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 58   Wesley H. Guthrie (c.1818-)
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Wesley H. Guthrie, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Wesley H. Guthrie might describe his life as follows.

Elizabeth Sparrow and I were united as husband and wife in Halifax County, Virginia, 22 December 1847. 
“Betsey” as I called her, and I lived near Republican Grove in a plain farmhouse with huge cherry trees around it. The house had a porch with rose bushes that bloomed all summer covering the ends and sides. A large fruit tree orchard was beside the house.
The Census of 1850 for the Northern District of Halifax County, which I could neither read nor write, enumerated us newlyweds, ages 32 and 23, with our eight-month-old son James J. Guthrie who must have died young.  At least four other children would follow.
I died after 1890 when the census of that year described me as a 65-year-old farmer.

Recollections of Lula LaPrade
The memoirs typed by Lula LaPrade include the following recollections.

I was equally happy that I spent sometime with my mother’s parents, Grandfather and Grandmother Guthrie. I have pleasant memories of their home - there were huge cherry trees surrounding the house. The house had a porch with a rose bush that covered the end of the house and sides and always had roses in summer. The house was a plain farmhouse that left a delightful memory in a child privileged to visit there. There was a large orchard with a variety of fruit which added a lot to the pleasures of the home.
Grandfather Wesley Guthrie married Elizabeth Sparrow, daughter of William Sparrow and Ann Allen Sparrow. Grandfather was the son of William Sparrow. Grandfather’s two brothers and a sister were.
Hill Guthrie married Mary Brown.
Chastain Guthrie married Ann Sparrow.
Martha married John Reese.

An annotation on Lula’s memoirs adds that William Sparrow married Elizabeth Shaw in 1794.
The Census of 1850 shows that James Guthrie had children other than the ones Lula identified. 

By 1870 the Guthrie household included Wesley and Elizabeth, aged 53 and 54, Sarah 17, Catherine 13, John W. 7, and Robert, 2 months old.  John and Robert were living at home in 1880. 

Descendants of Wesley H. Guthrie
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James J. Guthrie (1849-),  
 Sarah Ann Harvey (Guthrie) Carr (1853-1931),  
John Robert Carr,   
 Catherine Armistead (Guthrie) Carr (c.1857-),  
David Edward Carr,   
 John W. Guthrie (1863-),  
Nannie C. —,  
 Robert P. Guthrie (1869-),  

Selected sources
Guthrie, Laurence R. American Guthrie and Allied Families, 2 vols., Chambersburg, Pa.: The Kerr Printing Company, 1933. • Comprehensive work on many Guthrey/Guthrie families including Thomas Guthrey, Travis Guthrey, James Guthrey, and Wesley H. Guthrie.

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