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 474   John Sparrow II (-1800)
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John Sparrow II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Sparrow II might describe his life as follows.

I lived on land along Difficult Creek in Halifax County that belonged to my father, another John Sparrow. Although William Seymour sold me about 200 acres in 1778, I sold it within a few years. 
No one knows the name of my wife. Our household included 7 whites in Halifax County in 1782 and 1785 and we then owned no slaves. 
My elder brother Thomas Sparrow, who inherited all the land after our father died, sold me 100 acres near Difficult Creek in 1786. 
I had credit at the local general store, owned by a British merchant. Because the Revolution did not extinguish these debts, agents who followed up on all the accounts after the war concluded that I was insolvent both before and after the close of the war. 
I was dead by 23 December 1800 when four heirs—William Sparrow, Thomas Sparrow, Elizabeth Sparrow, and Thomas Seymour—sold my 100 acres on Difficult Creek to my nephew Reuben Sparrow, then the husband of my daughter Mary. 

Although the above deed does not state it, Reuben Sparrow was likely another heir as the husband of Mary Sparrow.

Descendants of John Sparrow II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Sparrow (-1840),  
Nancy Butler,  Samuel Butler,  Thomas Finney,   Barsheba (—) Butler,  
Elisha Butler,  
John Sparrow,  Mary Bomar,  Booker Bomar,  
Samuel Sparrow,  
Hudson Sparrow,  Sarah F. Posey,  Robert Posey,  
Rebecca Sparrow,  John Crews,  
Mary Sparrow,  
Elizabeth Sparrow,  Stephen Covington Puckett,  Sarah —,  
Catherine Sparrow,  David Crews,  
Ann Sparrow,  Willis Shaw,  
Barsheba Sparrow,  
 William Sparrow,  
Thomas Sparrow,   
Elizabeth Shaw,  John Shaw,  
Martha Sparrow,  
William Sparrow,  Ann Allen,  
Rebecca Sparrow,  John C. Harvey,  
Frances Sparrow,  Charles Allen,  
Susan C. Sparrow,  James Hudson,  
Nancy Sparrow,  David Allen,  
James Sparrow,  James Allen,  
John Sparrow,  
Mary Sparrow,  
 Rhoda (Sparrow) Seymour,  
Thomas Seymour,  
 Elizabeth Sparrow,  
 Mary (Sparrow) Sparrow,  
Reuben Sparrow,   

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