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 56   Capt. Paul W. Carr (1819-1903)
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Capt. Paul W. Carr, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Paul W. Carr might describe his life as follows.

Born 26 March 1819, I was 19 and Margaret Muse Carr, 15, when we married 20 November 1838.  Our fathers were brothers, so we were first cousins. Our home was south of Republican Grove more than one mile off Highway 765.
My dear wife died of pneumonia 29 October 1858,  at age 35 leaving 8 children. Patience, our daughter who never married, helped me rear the younger ones.
On 4 June 1861 my son Paul and I enlisted in Co. F, 38th Virginia Infantry, CSA, and I was honored to be elected second lieutenant. Frankly, at age 42, I was too old to contribute much. After leaving Chimborazo Hospital in March 1862, I was not reelected but transferred to the reserves. Years later the neighbors called me Captain Paul because I commanded the home guards during the war.
I died 22 June 1903 and was laid to rest next to my wife. Our family cemetery is still there, but nearly impossible to find. Twenty-five of the graves are unmarked. 

The Census of 1850 for the Northern District of Halifax County enumerated Paul and Margaret Carr, aged 31 and 27, with children Mary Ann 10, Patience 8, John R. 6, Sarah A. 4, and Nancy M., aged 2. Margaret’s mother Nancy Carr, aged 53, was living with them.  Their household in 1860 consisted of children Patience 19, John R. 16, Sarah 13, Nannie M. 11, David E. 9, Lelia J. 7, and Henrietta M., aged 3.  Four children and grandchildren Charles and Mary Perkins were in the household by the 1870 census that valued Paul’s real estate at $600 and his personal property for $200. 
Only Patience, who never married, was living with her 61-year-old father in 1880,  and by 1900 Paul was living in the household of his daughter Nancy Waller and her family. 

Recollections of Lula LaPrade
Lula LaPrade wrote some recollections of her Carr family. Some excerpts are included here.

Grandfather Paul Carr was born in 1808 a son of William Carr and Mary Ann DeJarnette.
Paul married his cousin Margaret Carr, daughter of Silas Thomas Carr and Nancy Abbott Carr.
Descendants of William Carr & Mary Ann DeJarnette - daughters Adeline and Patience Carr and son Paul. The sisters Adeline and Patience married Weatherford brothers and went to Missouri to live.
Descendants of Paul Carr were Mary Ann, Patience, John, Sarah, Nancy, Lelia, Edward and Hettie. The oldest daughter of Paul Carr married Tom Perkins who was killed in the Civil War in 1864. She died a few years later, leaving two small children, Charles and Cornelia (Missie). They were reared by their grandfather Paul Carr. Charles (Charlie) Perkins married Carrie Clement. Cornelia married Curtis Adams and they went to Louisiana to live.
Grandmother Carr died of pneumonia at the age of 36 leaving eight children. Grandfather did not marry again and he and the elder daughter, Patience - a young girl - gave their time and devotion to rearing the family, who did them credit.
All married and lived up to the best traditions of the family. Grandfather was a very religious man. He believed that a “beautiful behavior is the finest of the fine arts” and that the moral and Christian teachings of the Bible were foundations for happiness and right living.
The daughter Patience did not marry.

Descendants of Capt. Paul W. Carr
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Ann (Carr) Perkins (1839-1863),  
Thomas M. Perkins,  
Charles Perkins,  Carrie Clement,  
Mary M. Cornelia Perkins,  Curtis Adams,  R.R. Adams,  Sarah A. —,  
 Patience Carr (1841-1891),  
 John Robert Carr (1843-1919),  
 Sarah Ann (Carr) Carr (1846-1926),  
William Christopher Carr,   
Margaret Eulalia Carr,  Walter Henry Coates,  
Robert Edward Carr,  Alma Lacks,  
Christopher Carr,  Rosa Vaughan,  
John William Carr,  
Mary Elena Carr,  Thomas Jackson Hudson,  
Alma Carr,  Edward Gosney,  
Lelia Evelyn Carr,  John Robert Hall,  
Thomas Abbot Carr,  Mattie Fisher,  
Paul C. Carr,  
 Nancy M. (Carr) Waller (1848-),  
Robert T. Waller,  
Lawrence Leslie Waller,  Melissa M. Dodson,  
William Cabell Waller,  Ann French Abbott,   
Robert Floyd Waller,  Lelia Brown,  
 Lelia J. (Carr) Worsham (1855-),  
Archibald D. Worsham,  
William Victor Worsham,  
Eva Worsham,  Ferdinand Smith,  
Thomas Worsham,  
Jennie M. Worsham,  
Nina F. Worsham,  
James P. Worsham,  
Eulalia Worsham,  Thomas Abbott,  
 David Edward Carr (1851-),  
Catherine Armistead Guthrie,   
Margaret Elizabeth Carr,  John Edwards,  
Annie Lee Carr,  
Addie Bruce Carr,  Hall,  
Willie Kate Carr,  Warren,  
Wesley Carr,  
Jennie Pauline Carr,  John Richard Cardwell,  
Lillie Carr,  Reid,  Pruitt,  
Ruby Carr,  Reynolds,  
Pauline Carr,  
Harvey Carr,  
 Henrietta M. (Carr) Yeatts (1857-1930),  
Richard Tapley Yeatts,  
Bertha Yeatts,  Gould G. Martin,  
Minnie Yeatts,  R.L. Hammack,  
Homie Yeatts,  Myers,  
James W. Yeatts,  Nannie Bryant,  Emma (—) Yeatts,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Paul W. Carr - Civil War Thomas M. Perkins - Civil War
William Christopher Carr - Civil War  

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