Moses Westbrook,  
James Westbrook,  
Elias Westbrook,  
Faith Foster,  
Elizabeth Foster,  
Grace Foster,  
Robert Foster,  
Fortune Foster,  
 Arthur Jordan (c.1627-1698),  
Elizabeth Bevin,  Richard Bevin,  Mary —,  
George Jordan,  Mary Brown,  
George Jordan,  Sarah Hunt,  William Hunt,  William Thomas Williams,  
William Jordan,  John Spence,  
Arthur Jordan,  
Sarah (—) Jordan,  
George Jordan,  
Arthur Jordan,  Sarah (—) Jordan,  
Samuel Jordan,  
Arthur Jordan,  Elizabeth (—) Williamson,  
Rebecca Jordan,  
Mary Jordan,  
Sarah Jordan,  
John Jordan,  Mary (—) Jordan,  Samuel Bass,  
Thomas Jordan,  
Henry Jordan,  
Benjamin Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Fortune Jordan,  
Thomas Jordan,  
James Jordan,  
River Jordan,  
Charles Jordan,  Elizabeth (—) Jordan,  
Mary Jordan,  James Anderson,  Thomas Anderson,  
Rebecca Cooke,   
Thomas Anderson,  Kerenhappuch Yarbrough,   
Lucy Gibbs,  Lydia (—) Elder Jackson Boone,  
Lucy Marie Anderson,  William W. Gibbs,  
Thomas Anderson Gibbs,  
Lydia Anderson,  
Jackson Anderson,  
James Anderson,  Charles Hamlin,  Mary (—) Anderson ,  
Edward Eppes,  Daniel Eppes,  James Nance,  John Nance,  
John Anderson,  
Mary Bell,  Hannah (—) Bell,  
Francis Epes,  
Martha Anderson,  John May,  
Henry May,  Joseph May,  William May,  William Moore,  
Catherine Anderson,  David Vaughan,   
John Shurfield,  
Hannah Anderson,  
Armistead Anderson,  
Allen Anderson,  John Snead,  
Rebecca Anderson,  
Lucy Anderson,  
Priscilla Anderson,  Peter Hawks,  John Hawks,  
Abraham Buford,  
John Anderson Hawks,  Martha Butler,  Anderson Vaughan,   William Malone,  Mary A. Abernathy,  
Sarah Ann Hawks,  James Coleman Maitland,  Samuel Maitland,  Martha Lewis,  
Mary Elizabeth Hawks,  Heartwell J. Maitland,  
Martha Hawks,  
John Edward Hawks,  Adelia Wildman Kirkland,   
Charles H. Hawks,  Julietta C. Coleman,   
Berthier Bott Hawks,  Martha Beryl Kirkland,   
Peter Armistead Hawks,  
Eugenia Hawks,  
Cornelia Ann Hawks,  Winfield Scott Coleman,   
Frederick D. Hawks,  
Patrick Hawks,  
Susanna Anderson,  Daniel Vaughan,   
Anderson Vaughan,  
Alexander Vaughan,  Mary J. Tunstill,  
William A. Vaughan,  Sally Tunstall,  
Sarah A. Vaughan,  Albert E. Daniel,   
Mary Susan Vaughan,  Moses Rufus Daniel,   
Georgianna Vaughan,  John Eddie Daniel,   
Lucy J. Vaughan,  Buck Cole,  Joseph Freeman,  
R.H. Lee Vaughan,  
James Edward Vaughan,  Martha Jane Cole,  Mamie Beasley,  
Ellen Elizabeth Vaughan,  George Sidney Daniel,   
Joseph Hannibal Vaughan,  
Etta Vaughan,  Robert Parham,  
Moses Rufus Daniel,   
Walter L. Parham,  Annie Mae Daniel,   
Sydnor Parham,  
Willie Parham,  
Thomas Parham,  
Katherine Virginia Vaughan,  Lucius Smith Daniel,   
John R. Vaughan,  Vashti Parrish,   
Nora Vaughan,  
Regina Vaughan,  
Edward Daniel Vaughan,  
James L. Vaughan,  
Mary S. Vaughan,  Edward Crowder,  
Elizabeth Blankenship,  Daniel Blankenship,  Daniel Blankenship Crowder,  John Crowder,  Richard Crowder,  
Josephus Sonk Crowder,  Matilda Elizabeth Daniel,   
Sally Petro Crowder,  Peter Daniel,   
George Washington Crowder,  
Silas Shelburne Crowder,  
Caroline H. Vaughan,  
Anne Eliza Vaughan,  Rose,  
Catherine S. Vaughan,  
Susanna Vaughan,  
Mary Bell Anderson,  Freeman Eckles,  
William Anderson,  
Sally Anderson,  Henry Harper,  Mary Jones,   Henry Harper,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  
Dr. Jordan Anderson,  Edward Thweatt,   
Mary Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  
Edward Anderson,  Susanna Oliver,   
Oliver Anderson,  
Lucy Anderson,  John Maxey,  John Maxey,  Mary Forsee,  
Sarah Anderson,  Benjamin Hughes,  
Thomas Anderson,  Martha Jones Brock,  Sarah H. Bibb,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Richard Browder,   
Nancy Anderson,  William Pleasants Blankenship,  
Rebecca Malone Anderson,  William Anderson,   
Edward Watkins Anderson,  Obedience Branch,  Thomas Branch,   
Charles Anderson,  Anna Allen,   
Elizabeth Anderson,  
Cary A. Anderson,  Elizabeth Hamlett,  Jesse Hamlett,  
Daniel J. Anderson,  Martha Marshall,  Benjamin Marshall,  
Ann W. Anderson,  Devereaux Hightower,  
Mary H. Anderson,  Charles H. Slaughter,  
Sarah Anderson,  Clifton Garland Hamner,  Morris Hamner,  
John Anderson,  Mary Ferguson,   
William Anderson,  Avis Rudd,  
James Anderson,  
Faith Anderson,  
Jordan Anderson,  Rebecca Bley Hamlett,   
Lucy Anderson,  
Lydia Anderson,  
Patsy Anderson,  
James Anderson,  Susanna H. Brown,  Russell Brown,  Elizabeth (—) Brown,  
David Anderson,  Lucy Horsley,  William Horsley,  
Tarleton Anderson,  
Doctor Anderson,  
Jordan Anderson,  Margaret Easter,  John Easter,  
Thomas Anderson,  
Nathan Anderson,  Marianna Mayo,   
Mary Anderson,  Edward Eppes,  Daniel Eppes,  
Amy Eppes,  
Sarah Eppes,  Thomas Tomlinson,  
Herbert Tomlinson,  
Edward Tomlinson,  
Thomas Tomlinson,  
Hamlin Tomlinson,  
James Epes Tomlinson,  
Archibald Tomlinson,  
Ann Eppes,  Thomas Gibbons,  
Mary Gibbons,  Fitzgerald,  
John Gibbons,  
Thomas Gibbons,  
Anne Gibbons,  William Hord,  
Elizabeth Gibbons,  Chisholm,  
Edmund Gibbons,  
William Gibbons,  
Sarah Gibbons,  Glenwaters,  
Epps Gibbons,  
Rebecca Gibbons,  Bell,  
James Gibbons,  
Mary Eppes,  Henry Moss,  Henry Moss,  Susanna —,  
Keziah Freeman,  
Epes Moss,  
Gabriel Moss,  Elizabeth Oliver,   
Lewis Moss,  
Henry Moss,  
Benjamin Moss,  
Mary Moss,  
James Moss,  
James Eppes,  Martha Sledge,  Amos Sledge,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Warthen,  
Charles Harrison,  
Edward Eppes,  
James Eppes,  
Thomas Anderson Eppes,  
Sarah Eppes,  
Mary Anderson Eppes,  
Littlebury Eppes,  
Winifred Eppes,  Thomas Whitfield,  
Susanna Eppes,  Lemuel Harrison,  William Harrison,  
Elizabeth Eppes,  
Frances Eppes,  
Lydia Anderson,  Averiss,  
Priscilla Anderson,  James Moss,  Amy Moss,  
Faith Anderson,  Peleg Ferguson,  
Mary Ferguson,  John Anderson,   
John Ferguson,  Olive Williams,  
Delphy Ferguson,  Samuel Jones,  
Elizabeth Ferguson,  
Lucy Ferguson,  Burwell Jackson,  Fountain Tankersley,  
William Ferguson,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  Edward Bailey,   
River Jordan,  
Priscilla Browne,   
John Avery,  Jane (—) Avery,  
Mary Jordan,  
Thomas Jordan,  Jane (Browne) Spencer,   Lucy Corker,  Capt. William Corker,  Lucy White,  
William Rose,  
Jane Jordan,  
Mary Jordan,  Francis Sowerby,  
John Tyus,   
John Tyus,   
Francis Sowerby,  
William Sowerby,  
Phyllis Jordan,  
James Jordan,  Ann (—) Evans Sowerby,  Evans,  Thomas Sowerby,  
River Jordan,   Richard Washington,   
John Rawlings,  Edward Evans,  Francis Sowerby,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  Richard Washington,   
 William Jordan (-1664),  
Henry Briggs,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Coleman Maitland - Civil War Heartwell J. Maitland - Civil War
John Edward Hawks - Civil War Berthier Bott Hawks - Civil War
David Anderson - Revolutionary War Doctor Anderson - Revolutionary War
Jordan Anderson - Revolutionary War Henry Moss - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
George Jordan - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Jordan.” Southside Virginia Families. Redwood City, Cal.: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1955(1):291-29714-16. • Brothers and sisters of George Jordan.
“The James Anderson Bible.” The Southside Virginian. 13:122-126 (1995). • Family of Mary Jordan and James Anderson.
“Washingtons of Surry County.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):381-396. • Family of Richard Washington and Elizabeth Jordan.

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