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 62   Thomas Petty (1819-1874)
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Thomas Petty, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Petty might describe his life as follows.

There is little for me to say. When he died in 1856, my father, Joel Petty, left me “a Negro boy Israel valued at $300 and a Negro girl named Minerva valued at $475.” To put that in perspective, my land was worth $300 in 1850. Of course, I did not own the slaves very long.
Martha M. Russell and I were the parents of 11. We named our eldest daughter Lucretia Anna for our mothers and our eldest son Henry Thomas for her father and me.
I was farming in Halifax County in 1850 and by the next year we were members of County Line Baptist Church in Pittsylvania County—across the line from Halifax County.
We were living in Pittsylvania County when I made my will in 1874 distributing my estate to my wife and all my children. Martha Petty was living in the household of our son Joel in 1880. 

The Census of 1850 for the Northern District of Halifax County counted Thomas Petty, a farmer, and Martha M. Petty, aged 31 and 30, with 5 children, Lucretia A. 10, Mary J. 8, Henry T. 6, Martha M. 4, and Elvira W. 2.  In 1860 Lucretia A. 19, Mary J. 18, Henry T. 15, Martha H. 13, Elvira W. 11, Fanny R. 9, William 8, Joel D. 5, and Eliza H. 2 were in the household,  and by 1870 Catherine L. 8 and Martha H., aged 6 had joined the family. 
County Line Baptist Church was founded in 1771. Members in 1851 included Thomas Petty, daughter Miss Creasy Ann Petty, brothers John and Davis Petty, and parents Joel and Anna Petty. Joining 1 Nov. 1870 were children Eliza H., Joel D., and William A. Petty.

His will and codicil

Will of Thomas Petty
24 April 1874
I Thomas Petty of Pittsylvania County Va, being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.
1st I desire that all my just debts be paid and funeral expenses shall be paid by my executor hereafter named, out of any money I may have or had or arising from the sale of sufficiency of my personal property for that purpose.
2nd The balance of my personal property after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses, I give to my wife Martha M. Petty during her life and at her death what remains therefor I give to my children Joel Petty, Eliza Petty, Catherine Petty, and Laura Petty to them and their heirs forever. It is my desire that if at anytime it should be necessary that my wife should sell any portion of the personalty herein bequeath for her support and that of her children she shall have perfect right to do so.
3rd The lot of land I live containing three acres more or less, I hereby give to my wife Martha M. Petty during her natural life and at her death the some of the proceeds thereof I give to my children Joel Petty, Eliza Petty, Catherine Petty and Laura Petty to them and their heirs forever.
4th I request of all my children to whom I have heretofore given land by deed to allow the land so deeded to them thrown into hotchpot, the same to be valued and divided equally between my children Lucretia Lovelace, Mollie J. Hardwick, Henry T. Petty, Pattie M. Boyd, Fannie R. Edwards, William A. Petty, Joel D. Petty, Eliza H. Petty, Catherine L. Petty, Laura M. Petty, and if so thrown into hotchpot I desire that the said land shall be equally divided as to value and distribution between my children above named and to their heirs forever. It is further my desire that in the division of the land afore said that each of my children who are now settled on the same shall if they wish retain their present homestead provided an equal division can be affected and allow them to do so.
5th I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Martha M. Petty as the executor of my estate revoking all former will or wills by me heretofore made and I desire the court whenever this will is presented for probate not to require security of my said executor as I have full confidence in her. Given under my hand and seal this 24th day of April 1874.
Thomas Petty
J.T. Coles Jr.
T.P. Davenport

Hotchpot is a legal term meaning to gather together properties to secure an equal division of an estate.

Thomas then amended his will with the following codicil.

Having therefore deeded to my brother John Petty a certain tract of land containing One Hundred acres which land was intended for my son William Petty but since the death of my said brother it is doubtful whether the title of said land will be restored to me or my heirs and in the case it shall not be so restored and my other children refuse to go into hotchpot my said son William will be deprived of any share of my estate. In that event I desire that at the death of my wife Martha M. the three acres and appurtenances together with the personalty given in the body of my will to my four children Joel, Eliza, Catherine and Laura be equally divided between the above four named children and my said son William, but in case the said land deeded to my said brother John shall be restored to me or my heirs and my other children shall consent to the hotchpot then the said land so deeded to my brother shall also be thrown into hotchpot and the whole except the three acres given to my wife for life and then to my four younger children be equally divided as fore said, otherwise the title to said One Hundred acres of land to remain with and bequeathed in my said son William and his heirs forever, Dated the 24th, April 1874
Thomas Petty
J.T. Coles Jr.

Descendants of Thomas Petty
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Lucretia Ann (Petty) Lovelace (c.1840-),  
Charles H. Lovelace,  
Robert Lovelace,  
William Lovelace,  
Thomas Lovelace,  
Thomas A. Lovelace,  
 Mary Johns (Petty) Hardwick (c.1842-),  
Joel H. Hardwick,  
 Henry Thomas Petty (1844-1911),  
Margaret Loraine Dupree,  Lucy Fannie Milam,  Sally A. Owens,  
William Lattel Petty,  
Cary B. Petty,  
Charles King Petty,  
Bunyan Glass Petty,  
Major Petty,  
 Martha Hamilton (Petty) Boyd (c.1846-1919),  
William James Boyd,  
Oscar Boyd,  
Luther Hubbard Boyd,  Connie Bass,  
Hilda Boyd,  
Dorothy Boyd,  
Virginia Boyd,  
Wistar Boyd,  
T. Curry Boyd,  Sue Osborne,  
Rebecca Boyd,  
Elbert Boyd,  
William Boyd,  
William Anderson Boyd,  Ora Atwood Stagg,  
Wilma Reams Boyd,  
Clara Frances Boyd,  Curtis Carlswood Haynes,  
James E. Boyd,  Anna Bane,  
Annie Lubinda Boyd,  Emmett Dunn,  
 Elvira W. Petty (c.1848-1865),  
 Eliza Holland (Petty) Bayne (c.1858-),  
Frederick C. Bayne,  
 Frances Randolph (Petty) Edwards (1851-1894),  
Richard Thomas Edwards,   
 William A. Petty (1853-),  
Laura A. Hancock,  
 Joel D. Petty (1855-),  
Susan A. (—) Petty,  
 Catherine L. Petty (1861-),  
 Laura M. Petty (c.1864-),  

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