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 496   Francis Moore Petty (1728-1802)
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Francis Moore Petty, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Francis Moore Petty might describe his life as follows.

I was born in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, 27 June 1728, just 10 months after my father, Thomas Petty, married Elizabeth Moore.  My parents came to Lunenburg County,  and in 1751 and 1752 my name appeared on one of those county documents not easily evaded—the tax rolls. 
I received a grant of 400 acres on both sides of Turkey Egg Branch of the Meherrin River and up the Bear Branch, near Keysville, in 1756.  Lunenburg County taxed me on this tract, myself, and one slave in 1764.  Later that year my land fell into the newly-created Charlotte County.
My wife, Mary, and I were the parents of at least nine, about half of whom resided in Halifax County. We moved to Halifax after 1780 to be close to our children. I had land on Childrey Creek, about 2 or 3 miles north of Republican Grove, and this may be where we lived out our years. Our log and shingled dwelling house was 28’ by 16’ and on our property were 2 other dwellings and 5 cabins. 
During our Revolution, I provided the army with 300 pounds of beef, 43 pounds of bacon, and 3½ barrels of corn, for which I was later reimbursed,  and in 1791 I was one of nine gentlemen authorized by the General Assembly to raise money to extend navigation of the Banister River through part of Halifax. 
I was a 74-year-old grandfather and “weak of body but sound of mind and memory” when I made my will in 1802 leaving Mary all my estate except some land and slaves that I devised to children.

Francis was a neighbor of Reuben Abney who married 15 June (bond) 1786 a Petty,  who could very well have been his daughter. No wife was named when Abney sold land in 1792,  suggesting she died and explaining why she was not mentioned in the will of Francis M. Petty.
Francis’ wife may have been Mary Harbin, or Mary Harborn, born in North Farnham Parish 30 June 1732 to David Harbin and Sarah Pierce.  Although Francis and Mary named a son Harbin, Francis’ great-grandmother may have been a Harbin.
Francis and Mary also had a son named Davis Petty that was perpetuated for several generations. Consequently, she may have been Mary Davis, born to John Davis and his wife, Frances, in North Farnham Parish 4 May 1729.  John Davis died intestate 25 Dec. 1730. 
Francis M. Petty was head of a household of 7 whites and 6 blacks in Halifax County in 1782 and 1785,  was a vestryman of Antrim Parish,  and a qualified voter in Halifax County in 1800.  Halifax County taxed Petty on 4 horses and 7 slaves in 1800. 
When the war began, Francis owed Buchanan, Hastie, & Co. more than £100, a very large amount for the times. Commissioners, appointed to pursue these debts reported that he “is and always has been solvent.” 

Buying and selling land
Petty bought land in Charlotte County from Richard Burks while he was living there in 1769.  As Francis Moore Petty of Charlotte County he purchased from Richard Carter 19 May 1773 200 acres on the draughts of Polecat and Bad Luck creeks in Halifax County,  which he gave to his son Joseph Petty in 1777. 
Francis Moore Petty and his wife, Mary, sold their land on Turkey Egg Branch to James Hines in 1776,  and the next year James Farmer sold them about 100 acres on the Little Roanoke River next to land they already owned. 
Francis was still of Charlotte County in 1778 when he bought about 400 acres on Little Childrey Creek in Halifax County, 160 acres of which he deeded to Thomas Keeling in 1779. 
Three properties were granted to Francis Moore Petty, presumably the father, in 1780: 469 acres on Lick Branch of Green Rock Creek about 3 miles southwest of Chatham, Pittsylvania County,  a neighboring 95 acres, and 854 acres on the branches of Turnip Creek in Charlotte County.  Petty, the son, still owned 300 acres near Chatham in Pittsylvania County upon which he was taxed in 1782. 
As Francis Moore Petty of Halifax County, he deeded 371 acres in Charlotte County to Tarpley Dickerson, son and heir of Tarpley Dickerson, deceased, 10 Feb. 1784. 

His will
Francis Moore Petty made his will in Halifax County. 

Will of Francis Moore Petty
9 September 1802
In the name of God amen, I Francis Moore Petty of Halifax County in the state of Virginia, being weak of body but sound of mind and memory, Thanks be to God Almighty for the same, do make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following.
First I resign my body to the dust and my soul to God that gave.
Secondly my will and desire is that all my debts be paid by my executor hereafter to be mentioned.
Item. I lend to my beloved wife Mary during her natural life or pleasure, all of my estate both real and personal now in my possession.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Joseph one Negro woman named Ann, now in his possession with all of her increase for the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Bosticke one Negro woman named Dorcas now in her possession with all of her increase for the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Eight to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Garton One Hundred Fifty pounds to be paid on …, in lieu of land I intended to give him.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Davis all the tract of land on Whitewater Saw, where Andrew [Davis’ eldest son] now lives, containing his Hundred and Fifty Three acres be the same more or less, to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to Coleman Hawkins, son of Milly Hawkins Twenty Five pounds to be paid by my executor on his coming of age twenty one years old.
After the death of my wife, or if she should wish to divide my estate it is my will and desire that all of my estate such as land, slaves, stock and all kinds of furniture so lent to my wife be sold by my executor and the money arriving from such sale together with all the money I may have or had as due me by bond or likewise be equally divided among my children, except my son Joseph who is to secure One Hundred pounds over and above what I have before given him, to them and their heirs forever. My will and desire further is that no part of my estate be appraised, and lastly I mandate, constitute and appoint my son Joseph and my son Garton Petty executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others. In testimony whereof I have set my hand this 9th Day of September One Thousand Eight Hundred and Two.
Francis Moore Petty

Descendants of Francis Moore Petty
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Petty (c.1750-1825),  
 Garton Petty (c.1753-1831),  
Sarah King,  
 Elizabeth (Petty) Cole (-c.1820),  
Joseph Cole,  
 Davis Petty (-1820),  
Mary (—) Petty,  
Andrew M. Petty,  Martha Farmer,  
Isham Petty,  
Ephraim Petty,  
Elizabeth Petty,  Ellis Wilson,  
Mary Petty,  
Sally Petty,  Christopher Thomas Robertson,   
Frances Petty,  Ephraim Francis,  
Letty Petty,  Zebulon Scates,  
Nancy Petty,  Thomas James Hines,  
 Francis Moore Petty (-1849),  
Joshua Echols,   William Bates,   Nathaniel Hall,  James Wimbush,  
William Redmond,  Eunice (—) Petty,  
 Mildred (Petty) Hawkins (-1840),  
Coleman Hawkins,  
 Mary (Petty) Bostick,  
Absalom Bostick,  Charles Bostick,  
Elizabeth Bostick,  William Irby Jr.,  
Mary Bostick,  Allen Guthrey,  
Emeline R. Guthrey,  Wilkes Cannada,  
Frances A. Guthrey,  
Irena Ann Guthrey,  
Charles A. Guthrey,  
Littleberry D. Bostick,  
Williamson G. Bostick,  
Frances C. Bostick,  Sanders Slaydon,  
Francis Moore Bostick,  Lucy White Palmer,  
Absalom Bostick,  Margaret W. Roberts,  
William P. Bostick,  
Sarah B. Bostick,  
Elizabeth Bostick,  
Margaret D. Bostick,  
Silas R. Bostick,  
Francis S. Bostick,  
Armistead Bostick,  Mary E. Beadles,  
 Harbin Petty (1763-1834),  
Phoebe Moore,  
 Daniel R. Petty,  
 Sarah (Petty) Wade,  
Andrew Wade,  

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